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~♡Crazy meets arrogant…♡~

THEME: The Sassy newbie❀


By Fave Gold🧡

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“You should have let us take him to the family hospital. Doctor Clark has been the one treating Dad for some times now. So he literally knows best when it comes to dad’s health”. Oliver said as every one waited patiently outside the operation room while the doctors worked on senator Clearn.

“He was the one who told me to bring him if anything should happen to him. He claims the drugs and shots Doctor Clark do give him only makes his situation worsen”. Lady Camila said and Oliver balled his fist in rage.

“Don’t try anything yet. Let’s just hope your father gets over there”. Lady Camila said and Oliver tried calming down.


Isla sat on a bench by the side wailing silently while Olivia sat at the other end, wondering what would become of her if her father dies.

‘Will I have to live with mom and Archer from now on? No! I’ll move in with Davis instead!’. Olivia thought within herself.

Then a doctor finally came out of the ICU.

“Lady Camila please come with us”. The doctor said as he led Lady Camila back into the ICU shutting the huge glass door behind them.


Just then Lisa, Dylan and his friends arrived and Olivia spent no time in going to hug Davis who hugged her back.

Isla cried more on her seat when she saw Aiden and he had to go seat with her, pulling her into a warm hug.

“Don’t worry, okay? He’ll be alright”. Aiden cooed.

“How’s your dad doing?”. Dylan asked.

“He’s in the ICU right now, no news about his current status yet”. Olivia replied.

“How did you guys find out?”. Oliver asked.

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“It’s all over the news! Though our parents are trying their best so the media don’t spread fake news”. Dylan replied.

“Fake news like what?”. Lisa and Oliver asked at once and Dylan faced her.

“I thought I just told you that in the car?”. Dylan asked Lisa.

“You did? When?”. Lisa asked annoyingly and Dylan’s eyes widened.

“Aiden and Davis can bear me witness! You were so busy on your phone that you don’t even remember”. Dylan said and Lisa rolled eyes at him.

“Okay let’s say you did tell me. Tell me again I wanna know too?”. Lisa pouted, nudging Dylan by the arm, and Dylan sighed before facing Oliver.

“The media spread rumors about your dad being a drug dealer and he’s currently facing the consequences of taking one of his drugs without deliberate descriptions”. Dylan explained and Oliver sighed.


“Oh so that’s it!”. Lisa said and that was when Dylan faced her again only to find out that it was his shorts she was putting on again.

Frustrated, he gently pulled her to a corner.

“Yours is blue”. Dylan muttered slowly to Lisa.


“What do you mean? I don’t understand?”. Lisa asked in puzzlement.

“Babe, your own shorts are blue, not white! White is mine!”. Dylan said a little louder this time and everyone turned to face them, but the duo cared less.

“So? I wasn’t blind when I took yours to wear? Plus I got tired of blue! So I’ll be using yours from now on!”. Lisa said back and Dylan’s eyes widened.

“You must be joking? I let you have my hoodie and the black jacket you’re putting on right now when you took it last night! You also claimed my laptop and turned my game room into your rest house. Now you think I’ll let you go with my favorite short?! The only limited edition in the whole country? You think you’re the only one who loves good things?!”. Dylan snapped and his friends, including crying Isla and Olivia, laughed out, but a glare from Lisa made them go silent.

“Aren’t I your girlfriend? What belongs to you is also mine! Are you that dumb not to know that on your own?! Plus wh@ťěver I took from you was on your own accord. I didn’t steal it like you claim!”. Lisa snapped and Dylan scoffed.

“Did I mention you stole them? I only mentioned you should quit acquiring what doesn’t belong to you?!”. Dylan snapped.

“What’s the difference?! You know what I’m done exchanging words with you!”. Lisa snapped as she brought out a headphone from her huge shorts pocket before making to sit down as she placed it on her head but Dylan stopped her from snatching the headphone from her.

“Give it back!”. Lisa shouted as she made to take it from him.

“The headphone’s mine! Use yours Lisa!”. Dylan replied as she chased him circles while everyone laughed as they watched them.

“It’s my fault I love you more?!”. Lisa said, still chasing him.

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“What are you both doing standing there? Get him for me and deal with him also!!”. Lisa yelled at Davis and Aiden who instantly stood to get Dylan.

“Traitors!”. Dylan snapped when they began moving closer to him.

“Sorry dude”. Aiden chuckled before chasing after him and almost immediately he and Davis caught Dylan and they began hitting him making Lisa’s eyes widened as she immediately kicked the both of them away from Dylan, whose lips was now bursted open a little by the side.

“I thought you mentioned we should help you deal with him?”. Davis groaned where he sat on the floor nursing his back where Lisa kicked him with his hand.

“Yeah why do you have to kick us so hard?!”. Aiden snapped it’s obvious he’s also feeling the same pains as Davis.

“I told you to get him for me? You should know I never meant it when I ordered for him to be dealt with?! You almost spoiled his pretty face!”. Lisa snapped at the two whose eyes widened while she petted Dylan’s face.

Dylan being the troublesome person he stuck his tongue out at them and they both glared at him, while Lisa finally kissed him lightly trying to sooth his hurting lips and Dylan smiled into the kiss.

“MotherFůçƙer!!”. Aiden spat at Dylan who gave him the middle finger as he kissed Lisa while Davis scoffed in frustration.

Olivia and Isla’s laughter filled the air and they weren’t ready to stop anytime soon.

“I always pet you each time you cry? But you laugh now that I’m in pain?”. Aiden questioned Isla who pouted cutely immediately.


Then Isla stood up slyly as she made her way to Dylan and Lisa who were still kissing hungrily she pushed Lisa away from Dylan making her land on the floor then she immediately ran back to Aiden who chuckled as she hid behind him.

“See? I’ve finally avenged you”. Isla smiled cutely at Aiden from behind.

“Good girl”. Aiden smiled back, pecking her on the forehead, while Dylan and Lisa, who was still on the floor, glared at them.


“You little…

Lisa made to attack Isla but was interrupted when Lady Camila came out of the ICU and everyone’s attention diverted to her.

“Let’s go?”. Lady Camila said as she began leaving, not waiting to answer any question from anyone.

“How’s dad?”. Oliver asked.

“Is dad alright?”. Olivia asked as they followed lady Camila.

“Please say something!”. Isla hating her silence.

“Let’s go home first okay?”. Lady Camila said to Isla, before walking away and Olivia followed her holding her by the hand as they left.

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“Let’s go Isla”. Oliver said as he made to take Isla’s hand but she hit his hand away.

“Leave. I’ll bring her home to you guys”. Aiden said and Oliver nodded before leaving.

“What’s your problem Isla? Why don’t you want to go home yet?”. Lisa asked.

“All she cares about is Olivia. As if she’s the only child she has!”. Isla snapped as she sat back down stomping her foot on the floor and Aiden sat beside her.

“It’s obvious she just doesn’t want Olivia to feel left out since she doesn’t stay with her mom anymore”. Aiden said and Isla scoffed.

“It doesn’t change anything! I’m the only daughter here but she keeps treating me like an outcast”. Isla snapped and Lisa rolled eyes.


“But you keep pushing her away. C’mon Isla we all saw how you were rude to her in the game room, just the day before yesterday”. Lisa said.

“It’s none of your business! I’m not going home till dad wakes up!”. Isla snapped then she got a text from an unknown but private number.

💬 HELLO! IT’S AIDEN’S MOM. CAN WE MEET TOMORROW NOON? I’LL SEND YOU THE ADDRESS. Isla read it before pocketing her phone and getting on her feet as she began walking away while Aiden sighed staring at her back view.

“Ain’t you going to follow her?”. Dylan asked and that was when Aiden got up going after Isla.


“Let’s go baby”. Dylan said to Lisa.

“Who’s your baby”. Lisa glared before walking out on him and Dylan stared after her in confusion.

“I’m guessing she’s still mad. But she just kissed me now didn’t she”. Dylan asked himself before leaving also.


The Clearn’s got back from the hospital only to meet Lorena and Archer in the living room with Senator Clearn’s lawyer.

“She called to tell me about the senator’s demise and I had no choice than to rush down here to confirm since you weren’t picking your calls. Hope you’re not annoyed?”. The lawyer asked Lady Camila.

“Of course not. You’re just doing your job”. Lady Camila said and the lawyer smiled.

“How did you two get in?”. Oliver glaring at lady lorena and Archer.


“The maids still recognize me as the lady of the house, so they had to let me in”. Lady Lorena said.

“No, she forced herself in my lady!”. The head maid said.

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“Keep quiet!”. Lady Lorena snapped at her and they both exchanged glares.

“You’re surely getting fired once the will has been read cause I’m very sure this entire house has been willed into my name!”. Archer snapped at the head maid.

“I called the lawyer so we could walk things out before tomorrow night where our late husband’s will will be ready!”. Lorena said and Lady Camila scoffed at her.

“Which means till then you have no access to this house!” Oliver yelled as he walked up to both Archer and Lady Lorena pulling them up at the same time with all the energy in his body, he dragged them out of the mansion shutting the gate at them.

“That bastard!!”. Lorena yelled, enraged stomping her feet repeatedly on the ground.

“He’ll soon wallow in poverty”. Archer also glared.

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