~♡Crazy meets arrogant…♡~

THEME: The Sassy newbie❀


By Fave Gold🧡

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“Isn’t that my Celine bag?!”. Lisa called out angrily.


“Are you the only one who has access to a real Celine bag in the whole of Australia?!”. Crystal yelled at Lisa who scoffed at her.

“Seriously? i caught both you and your mom red handed and you still have the Fůçƙing guts to direct trash at me?!”. Lisa snapped grabbing Crystal’s hair and she yelled while her mother tried to free off Lisa’s strong grip.


“OK tell me what you want? I’m ready to do it. But after then you’ll forget what you just saw”. Ramona tried to negotiate.

“I don’t want anything from you two okay just help me rot in jail and I’ll be good with that!”. Lisa shunned and Ramona glared at her.

“Mummy please help she’s hurting me!”. Crystal yelled and her mother immediately grabbed a glass vase on the table and when she made to hit it on Lisa’s head, Lisa punched her and she lost balance falling to the floor immediately.

“Ɓîtçhy robbers!”. Lisa spat and that was when Crystal bit her hand and pushed her, making Lisa stagger backwards with no balance as it was unexpected.

The moment Lisa almost landed on the floor, she was saved by a firm grip who grabbed her by the waist and brought her back to her feet.

“Are you okay?”. Dylan asked letting go of Lisa’s waist and Lisa couldn’t help but spare him a little compassionate glance, before turning to the crazy human she was.

She punched Crystal right on the face and Crystal joined her mother on the ground, then she directed a smirk at Dylan who’s eyes was as widened as f*ck with mouth a gap.

“Now that you’ve confirmed that I’m fine. Let’s go check the cctv cameras. I’m sure they stole more than all this”. Lisa said snatching the bags of gold, money and jewelries the mother and daughter stole and they flinched.


“Don’t believe her Dylan she’s a Fůçƙing lier. You can’t just believe her, I help raise you remember?!”. Ramona said and Dylan rolled eyes at her.

“Dylan please let me go my mom pushed me to it i never agreed to steal from your family in the first place”. Crystal begged and Dylan glanced at Lisa in rage and Lisa nodded in agreement before smacking both mother and daughter on the head with the back of her palm and they whinced in pains.

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“She’ll be the one to do the hitting in my stead since I can’t hit ladies”. Dylan muttered to the thiefs and Lisa scoffed beside him.

“Do i look like your bouncer or bodyguard? I’m just doing it cause I love it!”. Lisa rolled eyes at Dylan who pulled her closer to whisper into her ear.

“Hey! I’m trying to look cool here so don’t spoil the fun. Just do as you’re told okay?”. Dylan whispered to her, ending it with a wink that made Lisa’s heart beat triple at a time for that moment and she had to tap on her chest four consecutive times to make it stop.

But then when she glanced at her baby Dylan who was looking all matured and mean as he glared at their criminals she couldn’t help but chuckle lightly.

“At least he can be serious sometimes”. Lisa muttered to herself as she continued staring at him.

Dylan connected the Cctv camera of the entire house to his phone and clicked on his parents room where he and Lisa in awe saw everything that happened.

“Call the cops Lisa”. Dylan said trying to contain his anger.

“Got it!”. Lisa said bringing out her phone to call the police as she walks out of the room.

“Now Ramona, you know if I hadn’t witnessed it today i wouldn’t have believed you could actually steal from us! My mom brought you out of your junk hole sponsored your darn daughter and also made you her PA. But you still had the guts to steal from her as if that wasn’t enough you still went overboard and poisoned all her stuffs?!!”. Dylan yelled looking seriously pissed this time around.

“I was really greedy Dylan please I am very sorry. Let’s let it slide this once I promise it won’t happen again”. Ramona begged and Crystal joined, that was when Lisa came in.


“The cops will be here any minute”. Lisa announced and the duos began crying.

“I shouldn’t have listened to you mom now you’ve ruined my life…

“Fůçƙing shut up you little Ɓîtçh! Is this how you turn against the one who fed and lived for you?!”. Ramona snapped at Crystal.

“Now before the cops arrives select all the stuffs you poisoned and put it into the bags you packaged all the stolen money and jewelries so the cops don’t waste time here”. Lisa instructed and the mother and daughter hesitated.

“Are you both Fůçƙing deaf?!”. Dylan sneered and the mother and child immediately began doing as they where told.

The moment they where done with their sorting out, the cops had already arrived and took them away, Dylan called his parents to inform them.


“We make a good team we should hang out some time”. Dylan let out with a smirk the moment he cut the call and Lisa threw him a glare.

“Are you flirting with me right now?”. Lisa uttered taking the Celine bag she took from Crystal with her to her room.

“But I’m really serious!!”. Dylan yelled after her as she left and Lisa rolled eyes at him, before shutting her room door.

“Did I just play hard to get”. Lisa smirked at herself when she got into her room.

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“I should call baby face to ask how things are going with her admirer”. Lisa said bringing out her phone.

“No what if I’m disturbing them”. Lisa thought before throwing her phone to the bed and pulling off her clothes, then she went into the shower.


Senator Russell was busy with some files and also answering calls from officials relating to his accusations against Senator Xavier when Lady Emily walked in with a big smile, as she made her way towards him kissing him lightly on the cheek, and he frowned at her.

“To think you still you still have the energy to smile after employing such a snake in the mansion”. Senator Russell said getting up from his seat and walking towards the window staring through it. If there was anything he h@ťěd it was back stabbers and that’s why he’ll see to it that they spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

“I didn’t know Ramona would do such a thing. I’m as mad as you are”. Lady Emily pouted taking the Senator’s hand and holding it fondly.

“You’re not angry are you?”. Lady Emily uttered hugging senator Russell warmly.

“I’m sorry okay? Quit acting like a baby! I already have two at home!”. Lady Emily snapped getting pissed as she broke the hug, and Senator Russell just went to settle back down on his seat.

“I’m planning on adopting Lisa…

“No you can’t do that!!”. Lady Emily objected and her husband gave her a questionable look.


“Can’t you see that our son like’s her? Of course you won’t know cause you only get involve to make things hard for him!”. Lady Emily frowned.

“How come you get so mad at me when it comes to Dylan? He’s old enough to decide for himself plus I don’t see any chemistry between he and Lisa!”. Senator Russell replied and his wife rolled eyes at him, before adjusting her bag in her hand.

“I made a mistake by coming here!”. Lady Emily glared.


“No! You made a bigger mistake by employing that gold digger. You know how much I h@ťěd backstabbers and I sensed it from the time you brought her into the mansion but you don’t listen! Your word must be final in the mansion and nothing else!”. Senator Russell growled returning his gaze to his laptop on his desk.

“So we’re still on this Ramona thing? She has been arrested already why are you still making a mountain out of a mole hill!”. Lady Emily said.

“Leave Emily. I don’t want to talk to you”. Senator Russell stated as he worked on his laptop, anger still visible on his face and Lady Emily gave him one last glare before finally walking out of the office in rage.

When she was out Senator Russell raised up his head from his computer and sighed deeply. Then his phone rang and he picked it after seeing who the dialer was.

“Yes inspector?”. Senator Russell said through the phone.

“We’ve already added the slush fund case of six years ago, involving one late mr Tae to the list of allegations laid against Senator Xavier. But we still don’t have concrete evidence to prove his involvement”. The inspector asked from the other end.

“I’ll send you a voice mail from our last private meeting where he admitted to everything unconsciously so do make good use of it”. Senator Russell said.

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“Okay sir. But then I and my team are still very sorry regarding the incident involving the deaths of those young girls Senator Xavier’s son killed. I called for back up, before everything started and even before I left the vicinity to deliver the evidence to base, but by the time they got there he had already left after covering his vicious acts.

“The deeds been done already. Anymore more mistakes like that then I’ll have no choice than shut down your entire base”. Senator Russell threatened calmly but sternly with a stoic expression on his face and before the inspector could reply he cut the call.


“You’re here”. Isla smiled the moment she opened the gate only to meet Aiden waiting for her already.

Then she saw the bruises on his face and frowned.

“You got into a fight in this kinda situation of mourning? Do you think I would want to date someone who could kill himself any minute?!”. Isla snapped and Aiden began wondering where his shy Isla of earlier went to. Cause the one right now is filled with so much anger and rage.

“Your crazy friend did this to me!”. Aiden snapped back going into the gate.

“Seriously you need to stop moving with her. I’m afraid you’re already becoming as toxic as she is, because of your closeness to her”. Aiden added and Isla rolled eyes at him before going into the house and he followed her.

**** ****

“Wasn’t that Talia’s son Aiden?”. Lady Camila asked from where she sat inside her car, watching the two.


“Yes he his. Also he’s Oliver’s friend”. Christine replied beside her, from the driver seat, while her boss sat at the back seat.


“What’s he doing here with Islarina, are they close friends also?”. Lady Camila muttered in puzzlement.

“I also don’t know but from the look of things i think they must be dating?”. Christine said and Lady Camila nodded.

“Okay, let’s go”. Lady Camila said.

“You’re not going to see them today again? But why?”. Christine asked.

“Let’s settle things once at a time okay? Once I’ve fully gotten Oliver then I’ll come for her”. Lady Camila said and Christine nodded before starting the car engine and driving off.
***** *****

“Lisa won’t come for you if you don’t come for her. Plus i thought you where so strong what? Does your energy ends with me?”. Isla teased and Aiden scoffed.

“It’s because I wasn’t ready okay? If not there’s no way I would let her hit me like that”. Aiden said and when he entered the house, he couldn’t help but marvel at how cooly simple the living room was.

It was not a big living room but it is spankling neat and everything showed moderateraly.

Then out of no where granny Agnes came out of the kitchen and frowned the moment she set eyes on Aiden.

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Aiden also flinched in fear the moment he saw her.

“You didn’t tell me your granny was going to be here?”. Aiden whispered to Isla.

“Of course she would. I need her consent before I can date you”. Isla replied and Aiden’s eyes widened.

“You need your granny’s permission before you date someone? Fůçƙ! are you a kid or what?!”. Aiden mouthed and Isla threw him a glare.

“Are you two done whispering to yourself?”. Granny Agnes said and Isla nodded.

“You. Come over here”. She said to Aiden who instantly obeyed.

“You said he’s good at anything right?”. Granny Agnes asked Isla as she examined Aiden who had a confused look on his face.

“Yes anything at all!”. Isla replied with a huge smile on her face.


“Okay then. Do you know how to butcher meat nicely?”. Granny Agnes asked giving Aiden a mean glare.

“Huh!!”. Aiden gasped with widened eyes.


“Of course he can granny. I told you he can do anything at all be it mining, brick laying, painting, peeling of a gazillion onions he’s so good…

“Isla!!!!”. Aiden yelled when he couldn’t take it anymore, then he grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to a side.

“What the Fůçƙ is going on? Why are saying all this?”. Aiden asked sternly.

“You bullied me before remember? So just see this as a payback! There’s no way we’ll date without me getting even with you!”. Isla replied and Aiden’s eyes widened.

“Let me guess Lisa was the one who gave you this crazy advice?”. Aiden asked and when Isla nodded positively he laughed and cried at the same time.

“It’s no wonder she told me to come early. She has already signed me up as an apprentice to an old lady”. Aiden lamentated as he began cleaning the little tears streaming down his eyes.

“C,mon Aiden the earlier you begin to earlier you finish. Be confident okay? You can do this”. Isla said before walking away, then Granny Agnes walked towards him throwing an old apron at him.

“You can’t butcher heavy meat in those fancy clothes of yours, so go change into one of my old gowns in my room right behind you, and put this apron on, then come meet me in the kitchen!”. Granny Agnes said sternly before walking away to the kitchen.

“Was it me she was talking to?”. Aiden muttered in shock as he stared at the old apron before him.

Then when it dawned on him that he was the one she was referring to, he sat on the ground roughing his hair in rage.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“I’ll so Fůçƙing get back at you for this Lisa!!”. He yelled in anger, before laughing hysterically at himself.

“Can’t believe I’m about to wear an old lady’s gown”. He chuckled like a maniac.


After so many silent thoughts and no clear decision on how to take on Lisa, Evelyn said her good nights to her parents in the living room before heading up to her room.

The moment she got into her room after locking the door, the first sight she caught terrified her and she screamed instantly.


The dreadful figure, sat on her bed with legs crossed as he smoked non-chantly like one who isn’t on the run. Like he was a free person and not the fugitive he his.

“Hey Evelyn! You’ve missed me haven’t you?”. He smirked at her, as he rose to his feet, then began taking few strides towards Evelyn and she gulped down nothing.

“Fran…kie? What…are…you doing…here?”. Evelyn stuttered in fear, even though she’s trying really hard to hide it.

“I’ve been noticing you lately and it seems you might need my help. Though it won’t be free cause I need yours also”. Frankie smirked at her, and Evelyn gave him a puzzled look.

“You’ve been spying on me? And what help do you think i might need from a fugitive like you? Remember you told me you h@ťěd me and wanted nothing to do with me!”. Evelyn glared. She h@ťěd the fact that she was being watched all this time.


“Hey it was all a charade okay? There’s no way I would h@ťě my favorite girl”. Frankie muttered as he pulled Evelyn closer to him by the waist, and she gasped a little when her chest bumped into his.

Then Frankie began kissing her neck slowly and passionately, and she shuddered with pleasure at every of his kisses.

“Hmm”. She finally Mõ@ɲed out and Frankie smirked, knowing fully well he now has control, then he stopped kissing her neck, as he held up her face with his palms, then began gazing deep into her light grey eyeballs.

“You need help taking down Lisa right? Well I can help you with that only if you help me get rid of Dylan for good!”. Frankie
said and Evelyn didn’t waste a single time before nodding in approval, at this moment nothing really matters to her, but the pleasure Frankie was saving for after her approval.

“Dylan doesn’t need me anymore so why bother about his life. As long as that Ɓîtçh is out of the way then i don’t mind, I don’t Fůçƙing care! I just want her out of my life for good!”. Evelyn muttered impatiently as she pulls Frankie closer to herself.

“Then consider it done”. Frankie assured and she smiled before Frankie carried her and dropped her on the soft bed, coming ontop of her, they exchange fierce kisses, with his hands pressing and caressing her B@@bs strongly, and she let out a loud Mõ@ɲ.


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