Hello ZARA πŸ‘‘
(His wifey πŸ¦‹)
Chapter 16 and 17😻
The next day πŸŒ…πŸŒ„πŸŒŒ
Zara πŸ‘‘ pov
“Why do u have to go “I said holding Xavier’s hand ,”cos it’s important,babe it’s just two days “xavier said,”u want to leave me in this house alone”I said,”u can go to the family house”xavier said,”but I don’t want you to go”I said,”I would like to stay “xavier said,”then stay “I said,”babe come on”xavier said,”okay u can go “I said,he pull my jaw up and then kiss my lips ,I followed him down stairs,he got into his car then look at me ,”go to my parents house before 7 okay”Xavier said,I nod and he drove off ,I got into my car and the driver took me to work before returning back home ,I walk on and alot of files where in my table,”u have a busy schedule today”Rocco said before leaving.
After like 8 hours or something more of shooting and taking pics,the driver came around 5 but I told him to go ,now it’s really late ,I got to my bag the time was 8′ o clock , xavier had given me 21 missed calls ,rex had given me 9 missed calls,Alexa had given me 12 missed calls and 2 texts messages,drake had given me 7 missed calls and they was no network to call them back or even call my driver,I was walking down the road when some men came to me ,they were looking heavy ,with out giving me a time to scream ,the started beating me with base ball bats ,then they were about cutting my finger,I could not move ,the knife was placed on one finger then the police came,all of them ran away ,my finger was bleeding that was when Rocco came and talked to the police before caring me,my eyes where already giving up .
Drake πŸ’™pov
I was at home arranging to welcome Alexa said Zion tomorrow when xavier called me and he told me that the maid called him and said Zara is home with the police and a guy ,I had to go to Xavier’s house to my surprise Rocco was there as the police ask him questions,he saw me and smirk,I made to punch him but the police stopped me ,I went to check on Zara and she was beaten up badly ,her finger and head were bandaged,she had a deep cut in her finger but luckily they didn’t cut her finger off and there was some plaster on some of her body ,I took a picture of her and send it xavier telling him Rocco is here ,I also called Alexa and told her what happened,she said she will be here tomorrow early morning,I had to stay here ,Rocco didn’t want to leave.
The next day πŸŒ…πŸŒ„πŸŒŒπŸŒƒ
Xavier 🀎 pov
We landed and my driver was already waiting,I gave him my bag and some money to board a taxi ,I drove fast and rough till I arrive home and I throw my keys to my gate man ,I rush up stairs ignoring everyone who was down stairs,I saw Alexa ,Zion and rex with Zara , immediately i lay on her Laos and she touch my head ,she was wounded alot ,”awwwn love”rex said,Alexa chuckled,I kissed her and I told her to stay that I am coming,I walk down to see Rocco drinking coffee,my parents where eating with Sofia ,while drake was just looking at Rocco ,when he saw me ,he smile ,”Xavier dude”Rocco said as he pull me into a hug ,”what did u do to her “I asked ,”meaning,I did nothing to your wife ,am not like u ,am not after her she is beautiful and am not heartless like u “Rocco said,”leave her away from all this things”I said,”nice house “Rocco said as he smirk that was when Zara came down and hold my head piper rush in ,”really piper every time anything bad happens,u will always come “Alexa said,piper exchange words with her , before looking at Zara,”they wound u bad “piper said,”Alexa I called her “Zara said,”they would have cut your hand “piper said,”if not for the police dad in law called “Zara said before looking at me then at Rocco,”thanks for bringing me home”Zara said,”no worries ,u are my model ,I will always save my models when I see them in trouble, I have to go ,u have two days leave from work “Rocco said,”thanks but I will be in work tomorrow”Zara said,”if u say so, don’t be late and call me if can’t make it “Rocco said as he peck her hand ,then hug me ,”don’t be scared I won’t hurt her”Rocco whisper before leaving.
In the evening 🌌
Rocco 😎 pov
I was at home drinking wine when piper came in ,”u are back from pretending to be a good friend”I said,as I stood up,”why didn’t u cut the finger off “Rocco said,”u don’t have a little heart , anyways I hurt that is what matters ,send my money”I said,”u hurt her and took her home ,why are u acting good “piper said,”she is a good girl, and I don’t have anything against her ,yes don’t ever come into my house shouting,next person I will hurt is Xavier “I said,”u are so stupid”piper said,”insult me again and u will die at this spot “I said and she walk out angrily,I smirk


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