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EPISODE 13&14 (#Notedited)


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A bury guy stepped forward and swung a fist at Calista, but she ducked out of the way. Tristan was there in an instant, blocking the man’s next punch and landing a swift kick to his midsection. The guy doubled over, gasping for breath and Tristan grabbed Calista’s hand again.

“Don’t let them get away!” Ethan yelled to his thugs.

“Come on,” Tristan said, pulling Calista toward the door. but just as they were about to reach it, a second guy lunged at them, tackling Tristan to the ground…

With a grunt, Tristan rolled to the side, taking the man with him. He landed a punch to the man’s jaw, dazing him. At the same time, Calista kicked the second guy in the shins, causing him to stumble backwards. She and Tristan scrambled to their feet, but two more men were advancing on them, and the first two were regaining their footing.


Tristan braced himself taking the defensive stance.

“Stay behind me,” he told Calista

She did as he said, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that they were in real danger and her sister was out there. Something bad must not happen to her sister.

The next few minutes were a blur of movement and adrenaline. Calista watched in awe as Tristan ducked, dodged and parried the blows of their attackers. He was like a graceful dancer, moving with the perfect balance of power and agility.

For every punch the men threw, Tristan had a countermove, but Calisa could see that he was starting to tire, and he knew they couldn’t keep this up for much long. Suddenly she noticed a fire extinguisher on the wall, just within reach.

Without thinking, she grabbed it and sprayed the content into the faces of their attackers, blinding them. The men reeled back, stunned and disoriented. Tristan seized the moment, landing a powerful punch to one guy’s stomach and sending him sprawling to the ground. Then he turned to the other three men, who were still reeling from the blast of the fire extinguisher.

With lightning-fast speed, he landed a kick to one man’s chest, and then another to a second man’s head. As the third lunged at him, Tristan ducked and swept his leg out from under him, sending him crashing to the ground.

Calista stood stunned by what she had just witnessed. Tristan’s fighting skills were unlike anything she had ever seen. He was like a skilled warrior, fluid and efficient and his movements. it more than that… he had confidence and calmness about him that she found to intriguing and comforting.

He turned to her, a small smile on his face.

“you, okay?’ he asked, his eyes searching hers.

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She nodded unable to find her voice. Tristan looked around the scene, he could hear police sirens getting closer to the house…

“Yaaaaahhhh!!!” Ethan rushed forward but Tristan slapped him hard across the face and his face hit the wall behind before he drop to the floor.

“Let’s get away from here,” he took Calista’s hand, but she wiggled free from his hold.

“My sister, I can’t leave without her,” she said and made to run into the house, but he held her hand, pulling her away from the scene.


“I will my brother and asked, let’s get you to safety first,” he said, leading her out of the place.




“Seriously Brim, leave that girl alone, you’re acting like a bully,” Peter said

He walked over to the couch and settled down, dropping his popcorn bowl on the table in front of him, it wasn’t closer, so he held the edge of the table, pulling it closer.


“I’m not a Bully, okay? Because of her that’s why am to apologies to Ethan for what? Rapping students? She could have put an end to all this but what did she do?” he spat, fueling with rage.

“She’s not the victim, I don’t know why you’re taking things too far, just be careful,” Peter reached for the remote, switching channel

Brimsley suddenly stood up and Peter glanced at him

“Where are you off to?” he asked

Brimsley totally ignored him as he went upstairs, in the next minute, he came down already dressed as if going somewhere. Peter dropped his popcorn bowl, rushing after him.


Brimsley Ignored him and drove off.



Karan is seen at the park again when Gavin approached.

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“Hi, mind if I join you?” he asked calmly, and she looked at him.

“I was just leaving,” she stood up and took her backpack, walking away from him.

She was about five feet away when Garret jog to her, she looked beside her to see him and then her face lit up a little bit.

“Hey, I saw you sitting there but before I could get close you already left,” he said with a cute smile, passing the yogurt in his hand to her.

She took it and looked at him.

“Thank,” She mumbled.

He nodded, following her without saying a word until she got to her doorstep.

“You might wanna go home now,” she said, and he grinned.


“Of course,” Garret mumbled

She walked into the house only to be greeted by a woman in her late 30s. the woman seems to be making dinner.


“Honey, you’re back, why are you coming back late?” she said

Karan looked at her in disgust, she ignored her question and began heading to her room.

“Karan did something happen?” the woman asked cluelessly.

“You happened!” Karan stopped abruptly.

The woman raised her brows in question, she was confused.

“You happened mom, changing men like you changed your underwear. Putting me through this sh!t that won’t go away, and you don’t even care about me! You’ve destroyed my life, yet you don’t seem to care…”

“What I do with my life is none of your concern,” the woman who happens to be her mother said defensively.

Karan nodded with teary eyes.

“Of course, it’s not. Bye next,” she said to the man that just walk out of her mother’s bedroom. Walking into her room she slammed the door behind so hard that it shook from the root.

Then slowly, she sank to the floor letting her tears falls freely.

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“Sir, I’m afraid you can’t see the patience today, visiting hours is over, do come back tomorrow,” the lady at the front desk said to Brimsley.

He placed both hands on the counter.

“Listen, this is very important, and I have to see her….” he was still saying but paused when he was Ethan’s mom walking out of the hospital with her bodyguards.

He couldn’t help but wonder why she was here, does she have any sick relative? Or has she came to see the same person he’s here for?

He began walking away, he already knows her hospital ward, so he walked straight to it while the lady at the front desk kept calling for him to stop.

By the time Brimsley got to the ward the girl was awake, she blinked when she saw him but didn’t say a word. A woman was in there with her.

looks like her mother or something.


“Hey, I’m Brimsley, Disciplinary president at Nevada high school, would you mind answering a few questions?” he asked and squatted so she could look closely at him.


She nodded.

“what’s your name?” he asked first.


“Lisa, you’re doing great, can you remember what happened to you?” he asked as calmly as possible.

She kept quiet as tears came building up in front of her eyes.

“Lisa, I’m trying to help you, but I can’t do that if you don’t help me catch whoever did this to you, so, I would like you to tell me if you remember. Do you know who did this to you?” he asked

tears rolled down the corner of her eyes and she bit her lower lips tightly.

“Lisa, I know how hard it is, but you deserve justice, tell me and I promise to help you put him where he belongs, do you?” he asked

She looked at the woman holding her hand before shifting her gaze to Brimsley and then she shook her head negatively.

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“You don’t remember? Can you try? Anything or anyone that could remind you of him?” he asked desperately

She shook her head negatively again.

“I’m sorry, I can’t remember,” she replied, tears streaming down her eyes.



Tristan stylishly looking behind his shoulder when he felt Calista tightened her grip around him, his lips curly into a smile.

Suddenly, he parked by the road side making her go down the bike before he went down.

“What happened?” She asked

“Five minutes, please,” he replied and hurriedly went into the supermarket next to them.

By the time he came back he had a milkshake with him, even though she tried to hid the spark in her eyes when she saw it, he didn’t fail to notice.


“Does she love milkshake that much?” He grinned.

In the next minute, they were spending down the highway with the cool air blowing Calista’s hair.

Tristans bike came to a halt in front of her build and she alighted, taking off the hairmate.

“Thanks for today but that doesn’t mean we are friends or anything close to it,” she said seriously and he chuckled while nodding his head.


“Roder that, Sir!” he salut and Calista rolled her eyes funnily, making him laugh out loud.

“You’re forgetting something sir,” He gave her the Milkshake while slowly walking her to her door step. He watch her get in before turning around to leave.

By the time she went inside Michelle was already home.




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“Why did you wish to see me here?” Calista asked as she made her way towards Brimsley who’s staring down at the city below.

He slowly turned to her, both hands in his trouser pocket.

“Did you report me to the students council?” he asked.

She nodded then gently fold her arms.

“I noticed that you’ve kept bullying me since my first day in this school, even though you’re trying to make it look like punishment it’s still bullying cos you’re doing it simply because you have the power to do so and there’s nothing I can do about it which leave me thinking that you’re the same with Ethan.” she explained and he raised his brows

“He bullies students cos he thinks he has the power and you’re doing the same to me cos you also have the power! I never complain even though you’re not a teacher but a fellow student who’s paying the same fees as me, but I figure you will keep getting worse by the day that’s why I took a step to put an end to our conflicts. I apologies if I make you uncomfortable but please stay away from me and don’t think of punishing me unnecessarily again cos I won’t abide by any rules given to me by you,” she added walking out of his sight.

“If we get to the council and you happened to be at fault get ready to be punished in more ways you never expected,” Brimsley suddenly said, and she stopped abruptly.

“If I’m proven right you will have to apologies to me,” she said before walking away and he followed.

It didn’t take long before the arrive to their destination, Calista walked in and a young man in his 20s smiled at them both.

“Sit please,” he gestured.


Brimsley sat at the far end while Calista sat in the other end, he chuckled at the distance between them.

“So, it came to my knowledge that some students with upper power have been bullying those at without Any. Lemme make one thing straight. You cannot force or compel a person to speak against their will, it’s a crime before the law, and secondly: you cannot compel or punish a person just because they refuse to testify on a case while the victim is still alive and breathing, even though the victim is no more, you have no right to compel a person to testify as freedom of speech is given to everyone and they can decide either to speak or to remain silent, however, overlooking an important issue just cos the victim is not related to you or because you did not feel obligated did not make you less of the attacker, he might come again and you might be the next victim or someone close to you,” he finished drawing wh@ťěver it is that he was drawing on the bored in front of him and then looked up at them.

“You both are dismissed,” he said, flashing a smile at them.



“What the Fůçƙ do you mean by you failed? How dare you say that to me?” Ashley spats into the phone, pacing furiously around the empty classroom.

“Fůçƙ you, was that what I paid for?” she barked at whoever she was speaking to.


“I don’t care if Tristan was there or not, you should have shot her!!”

“So what? The cops? Huh? Fůçƙ off and you’re not getting paid,” she ended the call and roughed her hair in frustration.

How dare Calista? Just how dare she? She’s not only for her man but for the most popular guy in school, she will sure deal with her.

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“That Ɓîtçh will get it”


Calista was walking down the hallway, lost in thought. It had been a busy day, and she was exhausted. As she turned the corner hurrying to meet Gianna and Karan for study, she bumped into someone, nearly falling over. She looked up and saw Tristan standing there, smiling at her.

She quickly tried to step around him. But he blocked her path, a concerned look on his face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Calista just nodded, not wanting to get into a conversation with him.

“You seem tired,” he observed, “Are you sure you’re alright?” Asked again to be sure, staring closely at her face as if searching her.

“We are not best of friends so stop bulging me,” she walked past him but he pulled her back by her wrist.

“I screwed up on our first and second meeting, lemme make it up to you, you’re hilariously beautiful and shouldn’t be treated the way I did. Come with me to a place I know you’ll like,” He said more like a gentleman.

“And If I don’t like it?” She asked.


“It’s a wonderful place and I assure you that you’ll like it, but if you don’t like it, I won’t bother you again,” he replied.

Meanwhile, Brimsley was coming that way when he saw them, he hide behind the walls. Listing to their conversation.

“Lemme tell my friends not to wait for me,” He heard Calista said to Tristan

A naughty thoughts came into his mind and he hurried outside, he stood at the parking lot, looking around as if making sure no one was coming and when he was sure that the place was clear.

He opened Tristan’s Car trunk, crawling inside.

“Who the Fůçƙ are you?” A female voice asked immediately and he nearly screamed out his lungs but he quickly covered his mouth with his palms.

“Tiffany!” He called, raising his phone light to her face.

“Get out, this place won’t be enough for both of us,” she said ignoring his shock expression.

“What are you doing here?” He asked

“Good question, what are you doing here?” She returned the question

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Brimsley was silent. Like, what exactly was he doing here? In a trunk! This wasn’t like him.



“I wanted to know the reason behind Calista’s Felix guts!” He replied more like a yell, while rubbing his neck frustratedly.

“And you?”

“Have been following Tristan all around like their Camara man, just look at this,” she replied, showing him some photos she printed.

They were both sileny for a few minutes.

“Isn’t that crazy? We’re here spying on people we love…”

“Are you out of your d@mn mind? When did I say I love her? We two don’t even get along and detest her guts,” Brimsley cut her off.

“Of course you do,” Tiffany rolled her eyes

“I do! You know what? I’m going down….”


That was interrupted by the car engine and the next thing they knew was a moving car.

“I need to get out…”

“Keep quiet, Brimsley!!”

“What if we get caught? What am I even doing here? No! I can’t get caught”

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