(She’s my cook but I love her)
Episode 05
Clara’s Pov:
Our lips drew closer
We almost kissed when suddenly, his cell phone
rang aloud.
I quickly turned away very shy.
He picked up his phone…. It was his wife!
Hello…. He said
Where the hell are you Patrick?… His wife’s
mean voice yelled
I’ll be back shortly… He said in a calm voice
Shut your gob! Can’t you see the time Patrick?
What kind of a man stays out by this time of the
night?…. His wife said with a hoarse voice.
I said I will be back shortly…. He said
Wh@ťěver! I don’t want you to take up to fifteen
minutes Patrick… Read my lips! 15 minutes…. She
screamed and hung off.
He kept the cell phone and heaved a sigh of relief.
His wife is really something…. Why would she
talk to her husband in such manner? I thought she
was only rude to me but she is really rude to even
her husband I thought.
Mr Patrick scratched his head and avoided looking
at me.
He must be embarrassed…
He quickly started the car engine and luckily for us,
it started and we drove off.
We kept stealing glances at each other as my heart
kept beating fast.
I could hardly breathe.
We were both uneasy.
He parked over in front of our house and I handed
the jacket back to him.
“Thank you so much sir” I managed to say as I got
down from the car.
“It’s OK but I’d rather you call me Patrick” He smiled
and I nodded.
I turned to leave but he held my wrist and I turned
around breathing so fast.
“Sir….?” I said tensed.
“Err…. Thank you for the food Clara…” He
stammered and I smiled.
“It’s nothing sir!” I said as I walked into the house.
He waved at me as he drove off.
I smiled excitedly at nothing.
“He’s really very nice and I wonder why his wife is
being really mean” I said as I walked into the
I opened the door and walked in…
I saw mother and Marie standing and starring at me
with their hands on their waists.
They nudged me laughing.
“Good evening mother!” I said pretending not to
notice the looks on their faces.
“How was the date?” they asked in unison and I
arched my eyebrows.
“Which date?” I asked as I kept my bag on the
chair and headed to the kitchen.
“What do you mean which date? Who brought you
home with a car and why are you home late?”
Mother asked following me to the kitchen.
“It’s one of our customers Mr Patrick! I just went to
return something…. Oh please stop mother!” I rolled
my eyes.
“But you know he can make a good hubby!” mother
teased me and I flinched.
“Oh mother! Too bad… He’s married and he has a
cute little daughter too” I said as mother nodded.
But I just wish he’s not married… I smiled
within me.
Vanessa’s Pov:
I walked restlessly up and down the room with so
much anger.
“That stupid good for nothing husband of mine…
How dare him? Just because of that piece of trash
that calls herself a chef, he had to leave the house
without my permission..” I yelled angrily as I picked
up a mug on the table and threw it angrily and it
broke into pieces.
I kept fuming in anger and waiting impatiently for
the dumb @$$ to come home.
Just then, the door throw open and he walked in
I rushed to him and landed a thunderous slap on
his cheek.
“What was that for?” He screamed at me shocked.
“Are you kidding me? Asking me what is for? Just
keep quiet Patrick” I said rolling my eyes as he
gave me a resounding slap and my jaw dropped.
He has never laid a hand on me since four years
that we got into this cage he called married.
And he certainly didn’t try it for two years that we
Hot tears rolled down my cheeks as I quickly
pushed him roughly.
“You dare slap me Patrick?” I said with my hands
on my chin.
“And I will do that again if you try that which you
just did” He said not feeling sorry.
What the Fůçƙ came over him?
“You are a good for nothing bastard for saying
that….. So you went out to flirt around with your
cheap girlfriends” I said angrily banging the table.
“I have no strength to exchange words…” He
snorted as he walked out.
I panted heavily in anger as I sat on the bed.
“What the Fůçƙ is his problem?” I said within
I have to find out what’s making him behave this
Patrick’s Pov:
I walked out of the bathroom and picked up my
pillow and blanket and walked out.
“You can get lost for all I care” She sighed as I
walked out of the room.
I headed straight to the guest room.
“This wife of mine is becoming unbearable by the
day…” I said to myself.
I laid heavily on the bed….
And smiles escaped my lips as I thought of Clara.
And her meals are quite very delicious
She’s kind, humble and respectful.
I wish Vanessa can behave the way she does.
At least, we won’t have problems…
The alarm clock rang aloud as I sluggishly yanked
the duvet off my body and rushed into the
I brushed my teeth and took a shower.
I walked straight to the wardrobe and brought out
my cloth.
I yawned hungrily…
Of course my spoilt brat of a wife won’t prepare
food as usual.
But thank goodness! Clara cooked yesterday so we
would take the leftovers.
Some minutes later….
I was all set…
I quickly rushed into Kyra’s room.
I woke her up and brushed her teeth and then bath
I helped her put on her school uniform while her
mom was downstairs applying her early morning
beauty makeover.
“That’s Vanessa for you!” I heaved a sigh of
I walked downstairs with my little Kyra’s hand
wrapped around my finger.
“Good morning momma” Kyra said as Vanessa
“And breakfast?” I asked and she eyed me wickedly
as she applied some cream on her face.
She sighed loudly and continued what she was
I walked into the kitchen and I perceived a bad
I almost threw up.
“Daddy! What’s that smell?” Kyra asked with a
twisted face.
“I don’t know baby” I said as I quickly walked to the
slab and to my greatest surprise….
I saw the delicious Chicken salad that Clara made,
it was sour…
Clara packaged it in transparent plates and probably
because the refrigerator was locked, she left it for
Vanessa to take it into the refrigerator.
“Vanessa! You let…” I asked in shock.
“And so what?” She replied rolling her eyes.
My jaw dropped…
To be continued….


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