People who died yesterday also thought death was far from them, so take care of yourself, forgive, kill your pride, appreciate souls who value you and be humble.





~♡Crazy meets arrogant…♡~

THEME: The Sassy newbie❀


By Fave Gold🧡

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“Dad!!”. Isla called out as she ran to go hug her father who hugged her back warmly. By now Lorena and her son have already been taken to the police base.

Olivia was next to hug senator Clearn after Isla, then Lady Camila followed but Oliver just stood standing staring at them, by now Isla was done hugging him.

“How did you even know Lorena planned to poison you with the help of doctor Clark?”. Olivia asked, still hugging him.

“I felt worse when I took my last shot in Clark’s office and asked one of my men to investigate it. Only for me to find out he’s a regular visitor at Lorena’s place and that he’s also the father of Archer ”. Senator Clearn said and everyone’s eyes widened.


“You didn’t tell me that part”. Lady Camila frowned.

“I just found out also honey”. Senator Clearn said, taking her hand.

“Where’s Doctor Clark now?”. Olivia asked.

“Behind bars. He’ll be testifying against Lorena in court if he doesn’t want to lose his license which is inescapable”. Senator Clearn said then he faced Oliver who has been quiet all this while.

“You’re not happy to see me hail and be healthy?”. Senator Clearn said to Oliver who immediately rushed to hug him.

“Our school’s inter house sport is next week. I need you there”. Oliver smiled, breaking the hug.


“I won’t miss it for anything in the world son”. Senator Clearn said, patting him on the shoulder.

“I’ll be running for pink house dad!”. Isla announced cutely and Senator Clearn chuckled pinching her cheek.

“You’re not the one to decide it’s the school”. Olivia said and Isla glared at her.

“Either way i can’t wait to see that ”. Senator Clearn said, patting both his on their daughters’ hairs.

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“I’ll be up in my room”. Oliver said.

“Goodnight honey”. Lady Camila said and Oliver winked at her before going up to his room.

“Why don’t we watch a little movie as the complete family that we are now”. Olivia said and Lady Camila faced Isla

“Are you interested?”. Lady Camila asked Isla.

“No, I have homeworks to attend to too”. Isla said before running up the stairs to her room.

“Camila she’ll come around okay?”. Senator Clearn said as he hugged Lady Camila while Olivia excused herself going up the stairs also.


“I knew you were lying when you said you had homework to do!”. Olivia said with folded arms as she walked into Isla’s room.

Isla who later on her pink bed, busy on her phone frowned meanly at her.

“What are you doing in my room? And are you so spoiled you don’t know how to knock?!”. Isla snapped at Olivia who rolled eyes at hers.


“You’re the spoiled one here! C’mon Isla don’t you see mom’s trying really hard to make you accept her, but you have to be so strong headed. Even Oliver didn’t hold this much grudge on her for this long. What’s your problem?!”. Olivia snapped.

“My problem? You’re my problem okay? Just because we share the same dad doesn’t give you enough license to steal my mom away from me!”. Isla shouted and Olivia’s eyes widened.

“Are you okay? C’mon girl just because I’m close with her doesn’t mean you have no room at all to get close to her. Everyone knows she’s just trying so hard so I don’t feel like the odd one amongst us all. I’m the one who’s supposed to be sulking, not you. Keep hurting her feelings then if that’s what will make you feel noticed, but i won’t let her approach you again if this is how you keep turning her down!”. Olivia glared at her before leaving her room.

“Do you think you are to speak to me in that tone like you’re all nice and easygoing yourself!!!”. Isla yelled, throwing her pillow to the ground.


“Hey! Your dad wishes to see you in his study!”. Lisa said the moment she walked into Dylan’s room.

Dylan on the other hand was just coming out of the bathroom with only a white towel wrapped around his waist. His body was dripping wet and for a second Lisa froze with her mouth a gap as she stared at his amazing abs.

“Quit drooling, you look stupid”. Dylan smirked as he picked his phone from his bed before laying on it and Lisa glared at him.

“Are you deaf or something! Your dad wants to see you and you’re lying there?!”. Lisa yelled and when Dylan made to speak that’s when a knock came on the door and she went to open it only to see the Senator standing there, then he came in and Lisa left the room.

“Just wanted to show you this, go through it and make your final judgment about your hatred for me”. Senator Russell said, throwing a tab to Dylan on the bed and went out of the room.

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Almost immediately Lisa broke into the room and jumped on Dylan’s bed snatching the tab from him she began scrolling through it and her eyes widened.

“I knew you were a pervert but rape?!”. Lisa exclaimed, staring at the tab and Dylan took it from her.

“Leave my room. I haven’t forgiven you yet”. Dylan said as he went through the tab, but Lisa soon jumped on his naked back wrapping her hands around his waist and Dylan faced her with a raised eyebrow and a frown on his lips but Lisa kissed him on it.

“I dare you to stay mad at me for too long”. Lisa winked at him and Dylan pulled him to his laps which she comfortably sat on with her hands now wrapped around his neck.

“Can a day pass by when you won’t cause any trouble?”. Dylan asked, gazing deeply at Lisa who shook her head.


“It depends! In today’s case Olivia was the one who started it. I still can’t believe she’s Isla’s sister!”. Lisa said and Dylan shook his head and sighed.

“She said nothing wrong Lisa. She only mentioned she doesn’t like blue. I don’t find anything wrong in her statement and the fact that I have to suffer for your troubles gives me enough worries”. Dylan said and Lisa pouted.

“I’m sorry okay”. Lisa apologized as she began caressing his chest seductively but Dylan held her hands.

“Stop it”. Dylan said and Lisa took the tab from him standing up from his laps and sitting comfortably on the bed.

“What exactly happened five years ago? Who did you rape?”. Lisa asked and Dylan wrapped his hands around her then he took the tab from her.


“It’s a short story”. Dylan said, kissing Lisa’s neck and she chuckled.

“Short story?”. Lisa asked.

“Yeah. I went to a forbidden club, hooked up with some girl naned chinnie only to find out later that she was a minister’s daughter who stated to the media on her blog that i R@P£D her”. Dylan explained and Lisa faced him with a mean glare.

“Well did you rape her?”. Lisa asked and Dylan shook his head negatively but Lisa still pulled his ear and he groaned in pain.

“But you still had a nightstand with her”. Lisa snapped, pulling his ear.

“Yes but that was on her own free will okay? I was still thoughtless and unholy then, I didn’t even know the girl had everything planned out”. Dylan gasped in pain and Lisa let go of his ear.

“Well you should be grateful to have a capable dad like yours! If he hadn’t sent you to jail to clean up your mess then you would have forcefully been married to the minister’s daughter by the minister and even the president himself!”. Lisa sneered.

“Yes I’m really grateful to him and I’ll go meet him once I’m done”. Dylan said.

“Done with what?”. Lisa asked giving him the raised eyebrow and almost immediately Dylan pulled her towards himself smashing his lips on hers and Lisa immediately wrapped her hands around his neck pulling him closer only for seconds later because of the pressure from the both of them, Dylan’s towel came loose and Lisa who meant to caress his lower abdomen mistakenly touched his D instead and her eyes widened as she instantly broke the kiss only to see Dylan smirking at her.


“d@mn pervert you knew!!”. Lisa growled in frustration before running out of the room and shutting the door loudly behind her.

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“Crazy virgin”. Dylan chuckled as he tied his towel well around his waist before finally going into his closet to put on a short and a white tee shirt.


The senior students have been having their exams for the past three days now and today was the third and last day.

They were currently having their chemistry papers and it was super though.
Ella and her friends didn’t know what to write and so as usual they submitted their empty sheets.

Dylan and his friends kept on stealing glances from Isla’s answer sheets which were almost filled to the brim and she wasn’t still done writing.

“Fůçƙ! Your girlfriend’s a real bookworm!”. Oliver gasped as he stretched his neck more trying to see what Aiden was writing since he was the one copying directly from Lisa who was copying from Isla their source. Davis was copying from Dylan, who was copying from Oliver who was copying from Aiden.

“All this stress wouldn’t have taken place if they hadn’t switched Physics for chemistry as our today’s paper”. Davis said from beside Dylan.

“I know right? It seems Mr bald intentionally did this to us as if making this exam a surprise one wasn’t enough they still took the risk of switching the subjects in the timetable”. Dylan added as he wrote.

“This is all Aiden’s fault I told you to have readied the answers to all the subjects questions before today’s papers but you went ahead and did only physics now we’re doomed copying what we’re not sure of”. Oliver said.

“I thought immediately after physics I would use the little break to get Chemistry’s answers and besides if you’re not sure then quit copying from my tab. To think your little sister is more knowledgeable and even more prepared than you are in this exam”. Aiden snapped and Oliver glared at him.


“You guys should quiet down. We don’t want Isla to get distracted or we’re doomed”. Lisa cautioned.

“Shouldn’t we have been done by now? My hands are hurting?”. Maya said from in front of them. Each answer Oliver writes he secretly sends it to her on her tab and she and Olivia copies from it.

It was a method they all would have done from the start but once two or more people connect their tabs to one another so as to transmit information the class teacher and even the school principal will get the notification. So it was an easier but crazier method.

“I know right? Isla plans on taking all his marks?”. Olivia complained.


“Quit whining and just disconnect your tab from Oliver’s own and go submit your crap!”. Lisa snapped and Maya glared at her.

“Take your fingers from your screen, you’re blocking me”. Dylan said to Oliver as he removed his hands from the screen making Oliver frown.

“If i take my hands off them then how are we going to finish up quickly”. Oliver sneered lowly as he took his fingers from Dylan’s.

“Lisa Fůçƙing type faster time is almost up”. Aiden said to Lisa.

“I’m trying, okay? But the problem is from Isla she’s Fůçƙing covering her work”. Lisa said and that was when Isla stood up with her tab facing them she smirked.

“Figure out the remaining answers yourselves. I’ve helped you all a lot. Next do try to pay attention in class okay? And this exam wasn’t a surprise exam like there’s nothing like a surprise exam. Mr Baldy announced it in his last class but you guys were so busy sleeping and watching your videos that you didn’t hear him say it”. Isla smirked before winking at them and like that she went to go submit while her friends stared at her with widened eyes.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“Fůçƙ! We’re so screwed!”. Maya said, resting her head on her desk.

“This is all your fault! If only you had found the answers to all the subjects at once and not one at a time”. Dylan and Oliver snapped at the same time to Aiden.

“What do you guys take me for? An exam malpractice machine?!”. Aiden glared and that was when Lisa and Olivia stood up to go submit at the same time.


💬 Currently in Mali to stay with my mom’s cousin and her family. I won’t be coming back anymore but I’m so sorry for what my brother did to you. Trust me he’s paying for his crimes already so please learn to forgive and forget. Chris texted and after reading when Isla called him his line wasn’t available again.

Then the notice about what house they would belong to in their school’s inter house in two days time came up on her phone and her eyes glittered when she saw she was placed in her dream house Pink!

She searched for Aiden’s and saw that both he and Maya were in yellow. Oliver was placed in red as presumed, Davis and Lisa in white while Dylan and Olivia in Blue! Isla chuckled when she saw that Olivia actually ended up in blue.

“I don’t like blue! I can never run in a blue outfit”. Isla mimicked Olivia’s statement and laughed at her own imitation of her step sister.


“What!!? I ended up in blue?! Why?!”. Olivia fumed as she checked her phone with the others while they walked down the hall.

“How come you’re in the same house with Davis? You’re not even on the basketball team”. Dylan said facing Lisa who just laughed awkwardly and ran off.


“What’s up with her”. Dylan muttered as he watched her runaway while Oliver and Davis exchanged glances knowing fully well what the issue was.

Then Davis’s phone pinged off a message and he checked it.

💬 Lisa: I’m waiting for you in the basketball ring. Come train me!

Lisa texted and Davis immediately looked up at the others.

“It’s time for training. Coach just texted me”. Davis said to them and with that he was gone.

“Let’s go get ready for the physics exam. It’s our last paper for today. We can’t take the risk we just took and yes! Be sure to make Isla pay for leaving us hanging with half answered answer tabs”. Dylan said to Aiden who chuckled at his remark then they left with Oliver for the restroom to do their business of copying and pasting.

“Lisa hasn’t told Dylan she joined the basketball team yet?”. Maya said to Olivia who stood beside themselves.

“It’s her business not ours”. Oliver said as she walked away.

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