(His wifey πŸ¦‹)
Chapter 9 and 10πŸ’₯😎
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Piper πŸ–€ pov
“Nice work ,I never knew your bro was this useful”I said looking at Tessa and her brother,Rocco ,”u said I will get something in return”Rocco said,”yes u will get to do anything to Xavier I know u h@Ε₯Δ› him for a long time now ,but u won’t kill him “I said,”no as u want to kill his wife ,I want to kill him too “Rocco said,”no u won’t”I said,”then u don’t need my help”Rocco said as he made to leave with his men ,”wait,u won’t kill him but as far as u hurt him and his wife u get paid “I said,”how much”Rocco said,”10 million dollars,u in or not”I said,”if it’s 10 million dollars I want,I will get it in a blink of an eye,I want to kill xavier”Rocco said,”20 million dollars”I said but he kept on walking,”okay fine u can kill him while I kill his wife and 10 million dollars will be given to u if u keep on making his wife life a hell “I said,”it’s a deal “Rocco said grinning from ear to ear,”no no brother don’t kill him “Tessa said,”move ,u were sent to kill him but u are useless,I will kill him “Rocco said,I smirk ,u won’t touch my Xavier,cos I won’t let u do that ,I only want to destroy Zara then I get rid of u Rocco .
Xavier 🀎 pov
I arrive when they were putting out the fire πŸ”₯,”my wife “I said as I jump into the burning house ,I saw Zara unconscious and a plank on her leg ,I removed the plank and I took her out and into the ambulance πŸš‘,”we are at your back “drake said as he and Alexa got into their car ,we arrive at the hospital,I carried her in my arms leaving the nurses to follow me ,a nurse suddenly took her from me and they went inside the operation room ,they did not let me in ,I stayed outside praying as a nurse treat my injuryπŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ
Two days later πŸŒ…πŸŒ‡πŸŒ†πŸŒŒπŸŒƒ
Zara πŸ‘‘pov
I woke up to see Xavier next to me ,we are at his family house ,piper came to visit me along side Alexa and drake ,”which part hurts”piper said,”just my hand and knee as u can see I am wearing bandage 🩹on “I said,”thank God u didn’t get into coma “piper said,”watch your mouth,pig “Alexa said,”hey what is the use of calling me pig ,I just made a statement”piper said,”God kill u and that your statement”Alexa said,”stop it “Xavier said before leaving the room with Drake ,”I will leave now ,your people don’t want me here “piper said,”no please stay “I said,”I will call u “piper said as she walk out ,I looked at Alexa ,”what is it ,why are u looking at me like that “Alexa said,”why did u speak to her like that “I said,”what did I do ,I did nothing wrong “Alexa said,”u called her pig “I said,”no matter any word I say ,it won’t hurt her ,u can’t hurt a wicked person with a simple word “Alexa said,”Alexa she I not wicked”I said,”she Is wicked but u are just blinded by your friendship to see that she is wicked”Alexa said, I looked at her this time I got nothing to say ,”let me go get your food “Alexa said leaving,is piper really wicked like Alexa said.
The next day πŸŒ…πŸŒ‡πŸŒ†
Xavier 🀎 pov
Zara was looking at me as I got dressed πŸ‘•πŸ‘–,”what is it “I asked ,”am just wondering why a human being will be this hot “Zara said and I chuckled,”my wife thinks am hot , anyways u know the house I was building before we got married, in two days time it will be ready “I said,”really,are u serious”Zara said as she jump onto me ,”watch our u will get hurt again”I said,”am so happy”Zara said,”I know u are and I will always make u happy,let’s go and eat”I said as I carried her down and we joined my family.
I arrive at the new house and I went to check around,”sir is it okay “the builder πŸ‘· said ,”yes I love it “I said as I walk to my car ,u notice someone was staring at me ,as I walk closer they Person ran away ,”who is spying on me “I said to my self .


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