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~♡Crazy meets arrogant…♡~

THEME: The Sassy newbie❀


By Fave Gold🧡

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《EVENING ; 7:00PM》

Lisa went on a ride in her motorcycle after finishing up her part time jobs for the day, she attached her skateboard to the end of the seat as she rode with so much excitement.

She remembered when she first bought Tatiana. How she used her first pay from all her part time jobs to pay for it and how her mom harshly scolded her for being inconsiderate of their real needs.

She was actually passing around a mechanic shop, and saw Tatiana on display, new, dazzling and shining. It was black in color and that was what drew her more to it.


Now for the first time after few months she has her baby back, and the best part of all was that she got accepted into her dream school and will be resuming first thing in the morning tomorrow.

She rode recklessly down the expressway, lost in her world, her speed level was super fast and she knew, but refused to reduce it.

“Geelong highschool here I come!!”. She yelled with so much excitement, then suddenly she bumped into a blue Ferrari which was parked by the middle of the road, and immediately the owner stepped down from it looking pissed.

Lisa also came down from her Tatiana ready to fight and not accept her wrong.


“What kind of stupid @$$hole would park his car in the center of the road!”. She snapped loudly walking towards him, but when she finally got a glimpse of his face her eyes widened.

“Oh My Gawd! I rode so fast that I’m actually seeing things now”. Lisa gasped rubbing her eyes with her palms, and the guy just stood staring at her looking confused.

“I’m very sorry for hitting your car, Tatiana didn’t mean it”. Lisa apologized without thinking.

She wanted to cause a huge commotion on the road, but everything changed when she saw the flawless beauty before her.

His perfection was most likely like that of an angel, he his tall, light skinned, has beautiful dark eyes, cute kissable pink lips, and on top of handsomdsomly built!!

“Tatiana??”. The guy muttered with a puzzled look on his face.

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“Yeah, that’s…that’s the name of my motorcycle”. Lisa replied awkwardly and the guy mouthed an ‘Oh’, she has never felt so shy in her entire life.

“I know you might think it was crazy of me to name my motorcy…

“No i don’t find it crazy at all”. The cutie chuckled and Lisa blushed with mouth wide opened. He looks even more cuter when he smiles.

“You don’t find it crazy???”. She muttered.

“No i don’t, i named my car Rider”. He smiled and Lisa gasped.

“How can you name a car rider!!”. She teased.

“I didn’t know what I was thinking, I was kinda high when i named it. By the way I’m Frankie by name”. Frankie muttered extending his hand for a handshake.


“Lisa”. Lisa muttered shaking him

“That’s a nice name”. Frankie smiled and Lisa blushed.

“So Lisa i hope you take it easy on Tatiana next time, I’m sure she also won’t like to be bumped into cars”. Frankie scolded and Lisa nodded dreamily.


“Though I’m also at fault, but i had to stop to take an important call that’s why”. Frankie muttered, but Lisa doesn’t seem to care as she kept on nodding.

“I’ll be taking my leave now, nice meeting you Lisa”. Frankie winked walking towards his car door.

“Same here!!”. Lisa yelled and Frankie chuckled before entering his car, then he drove off.

“Oh my gawd Tatiana an angel just talked to me and it’s all because of you!!!!!”. Lisa yelled hugging Tatiana tightly as she smiled widely.

“I thought he was going to berude like the @$$hole I met earlier in the restaurant today”. Lisa muttered.

“Hey! Hey Kid!”. A traffic manager called from the other side of the road, and Lisa turned to face him.

“Leave the Fůçƙing road do you want to get knocked down by a car??!!”. He yelled and Lisa nodded before mounting on Tatiana and riding off.


Lisa pulled up right in front of the house, only to see a bunch of motorbikes parked right in front of it, and she sighed deeply knowing fully well who they where.

They where scorpions men, the loan shark her father borrowed money from some years ago.

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They began coming out of the house with spiked rods in their their hands. They where about ten in number, diffrent from the usual five that do visited.


If not for the huge scorpion mark in their exposed biceps, she would have thought they where phonies. From the look of things scorpion meant business tonight.

“Go open your room door, your mom mentioned you locked your old man in there”. Spike scorpion’s trusted man muttered.

“Why?? So you could beat him up again??”. Lisa glared.

“Isn’t that what we’re always here for?? Since you’re not done paying your debts it’s our duty to quicken you up, now go bring him out or we’ll have no choice than to break down the door”. Spike smirked.

“Don’t even think of doing that!”. Lisa snapped.

“Then what are you doing wasting our time, go open the d@mn door!!”. Spike yelled.

“Take me to scorpion i want to see him”. Lisa muttered and Spike chuckled.

“You think he’s someone you can see whenever you want to!??”. Spike yelled pushing her on the shoulder and Lisa snapped his hand away.

“Fůçƙing stay within your limit!!”. She glared at Spike who scoffed.


“I have scorpion’s money so take me to him!”. She snapped.

“If you have the money then hand it over we’ll surely deliver it to him”. Spike said.

“I’m the one who decides who to…

Lisa was interrupted when her mom dragged her dad outside and threw him to the ground, making him land in front of the thugs and Lisa’s eyes widened.


“You must be wondering how I managed to bring him out, well he opened the door himself when I told him the thugs where planning to beat you in his place, if he doesn’t come out. He’s such a pathetic loving father!!”. Lydia grinned hysterically and Lisa just glared at her.

“I’m here now. Let’s finish this whole thing once and for all”. Her Dad muttered lying flat on the ground, his back facing them so the thugs could do their business. Spike and his men didn’t wait another second before pounding on him.

“You’re a Fůçƙing darn Ɓîtçh!”. She glared at her mom who was laughing loudly, before going into the house.

“After ruining both our lives I vowed to make life a living hell for you and I’m really keeping it”. Lydia glared at Tae who kept growling at every rod landing on his back.


“Woah! All the articles about this school was Fůçƙing true!! Can’t believe I’ll be coming here as from now on”. Lisa gushed parking her motorcycle as she stared at the gigantic building before her.

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She was the only one parking her motorcycle among varieties of sophisticated new cars that was either parked,or being parked by the students.

She wore a big red hoodie and a black baggy trouser, a black cap and white sneakers, and as usual, she hunged her wallet bag around her neck.

She looked around and saw that none of the students where in uniform, instead they wore classic designer clothes, shoes and bags.

“Is this a school or a fashion industry”. Lisa scoffed getting down from her bike.

The school was painted in royal gold and was decorated with varieties of beautiful flowers, it was more of a paradise than a school.

Lisa walked round the school taking time to snap cool pictures.

“Isn’t this Isla??”. Lisa muttered staring at a particular picture she took, then she turned to the direction she took the picture, but she found nothing.


“Must have been a look alike, what would Isla possibly be doing in a school as this one”. Lisa joked to herself.

She was supposed to make her way to the principal’s office Instantly, but she decided to stroll a little bit.

The school has two swimming pools apart from the swimming ring which was inside the main building.


She made her way back to the parking lot to check if Tatiana was still intact and when she made to leave, a red Lambo drove passed her and then intentionally crushed her bike making her eyes widened.

“Fůçƙ! who parked this shitty thing in my parking spot!!!”. Dylan cursed alighting from his car, and Lisa’s fury rose when she saw he was the one who just crushed Tatiana to shrimps. Dylan smirked annoyingly when he noticed it was her bike he crushed with his new Lambo.

“My bad. You can always get another one, after all it looked cheap. Don’t tell me you spent your entire life savings on this ugly thing”. Dylan chuckled, as Lisa boiled in immense rage.

His friends pulled up next, and they flinched in fear when they saw the deadly glare Lisa directed at them.

“What’s she doing here?”. Aiden muttered in shock.

“Why is she glaring like she’s gonna kill us anytime soon”. Oliver also muttered.

Then Lisa began storming towards them, Aiden and Oliver moved back fear visible on their faces, but Dylan who was standing right in front of them didn’t move an inch as he smirked waiting for Lisa to get to him, and she did but what she did next shocked everyone, as some students already gathered around them.

Lisa gave Dylan a tight heavy punch right on the face breaking his nose in the process, and everyone gasped including Aiden and Oliver, while Dylan groaned in pains holding his now bleeding nose softly.

👥Oh my gawd did she just hit handsome Dylan!!

👥 She’s super crazy!!

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

👥 How dare she hit my crush!!

👥 Who does she think she Fůçƙing is just because he bumped into her junky bike!!

👥 I can’t wait till Evelyn finds out, she’s gonna make her pay for what she just did to Dylan!

Everyone mumbled among themselves.

Lisa was still so filled with rage. To her the punch she gave him wasn’t enough and so punched him again, this time more tighter and heavier, as she gave him an upper cut sending him straight to the ground and his friends and everyone’s eyes widened, but no one dared to move closer to help him, they can see the raging fury that already possessed Lisa and they’re not ready to get maned with Dylan.

As if that wasn’t enough Lisa searched around angrily and found a big iron rod, then she charged towards Dylan’s Lamborghini and Dylan’s eyes widened, before he could do anything to stop her she already smashed the windshield and everyone’s eyes widened in horror.

She kept on smashing with so much fury and energy, she wasn’t ready to stop.

“This is for Fůçƙing smashing Tatiana @$$hole!!!”. Lisa yelled still hitting Dylan’s expensive car with the iron rod and hot tears trickled down Dylan’s eyes, his 200milion dollars car is gone, it’s Fůçƙing gone!!

“Hey you Fůçƙing Ɓîtçh, get your filthy hands off my boyfriend’s car!!!”. Evelyn yelled from behind, her friends Maya and Olivia where standing behind her with their hands crossed as she stood in their middle. The three of them where glaring daggers at Lisa who just scoffed then rolled eyes at them….

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