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(His wifey 🦋)
Chapter 20 and 21🌝
Zara 👑 pov
I slowly backed away from her and I kept on walking away so she won’t see me ,piper wants to kill me ,she wants me dead ,my heart started paining me so I rush into the visitors bathroom and I started crying and thinking,all the things we have through together,I stood there for some minutes before the door burst open ,Zion and Alexa walk in,”aunty what are u doing here ,why are u crying”Zion asked as he cleans my tears ,”do u want to pee,okay “I said as I made way for him to pee ,”hey babe why are u crying,did anyone die ,u should be happy today”Alexa said and I hugged her and shade more tears ,”Zion go and eat your chicken”Alexa said and Zion left ,she sat me down on the WC and then close the door,”now what happened”Alexa said as she bend before me ,I told her everything I heard and she wasn’t surprised,”I told u this before but u didn’t hear ,come on now is that why u are crying on this sweet day “Alexa said,”I trusted her “I said,”it’s okay”Alexa said as she comfort me ,she hugged me for like 10 mins before ,I washed my face ,”we are going to show her true colours”Alexa said,”piper doesn’t know 3 can play this game ,we will find who she is working with”I said,Alexa nod and we walk out to join the others,piper was still smiling and I felt like slapping her and removing that smile from her face but I controlled my self so to not make her know that I know about her evil deeds .
The next day 🌅🌄🌌🌃
Rocco 😎 pov
I sat down in my office going through some files when Zara walk in ,”have u ever heard about a word called knock “I said but she ignores me and place a paper in front of me ,I picked it up and looked through it ,”u are pregnant and u want to resign”I said,”yes cos u don’t have any pregnant models “Zara said,”u will be the first “I said as I walk close to her and tear the paper ,”u aren’t getting sacked “I said,”why “Zara said,”that is the only thing I can do for Xavier in his life “I said,she looked at me before walking away
I got a call from piper to come to a cafe and meet her ,so am there now with her as she rant on how I should sack Zara ,”well sorry can’t do ,I already told her I can’t fire her “I said,”why “piper asked ,”cos I won’t”I said,”Fůçƙ u”piper said as she walk out,I sat down checking on how to kill xavier,I don’t really know if I should kill him ,I shaked my head and sip my coffee
Xavier 🤎 pov
I got home before Zara and I asked the maids to make fruit salad for her ,she came back and I took her bag from her and drop it on the couch,”what are u doing”Zara said as I carried her in a bridal style up to our room,I place her own the bed and I removed her heels ,I started massaging her feet ,”when did this one start “Zara said,”u are my dear wife and I have to take care of u and our baby girl”I said,”what If it a boy or maybe both “Zara said,”then I will cherish them,spoil then and protect them with all my life “I said as the maids brought the fruit salad and I feed it to her ,”get her some milk “I said,”no I want apple juice”Zara said,”get her what ever she needs “I said and the maid left to bring it ,I lay on her belly and kissed her belly ,she peck my forehead,”I love u “I said,”I love u too “Zara said,”so what did Rocco say about your resigning”I asked ,”he tore it and said am not being sacked ,that this is the only thing he can do for you in your life “Zara said and I stopped kissing her belly ,why will he say that.


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