People who died yesterday also thought death was far from them, so take care of yourself, forgive, kill your pride, appreciate souls who value you and be humble.





~♡Crazy meets arrogant…♡~

THEME: The Sassy newbie❀


By Fave Gold🧡

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Evelyn sat down on a stool, crying as she washed the numerous dishes. Her hands were filled with countless bruises as she couldn’t wash a plate without pricking her fingers or breaking it. She was so bad at it!

She had been on it for two hours now and students watching made videos of her, adding hilarious filters that made her look stupid while doing the dishes.

Her once fancy makeup was now smeared and that made students laughed more.

Lisa and Aiden sat next to each other with crossed legs, as they watched her wash the plates. While Dylan and Oliver made videos of Evelyn forcing themselves not to giggle.


“You have no shame. It’s your girlfriend everyone’s mistreating like that”. Oliver said to Dylan who scoffed.

“She’s not anymore. It’s about time I say it to her d@mn face that it’s over!”. Dylan said and Oliver shook his head in amusement.

“Are you done?”. Lisa asked Evelyn who glared at her at first before nodding. She just finished rinsing the dishes and had packed them into a huge basket.

“Take everything to the lunch lady and don’t forget to thank her”. Aiden muttered getting up from where he sat as he made to leave and Lisa stood up blocking him.

“You’re leaving already? You haven’t checked up on Isla yet”. Lisa said and Aiden glanced at the door to the classroom Isla had locked herself in.

Then his gaze caught hers as she was watching everything that was happening in the Cafeteria from the window. He took his eyes away from her, before walking away out of the area.


“That pr*ck!”. Lisa spat before going to bang on the door Isla locked herself in and almost immediately Isla opened the door running after Aiden who had gone afar off.
Lisa just stood staring at Isla’s running figure.

“The girl has gone through a lot in this school”. Oliver muttered beside Lisa who nodded. But Dylan immediately pulled him away from Lisa and they both gave him a questionable look.

“Wh@ťěver you want to say. I’m here so don’t bother going too close to her okay?”. Dylan glared at Oliver who scoffed at him, while Lisa rolled eyes at him, before going after Isla.

“Aiden! Aiden please wait!”. Isla cried out as she tried catching up to Aiden who had already gotten to his car. Before she could meet up with him, he already got into his car and zoomed off.

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Isla bent on her knees burying her face in her laps, and resumed crying again.

“C’mon get up”. Lisa said when she finally got to Isla, as she pulled her back to her feet.

“It’s not me in the videos, why can’t he see that”. Isla muttered in tears and Lisa gave her a questionable look.

“You’re…really not the one in the videos?”. Lisa asked.

“Yes! I’m still a virgin okay?!”. Isla cried out, and Lisa sighed before taking her to the physics lab, which was almost always empty, only to meet Dylan and Oliver there already, busy on their phones.


“Was she able to speak with him?”. Dylan asked, when Lisa walked in with Isla. She made Isla sit on an empty seat, before answering Dylan with a casual shake.

“Exactly who are those guys in the videos in the first place?”. Oliver asked Isla.

“She mentioned it isn’t her in the videos so i think she doesn’t…

“They’re both my exes”. Isla interrupted and Lisa glanced at her with widened eyes, while the guys exchanged glances.


“Huh?”. Lisa gasped.

“I broke up with the first one when I first got my job at Larry’s kitchen, while I broke up with the other just eight months ago”. Isla said.


“You claimed you’re not the one in the videos but how come, both of them have a video of you?”. Dylan asked.

“Or was it Fůçƙing edited?”. Oliver muttered.

“It looks too real to be edited”. Dylan replied.

“You both speak like you don’t know what that Ɓîtçh Evelyn is capable of. She uploaded the videos herself so it’s possible she did a few adjustments with it”. Lisa said and Isla began crying again.

“Quit crying okay? Aiden will come around, he’s probably just trying to clear his head right now”. Oliver cooed and Isla nodded gently, while Dylan gave Oliver a questionable look.

“You’ve never been kind to any girl before, not even Maya! Don’t tell me apart from Lisa you’re also sighting Isla!”. Dylan snapped, then Lisa’s and Oliver’s eyes widened at his statement.

“What about Selene? I’ve always been good to her!”. Oliver snapped back at Dylan who scoffed.

“You know what you’re doing with Selene Oliver. Don’t fake it”. Dylan smirked knowingly at Oliver who rolled eyes at him.

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“Could you guys please come back to the root of the issue!”. Lisa yelled at both of them, then Oliver bought out his phone from his pocket.

“If it’s about how Evelyn got the videos, then I know someone who can tell us everything”. Oliver said as nehe dialed Maya’s number.

“She strives so hard to get your number, only to find out that you already saved hers in your phone? How did you get her number in the first place?”. Dylan asked.

“I have my ways”. Oliver smirked at him.
The moment he dialed Maya’s line, she picked after the third ring.

“Hello?”. Maya said through the phone, not recognizing the dialer.

“Physics lab, right now”. Oliver muttered before hanging up.

“Do you think she’ll come just because you…


Before Lisa could finish Maya ran into the lab and everyone’s eyes except Oliver widened.

“I’m guessing this lab has done wonders for you both before?”. Dylan scoffed at Oliver.

“We called you here cause we believe you might know how Evelyn got Isla’s videos”. Oliver said and Maya glanced at sobbing Isla.


“Evelyn has her ways of doing things, I don’t really know how she got the s3x videos”. Maya said.

“What kinda friend are you anyway? How could a friend of yours operate so lucratively and all you get to say is you know nothing about it? All you do is to assist her in every stupid act of hers without asking questions!”. Lisa snapped at Maya.

“At least I’m not like your nosy self who keeps poking her nose in people’s business!”. Maya snapped back and when Lisa charged towards her, Dylan held her back by the hand while Maya stuck out her tongue at Lisa.

But unfortunately Lisa broke loose from Dylan’s grip and when she almost got to frighten Maya, Oliver was the one who blocked her.

“Don’t take what she said to heart. Right now we need her help if we want to get to bottom of this whole $h|t!”. Oliver said to Lisa who glared at Maya, then he faced Maya.

“Just tell us what you know about everything that happened today Maya. How best do you think Evelyn might have done the video in a way that the girl in it has Isla’s face”. Oliver asked.

“Well…for starters I know she has a computer genius as her right hand man who does everything, both clean and dirty for her. So he might likely be the one behind the editing of the videos”. Maya replied and Isla glanced at her.

“Really?”. Isla mumbled and Maya nodded softly at her.

“Do you know anything about the guy in question? Like his name or something. I mean the computer genius”. Dylan asked.

“I…think he goes by the name Jake…or…something”. Maya tried remembering and everyone nodded.

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“At least we’re getting somewhere. We just have to find this Jake”. Lisa muttered.

“That’ll be a huge dead end. The guy’s so loyal to Evelyn. He won’t budge. I suggest we find the two guys in the videos instead”. Maya said.

“That’s a great idea. You know where they live right?”. Dylan asked Isla.


“Mark and James?”. Isla muttered.

“Yes, take us to where they live”. Oliver said and Isla nodded, getting to her feet.

They were all almost out of the door, when Maya called out for their attention.

“One more thing…I didn’t see the need to say this earlier. But I saw someone shocking at Evelyn’s house the last time I visited”. Maya said and everyone faced her, curiosity visible in their eyes.

“Who?”. They all said in unison.


Oliver got home, only to meet Selene in the living room with her father. She smiled when she saw him and walked up to hug him, before bringing him to sit right next to her opposite his father who had a blank expression on his face as he stared at them.


“Did you tell him that we’re dating?”. Oliver muttered to Selene when he couldn’t stand the look his father had on.

“Even better!”. Selene blurted out in excitement.

“Huh?”. Oliver asked in puzzlement.

“I hear you two are planning on getting married”. Senator Clearn said and Oliver stood up in shock.

“What?”. He gasped.

“I explained to your dad about our unending love for each other and that we wish to get married before you graduate from highschool”. Selene smiled at Oliver, who scoffed in annoyance.

“You mean your unending love for money. Look Selene I’m done playing with you. I’m not the little boy with huge crush on you whom you can fool any Fůçƙing time you want!”. Oliver sneered and Selene’s eyes widened.

“What do you mean by that?”. Selene muttered. Then immediately Oliver brought out a flash drive audio recorder and dropped it on the table for everyone to hear, and both Selene and the senator’s eyes widened.


“You said all those crazy plans to yourself in the bathroom, the night dad offered for you to spend a few times with us after your breakup with Archer. I came to see how you were coping with things, only to hear you say such sly words and I had to secretly put it on record! I’ve wasted my entire youth crushing on a gold digger like you and I regret it. I never took any relationship between us seriously so don’t bother forcing marriage on me. I’m done playing games with you!”. Oliver snapped and with that, he left the house. Leaving both Selene and his father in shock.

Then Selene faced the Senator with tears dripping down her eyes.

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“I had no choice. I just wanted a secured future…

“And I’ll help you acquire it. But don’t ever come close to me and my family again. Your family h@ťěd and despised you because you are weak and asthmatic. But now I’ll be sending you away from us also. You’ll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning for New York. You’ll finish your studies there and acquire the wealth you wanted all on your own hard work”. With that the Senator stood up and went upstairs leaving Selene to weep at her foolishness.


Evelyn limped into the huge living room, looking wretched and tattered only to meet Frankie and Jake discussing seriously.

Their eyes widened when they saw her and Jake instantly stood up to give her a little boost in her slow walking then he made her settle on a couch opposite Frankie, who didn’t look fazed.

“Let me guess Aiden is the cause of your current look?”. Frankie said.

“And also that worthless Ɓîtçh Lisa! I’ll f”*king makes them pay for making me wash all the dishes used by students in the school’s cafeteria!”. Evelyn clenched her fist and Frankie and Jake’s eyes widened.

“They made you do that?”. Frankie asked, looking a little shocked.

“Well you don’t have to worry so much about them anymore. We’ve been thinking and we’ve finally come up with a plan to get rid of Dylan and Lisa”. Jake informed and Evelyn’s eyes widened.

“Really, what happened to waiting for your mom to help you clear your name?”. She gasped.


“I’m tired of waiting. I need to act fast if I want Dylan to disappear from the surface of the earth”. Frankie said and Evelyn smirked.

“That’s more like it!”. Evelyn muttered deviously.


Senator Russell and Lady Emily were still at work, so Lisa and Dylan were currently the only ones at home.


They sat close to themselves watching Lisa’s favorite TV show quietly for the first time in their lives before Dylan finally broke the silence.

“What did my dad tell you when he asked to see you the other time”. Dylan asked.

“Nothing much. He mentioned Frankie’s dad was behind my dad’s misfortune and that he’s currently behind bars paying for it”. Lisa muttered her gaze on the TV.

“Russell always acts like the cool one among all”. Dylan rolled eyes.

“You’re just jealous! And quit calling him by his name!”. Lisa smacked him on the head and he winced before facing Lisa.

He grabbed her by the hand, making her lie on the couch, pinning her hands above her head. He kissed her senselessly without thinking and Lisa’s eyes widened at once, before finally responding to the kiss.

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It was at that moment That Dylan broke the kiss.

“I wasn’t thinking, I’m sorry…

The rest of the words got stuck in Dylan’s throat, when Lisa claimed his lips this time around…


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