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THEME: The Sassy newbie❀


By Fave Gold🧡

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“You poured hot sauce on my bed sheet the first time you slept on it?!”. Dylan gaspard and Lisa turned to see what the Psycho meant, then her eyes widened knowing fully well what it was.

“Wait…That doesn’t in any way look like a hot sauce”. Dylan muttered as he made to take a closer look, and before Lisa could stop him, he picked the bedsheets and began sniffing the content trying to decipher the smell and Lisa’s eyes widened more.

‘Is he really this dumb or he’s just faking it!!’. Lisa rampaged in her mind, and that was when Dylan finally figured out what it was and he immediately threw the bedsheets away to the ground screaming loudly in horror.

Lisa couldn’t help but feel embarrassed as she stared at the fool before her. She was still so sick and weak so she actually didn’t know what to do other than to chase the fool out and clean up.


As if Dylan noticed the stressed expression on Lisa’s pale face, he stood up and picked up the bedsheets from the floor even before Lisa could chase him out then, made to walk out the door.

“Wash up first, I’ll go give this to the maid to dispose”. Dylan uttered doing her a favor by pretending as if nothing really happened.

“Wasn’t he the one who just screamed right now?”. Lisa muttered going into the toilet before realization struck her that she had no sanitary pads with her.


“As long as I don’t see that dumb @$$ again, I don’t mind spending the whole day here till one of the maids finds me”. Lisa muttered as she took her shower, but soon after she was done, she had a towel wrapped around her body, but she had no plan of coming out of the restroom as she sat on the closed water closet, her palms on her cheek then she sighed pitifully to herself.


Dylan got to the laundromat just a few yards away from the main building. He had plan to give the bedsheet to his childhood nanny Nadia but he was told by the other maids she had gone grocery shopping and he couldn’t just hand it over to any maid he sees, otherwise both he and Lisa will be a topic of discussion among the maids in the mansion till his parents return.

He walked straight to one of the numerous washing machines in the mart, then dumped the bedsheet into it instead of adding soapy water into the washing machine before putting the sheet inside. Then he switched it on and the sheet began spinning in the machine with no soap water mixed with it to automatically wash it.

After few minutes of waiting, when Dylan realized that instead of the sheet to be washing it began shrinking, he immediately switched off the machine and brought the bedsheet out, By now it was almost the size of a little Child’s duvet and Dylan in utter fright brought out his cigarette from his pocket and set it ablaze instantly.

“That does the trick”. Dylan smirked at the ashes before him. To him it was safer than dumping a bloody sheet into the trash can. What if one of their numerous maids sees it.

He got out of the laundromat, as he walked towards the parking lot, with the thought of going straight to school from there. But then he thought of how Lisa must be coping with all the pains, especially with how pale her face looked.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“Is she sick?”. Dylan muttered then he remembered how her trouser had been stained also. He immediately got into his car and zoomed off instantly to the nearest shopping mall.


History which was a general subject for the whole senior students was going on. While the class was going on with the teacher illustrating greatly on the board.

Evelyn and Maya glared meanly at Kingston who made sure to sit right next to Olivia and she has been avoiding his gaze ever since.

“That darn kidnapper! I still don’t get why they haven’t been expelled yet!!”. Maya snapped beside Evelyn. They had earlier heard the news from the school’s blog and right now everyone has been avoiding Frankie and his friends like a plague.

“I never liked those @$$h*les from the start!”. Evelyn added and Maya gave her a look.


“I thought you mentioned Frankie rejected you for Ella that’s why you approached Dylan?”. Maya said and Evelyn just rolled eyes at her.

“Speaking of Dylan, isn’t he supposed to be here by now?”. Evelyn uttered with a worried look on her face as she dialed Dylan’s number while the class still went on.

“You’re talking like it’s the first time he’ll ever be coming late to school”. Maya uttered, standing up from her seat and moving towards where Olivia sat.

“Let’s switch seats, I can’t see the screen from mine”. Maya winked at Olivia who instantly got what she meant and she immediately stood up and went to sit right next to Evelyn.


“You love butting in what doesn’t concern you at all”. Kingston muttered glaring deeply at Maya who smirked at it.

“Take it or leave it. My friend’s done dating your stupid self!”. Maya replied rudely and Kingston scoffed in amusement then he jerked up his brow and brought it back down.

“At least I dated the one I love. Unlike you who still portrays your first class b*itchy self for your so-called crush to h@ťě!”. Kingston retaliated and Maya stood up in complete rage banging her two hands loudly on the table, as she instantly got the attention of everyone in the class including their fat bald history teacher.

“You’re a Fůçƙing Ďïčkhead who deserves to be slaughtered in the best way possible and left in the middle of the forest for panicking elephants to stand pee on!!”. Maya snapped harshly and Kingston’s eyes soon showed dark red depicting he was enraged.

“Did you just say that to me?!”. Kingston muttered deadly.

“That’s enough both of you! I don’t condone such shenanigans in my class!!”. The history teacher yelled.

“Just thank your stars we’re in class right now, otherwise i would have seen to it that you disappear from the surface of this earth!”. Kingston snapped at Maya who laughed hysterically like a witch.

“You’ll do no such thing, cuz when you mistakenly do my dad will not only file a lawsuit but he’ll alert the media and they’ll bring both you and your old dad down! Then we’ll know who laughed last!!”. Maya smirked and Kingston laughed out in frustration as he roughed his hair in the process.


Aiden and Oliver, who had been watching from where they sat, just focused on the screen on their desk, acting like nothing was wrong.

Crystal was taking the video of what was going on, with a huge smirk on her face, when Frankie instructed a guy who sat next to her to snatch her phone and hand it over to him, which the boy did immediately.

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“Are you…

Crystal was cut shut when Frankie smashed her phone on the ground breaking the screen in the process.

“You Fůçƙing…

“Scram”. Frankie said sternly and stylishly Crystal stood up and walked out of the class. While Frankie made his way to the front of the class.

“Your work here is done now professor, now if you don’t mind would you please excuse us? Or would you rather take the risk of getting involved in our class issues?”. Frankie smiled at the history teacher who didn’t wait another seconds before rushing out of the class.

Isla stood up and made to leave right when everything was becoming too toxic for her to watch. After all she doesn’t belong there. It was a battle between the rich kids and she isn’t one of them.

But she was stopped by Frankie who called her back.

“Stay baby face. I would like to address the whole class”. Frankie uttered smiling at her and Isla bit her lower lip before making to go back to her seat to settle down.

“Wh@ťěver you have to say has nothing to do with her. And I’de prefer she leaves”. Aiden said giving Isla a serious look, and Frankie scoffed.

“You know Aiden I’ve been noticing this lately, but never brought myself down to think of it fully, are you really in love with this girl as the rumors states right?”. Frankie chuckled.


“Are you still here?”. Aiden said coldly to Isla who instantly ran out the door.

“Can’t believe you just ignored me because of a scholarship student”. Frankie scoffed.

“Just cut to the chase already we don’t have all day!”. Evelyn snapped at Frankie who instantly in rage walked up to her and gave her a befitting slap across the face shocking the whole class.

“You’ve Fůçƙing forgotten I warned you not to ever speak to me again?!!”? Frankie yelled in utter annoyance.

“Is that enough reason for you to raise your hands to a girl?!”. Oliver who had been quiet yelled.

“Don’t Fůçƙing get involved Clearn!!”. Frankie yelled back.

“Don’t Fůçƙing yell at my brother you twarp!”? Olivia shouted and Frankie threw her a glare.

“Don’t you think you should be happy a miracle happened on your behalf and you aren’t dead yet?”. Frankie asked with a smirk on his face and Oliver didn’t wait another seconds before getting up and punching him across the face, bursting his lips in the process.

“How dare you Fůçƙing say that right in front of me!”. Oliver yelled as he continued punching Frankie who kept laughing like a maniac all through the punching session.

Kingston made to interfere but Frankie signaled to him to stay back. Oliver kept on punching crazy Frankie till Aiden pulled him away from him.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“Are you done venting your worthless anger? Now let me proceed”. Frankie smirked at Oliver who under the stern grip of Aiden was glaring meanly at him.

“I know you all might be wondering what happened before i got suspended, why i got suspended and what must have caused me to change so much”. Frankie uttered and some students mumbled amongst themselves.

Aiden and Oliver’s mood soon changed into a darker one, when Frankie finished his statement. While Evelyn’s tears kept on dropping as a result of the slap Frankie had earlier gave her, her friends glared meanly at him.


“Well to be honest with you guys I was not and I am still not as wicked as you all see me as”. Frankie continued and the whole class booed, but they soon came to order when he gave them a daring glare.

“Do you have to say it in front of the whole Class?”. Aiden asked glaring at him, and Frankie nodded.

“Of course I have to, after all everyone in this class is involved”. Frankie replied.

“You might think that worthless Dylan is the real deal in this whole school but he isn’t, he’s no Fůçƙing different from the devil himself!”. Frankie yelled getting pissed as he remembered why happened two years ago.

“You know what…to cut a long story short how many of us remember our first female scholarship student two years ago, with the name LISA LANOBAN from Thailand?”. Frankie asked and almost immediately the entire class gasped raising up their hands indicating that they remembered her vividly and both Aiden and Oliver’s eyes widened.

“It’s no wonder he still holds a grudge against me. He hasn’t forgotten what Fůçƙing happened two years ago”. Evelyn uttered clenching her teeth and fist as she glared at Frankie who instantly glared back at her when he noticed it, then he faced the whole class once again.

“I won’t proceed till our very own Dylan Leonardo Russell is present so it won’t look like I’m slandering him”. Frankie said smirking at Aiden and Oliver who sighed deeply.



Dylan has been shopping for sanitary pads and tissues for almost an hour now. Reason being he didn’t know the exact pad she was using and so went as far as feeling three huge shopping carriages with only PADS!!

He knew how crazy it was and that was why each time he sees someone walking towards him, he abandones his carriages and go into quick hiding. If not he would either be considered a pervert for purchasing too many females pads or be regarded as a crazy psycho who escaped from rehab.

Finally it was time to go to the counter and make payment and Dylan had to take the pictures of what he bought in his phone, then he would hide all what he bought in a corner and secretly show the picture to the guy in charge of calculating the goods.

Dylan smiled widely thinking he had come up with a smart move then he went to line up among the people waiting to make payments for their purchase.


After queueing for ten minutes straight when it was now two people’s turn to his, the guy in charge of collecting payment stated that his shift was over and that someone would be replacing him.

Before anyone could protest the guy left and got replaced immediately. Dylan’s eyes widened the moment he noticed that it was one of his numerous ex who replaced the guy.

“Holy $h|t!!”. Dylan spat in shock and immediately left the queue before it got to his turn.

“That witch! How come she works here! It won’t be normal if she finds out i bought all those sanitary pads for one person, she’ll Fůçƙing think she was right about me being a maniac which caused our breakup in the first place!”. Dylan muttered to himself as he made his way back to where he hid his carriages but on getting there he met nothing there.

And he immediately sat on the tiled floor screaming in frustration like a little kid would do.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

After series of screaming and yelling and everyone around seeing him as a crazy man child he stood up again. Promising himself not to shop again but search for his carriages, he immediately began searching and when he finally found it.

He saw it was crowded by five grown up mothers who where sharing the sanitary pads amongst themselves and that was when Dylan bursted in anger.

“Get your hands off those pads they’re Fůçƙing mine!!”. Dylan yelled before he knew what was going on, and everyone in the whole mall including his ex turned to face him, giving him a shock and questionable, while some women glared at him thinking he was one of those perverts…

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