People who died yesterday also thought death was far from them, so take care of yourself, forgive, kill your pride, appreciate souls who value you and be humble.





~♡Crazy meets arrogant…♡~

THEME: The Sassy newbie❀

CHAPTER 85 & 86

By Fave Gold🧡

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The Chemistry teacher was currently in the class busy on the electronic screen. Boring the students away as most of them were already sleeping while the rest yawned as they tried to keep up with him.

Chemistry was their fifth class for the day after which everyone would go for break. Then after they would go for training since their inter house sport ceremony was next week.

Everyone was present, Including Olivia and Davis. Lisa, Olivia and Maya were among the students who already slept off.


The guys were watching videos on their phones and laughing silently, while Isla being the good girl kept on typing down the key points the teacher mentioned.

Then she got a text from Aiden.

💬 Quit boring yourself and sleep like every normal student does. Aiden texted and Isla glanced at him after reading it.

💬 You mean like every lazy student would. I’m currently busy so don’t disturb my learning time!!!.

Isla texted back at him and she turned only to see him frowning at her.

“Drop that phone and focus on the screen!”. Isla snapped slowly and Aiden rolled eyes at her before dropping his phone on the desk. But it didn’t reach two minutes. Isla removed her gaze from him only to turn back and catch him busy on his phone once more.

She just sighed and faced the screen not ready to spend much time on his issue.

‘It’s funny how they always see something to type during exams’. Isla thought as she kept on keeping note of every meaningful statement from the teacher.

After a good forty minutes the electronic bell rang indicating the end of the class and the students, out of relief and excitement rushed out of the class towards the cafeteria.


“Fůçƙ! Mr baldy is not only annoying but also boring! I couldn’t even spend up to five seconds in his class!”? Lisa said when they all walked out of class and everyone chuckled.

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“It’s confirmed! You’re the laziest among us all!”. Oliver said to Lisa and she faced him.

“Now that I think of it. You keep annoying me but I’ve never beaten you before!”. Lisa said and Dylan immediately pulled her away from him for safety measures and Oliver stuck out his tongues at her.

“What team will you join Olivia?”. Maya asked.

“Anyone the school chooses for me. But I h@ťě blue! I won’t want to run in a blue outfit at all!”. Olivia said and Davis and Lisa faced her at once.

“Why blue? I love blue”. Davis said.

“You’ve always proven to be blind to me so I don’t blame you”. Lisa scoffed.

“I thought black was your favorite color?”. Maya asked Lisa.

“Yeah! What’s your deal?!”. Olivia snapped at Lisa.

“What? Can’t she have two favorite colors?!”. Isla snapped back at Olivia.

“I know right. They think I’m like them who only thinks of pink and nothing more! It’s no wonder they’re color blind!”. Lisa shouted.


“Who are you calling color blind?!”. Maya snapped at Lisa.

“You of course! What? You wanna hit me for it? Go on!!”. Lisa yelled as she moved towards Maya.

“You’re a Fůçƙing troublesome Ɓîtçh Lisa! Same goes to you!”. Olivia snapped at Isla who glared at her.

“You’re more troublesome than I, You make up ghosts!!”. Isla snapped back harshly.

“Fůçƙ!”. Aiden chuckled from where they stood beside the guys watching with so much interest.

“Should we stop them before it gets intense?”. Davis laughed out.

“No! I love it this way it won’t get physical, don’t worry!”. Oliver smiled as he also watched them argue.

“Why would I worry in the first place”. Dylan smiled as he watched Lisa cause more trouble.


“Yeah. It’s obvious your girlfriend’s the one who caused and added more fire to the situation cause she knows she’ll end up winning if they end up fighting!”. Aiden glared at Dylan.

“Woah chill bro. You should focus mainly on Isla’s safety; she’s the baby among them”. Dylan said.

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“Let her be. She’s smart enough. She’ll know when to pull out when the fight has surpassed more than she can handle”. Aiden scoffed only for them to turn back and see Isla who dragged Olivia’s hair and Maya tried fighting Isla off Olivia only for Lisa to attack her as well pulling her hair also and like that a huge fight started between them.

“I thought you said Isla would pull out once the fight is more than she can chew? She’s clearly the one who just started the fight!”. Dylan snapped at Aiden. As some students began gathering around to watch the big fight.

“Scram!”. Davis snapped at the students and they immediately dispersed.

“Let’s Fůçƙing end this $h|t!”. Oliver said and immediately they went to separate their girlfriends from each other.

The girls glared at themselves with scattered hair, except Lisa’s whose hair was still intact because Maya didn’t get the chance to pull her own hair.

“Don’t Fůçƙing let me get you otherwise I’ll pull out all the hairs on your d@mn skin!!”. Maya shouted as Oliver held her back.

“You wish! You couldn’t do that now then what makes you think you can do it later!!”. Lisa snapped and when Dylan tried to hold her back she punched him in the stomach and he fell to the ground in pain while his friends giggled.

“Dylan!”. Lisa called out with widened eyes.

“I’m okay”. Dylan managed to say as Lisa helped him up.

Then Dylan and Aiden’s phones pinged off a message. It was from their swimming coach.


“I’m going for swimming class. Would you like to come with me?”. Aiden asked Isla.

“Yes…I mean no! I have somewhere to be at noon”. Isla asked.

“Really? Then I’m coming with you”. Aiden said.

“No, I’ll go alone to swimming class”. Isla said and Aiden pecked her on the lips before leaving.

“Don’t forget to dress your hair before leaving. It’s ruined!”. Aiden shouted from a far distance and Isla nodded, waving at him.

“See ya”. Dylan said simply to Lisa before who bit her lower lip as she watched him leave to go join Aiden.


“It was just a little mistake! Everyone saw it!”. Lisa yelled after Dylan but he ignored her.

“Don’t you two have swimming classes to go to?”. Lisa asked Davis and Oliver who were now busy on their phones.

“No, we’re part of the basketball team and practice doesn’t start till after break”. Davis replied with his hands around Olivia’s shoulder while his phone was in the other.

“Yeah. Their swimming coach is an annoyingly strict man, that’s why he overdoes everything!”. Oliver joked with his hands arranging Maya’s hair and Davis laughed.

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The basketball team had never liked the swimming coach and if there’s one reason they refused to join his class was because of how strict he was. He overworks his trainees also.

“You guys started training just because of the inter-house spot coming next week right?”. Lisa asked and the boys nodded.

“Well I want to join!”. Lisa said.

“Huh?!”. The guys said at a time except Maya and Olivia who rolled eyes at her.

“Yes! Can I join the basketball team also? I’m quite tall and can also pass the criteria”. Lisa said.

“Look Lisa. No girl has ever joined the why don’t you just join the cheerleading squad or even run like Maya and Olivia here”. Oliver said.

“No! I wish to join the basketball team! Ella’s in charge of the cheerleading squad and I h@ťě her!”. Lisa snapped.

“But you’re a girl you can’t…

“Join my team! We’ll be happy to have a newbie, especially a crazy girl like you!”. Davis said and Lisa smiled while Oliver glared at him.

“No, join my team! We’re the best plus our practice ring is close to the swimming club. You’ll be able to see Dylan anytime you feel like it!”. Oliver said and Davis glared at him.


“Wait –you guys have a separate team?”. Lisa asked in puzzlement.

“Yes! I’m the captain of the White lions A.K.A the white team for inter house sport”. Davis was quick to say.

“Well I’m the captain of the Red tigers! A.K.A the red team for inter house sport also!”. Oliver said and Lisa chukled loudly.

“It’s no wonder you two never got along so well. You’re both rivals in basketball also?”. Lisa laughed out loud and the guys glared at themselves.

“So which team would you like to join?”. Oliver asked.


“Sorry Oliver. But I prefer white, after blue and black because it’s my baby’s favorite color so I’ll go with Davis’s team for now”. Lisa said and Davis jumped in triumph.

“We don’t need you anyways!”. Maya rolled eyes at Lisa.

“And learn to put your girlfriend under a leash! Cause seriously I’ll really make her feed on her tongue!”. Lisa snapped at Maya.

“Let her be Lisa. Let’s go get you registered first”. Davis said as he led Lisa away though Olivia followed them.

“Let’s go get your hair dressed. It seems fighting has become your second habit”. Oliver said as he took Maya by the hands leading her outside the hallway.

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“Really? What’s my first habit then?”. Maya asked.

“Wearing short clothes”. Oliver replied and Maya chuckled.


“Pack this for her also”. Lady Talia said as she picked a fluffy pink bag from the shelf and gave it to the attendant.

‘This is the twelfth bag she’s scouting out for me. I’m I safe?’. Isla thought as Lady Talia faced her.

“Let’s go to the shoe section. I’m pretty sure we will be able to get you at least three limited editions before it goes out of sale”. Lady Talia said as she led Isla to the shoe section and like she did for the bags, she began scouting for quality shoes.

“I’ll take this, this and that one over there!”. Lady Talia said pointing at the most beautiful yet expensive shoes in the whole section and Isla’s eyes widened.

“You love it right?”. Lady Talia asked when the attendant brought back the items the lady bought now well packaged into their boutique fashion branded bag, and Lady Talia took the bag from them and handed it to Isla. She smiled.

“Keep them”. Lady Talia said and Isla’s eyes widened.

“I should keep them all?”. Isla asked.


“Yes, so do tell your boyfriend that I almost bought you an entire boutique, okay?”. Lady Talia smiled and Isla nodded gently.

‘Now i get it. She’s doing all these because of Aiden. Gosh! This woman’. Isla chuckled within her. Then her phone began ringing and she smiled when she saw it was Aiden calling her.

“It’s my son right?”. Lady Talia asked.


“How do you know?”. Isla muttered.

“Well I’m not blind. You’re blushing really hard”. Lady Talia said and Isla avoided her gaze out of embarrassment.

“Go on, pick it up. He’s waiting!”. Lady Talia said and Isla instantly did.

“Where are you right now?”. Aiden asked when Isla picked the call.

“At a boutique shopping”. Isla replied.

“Seriously? Is that the reason why you refused me to come with you?”. Isla could hear Aiden scoff from the other end.

“You were busy with swimming class, have you forgotten the school’s indoor and inter house sport is next week?”. Isla said.

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“Send me your location right now. I want to come to you”. Aiden said.

“No! I’ll see you later in the evening or tomorrow in school”. Isla said and cut the call before Aiden could utter another word.

“You didn’t tell him about what I got you”. Lady Talia said, giving Isla a questionable look.

“Oh I forgot! I think I’ll do that later”. Isla said.

“It’s no problem. Let’s leave. I promised your mom I won’t take much time since she needs you home early today”. Lady Talia said as she began walking out of the boutique with Isla.

Then they both got into her car and Lady Talia sighed on her driver’s seat before facing Isla who sat beside her.

“I said what I said to you the other time because like what i just witnessed. I thought you would take Aiden’s attention away from me. His dad is annoyingly always busy so he’s the only one who keeps me company even though I’m actually the one who disturbs him but then at least he still answers me. But ever since you two started dating he’s hardly home”. Lady Talia said.

“Don’t worry I’ll make sure he gets home early from now on so he could spend the rest of his day with you”. Isla said and Lady Talia smiled.

“No keep him to yourself I just realized it’s kind of immature of me to think that way”. Lady Talia said.

“Really? Okay if you say so…


“But it won’t hurt anyone if you send him early. Just for safety measures”. Lady Talia interrupted and Isla chuckled.

Then Lady Talia started the car and drove out of the area.



Isla walked into the mansion only to find out everyone including Archer and his mother were already present. They were all waiting for the lawyer so that the reading of the senator’s will would commence.

Lady Camila stood up from where she sat with Olivia and walked up to Isla, it’s obvious she was worried.

“Why are you just coming in? Talia called and told me you two had parted ways right in front of our gate two hours ago”. Lady Camila asked worriedly but instead of answering Isla ignored her and went to sit beside Oliver.

Lady Camila said nothing as she only went back to sit while Archer and Lady Lorena laughed mockingly at her.

“You should learn to be time conscious, Isla. What if something had happened to you?”. Oliver scolded and she hugged him by the arm.

“I was with Aiden okay? So I was super safe”. Isla said to him and Oliver pulled her cheek.

Then the lawyer they were waiting for finally came, not alone but with the police and senator Clearn this time around looking good and healthy.

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And both Archer and Lady Lorena’s eyes widened in shock as they stood up on their seats.

“Lady Lorena and Archer you’re both arrested for the attempted murder of senator Tristan Clearn. We have concrete evidence and you both also have the right to a lawyer, but anything you say or do right now will be used against you both in the court of law!”. One of the policemen said while his colleagues did justice by handcuffing the criminals.

“Take them away!!”. The senator yelled in immense anger.

“No! No!! This can’t be happening!!!”. Lorena yelles out in disbelief while Archer begins sobbing silently as they take both he and his mother away.

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