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~♡Crazy meets arrogant…♡~

THEME: The Sassy newbie❀


By Fave Gold🧡

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.


“Aiden?…”. Before Isla could finish, Aiden grabbed her hand and led her up to his room, then he shut the door behind them.

“How did you find my house?”. Aiden asked.

“Oliver sent me the address”. Isla replied.

“You’ve been ignoring my calls ever since what happened yesterday. It’s not me in those videos”. Isla said with teary eyes.


“I know that”. Aiden said.

“You do? Then why do you still refuse to take my calls? Are you still mad at me?”. Isla asked as she began crying and Aiden sighed before pulling her into a hug.

“I wanted to ask you a lot of questions, but seeing you crying again just shatters my heart.” Aiden said, and Isla pulled him closer as she began sniffing slowly and Aiden broke the hug cupping her cheeks, while he stared deep into her glassy eyes.

“I’m sorry for being the cause of your tears today baby”. Aiden muttered as he brought his face closer to hers.

“That’s not what I want to hear”. Isla shook her head.

“What do you want me to tell you?”. Siren asked.


“Say you’ve forgiven me, and that you don’t deserve to eat if you make me cry again”. Isla demanded childishly.

“I never eat, when I know you’re in pains baby”. Aiden chuckled.

“Quit calling me that, it makes me feel like I’m one of your numerous girlfriends!”. Isla frowned.

“Speaking of which. I’m not your first boyfriend?”. Aiden frowned also.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“Hu huh, I’m also not your first girlfriend. You dated Claire before me, remember?”. Isla said back and Aiden let go of her walking away towards his desk.

“Don’t tell me you’re mad just because I told you the truth?”. Isla said.

“Leave you’ve overstayed your welcome”. Aiden said and almost immediately Isla bent on her knees crying madly and loudly.

“The Fůçƙ!”. Aiden spat with widened eyes.

Isla kept on crying loudly and Aiden knew his parents would come barging in if they heard the noise, so he walked up to Isla, grabbing her by the arm he carried her up in her bridal style and Isla stopped crying immediately as she was now giggling in his grip earning a smirk from Aiden.

Aiden got to his bed, dropping her gently on it, he came on top of her.

“Seems like I’m dating a real baby”. He muttered with his face only a few inches from hers and Isla pouted, before pulling him closer for a kiss. Their tongues danced around each other’s mouths in a lovely sync.

While Isla wrapped her hands around his neck pulling him closer for more, Aiden’s hands played around her soft body caressing each part of it lovingly.

Then suddenly Isla opened her legs, letting him come closer to her, she wrapped her pretty legs around his waist and that was when Aiden broke the kiss.

“What’s wrong?”. Isla frowned.


“Having your legs around my waist reminded me of something”. Aiden winked at her, before going to his closet and coming back with a tiny box, and Isla gave him a puzzled look.

“What’s that?”. Isla asked curiously and a little mad because of the interruption.

“Give your leg”. Aiden said sitting on the bed beside her and Isla brought her legs closer to him, he took her right leg caressing it he opened the box and brought out a diamond anklet, the same color with her manicure and Isla smiled widely when he wore it on her ankle.

“It’s so pretty!”. Isla gushed, checking out her nice ankle.

“Just like you”. Aiden kissed her feet and she chuckled cause it tickled.

Then he began trailing the kisses from her leg up to her thighs which caused a little vibration, then to her B@@bs making her shiver in pleasure.

“Ai…den”. She gasped out senselessly when he took one of her B@@bs into his mouth. He teased her Ɲīpplë, before sucking on her B@@bs even with her clothes still on.

He kept on sucking on one of her B@@bs while he played with the other, earning countless gasps and Mõ@ɲs from Isla. Then he claimed her lips again and this time with no disturbance Isla wrapped her legs around him, making sure he tastes every inch of her and it was vice versa in her own case also.


“I want it done before he leaves today or we’ll both be doomed if he finds out you’re Archer’s father”. Lady Lorena said to the doctor.

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“That’s not a problem my lady. But the drugs in question will likely manifest after three days”. Doctor Clerk the family doctor said.

“That’s even better. I remember the court ordering him to change his will on the 25th of November, which is still far off in case he has second thoughts and may likely accept Archer back as one of his children. But with how stubborn Tristan is. It’s best if he dies before that day comes, otherwise my son—our son will be stripped of his birthright”. Lorena said.

“Don’t worry Lorena. I can do anything to secure Archer’s future. Once the senator comes for his monthly check up any moment from now I’ll add the drugs to his injection”. Doctor Clerk said and Lorena stood up instantly giving him a nice smile.

“I’ll take my leave now. Do keep to your word”. Lorena said before walking out of his office.

Few minutes later senator Clearn walked in with his PA.


“Oh senator! You’re here I’ve been waiting patiently for you”. Doctor Clerk smiled as he welcomed the senator.

“Please do…

Before Clerk could finish, senator Clearn already took his seat and he smiled at him.

“I see you’re in a rush senator”. Clark said, as he began mixing the liquid drugs to be added to the senator’s shot. Then he secretly added the forbidden drugs to it before mixing it once more, and attaching it to the syringe.

‘Why won’t I be. I’ll be meeting my other daughter this afternoon. I’m so excited!’. Senator Clearn thought.


“Okay here we go”. Clerk said as he injected the senator in his upper arm smirking secretly before disconnecting it and tending to the injected area with a neat wool.

He dressed it and the senator stood up instantly.

“Thanks once more Clerk I’m always grateful! Your payment has already been transferred to the hospital’s account before my arrival”. The senator said before leaving the office.

‘Your three days count down just begun senator’. Clerk smirked when the senator left.


“Granny I’m home!”. Isla called excitedly as she went into the their small living room with Aiden beside her, only to meet her Granny in tears and in the company of the entire Clearn’s family including Olivia.

Olivia and Oliver’s eyes widened the moment they saw her, while their parents just stared affectionately at her not looking too surprised.

“Granny what’s wrong?”. Isla rushed towars her Granny ignoring everyone else’s presence.

Aiden just stood staring with no expression on his face at all, then his gaze caught that of Oliver’s.

“What’s going on?”. He mouthed lowly but Oliver ignored him, as he turned his gaze back to Isla.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“Granny why are the Clearn’s family here?”. Isla asked when granny Agnes finally wiped away her tears.

“They’re your family. You’re part of the Clearn’s family Isla”. Granny Agnes said.

“Huh?”. Isla mumbled confusion written all over her face.

“Your granny’s right Isla I’m your mom Camila, Tristan right here is your dad and you’re also Oliver’s and Olivia’s younger sister”. Lady Camila said amidst slow tears and both Isla’s and Aiden’s eyes widened in shock.

“What the Fůçƙ!”. Aiden gasped out with widened eyes.


“Why did you decide I bring you here again. You h@ťěd it when i brought you here the last time”. Dylan said, as he walked hand in hand with Lisa who was searching for an outfit in the male wear category.

“I only didn’t like the way you brought me with any notice. Not like i h@ťěd it here, don’t put words in mouth please”. Lisa said and Dylan chuckled before wrapping his hands around her waste, as she went through the price tag of a particular baggy shirt. Then Dylan kissed her passionately on the neck leaving a hickey behind.

“We’re in the boutique, behave yourself!”. Lisa cautioned but then he kissed her on the neck again and when she turned to bomb blast him, he kissed her on the lips.

“I love you jewel”. He smiled breaking the hug and Lisa smiled before wrapping her hands around his neck and kissing him also.


“I love you baby Dylan”. She muttered breaking the kiss and Dylan caressed her lips with his thumbs but she bit it, and he winced.

“Quickly go try this out I’m waiting!”. Lisa said to Dylan and he gave her a confused look.

“I thought you chose this clothe for yourself?”. Dylan asked.

“No! Already bought mine yesterday. But it’ll be better if my baby has the same outfit as mine sometimes so go try it on, let me see how it looks on you”. Lisa said as she pushed him into the mail dressing room.

“I should be the one calling you baby not the other way round. It’s Fůçƙing disrespectful to my self respect!”. Dylan said but instead Lisa shut the door on him and he smiled.


“I’ve gotten myself in a lot of trouble”. He said to himself, then he began checking out the clothes.

“Wow! It’s so my style. How come we have the same fashion taste, wait…could it be that she’s the one behind me missing clothes lately? Now that i remember she wore my shorts yesterday?! Oh that girl!”. Dylan gasped, before finally putting on the outfit Lisa chose for him.

“Who’s number is this?”. Lisa asked as a strange number came up on her phone.

She ignored it at first, but had to pick when the dialer wouldn’t stop calling.

“Hello…who’s this?”. She asked through the phone.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“Lisa?”. She heard a familiar voice through the phone.

“Hello, who are you?”. Lisa asked but when the dialer made to speak that’s when the line, began breaking.

She had to go outside the boutique in search of network, but the bad network was still the same. She thought if she crossed to the other side she might get the network she’s in need of.

Especially now that curiosity has finally gotten the best of her, she wanted to know bably who the person that called her is. He knows her name, but she doesn’t recognized his number.

She didn’t cross to the other side when a huge black van pulled up right in front of her and two hefty men came down from it.

They bundled her with so much difficulties as she resisted before throwing her into the van, and driving off.

“Okay. I’ve finally wore it how do I look?”. Dylan asked when he came out of the dressing room, only to see no sign of Lisa anywere.

“Where’s my girlfriend?”. He asked one of the attendants.

“If its the young lady you came with i think I saw her go outside a while ago”. The attendant answered and Dylan instantly dashed out, in search of Lisa but he found no trace of her.


Then he suddenly saw one leg of her sneakers by the middle of the road and he walked over to take it, with widened eyes, he dialed her number on his phone but it didn’t go and he panicked before calling the police.



A goon finally removed the blindfold on Lisa’s face and the first thing she did, was give that particular goon a hard hit on his forehaed with hers and the fellow groaned in pains falling to the ground.

Her hands were tied to each other behind her back, same with her legs so she was somehow helpless.

“Are you Fůçƙing insane!”. Another goon yelled slapping her hard on the face and her lips bursted with blood immediately but she spit it out, glaring at the particular one who hit her.

“Now i see the reason why you’re here in the first place. What kinda Ɓîtçh are you? You still have the Fůçƙing nerve to glare at me?!”. The same goon who slapped her the first time made to slap her again.

“Let her be!”. Frankie said walking into the room with Evelyn smirking with her beside him, and Lisa’s eyes widened in shock, while the men backed off.

“Frankie?”. Lisa called out.

“Missed me? Heard you’ve been causing alot of troubles in my absence, especially for Evelyn”. Frankie said as he took a sit in front of her, while Evelyn stood glaring at Lisa.


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