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~♡Crazy meets arrogant…♡~

THEME: The Sassy newbie❀


By Fave Gold🧡

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.


“Here, have this”. His cool voice spoke and Lisa frowned recognizing the voice, then she raised up her head to confirm and it was really him, Dylan’s eyes also widened in shock when he saw her face.

Then Lisa turned her gaze to what he was offering her and it was none other than a cigar stick!!

“Are you crazy?!”. Lisa sparked standing on her feet and Dylan also stood up, facing her with the same shock in his eyes.


“I…I..didn’t know it was…you”. Dylan stuttered and Lisa scoffed.

“Even if I wasn’t the one, is this how your stupid self go around offering girls cigarettes stick?!!”. Lisa yelled, and Dylan gulped down nothing.

If there’s something his sure of now, was that Lisa was currently pouring out all her anger on him and he h@ťěs it.

“First of all, I’m not stupid and secondly I told you I didn’t know it was you. You think I would risk approaching a maniac like you? Now lastly I offered the only thing I could think so if you don’t want it, feel free to reject it and stop screaming in my ears!”. Dylan snapped and Lisa scoffed in annoyance.

“Okay I don’t want it, now Fůçƙing buzz off!!”. Lisa snapped back, and Dylan glared at her before walking away, then he came.

“What??”. Lisa asked with a frown.

“Just wanted to say, you need to cry more it brings out more of your hidden ugliness”. Dylan smirked, and in anger Lisa pulled off her shoe and made to stone him with it but Dylan already took off, but she chased him anyway with the shoe in her hand as Dylan ran towards hs car.

Dylan immediately made to enter his car, but when he turned and noticed that Lisa wasn’t chasing him again, he let out a sigh of relief as he made to enter his car but from no where Lisa pounced on him and they both fell into the car.

Lisa was on top of him as they played on the drivers seat and Dylan’s eyes widened not because he was in shock, but because their lips was currently on each other so they are literally kissing!!


Lisa immediately stood up from him when she realized it, then she kicked him hard on his feet and the car dooron her side automatically closed by it self.

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“Fůçƙ! What did you do that for?”. Dylan groaned in pains and Lisa knocked him on the head this time.

“Hey! you’re in my car you have no right to assault me in it!!”. Dylan snapped as he nursed his head.

“You didn’t speak of right when you also assaulted me in the restarant the other day!”. Lisa snapped back.

“Well that’s because its a restaurant and the customers not the workers are always right…

Dylan made to fin but Lisa used the her hand to his head this time, and that angered Dylan cuz he pulled her by the hand towards and came on top of her, with his eyes burning in fury.

Lisa tried releasing herself from his tight grip and he only tightened it more.

“I didn’t speak when you first knocked me, but I’m gonna give you this firm warning I know you’re a crazy Ɓîtçh but there’s a limit to every d@mn thing you do, especially around me. And that also includes the Lambo you crushed, and I swear to you, you’ll still pay for it in a hundred folds”. Dylan warned with blazing eyes before getting off her, then sitting on his drivers seat. Lisa just sat glaring at him and scoffing from time to time.

“Aren’t you gonna get out!”. His angry voice came again.

“What do you think I’m doing!”. Lisa snapped back as she tried opening the door from her side but it wouldn’t budge.

“What kind of stupid car is this”. Lisa muttered in annoyance as she tried opening the car again, but it still didn’t budge.


“Are you Fůçƙing poor to the extent you don’t know how a car works?”. Dylan spat rudely and Lisa gave him an angry glare.

“Come open it then, and if you can’t I’ll Fůçƙing spank you on the head with my shoe again”. Lisa glared and Dylan moved towards her and began trying to open the door but it didn’t work.

He moved to the drivers seat and tried opening the door from there but it still didn’t work. Dylan tried starting the car but it didn’t start, he switched to auto driver but it still didn’t work.

Lisa just sat with crossed arms as she glared at him.

“Alyssa why won’t the car start?”. Dylan asked virtual car assistant.

“Your car funtions has been put on hold till tomorrow morning, due to violent activities that occured in it just five minutes ago”. His Virtual car assistant said and also turned off.

Dylan’s and Lisa’s eyes widened at once, then Lisa scoffed.


“This is what you get for spending millions of dollars just to get an expensive car? This one reason i love bike, no shut down, no delays but you had to Tatiana!”. Lisa nagged.

“You also crushed my Lambo so we’re even”. Dylan replied.

“Fůçƙing find a way to bring us out of here cuz I might kill you out of anger”. Lisa muttered coldly.

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“And I’ll gladly do the same, I can’t also stand your crazy self you know”. Dylan said and Lisa rolled eyes.

Then Dylan pressed a button by the side of his seat which made his seat go down to a bed level, then he removed his jacket and used it as a duvet while he lay on it.

Lisa just start staring at him with widened eyes.

“What do you think you’re doing….

“The virtual assistant said we will be free by tomorrow morning, so get some sleep you need a lot of rest cuz your brain seems to be even hotter Volcano”. Dylan said and slept off.

Lisa fumed for some minutes before finally sleeping off on her seat, and Dylan opened his eyes. It seems he wasn’t actually sleeping he only did that because he was tired of fighting with her.

He stood up gently so as not to disturb her, then helped her adjust her seat to thesame level as his. He then removed his jacket from his lap, and used it as a duvet for her.

When he was done he later back on his seat staring at her pretty face. If there’s one thing he his sure of, is that she was the most beautiful girl he has ever come acrossed. Even though she was always dressed in boys wears she still wasn’t able to hide her unmatched beauty.

It was funny how he noticed all this even at first sight. Yes he had known all this from the moment she approached him in the restaurant. But then a girl with so much amount of beauty had to have a flaw right? And hers was her craziness.

He mid drifted to when she was crying by the river side and he couldn’t help but wonder what could have made such a hot headed girl like her cry. Then he smiled when he remembered how they had mistakenly kissed earlier.


It wasn’t his first kiss but he loved how different and soft it felt on his lips.


Aiden pulled up in the school’s parking lot, and the first thing he saw when he came down from the car was a white envelope and when he saw it was Isla who was giving it to him, he knew what was inside.

“You are free then”. He muttered snatching the money from her as he walked away, while Isla smiled widely from where she stood watching him leave.

Chris came and hugged her from behind.


“I saw what happened, did he really free you?”. Chris asked with a worried look on his face as he turned Isla to face him, and she nodded smiling cutely, then Chris hugged her tightly again.

Aiden glared at them in rage from the main entrance before tossing the money Isla gave him into the trash bin, then he walked away with a cold expression on his face.


Lisa was the first to wake up, still wondering how her seat was pushed backwards she tried opening the door and it immediately opened.

She didn’t wait another second before getting out of the car, then she intentionally shut the door loudly before walking off, and walked away heading home straight.

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Dylan woke up as a result of the noise Lisa made and after rubbing his hand lightly on his eyes he started his car and smiled when it responded, then he drove off.


Since class hasn’t started yet, Isla was on her seat chatting happily with Chris, as they laughed at each other’s funny remarks.

“Take your eyes off them if you can’t stand seeing them being together”. Oliver told Aiden who was glaring at Isla and Chris from where he sat.

“And who said I can’t stand seeing the both of them seeing the both of them together”. Aiden muttered as he glanced at Oliver.

“It’s Fůçƙing obvious with the way you glare at them”. Oliver scoffed and Aiden turned his gaze at Isla.

“What makes her think she can smile happily in this school, she’s just a Fůçƙing scholarship student”. Aiden muttered under his breath and Oliver rolled eyes at him.

Just then Evelyn and her friends came in front of Isla, Chris made to stand up for her but just a glare from Evelyn he sat back down.

“Take her”. Evelyn said and Maya and Olivia first pinned Isla’s hands behind her back before dragging her out of the class.

Chris just stood watching with a sad expression on his face.


“That’s what you get for wanting freedom in a school you’re not meant to be in the first place”. Aiden muttered from where he sat watching with Oliver.

Evelyn and her friends got to the door and they met Dylan by the door looking as ravishing as ever. Evelyn smiled widely before kissing him on the lips.


“I’ll be right back baby”. Evelyn whispered into his ears before walking off, with her friends and Isla behind her.

Dylan fully walked into the class, scanning everywhere for Lisa but he was disappointed when he didn’t see her, then he went to sit down beside beside his friends.

“Wasn’t that your little assistant Evelyn and her friends just took out?”. Dylan asked Aiden.

“She isn’t anymore”. Aiden muttered.

Then Lisa walked in her usual tomboy outfit and the three guys as long as everyone’s gaze drifted to her.

Lisa didn’t mind the stares as she sat down right behind Chris, since that was the only empty chair in the school.

“From the cheap things you’re putting on I’m very sure you are a scholarship student”. Ella the class second queen approached Lisa with two of her friends, Adeena and Clara.

Lisa just sat glaring meanly at them.

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“Ella let’s go, she’s the same maniac who smashed Dylan’s car”. Adeena whispered recognizing Lisa and Ella rolled eyes.

“So??!”. Ella yelled in rage.

“Ella quit acting stubborn and let’s leave here before she attacks us also”. Clara muttered staring at Lisa who’s hands was now crossed as she gave them a rsised eyebrow.

Ella glared at Lisa one last time before walking out of her sight with her friends.

Lisa’s gaze met that of Dylan who was staring crazily at her and she glared at him before facing her phone.


Isla’s tears kept on streaming down her eyes as she was made to use her hair to wash the water closet.

The evil girls had earlier used a scissors to cut the tip of her long hair, then they made her use it as a sponge mixed with soap to wash the toilet.

They stood smiling with satisfaction as they watched her wash everything clean with her hair.

“She thinks we won’t find out Aiden already abandoned her”. Evelyn chuckled.


“She doesn’t know we have our eyes everywhere”. Olivia smirked.

“What should we make her do next? Mop the whole class with her tongue?”. Maya suggested deviously and her friends laughed out loudly.

Then Isla stood up and walked up to them, her hair looking scattered and shorter.

“What?”. Evelyn glared at her.

“I’m done”. Isla mumbled in tears, and Olivia went into the toilet to go check.

“You did well”. Olivia smirked.

“Toss your hair into the trash can, then come to class you don’t want to be late do you”. Evelyn said.

“I would prefer if she ate it instead”. Maya glared.

“No she will do that tomorrow in front of the whole school”. Evelyn smiled and her friends smirked while Isla’s eyes widened.

“Get ready okay, we will be needing a whole bunch of your hair tomorrow”. Evelyn smirked before walking out of the restroom.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

After almost spending thirty minutes crying, Isla went back to class and everyone including the tearcher, but except Chris acted like they didn’t notice her rough look. Evelyn and her friends smirked at her from where they sat.

Chris offered her a clean clothe to wipe her tears but she rejected it, then placed her head on the table and began crying again.

Lisa stared at Isla from behind and concluded that she was a pathetic soul.
Aiden on the other hand just stared at her for a short while before facing the huge screen.

When the class was over, Evelyn went to sit on Dylan’s lap as she began kissing and smooching him rolled eyes and Dylan responded obediently. While her friends took Isla to go play outside. Lisa just stred at them with so much disgust in her face.

Aiden left the class also and Oliver left for the golf court.


This was a very expensive room only occupied by Evelyn and her friends. It was meant for them to rest after a stressful class.

Dylan and his friends also has theirs which was more bigger and luxurious than the girl’s.


The two rooms was located at the appex of the school building, and worse opposite each other.

Maya and Olivia were chatting in the room, with their legs crossed when Aiden barged in, and they stood to face him giving him a questionable look.


“Where’s she?”. Aiden’s cool voice came and Olivia rolled eyes.

“We don’t know who you are talking about”. Maya replied and Aiden moved closer to her with a his eyes blazing in fury while, she took a step backwards.

“We…sent..her to to cafeteria to get us lunch”. Maya stuttered.

“Why do you ask? Are you here to defend or fight for her huh!!?”. Olivia requested, she had always liked Aiden.

Aiden ignored her, his gaze still on Maya

“Quit glaring at me okay?! We didn’t touch her when she was still serving you. But now that you no more bully her, we just thought it since you no longer bully her we could take over!”. Maya yelled in frustration.

“You called that kids play bullying?”. Aiden gave her a raised eyebrow and the girls eyes widened.

“Did you know what we did to her? Or why her hair isn’t so long anymore”. Olivia smirked.

“I don’t care what Fůçƙing stunt you girls pulled earlier in the restroom, but all i d@mn know and want is that you all should add more spice, more pressure!!”. Aiden uttered coldly.


Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

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