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Written By, Cassie B.

Antonio was rushing to his room when he bumped into someone. The person fell and without looking at the person, he apologized.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” He ran off after saying that.

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Katya sat on the floor with her eyes wide in shock. Her eyes glued to the disappearing figure and a whisper left her lips. “Master?”.


“What’s it that you want to report?” Riccardo questioned but instead, Haunter stepped forward.

Her palms suddenly felt sweaty and she resisted the urge to rub them together, to avoid showing how nervous she was.


“Can I take a glance at the picture you showed me a few days ago?” Even though she tried her possible best to not give her nervousness away, Riccardo was able to sense it.


“Found any clue?” He asked instead. Haunter avoided his eyes and that alone proved she already found something which she’s hesitating to reveal.

“Yes– er- I mean – no,” Haunter stuttered. She shut her eyes tightly, and when she finally opened it, Riccardo was already before her.

“Speak,” his voice was calm, yet authoritative.

In as much as Haunter tried to convince herself that Antonio can’t possibly be the masked man, it wasn’t working. He couldn’t be the masked man, how could he? Why would he go against his brothers?

The tattoo was probably a coincidence, maybe he had gotten a tattoo because he loved it. And his injured arm which was shot? Oh, maybe he had a mini fight with someone which led to the shot on his arm… right? – all these thoughts were enough to drive Haunter crazy, that was why she seeked an audience with Riccardo, demanding for the picture which had the tattoo in it.

“I….” Before she could voice out wh@ťěver was on her mind, someone barged into the room, opening the door with violence force.


“He…. He’s here! I saw him!” Katya pants heavily as she ran deeper into the room, facing Riccardo directly.

Riccardo diverted his attention to Katya who was still trying hard to catch her breath. As soon as she heard the voice which belonged to her Master, she took to her heels, heading to the only place which came to mind – Riccardo’s. He was the only one who could keep her safe from every danger.

“Take a deep breath and tell me who you saw,” she heard Riccardo say.

“My– my Master, he was here… I saw him,” hearing that, Haunter turned to her with wide eyes. The masked man is right in the clan?

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.
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“What did you say?” Riccardo asked, stepping closer to Katya whose face was pale as though she had just seen a ghost.

“He’s here. He’s going to kill me! He bumped into me, and then ran away! What if he had planted a bomb in my body?” Her hands began searching her body frantically, her eyes wide in horror.

“Keep calm!” Riccardo barked, grabbing her shoulder fiercely, staring directly into her eyes.

Katya’s whimpering stopped at once, as she gazed at him with nothing but fear in her eyes.


“Keep calm, and listen to me,” Riccardo said rather calmly for the second time. Katya nodded.

“Was he with the mask on?” He asked. Katya tried to remember if he was putting on his mask, but then she discovered she never caught a glimpse of his face.

“I… I didn’t see his face,” she whispered, lowering her gaze to the floor. Almost immediately, she stared at Riccardo again.

“But he’s here! You can still catch him, he hasn’t gotten far,” she added. Riccardo stepped backwards and walked to the table. Katya hugged herself while she heard Riccardo talking to someone over the phone, instructing the closure of every gate in the clan.

Meanwhile, Katya stood by the wall, hugging herself tightly. Haunter walked closer to her, holding her by the arm.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. Katya nodded slowly, and soon, Riccardo joined them.


“Stay in here, I’ll be right back,” he muttered. He walked to the door and held the doorknob. Just before he could pull it, he turned to face the two ladies standing by the wall and said;


“Don’t take a move, just stay where you are,” he instructed. Haunter nodded, and he finally left the room.

Riccardo hurried his steps as he passed through the hallway, speaking with Vincenzo over the phone. “Have you checked the cameras? They bumped into each other just a few metres away from the training ground,” he said.

Vincenzo stared at the screen before him, zooming in a particular picture. “There’s no sight of a masked man here. The only person Katya has bumped into was Antonio, no one else,” He informed, staring at the picture before him.

Riccardo’s steps faltered, he creased his brows. “Antonio?” He asked to be sure.
“That can’t be. Check again,”

“I’m certain. Where’s Tonio?” Vincenzo asked and Riccardo resumed his steps.

“Hang up, I’m reaching out to him now,” Riccardo said and the call was disconnected from Vincenzo’s side.

As Riccardo inched closer to Vincenzo’s room, he began dialing Antonio’s number whose number wasn’t reachable.



“Mommy, you aren’t eating?” Emelio pointed out when he noticed Adriana’s meal was untouched. They are currently in the dining room, having their lunch.

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“I need to watch you guys eat first,” Adriana forced out a smile. Emelio was quick to notice that but he didn’t pressed further. Instead, he bent his head and resumed digging into his meal.

Adriana sighed as she watched the kids having their meal. Truth be told, she wasn’t fine. Riccardo’s words couldn’t stop ringing in her ears and she was greatly disturbed about that.

She suddenly got to her feet, startling the twins whose attention immediately went to her. She faced them, touching their hair slowly as they both sat by her sides.

“Mommy will be back soon, okay? Don’t forget to stay in your room after eating,” she smiled at them before rushing out of the dining room, heading out of the house.

The guards had refused to let her out of the house, but with just a lie hat Riccardo had asked her to meet up with him by the boutique to shop clothings for the twins, she was granted the permission to leave the villa.

Currently, she was walking down the streets in the estate, hoping to see if she could sight an oncoming vehicle. After almost giving up, a car stopped before her and the glass slowly winds down.


Right before her was Antonio who flashed a cute smile at her. “Get in Anna, the sun will rise soon,” he said.

Adriana heaved a sigh of relief and immediately entered the car, settling herself in the passenger’s seat. “Good thing you’re here. Can you take me to the clan? I feel like something is going on, I need to see Ric….” She couldn’t complete her sentence when Antonio suddenly pressed a white hanky on her nose, driving her to the state of unconsciousness.

He watched as her head rested on the chair with her eyes shut tightly. “This was bound to happen anyways,” he muttered and immediately started the car ignition before driving off.

Meanwhile, right on the street light, a camera could be seen with a red light blinking rapidly, taking in every detail of the scene.



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