People who died yesterday also thought death was far from them, so take care of yourself, forgive, kill your pride, appreciate souls who value you and be humble.





~♡Crazy meets arrogant…♡~

THEME: The Sassy newbie❀


By Fave Gold🧡

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“I’m sure you might be wondering why I requested to speak with you”. Selene muttered, as Oliver settled beside her handing her a cup of coffee.

Their currently outside the hospital, chilling in the garden right next to the main entrance.

“Yeah sure I’m marveled”. Oliver replied calmly.

“I already divorced Archer”. Selene said and Oliver nodded gently not looking surprised.


“You don’t seem faxed”. Selene asked and Oliver sighed.

“I knew all along. I was there with Olivia when you ran to my dad for help with the divorce”. Oliver said and Selene nodded.

“I got rid of my child also and right now Archer and his mom are after my life. I came here because of Olivia but right now I’m rather confused. I know I’m not supposed to be telling you all these but I just I needed someone to talk to”. Selene muttered tears streaming out her eyes and Oliver patted her shoulder.

“Everything will be alright okay? You lost the child for a greater cause. You might have ended up infected also and your womb will probably be destroyed if you had kept the baby so you literally did nothing wrong”. Oliver consoled and Selene directed a puzzled look at him.

“You know about all that?”. Selene said and Oliver’s eyes widened also.



“It’s okay. I understand you, after all i was your sister in law so it’s only normal you know”. Selene waved it off and Oliver smiled at her.

“What do you plan on doing now that you’re divorced and your parents have disowned you”. Oliver asked and Selene smiled lightly at him.

“I don’t know. I’m planning on returning back to your school as a real teacher now and not the assistant teacher that I was”. Selene said and Oliver wowed at her in a teasing way and she smacked his shoulder playfully.

“Just take things easy okay? And if you need anything including a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to just know that I gat you”. Oliver said and Selene smiled widely before resting her head on his shoulder.

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“I’m sorry”. Selene muttered.

“For what”. Oliver asked.

“For choosing Archer over you”. Selene replied and Oliver faced her, their faces only few inches from each other because her head was still on his shoulders.

“Huh?”. Oliver asked.

“I always knew you liked me and I like you too but my parents wanted Archer for me. I just hope I still have a chance in correcting that huge mistake”. Selene said this time, raising up ber from his shoulders to stare deep into his eyes.

“You…mean you like me also?”. Oliver asked curiously and Selene nodded.

The moment she agreed to it, Oliver didn’t wait another seconds before claiming her lips and Selene responded immediately.

“It’s not too quick to ask you to be my boyfriend right?”. Selene muttered between the kiss and Oliver chuckled lightly.

“I should be the one asking you that instead”. He muttered before claiming her lips again, making sure to taste every inch of her tasty lips and Maya who hid watching them ran away hurtfully from her hiding spot towards her parked car before driving away.

She was already on her way out of the hospital when she saw them coming out of the main building walking hand in hand.


“So now even if we’re in school I’ll never calling you Oli, cause you’re my new boyfriend!”. Selene smiled in excitement and Oliver chuckled before pecking her on the lips.



Evelyn’s parents where currently out of the country on a business leaving only she, and their numerous maids and guards at the mansion.

She was walking down the stairs from her room, in only her short pink transparent nightie when Maya suddenly came into the living with her eyes swollen from too much crying and Evelyn rushed to go meet her.

“What’s the problem Maya? Why are you in tears?”. Evelyn asked but instead of answering Maya hugged her, crying into her arms and Evelyn instantly broke the hug.

“Fůçƙing tell me what’s wrong with you or I’ll throw you out of my house!”. Evelyn snapped.

“I’m just tired. I’m so fed up of my single life! Being single for so long didn’t make me realize that he was only using me to pass away time, he never really wanted to hang out with me! Here i was thinking he has finally changed towards me but instead he craves for no one than Selene. He accepted to being her boyfriend! They’re Fůçƙing dating now Evelyn!!”. Maya yelled crying loudly and Evelyn just broke into laughter.

“Exactly what’s funny? You know you’ve never been a good friend at all! I tell you about my predicament expecting consolation but instead you’re laughing? Olivia’s Fůçƙing alive and receiving treatment in the hospital but you show no sign of going to visit her soon…

“And so what?!…What if she’s awake, will my presence make any difference? You went right? But did you get the chance to see her? No right?! And besides we can still meet her at school so why make things hard for yourself. Plus Oliver once made it clear to you that he sees you as just a fun thing and nothing close to being girlfriend worthy so why are you crying now that he has finally found the one he’s been waiting for?”. Evelyn scoffed.

“But…she’s his older brother’s ex wife and she’s also three years older than he. Why doesn’t he see that?!”. Maya cried out and Evelyn broke into another round of laughter.

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Right when she was about saying something to Maya that was when Frankie came down from the stairs in a short and hoodie both black.

“What the… Maya gasped with widened eyes, but her eyes widened more when Frankie walked towards Evelyn pulling her closer to him by the waist, they both exchange a fierce but short kises.

“You two leave together?”. Maya mumbled in shock and Frankie took a step closer to help to confirm if she’s truly crying as he suspected.

“Let me guess Oliver’s the reason you’re in tears”. Frankie smirked at Maya who immediately wiped her tears.

“You should be behind bars not here!”. Maya yelled and Frankie chuckled, before settling down on one of the exotic couches crossing his legs.

“Exactly what’s going on in your head? He’s a Fůçƙing fugitive! The police are after him! Do you plan on getting yourself in trouble also?”. Maya muttered to Evelyn who rolled eyes at her before joining Frankie on the couch.

“He’s my boyfriend, not a fugitive so watch your tongue!”. Evelyn snapped as she rested her head on Frankie’s chest then he began playing with her.


“You both are Fůçƙing crazy!”. Maya snapped as she began walking out the door.

“You never saw me here, you never came here!!”. Frankie yelled after her.

“And also remember Oliver can never love a bad@$$ Ɓîtçh like you!!”. Evelyn added laughing loudly and Frankie chuckled too.


“@$$h*les!!”. Maya snapped before going out the door and banging it loudly.

“She wouldn’t go rat us out to the cops right?”. Frankie muttered as he began toying with the tiny strape Evelyn’s nightie.

“Of course not! Maya’s no snitch!”. Evelyn defended.

“Okay I’ll believe you on that”. Frankie smiled before kissing her lips and his phone pinged of a message but he ignored it, knowing fully well who it was.

“Let me guess your mom again?”. Evelyn asked and Frankie nodded.

“She wants me to keep on hiding till her lawyers finally clear my name”. Frankie said and Evelyn laughed out.

“Is that even possible? You did the unforgivable”. Evelyn said.

“Yes i did. But not when money’s involved. Then once that is solved we’ll be able to deal with our enemies”. Frankie said and Evelyn smiled at him, before standing to sit on his laps.

Her legs widely spread with his in between then she began playfully riding him and Frankie chuckled before helping her in taking off his shorts and she raised up her short nightie.

She wasn’t on P@ŋtîēṣ so she inserted his d*cm into herself and rode him for real this time at a quicker pace.

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“What do you mean you two are now dating?!”. Aiden gasped.

“Yeah dude. It was just three days ago she got divorced and…


“But i really do love Oliver. It’s my fault for wedding the wrong person”. Selene interrupted Dylan and he sighed.

“What will happen to Maya now? From the looks of things it’s obvious she likes you”. Lisa said as she walked towards them and Oliver faced her.

“What i and Maya shared was just a fling and nothing more.…

“But you two looked like a couple out on a date last night you even saved her from me, patted her, petted her, consoled her, got shocked with her, took her into the boutique to get changed, you also almost kissed…

“Lisa!!!”. The guys called out at once while Isla chuckled.

She knew Lisa so well and she knew she was looking for trouble trying to irritate Selene.

“You have a problem to adding lies to a situation to make it pop up, when did he almost kissed her last night?”. Dylan whispered beside Lisa who immediately punched Dylan hard by the stomach and he held his stomach groaning in pains.


“I told you i would kill you if you show your face to me. I would have done more if we weren’t in front of Olivia’s ward right now!”. Lisa threatened.

“But you are the one who just showed your face to me instead”. Dylan managed to say.

“You still have the guts to reply me?”. Lisa glared and he kept quiet instantly.

“Why are you even here to begin with. You refused coming remember?”. Oliver asked her.

“Plus you can’t hit our friend right in front of us it’s so uncalled for!”. Aiden yelled and when Lisa glared at him, he removed eye contact.

“Did you just say that to my face?”. Lisa asked Aiden.

“Who…Me? I dare not”. Aiden stiffened a reply and both Isla and Oliver broke into laughter.

“My bestie’s the vicious queen of boys!!”. Isla hyped and Lisa blew a kiss at her, which she dramatically caught happily while the guys rolled eyes at them in annoyance.


“Come let’s go home. Your dad wants to see you and he sent me to come pick you up”. Lisa faced Dylan who still nursed his stomach with his hands.

“That’s a lie! My dad can never send you to come pick me up!”. Dylan snapped at her.

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“You’re right. He sent one of the guards but i volunteered myself and he agreed”. Lisa replied.

“That’s insane. He would have just called me and i would have driven myself home!”. Dylan said and Lisa smacked his head.

“Have you forgotten you came here in Aiden’s car?!”. She snapped and Dylan frowned at her while Aiden and Oliver pretended they saw nothing.

“Now let’s go”. Lisa said as she began leading the way.

“But you have no driver’s license”. Dylan inquired.

“I don’t need a driver’s license to ride a Lambo!”. Lisa chuckled and Dylan scoffed.

“You also can be foolish at times. Do you think a Lamborghini is like your Tatiana whom you ride recklessly without a license?!”. Dylan said and Lisa stopped on her track smirking at him she continued walking away.

“Wait…why are you smirking. And what Lambo…Wait who’s Lambo did you drive to come pick me up?”. Dylan asked with widened eyes.

“Your parents don’t use that kinda of car, and i only ride my bike so think carefully LamboDylan”. Lisa chuckled annoyingly stressing the last word and Dylan’s eyes widened as he immediately ran outside the hospital to see for himself, HW fell to the floor when he saw the horrible state his car was in. He was sure Lisa must have used it to hit alot of things on her way to the hospital.

“What did you do to my baby rex?!”. Dylan cried out.


“To think you also named your car but you call me stupid for naming my own bike? Frankie’s own still remain the best. Rider a cool and simple name for a nice sports car”. Lisa complimented forcing Dylan up from the ground before dragging him towards the car and forcing him inside. Then she got in and drove off.

***** *****

“Dylan is really going through a lot!”. Aiden laughed out with Oliver. They had secretly trailed Lisa and Dylan and saw what happened earlier.

“To think he lost two expensive cars after meeting Lisa”. Oliver chuckled.


“She really is crazy, but cool”. Selene who has been quiet said and the guys agreed.

Then Senator Clearn and Lady Camila finally came out of Olivia’s ward, and everyone looled up to them for them to say something.

“She has been sedated since she wasn’t ready to comply with the doctors till she meets Davis. So i think you all should leave and come back later”. Senator Clearn said before walking away, he sighed Oliver’s and Selene’s locked hands before leaving.

“Wait which Davis are we talking about here?”. Aiden asked.

“The one in the same class as you guys. We heard he went back to his parents in England and we’ve been tracing and searching for him ever since but still no news from him. So please if any of you have a lead on his whereabouts do not hesitate to inform us for Olivia’s sake”. Lady Camila said, before also leaving though she glanced at Isla before finally walking away.

“This is so bad”. Selene muttered.

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“What’s her relationship with Davis that she’s refusing treatment without him by her side”. Isla asked.

“I’m also confused. Forget the fact that he saved her once, I don’t think that’s enough reason to want him. After all he deserves to wanted by the policd like his friend also”. Aiden said looking at Oliver.

“Don’t expect an answer from me. I thought they where just close that’s all”. Oliver said and Aiden rolled eyes at him.

“I’m here where’s Olivia?”. The voice they’ve been searching for said from behind them and they all turned to face him…

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