People who died yesterday also thought death was far from them, so take care of yourself, forgive, kill your pride, appreciate souls who value you and be humble.





~♡Crazy meets arrogant…♡~

THEME: The Sassy newbie❀


By Fave Gold🧡

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By this time the news about Senator Xavier’s arrest and all the allegations laid against him including the death of Lisa(Amelia) and Claire and how Frankie killed them and is currently missing has spread like wildfire in the whole country.

“Can’t believe the Ɓîtçh was alive and he still blamed Dylan for her fake death. Fůçƙing psycho! And to think your little maid was actually Lisa all along in disguise?!”. Aiden said beside his friends.

“I knew something was off with her from the start”. Oliver muttered lowly to himself.


While Oliver sat quietly observing the whole area for no good reason at all, Aiden sat beside him after trying to cheer him up but failed he submitted to pressing his phone where he found out about Frankie and his dad’s incident, Dylan stood like a kid waiting to be reprimanded for his wrong actions.

“If you have nothing to say, just Fůçƙing leave”. Aiden glared at Dylan who returned it.

“I’m here for Oliver not you okay?!”. Dylan snapped and Aiden scoffed.

“Why would you be here for me? It’s not my girlfriend you slept with…

“But you lost your sister. Unlike he whose girlfriend was alive all this while but refused to come back to him”. Dylan interrupted and Aiden’s eyes widened.

“Is that how you apologize for sleeping with my babe?”. Aiden questioned and Dylan was the one who scoffed this time making sad Oliver smirk a little.


“The babe in question was the one who enticed and seduced me okay! So stop speaking like you where dating an actual faithful girl”. Dylan replied.

“You could have Fůçƙing rejected her! Was that too hard for you to do?!”. Aiden glared.

“Of course it was okay! Not when she stood completely naked right in front of me! Mind you she was the one who visited me in my hotel room not the other way round!”. Dylan snapped.

“I should really punch this b@st@rd!”. Aiden spat as he charged towards Dylan but Oliver was fast to fast to step in between them.

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“Dylan just apologize let everything end right here”. Oliver said to Dylan.

“I’m sorry”. Dylan said simply.

“Sorry for what?”. Aiden requested.

“For not advicing you on the right girl you should keep as a girlfriend. But don’t worry about that, I’ll help you as from now on. Isla’s the right choice for you, keep her”. Dylan said and this time Aiden charged towards him.

“MotherFůçƙer what makes you think you’re in the right position to give me relationship advice!”. Aiden yelled as he chased Dylan who kept on running.

The duo kept on running around laughing from time to time, till Aiden threw his sneaker at Dylan who dodged it and it met Oliver who was just spectating.

“Fůçƙ!”. Oliver groaned and Aiden laughed instead of apologizing and Oliver glared at him.

“You don’t have to tell me. I know I have really nice aims”. Aiden said jokingly and Dylan chuckled which made Oliver more pissed, then he took off a leg of his own sneaker and picked up Aiden’s own that was still lying on the floor, then he threw the sneakers at once at his friends who dodged it.

“Birdbrains!”. Lisa spat from where she sat on top of Aiden’s car watching them and the guys turned to see who just threw that insult at them and Aiden’s eyes widened when he saw her sitting on his car with her feet, on it as well.

“Wait isn’t that my new ride she’s sitting on?”. Aiden muttered in shock.


“Woah she looks really relaxed”. Oliver added.

“Does she thinks it’s Dylan’s car she’s sitting on?”. Aiden said as he began walking towards Lisa with Oliver hyping him.

Dylan stood laughing at them as they made their way towards Lisa.

“Just push her off your car, she can’t do anything to you!”. Oliver hyped and Aiden nodded, as he bounced towards Lisa who saw them like jokes.

“Hey tomboy! Get off my car!”. Aiden said and Lisa ignored him.

“This is when you push her off your car”. Oliver whispered to Aiden and he nodded.

But the moment Aiden grabbed Lisa’s hand trying to push her off his car, she grabbed his own hands instead and gave him a taekwando flip making him land on his back on the ground instantly and Aiden whined in pain.

Oliver’s eyes widened at the strength she just used on Aiden that he was shrock with fear. Then Lisa faced him giving him the hand signal to move forward.

Oliver instantly began shooking his head negatively.

“No! I’m not coming to you!”. Oliver muttered but when Lisa took a step closer to him, he took off running towards Dylan who couldn’t stop laughing at his friends reaction.

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Then Lisa’s gaze landed at him, smirking at him she faced Aiden who sat up on the floor dusting the sand off his back.

“To think a careless Ďïčk like you asked my friend out”. Lisa scoffed at him and he faced her.

“Isla told you?”. Aiden muttered.

“Yes she did. I’m the only friend she has so who do you expect her to tell if not me!”. Lisa snapped and Aiden stood up instantly smiling at her he came beside her.

“Well did she tell you that she ran away while i was still confessing my feelings to her?”. Aiden asked and Lisa smacked him on the head and he whinced again.


“Why do you like hitting me?! Do you think I’m Dylan? Look I’m just considering your gender that’s why I haven’t retaliated yet…

Before Aiden could say any more nonsense Lisa flipped him on the floor again this time more harder than the first and she could hear Dylan and Oliver laugh out loud from where they stood afar off watching.

“Isla’s at her granny place. I’m sure you know where that is. So go meet her there and don’t even think of keeping her waiting!”. Lisa glared at Aiden who was still groaning on the floor. Lisa put her hands in her pocket before giving Dylan one last glance then she began walking away towards the entrance of the hospital.

“Aiden’s stupid!”. Oliver laughed out.

“Is she going home now?”. Dylan muttered to himself as he began walking of away following her.


“Woah she’s so cool!!”. Christine gushed beside Lady Camila from where they had been watching the guys and Lisa.

“Who’s she?”. Lady Camila smiled staring at Lisa’s leaving figure.

“Her name’s Lisa”. Lady Emily smiled from behind Lady Camila whose eyes widened when she turned to see her with Lady Talia(Aiden’s mom).

“Oh my God!!”. Lady Camila yelled in excitement and the ladies pulled her into a tight hug.

The three of them knew themselves through their husbands who where close friends, but because of Camilla’s divorce with Senator Clearn and her relocation away from them, she became further apart from them.

“Can’t believe I’m seeing both of you for the first time after so many years!”. Lady Camila smiled widely while Christine bowed in respect at the ladies who smiled back at her.

“We would have also not talked during those years if i and Emily hadn’t done the calling and pestering”. Lady Talia said.

“Can’t believe you’re in this country and you didn’t bother contacting us so we could link up”. Lady Emily formed an upset face and Lady Camila pouted.

“I had to come back unplanned I didn’t mean to not inform you two. And where’s your rude assistant Ramona or something have you done good by firing her cause she one of the reasons i wasn’t able to visit you?”. Lady Camila asked Lady Emily.


“She said she had an important appointment somewhere that’s why she’s absent”. Lady Emily replied.

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“You’re here for Oliver right?”. Lady Talia asked and Lady Camila nodded sadly.

“Don’t worry he’ll come around”. Lady Talia cooed and Lady Camila smiled.

“I heard Lorena created a scene here! Too bad I came late”. Lady Emily said and Talia rolled eyes while Lady Camila chuckled.

“Let’s go find somewhere to sit and talk better”. Lady Talia suggested and the rest instantly agreed.

“Christine go have some fun time alone I’ll call you when i need you”. Lady Camila said and Christine smiled widely before bowing to the ladies and walking away.

“But seriously does that girl have parents cause i don’t mind buying her from them!”. Lady Camila said as they head towards a nearby cafe.

“Hands off she’s mine already!”. Lady Emily snapped.

“What?! You don’t mean it?”. Lady Camila uttered.

“The girl’s staying with her and crazy Emily plans on pairing her up with Dylan”. Lady Talia said and Lady Camila stopped on her track with widened eyes.

“You’re super crazy? What If Dylan doesn’t like her?”. Lady Camila said and Lady Emily chuckled.


“Dylan’s my baby okay? And trust when I say I know when he likes someone”. Lady Emily said as she increased her pace leaving her friends behind.

“She hasn’t really changed with this whole baby thing?”. Lady Camila asked Lady Talia.

“No! She gets worse as the day passes”. Lady Talia replied and they both laughed before walking to catch up with Lady Emily.



“Thanks for your service you may both leave”. Senator Gastio said to the inspector and investigator who bowed in respect.

“We should be thanking you sirs we never thought you’ll help us sort everything out”. The inspector said.

“It involved my daughter and some other teenagers you don’t just think I’ll let them go scot free do you?”. Senator Clearn said.

“Just keep Xavier under your close watch till his demonic son is caught then they’ll both face the law together”. Senator Russell said and the inspector and investigator nodded before walking out of the huge office.

They where actually the spys that caught Frankie on both Audio and camera when he killed Lisa and Claire.

“What do you plan on doing now that Olivia’s dead, your son’s divorced and an expectant father and you’re also divorced with your wife demanding for half of your property for herself and the other half for her son”. Senator Gastio asked Senator Clearn who sighed.

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“Olivia’s burial ceremony is Saturday which is in two days time. I would have figured everything out by then”. Senator Clearn replied.

“Okay but before you hand any property over to your eldest son make sure you undergo a DNA test first”. Senator Russell said.

“Yes you never can tell, but a DNA is just so you can be on the safer side and besides Lorena doesn’t look like a faithful…

Before Senator Gastio could finish his statement senator Clearn stood up from his seat.

“I already ordered for the DNA it’ll be here before Olivia’s burial ceremony”. Senator Clearn said.

“Don’t think too much okay everything will be alright before you know it”. Senator Gastio said and Senator Clean nodded slightly before walking out of the office.

“He’s gone through alot”. Senator Russell muttered the moment senator Clearn left the office.



“Have you done it?”. Crystal whispered to her mother. They where currently in Lady Emily and Senator Russell’s room poisoning her deodorants and make ups with a powder slow poison.

“I’m done. Where are the bags of cash?”. Ramona asked Crystal who held it up to show her.


“They are really smart it took me thirty good minutes to find it”. Crystal said.

“Yes with this your future is secured. I don’t have to lick the @$$ of that stupid Ɓîtçh anymore”. Ramona said spitefully.

“Too bad we poisoned her stuffs Dylan will be so broken when she leaves him behind”. Crystal pouted and Ramona rolled eyes at her.

“Let’s go before we get caught”. Ramona sad to Crystal who nodded in reply.

Right when they where about going outside the door Lisa opened it from the outside and came in catching the mother and daughter red handed and they froze instantly.

Lisa actually came to pick up the Celine bag, Lady Emily told the maids to package for her.

Lady Emily mentioned the moment she got into the room the bag would be the first thing she sees, but right now Lisa couldn’t see it anywhere only for her to see it bundled up in Crystal’s hand and she frowned in rage.

“Isn’t that my Celine bag?!”. Lisa called out angrily…

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