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EPISODE 31&32 (#Notedited)


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Ms. Bronte is seen sitting in her car, her head resting on her wheels. She suddenly raised her head, resting it on her chair headrest then closed her eyes.

She’ve been there for 10 minutes.

Finally, She alighted from her car but hadn’t taken up to four steps when another car parked by the side and a woman alighted from it. She hadn’t seen the woman before and didn’t care so she began walking inside only for the woman to call her back.

“Excuse me, may I have a moment please?” the woman asked.

She stopped, glaring at the woman without saying a word.


“You’re just as beautiful as they said,” the woman mumbled, and she frowned her brows.

“May I know you?” she asked cluelessly, and the woman smiled.

“Of course, I’m Mrs. Felix, the woman you’re Fůçƙing her husband,” she replied

Ms. Bronte’s eyes widened. She wasn’t Fůçƙing with anybody’s husband. The man was divorced, and she didn’t see any woman in his life that’s why she accepted to date him.

“Look at you, shiny hair, beautiful eyes…” she reached to touch Ms. Bronte but she quickly moved back, suspending the woman’s hand in midair.

She faked a smiled

“I do not like to be touched by a stranger,” she said politely.

“I see,”

“So, what can I do for you?” she asked, crossing her hands around her chest.

“Your beauty is indeed beyond compare and truly I can’t compete with you, you’re young and have soft ivory skin, beautiful sky-blue eyes that look like I’m staring at the ocean or is it this your soothing ocean wave sound voice, that captivate the souls of many,” she said as though she was in trance.

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“What do you want?” Ms. Bronte asked, she was tired of hearing all the compliments. Can today get any better?

“I h@ťě to have this talk with you miss but my happiness depends on you and wh@ťěver you decide to do, please leave Felix, stop seeing him and I will pay you any amount of money you want,” Mrs. Felix said

Ms. Bronte scoffed, does this woman think he was some kind of property she can purchase? Is he even aware that she’s here harassing her?



“You can have the choice of men that I can never have again, Felix is the only one for me so please don’t take him away from me just because you can, leave him and let’s settle,” Mrs. Felix said desperately.

“Will my day get any better?” Ms. Bronte mumbled to herself, walking away. She could hear the woman’s voice as she walked but she didn’t bother to look back.

If the woman has a problem let her go and meet her husband and leave her alone, gwad. She wished a day like this never came.

“You’re back,” Sky, her elder sister said immediately as she walked in.

Ms. Bronte ignored her, settling down on the couch.

“I got the test,” Sky said as she walked into the room, minutes later she walked out holding a white envelope.


They’d gone to the hospital to run some tests this morning and Bronte asked her to get the result and call her on Skype so they can check it together.

“Congratulations girl, you’re two weeks gone,” Sky smiled, passing the result to her.

Bronte wasn’t bright just like she was this morning making her wonder what the problem was.

“Are you alright?” she asked

“No, I lost my job, and Felix and I fought and I left, and his wife saw me outside and was saying what I can’t seem to understand and now I’m gonna have a baby. How can I lose so much in one day? I wanna cry….” Before she could finish sky pulled her into a hug.

“Oh, baby girl, it’s okay. I get you! Simon and I will take good care of you and if you want to go home then Mom will understand,” Sky mumbled, stroking her hair gently.

“What’s going on? Is she crying cos of the pregnancy? I thought she wanted it that’s why she told him she was on pill and he Fůçƙed her without protection,” Simon, Sky’s husband said walking into the house.

He’s just coming back.

“It’s not the pregnancy, I think they broke up,”

“What??” Simon screamed and Bronte was forced to pull away from the hug.

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“Why? Why? Just why?” he ruffles his hair, his eyes glittering under the light in the room as though he wanted to break down.

“Just when I thought I will keep Fůçƙing Sky on the couch you came back, why did you have to break up with that man close to his grave?”

“Simon,” Sky called and he shot her a glare.

“What? He’s close to his grave and you know it,” he rolled his eyes.

“Hey, Simon, he’s not close to his grave so stop it…”

“if 47 is not close to grave I dunno what is. You could have chosen a young guy like me so we can do a lot of things together… by the way why did you guys break up? Don’t tell me you’ll be sleeping on my couch, Sky I told you I have plans! Go back to your apartment Bronte! I need to Fůçƙ Sky inside out on the couch,” he said all in one word only for Sky to throw a pillow at him.

“Fůçƙ you Simon…”

“Yes, Fůçƙ me, i like begin Fůçƙed. Wait… You think I married you for showcase? Oh, yeah! contestant no1. Here she comes…”


“Simon!!!” Sky screamed, cutting him off. “she just lost her job, her boyfriend…. sorry man-friend and she’s having a baby too, be nice to her at least!” Sky scolded

He glanced at Bronte who was sniffing no stop and gently went closer, settling next to her.


“I didn’t know you lost your job, but why? You’re so passionate about your teaching job,” he said gently.

Bronte looked at him, biting her lower lips

“It’s nothing, just give me medicine after sleep….” Bronte was still saying when Sky cut her off.

“You’re not terminating a child, Bronte,” Sky said seriously.

“It’s my body and my baby, I will do wh@ťěver I want,” she stood up, going into the guest bedroom and Simon exchanged glances with his wife.

“Bronte what did he do to you?” Sky asked. Just this morning her sister was excited about wh@ťěver her pregnancy test will come out with and now she’s talking about taking pills to clean everything. This wasn’t like her. What exactly happened?

“Simon, go talk to her….”

“Why me? She’s your sister so you do the talking,” he replied instantly.

“You guys are always picking on each other and she’s your sister-in-law too, your friend and your roommate in college, now go talk to her!” Sky pushed him forward


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“Get in there Simon!!”



The table was weirdly silent as the family ate dinner. Mr. Elliot kept stealing glances at Karan from time to time.

“You want some sauce, baby? Mrs. Elliot asked, referring to Gianna, but she shook her head negatively.

Karan stared from one person to another.

“No, Mom,”

“How about some beans?” she asked, ready to pass it to her plate but Gianna shifted her bowl out of her reach.

“Nope,” she shook her head, facing her food without looking up.

Mrs. Elliot sighed sadly, dropping her cutlery.


“Ma’am, can I have some beans with a little sauce please,” Karan knowingly asked, she doesn’t actually like beans but eating just a little won’t hurt, or will it? Besides the woman looks sad that Gianna turned down everything she gave her but seize to complain.


“Sure,” she smiled

A maid came by and served some tea and Karan took hers, drinking from it, but she spit it out instantly.

“Gosh, it’s hot,” she began fanning her tongue

“You should let it cool down before drinking,” Mrs. Elliot said, taking her own mug and sipping from it, but she spit it out.

“Ouch! It’s hot,” she mumbled

Karan looked at her with that look that says “I thought you’re a superwoman”

She was already grinning before she could realize it and Mrs. Elliot joined her, they both began laughing at each other, meanwhile, Gianna was glaring at them, and Mr. Elliot wasn’t left out.

Suddenly Mr. Elliot dropped his cutlery, taking a napkin along with him as he wiped the stains on his lips. Mrs Elliots watched him leave without saying a word. When all she wanted to do was throw him out of her house.


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Mrs. Elliots woke up to see herself in one of the guestrooms in the mansion, the room wasn’t dusty, which tells that it was always cleaned and taken care of. Looking around she saw Jonathan who was resting his head on her bedside deep asleep.

“Good thing you’re sleeping cos I don’t want to face you now,” she said, climbing down the bed but just when her feet touched the ground, she looked back to see him glaring at her.

“Ma’am, are you going somewhere?” he asked

She scoffed.

“I don’t wanna see you ever again, I’m keeping to my promise by not throwing you behind bars, but you’re dismissed…”

“Honey… I mean Lucy… no ma’am, if I leave this house Elliot will have upper hand and will hurt you…”

“Just like you did?” she asked, staring directly into the eyes.

Jonathan blinked and looked away, he needed to get her to understand but she was making it difficult.

“I’m sorry, the offer was too good that I couldn’t decline, I know I was…”

“Keep it to yourself, I don’t want to hear it,” she cut him off, even though she was trying to be calm in front of him, embarrassment was eating her up. She has been Fůçƙed countless times by her driver while being married to another man. Jezz!


Jonathan stepped closer.

“I know that Gianna isn’t your…”



“You’re lying, aren’t you? She’s my baby…”


“I’m sorry, she’s not, your baby was switched at birth,” Jonathan replied

Mrs. Elliot didn’t know when her b*tt hit the floor, she sat there broken, used, and betrayed. How could Elliot do this to her? She loved him wholeheartedly and he betrayed her like this.

“If she’s not mine then who is?” she hiccupped

“I don’t know, Elliot wanted me to make love to you cos he didn’t want to get intimate with you and if he didn’t do it, you might get upset so he paid me to do it. He thought your father was gonna hand over the company to you after marriage but the man made him sign a prenup and didn’t also hand the company over which leaves him with nothing, after we made babies your father declared your child as the heiress to his company so he took your child and switched it with one of his mistresses kids,” Jonathan explained.

Mrs. Elliot sobbed harder,

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“So, he married me for money?” she asked, wishing and hoping it wouldn’t be true, but Jonathan nodded.


“Oh God,” she whimpered, tears streaming down her eyes.

“We need to keep watch of him until we find our baby then I’ll leave, don’t confront him yet and just act calm, i will fix this I promise,”


Mrs. Elliot was still glaring at her husband when Gianna touched her.

“Mom, is everything alright?” she asked and the woman smiles

“Eat up,” she left the table




“Anybody home?” Mrs Felix asked as she knocked softly on the door again.

She waited for a few minutes and got no response so she made to knock again but the door opened on its own and Calista stepped out.

“Who are…..” She thrilled off, staring at her mother whose face is beaming with smiles.

Resentment took over her.

“What are you doing here whôre?” She asked straight up and the woman glared at her

“Have some respect, Cali! I’m your mother….”

“You’re not my mother, you’re just an incubator that I came out from, a cheap slût,” Calista fired, cutting her off Only to be rewarded with a resounding slap.

Shocked, she held her cheek.


“How dare you little brat,” she raised her hand to slap her again but Mr Felix grabbed her wrist, flinging her hand away and she staggered back.

“Don’t you dare lay a finger on my child again,” he roared, his tone was dark and dangerous.

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Mrs Felix scoffed.

“You daughter? She’s not even yours!!” She fired back.

The mug Mike was holding dropped from him and Calista’s eyes widened, Michelle staggered to the wall and Mr Felix stood frozen on his spot.

He must have heard her wrong, she can’t possibly say that or did she?

“W…wh….what… What did you just say?” He stammered, his voice shaky and coated with emotion.

“Oh, no. I didn’t say that out loud did I? d@mn you Fabiola, you always ruin things,” she pinched her lips.

“Felix, listen…”

“What did you say?” Mr. Felix roared, taking a step towards her but she moved backwards.

“You can’t remember, you’re a soldier and you’re not allowed to raise even a finger at….” Before she could finish Calista took off.

“Baby… Baby wait,” she ran after her but suddenly stopped and looked at Mike and Michelle who were staring at them.


“What did you say, Fabiola?” Mr Felix grasped her arm.

“It was a mistake, a slip of the tongue… I didn’t… I didn’t mean to say that, she’s yours, they are yours, all of them!” Fabiola rushed her words.

glaring at Mike and Michelle who were watching Mr Felix slowly let go of her, walking back inside and she followed him.

Mike and Michelle blocked the way

“Where do you think you’re going?” They both asked at the same time.


Calista ran out of the busy road, stepped on her feet she tumbled, and fell, hurting her ankle, she tried getting up but couldn’t.

“Here,” Brimsley said offering a hand and she looked at him with tears streaming down her eyes.

“Lemme help you,” he added when she didn’t accept his hand, and before she could accept his offer Tristan slapped his hand off.

“What the Fůçƙ,” Brimsley pushed back his chest but he stood his ground.

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His gaze fixed on Calista’s face. with each tear that dropped, his heart breaks into pieces.


“Kitten,” he called

She stood on her own even with her broken ankle and began to limp away.

“There you are,” Tiffany shouted, walking over to her with Lucian right behind her.

“I went to your place but they said you weren’t home, here, take this, and let’s do it,” she roughly grasped the boxing gloves from Lucian, throwing them at Calista.

She didn’t catch it so it dropped to the floor. Calista began limping away again totally ignoring her, but Tiffany ran forward and grabbed her hand.

With one swift move, Calista’s palm went to her neck and she pushed, slamming Tiffany’s back against the car five feet away

Lucian gasped.

“She’s a vampire,” he shouted while Brimsley couldn’t move.

Tiffany couldn’t breathe as Calista wasn’t making any attempt to let her free. Her eyes were red with fury and with all the pain in her heart, she was pouring it out on the only person that provided a safe place.


“Leave my neck,” Tiffany said but it came as a whisper as she continued struggling to lose Calista’s grip on her neck.

“L… Leave my neck let’s talk about it,” Tiffany coughed, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Calista tightens her hold around her neck as she continues pinning her on the car bonnet as if trying to strangle her.

“Ca…. Calista… Let’s talk about it, leave my neck first I wasn’t prepared,”

“Leave my neck! I don’t want to dîê….” She began sobbing.

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