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THEME: The Sassy newbie❀


By Fave Gold🧡

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“Kingston’s coming, please help me hide”. She shuddered fearfully and Davis eyes widened.

“Quick! Go hide in the dressing room”. Davis said and Olivia immediately did so.

The moment Davis opened the door Kingston immediately barged in.

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in your own room”. Davis said as Kingston starggered in.


“I’ll spend the night here. My room seems to suffocate me a lot. If only Olivia was here I wouldn’t feel so choked up”. Kingston muttered and Olivia who heard from where she hid scoffed loudly and Kingston’s gaze immediately turnedto her direction.


“What was that?”. He asked as he stood up walking towards there, but Davis blocked him.

“You’re trespassing and I don’t like it. I would love it if you respected my boundaries”. Davis said faking to be upset and Kingston rolled eyes before going back to the room, then he dumped himself on the king sized bed.

“Leave i wanna sleep”. Kingston muttered and instantly he drifted into a deep slumber while Davis sighed deeply while staring at his unconscious state.

“Come out, he’s asleep”. Davis said to Olivia’s hearing and she immediately did.

“His he asleep?”. He asked calmly as she hid behind Davis who nodded in response. She held his arm firmly and fondly.

“He looks drunk”. She commented.

“He his drunk”. Davis replied giving her a look that she should let go of his arm.

Olivia who was reluctant to do so later let go of his arm. He had a very smooth and hairy skin. Not to mention how soft it felt holding unto it.

Then suddenly she smirked as she made her way towards Kingston glaring angrily at him.

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“MotherFůçƙer I’ll kill you!!!”. She yelled making to strangle sleepy Kingston on the bed.


But Davis immediately caught her by the arm pulling her to himself and her soft B@@bs hit his chest in the process.

She glared meanly at Davis who glared back at her.

“Are you crazy? You’re tired of living right? You wanna really die?!!”. Davis asked sternly and Olivia scoffed.

“That’s the reason why I wanna kill him, there’s no way I can live peacefully with this @$$h*le always trailing me!”. Olivia yelled loudly as she struggled in Davis grip.

Her noise seems to have alerted Kingston and he immediately woke up, sitting up on the bed staring crazily at the both of them, and Olivia and Davis eyes widened.

Olivia fell to the ground in shock and fright at the same time, while Davis came in front of her, blocking Kingston’s stern and surprised look on her.


Dylan was currently being interrogated, so Oliver sat outside waiting patiently for him.

Tears kept trickling his eyes from time to time, then suddenly a wrapped lollipop from nowhere pop right in front of him, pressing his lips softly.


He raised up his head facing the giver and he gave her a raised eyebrow.


“What are you doing?”. He asked.

“Your dad told me you would feel less down with your favorite popsickle lingering at the corner of your mouth”. Amelia smiled settling beside him, then she opened his palms and placed the lollipop on it.

“What are you doing here?”. Oliver’s cold voice came again.

“I’m here for you”. Amelia said and Oliber gave her a puzzled look.

“I actually came here with her dad, but it seems he’s speaking with the commissioner”. Amelia said randomly.

“That doesn’t answer my question”. Oliver uttered.

“I told you I came here for, though mostly to testify on your behalf”. Amelia said.

“Are you okay?”. Oliver asked doubting her mental health.

“Of course I am. I’ll tell the inspector you where terrorizing me when the whole thing happened”. Amelia uttered.

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“Leave no one will believe you. They’ll think since you’re a maid in the mansion i forced you to testify in my favour”. Oliver muttered and Amelia took his palms into her tiny hands, then she began playing with it, while Oliver gave her a confused look.


“Aren’t you gonna ask me how I was able to save from being crushed by that huge truck the other time?”. Amelia uttered staring deep into Oliver’s eyes.

“The thing is that your father actually hired a young girl like me not because of Olivia but because he needed me to always keep you company”. Amelia started without waiting for his reply.

“He claimed you will feel lonely each time his out on a business trip and would love if I watched over you for him. So I did and became your shadow, I literally know everything about you. You can call me a stalker or a spy if you want to but I was only doing my job. Your dad could call anytime asking for feedback and he h@ťěd it each time I gave him just little info”. Amelia continued and by this time Olivr was slowly licking the popsickle.

“I did what I did also because of the money he pays me. And also he helped settle all my bills and even made me move into the mansion. So that night I followed you, though i knew I wasn’t supposed to, but i felt you where gonna hurt yourself and you almost did. So I’m literally your life saver”. Amelia uttered nudging him by the arm, but Oliver sat still staring deeply at her.

“Oliver Clearn you’re up next!”. A police officer said as he walked Dylan out of the interrogation room.

“Don’t be shaken they’re all talks, they don’t mean any of their empty threats. Plus if you’re asked a question don’t say anything, don’t even deny any false statements and they’ll get pissed and let you go”. Dylan said confidently to Oliver who nodded.

The inspector who heard everything and glared at him, But Dylan instead smirked back at him.

“Heed to his advice I’ll be waiting for you here till you’re done with your interrogation”. Amelia smiled and Dylan gave Oliver a questionable look.

“Who’s little cutie? Woah I thought Isla was the only cutie on planet earth!”. Dylan gushed and Oliver glared at him.


“Don’t Fůçƙing try anything with her Fůçƙ boy!”. Oliver spat sharply before walking into the interrogation room and Dylan chuckled mockingly.


“Hi! I’m Amelia”. Amelia smiled lightly at Dylan who returned it instantly.

“Dylan”. Dylan replied.

“Wow you’re so handsome you look like a demi god!!”. Amelia gushed and Dylan who smiled at first frowned at her last statement remembering what happened the last time he called himself such.

“Don’t call me that again”. Dylan uttered and Amelia blinked continuously in confusion.


Lisa pulled up right in front, only to see some contractors putting up a vacancy sign, indicating the house was for lease.

“Hey! What’s up with you guys? Do you know that someone still lives here? It’s my father’s house!”. Lisa yelled as she ran towards the door, then she began taking off the the papers and documents the contractors stuck to it.

“It’s best you move out before tomorrow comes young lady, the house now belongs to skyline bank and they’ve already payed us to reinnovate this place, and we’ll be starting work firsr thing tomorrow morning”. One of the contractors said and Lisa’s eyes widened.

“Sky…skyline bank?”. Lisa muttered in shock.

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“Your late dad borrowed a loan of five hundred thousand dollars and used this house as a collateral if he couldn’t pay back”. The main contractor said impatiently, then he handed few files to Lisa who instantly snatched it away from his hand as she began going through it.


“Everything about how, what and why your dad borrowed the money is in there, including the date of withdrawal, go through it and vacate before tomorrow comes”. The contractor said haughtily before walking away with his men.

“How…how could he borrow such huge amount to fund for a project that he never ventured into in the first place”. Lisa lamented as she went through the files then she remembered there was a time her dad came back crying that the money he borriwed from a particular bank had been stolen from him on his way back home.

She remembered how crazily her mom reacted and had locked him to sleep outside the house that night.

“But he never mentioned borrowing from any bank. What I’m I going to do now, I can’t pay up that huge sum before tomorrow, I won’t even be able to pay it in two months time”. Lisa mumbled with a confused and troubled look on her face.

Then suddenly a call came in on her phone and she sigged when she saw the dialer. It was Lady Emily and she knew the reason why she was calling her phone.

“Seems like I have no other choice now”. Lisa muttered before answering the call.


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