~♡Crazy meets arrogant…♡~

THEME: The Sassy newbie❀


By Fave Gold🧡

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It took Dylan no seconds before kissing her back, making sure to taste every inch of her lips as Lisa hungrily pulled him closer, while he freely complied by adding more fierceness to the kiss, till Lisa suddenly broke the kiss pushing Dylan off her she got up from the couch.

She glared sternly at him and Dylan furrowed his eyebrows before getting up to go meet her.

“What’s wrong?”. Dylan asked.

“You haven’t broken up with Evelyn yet right?”. Lisa asked.


“No but I’m sure she knows its obvious between us”. Dylan said and Lisa scoffed.

“You think that would work? Till you break up with Evelyn officially in front of the whole class tomorrow don’t bother talking to me”. Lisa said and Dylan’s eyes widened.

“It’s not a problem for me. C’mon Lisa you’re sounding really harsh right now”. Dylan said but Lisa eyed him before walking up the stairs and when Dylan followed her, she shut her room door in his face.

“Fůçƙ it!”. Dylan spat banging his hand on the wall before going into his own room opposite hers.


“So you like this style better?”. Lady Camila asked Olivia who giggled as she read a text from Davis on her phone.


Olivia had been discharged from the hospital earlier that morning and Lady Camila was currently helping her style her hair like a little kid.

It’s funny how her dad told her everything that had happened during her absence just this morning and she was already so cool with it, and she’s even bonding her dad’s with new wife.

“C’mon get off your phone this once I’m trying to focus here and you’re not even checking it out, if I’m making a mess out of your hair or not”. Lady Camila said and Olivia dropped her phone on the desk, and faced her hugging her tightly.

“I know wh@ťěver you make with my hair will be nice so i don’t see the need to check it out”. Olivia winked at Lady Camila who grinned before hugging her warmly also.

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“So I’m guessing Davis is your new boyfriend?”. Lady Camila said.

“Yes. He’s the love of my life!”. Olivia gushed and Lady Camila giggled. Then a knock came on the door and Oliver walked in, meeting Olivia in Lady Camilla’s grip and he cleared his throat loudly.

“B*TT head!”. Olivia spat as she broke the hug with Lady Camila.

“I see you’ve fully recovered”. Oliver scoffed as he moved closer to them.

“Of course why won’t I. It’s the only thing that can make Davis happy for now!”. Olivia smiled and Oliver rolled eyes at her.

“Can I talk to you for a second?”. Oliver asked Lady Camila who stood up in approval.


By the time they got out of the room, Oliver hugged Lady Camila tightly and her eyes widened in shock, but before she could reciprocate he broke the hug.

“I just wanted to know how it felt”. Oliver said and Lady Camila nodded softly.

“I heard about what happened between you and Selene I’m so sorry…


“Thank goodness you know it’s your fault I almost ended up with Selene”. Oliver said and Lady Camilla’s eyes widened.

“Huh?”. She asked.

“If you had stayed with me like all mothers do then I’m pretty sure you would have sensed her cunningness from the start and talked me against having a crush on her”. Oliver said and Lady Camila became saddened instantly.

“I know it’s all my fault. But if you could just forgive me this once then i promise to make things right with you…

“I know you would. And that’s why I’m here to tell you that I’ve forgiven you already”. Oliver said and Lady Camila smiled.

“Really?”. She said as her eyes became glassy with tears of joy.

“Yea mum”. Oliver said and Lady Camila smiled more widely before pulling him into a hug.

“I’m so happy you’ve finally forgiven me. Thanks a lot”. Lady Camila said amidst the hug and Oliver hugged her more.

“I have a younger sister right?”. Oliver said when they finally broke the hug and Lady Camilla’s eyes widened.

“How…did you know?”. Lady Camila stuttered in shock.

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“I overhead when you and Dad were discussing about it in his study last night”. Oliver said and Lady Camila just stared at him.

“I didn’t hear what her name is cause I had to leave”. Oliver said.

“I and your dad will be meeting her soon would you like to meet her also?”. Lady Camila asked.

“Of course I would love to!”. Oliver said at once.

“Me too! I’m sick of being the only teenage girl in this mansion”. Olivia said from behind them and Lady Camila smiled at her while Oliver scoffed at her.



All through the free period Evelyn intentionally kept on putting Isla’s s3x videos on replay and most of the students kept on watching with her regardless, as they watched and giggled along the line.

Aiden was absent from school, leaving only his friends, Lisa and Isla in the class.

Lisa got mad and angrily stood up, making her way to Evelyn’s seat, she pushed Evelyn off it making her fall to the ground before sitting on it.

Then she brought out her phone and played a recording on it for everyone to hear.


“It was a girl named Evelyn. I don’t know her. But she offered me a million dollars I could leak any of Isla’s s3x videos with me. I was enticed and loved to partake in it but i had no video of Isla with me. Yes we dated but she has never visited me not to speak of having s3x with me. So because of the love of money i had to hand Evelyn another video of me with someone else, telling her the job will be done if she edited the girl in the video to Isla’s”. At the sound of that everyone gasped and Lisa stopped the voice record. While some glared at Evelyn the others made videos with hashtag ‘Eve the witch!’

“It took just a few beatings and a threat from the police before the fool who confessed all these could speak the truth!”. Lisa said loudly.

“Now we can all see just how crazily devious Evelyn is”. Oliver said and that was when Dylan stood walking up to Evelyn who had already stood up from the ground before muttering.

“It’s about time I tell you that it’s over between us! I’m done Fůçƙing a wide hole lile yours!”. Dylan said and everyone’s eyes widened including Evelyn. Lisa smirked knowingly from were she stood.

👥 Fůçƙ that hits hard!

👥 Today isn’t Evelyn’s day at all!

👥 I just wish Dylan comes to me now that he’s back to being single!

👥 Serves Evelyn right she’s a d@mn Ɓîtçh!

👥 I can’t get enough of todays dramas swearz!


“You think I’ll Fůçƙing beg you?! I don’t give a Fůçƙ about how you and everyone else thinks about me! It doesn’t bug me at all small Ďïčk!!”. Evelyn said and made to storm out of the class when Lisa grabbed her by the hair.

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“Repeat what you just said! Small Ďïčk?! What makes you say that!!”. Lisa yelled as she began baptizing Evelyn’s face with numerous hot slaps.

“Fůçƙing let go of me!”. Evelyn yelled as Lisa kept on slapping her and everyone began laughing.

“Hit her well, for calling your property a small thing!”. Dylan yelled and everyone turned their gaze to him in shock.

“Of course I will. She needs to learn a good lesson!”. Lisa replied as she doubled the slaps on Evelyn’s face, then everyone also turned their gaze to her in shock.

👥 Did i just here both of them well?!

👥 Tell me I’m dreaming!

👥 Wait! Did Dylan break up with classy Evelyn to date Crazy Lisa?.

👥 Woah! Evelyn just got dumped and thrashed at the same time!

👥 Lisa’s in with the fire!

👥 Evelyn toiled with Lisa’s property?!


“Leave before I send your dead body to your parents!”. Lisa snapped letting go of Evelyn and immediately Evelyn ran out of the class with a bruised face and reddened plis teary eyes. Then she faced the whole class with a smile on her face.

“Yes! I know what you guys must be thinking. It’s official that I’m Dylan’s new boo, so stay off his back or I’ll waste no time in messing up!”. Lisa threatened seriously and everyone’s eyes including, Maya, Isla and Oliver’s eyes widened, except Dylan who smiled walking up to her he pulled her by the waist and claimed her lips right in front of the whole class. At that moment a girl’s phone fell off her hands because of the shock she witnessed.

“Woah!!!”. The entire class gasped at once and then suddenly they began claoping loudly for the couples who still kept on kissing, ferociously.

Isla smiled lightly while watching them but then she remembered Aiden and sighed sadly, before excusing herself to go receive fresh air outside.


“That moron! I knew it’ll come to this!”. Oliver spat as he watched Dylan and Lisa with a scoff.

Then his gaze caught Maya who was making the video of the whole scene on her phone. Then he smirked getting up to his feet he went to her seat taking her by the hand he led her out of the class into the physics lab.

“Why did you bring me here?”. Maya asked Oliver who was cautiously locking the door with the key and Maya’s eyes widened when she saw it.

“Lisa and Dylan are making out in front of the whole class. But why don’t we make ours longer and discreet just the way we like it”. Oliver smirked naughtily as he took a step closer to Maya who a step backwards.

Maya made to take another step backwards but Oliver grabbed her wrist pulling her sharply to him, he slammed his warm lips on hers. Kissing and caressing her soft body at the same time, and Maya finally gave in kissing him back at the same pace, he was kissing her.

Then Oliver’s phone pinged of a message and he had to break the kiss, thinking it was his mom who sent him the message, to inform him about her new findings of his estranged little sister.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

But he was struck with a beam of disappointment when he saw it was a text from selene instead.

💬 Already on my flight to New York. But before I go I just wanted to let you I’m greatly sorry for using and playing with your feelings for me. I promise I won’t ever show my face to you again, but if eventually we meet I’ll apologize to you in a more appropriate manner. Wishing you happiness in your journey ahead.

Selene texted.

“Is it from Aiden?”. Maya asked and Oliver glanced at her after reading the text he threw his phone away, before grabbing Maya by the waist pulling her up and dropping her on a huge desk he whispered into her ear.

“I love you”. At the sound of that statement Maya’s eyes widened instantly, but Oliver didn’t let her savour the moment before claiming her lips again, with one of his hands hungrily roaming round her thigh while the other went under her crop top caressing her B@@bs softly, which earned a nice Mõ@ɲ from Maya.


Aiden was on his reading table, with his reading glasses which looled cool on him.

He wasn’t and does not plan on reading but he sits there with his glasses on, anytime he wants to cool off or clear his mind.


He believes books are the only worries in the world so why worry soo much about every other thing in the world.

So he literally goes to his reading table which was starked with lots of huge limited edition books he never reads, just to clear up his head with the thought of leaving his worries there with it.


He had watched everything that happened in school from the numerous videos the students posted on the blog. Including the real truth behind Isla’s leaked videos but he still felt so much confused like he had been before watching it.

‘Does that mean I’m not her first and only boyfriend? She had two boyfriends before me?’. Aiden thought within himself with a sharp glare in between his eyes.

He was distracted by a knock that came up on his door.

“Who’s that?!”. He called out sternly.

“It’s the head butler young master. A young lady is downstairs requesting to see you”. The butler saud from outside and Aiden glanced at the door as if he could see the butler through it.

“And who’s that?”. He asked, hiding his curiosity.

“It’s miss Isla who claims to be your girlfriend”. The moment Aiden heard those words his eyes twichted a frown a little.

“It’s good she came herself. She won’t leave till she answers all my questions!”. Aiden said as he stood up from his seat, taking off his eye glasses he dumped it on the reading table before dashing out of his luxurious room…

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