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(She’s my cook but I love her)💧
Episode 04
Clara’s Pov:
My heart skipped as I heard a mean lady’s voice
from inside the house.
I gulped nervously as the gate opened wider and
she walked out with her hands on her waist.
She was smoking a cigarette.
“Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?”
She asked blowing the thick smoke from the
cigarette on my face and I coughed slightly.
“Uhmm… Am Clara ma’am and…” I stammered
“I didn’t ask for your worthless name silly… What
are you here for?” She asked rolling her eyes.
She’s so saucy and rude.
“Momma! She’s aunt Clara and she came to return
dad’s phone and she’s a chef in the restaurant
where dad buys food” The little cheerful girl said
and I smiled.
“So? What are you still standing there for? Get lost
then!” She snorted and I turned to leave.
“No momma! Am really hungry… I wanted her to
help me do the cooking” The little girl said
“No Kyra! I have no money to give beggars just
because they helped me cook” The mean lady said
and I turned around.
“Err… Ma’am am not asking you for money… Am
just gonna do it for your daughter” I said as she
blew her cigarette smoke again.
“OK….” She eyed me wickedly.
I walked into the classy big kitchen….
Wow.. This is so big and beautiful I thought
as I walked around the kitchen.
“Hey! Step on it and get your @$$ outta my kitchen”
the mean lady’s cold voice smacked me into
I nodded as I started preparing.
I felt bad that he already has a wife.
“But why am I feeling bad?” I asked myself and
shrugged it off.
“Hmm… Yummy! …the aroma is so appetizing
aunt Clara” the little Kyra’s tiny voice said as I
turned to her and smiled heartily.
“Thank you dear… It will be ready in no time” I said
and she nodded.
“Uhmm… Aunt Clara do you mind coming over at
your leisure time to make some food for me please”
She asked and I chuckled.
The little girl is such a talkative and she’s so nice
unlike her mannerless mother.
“I will when am opportuned OK” I said and she
I served the food on the dinning….
And believe me, it was super delicious.
I walked back into the kitchen to clean it up while
the mean lady and Kyra were eating.
I glanced on my wrist watch…
“It’s getting really late.. I need to get going” I
muttered as I cleaned up.
Patrick’s Pov:
I drove into the mansion…
I was super tired as I picked up my suitcase and
walked into the house.
“Hmm…. What’s that smell?” I asked myself
As sweet aroma filled my nose.
“Did Vanessa cook? Of course she can’t and even if
she can ,she will never” I thought as I entered the
Surprisingly, I saw Vanessa eating with Kyra on the
It’s been like 3 years since we did such… I mean
eating together on the dinning.
“Hi baby” I said as Kyra hugged me tightly.
“How are you doing love?” I pecked Vanessa.
“Am fine as you can see…” she said coldly as
“Wow! So you decided to prepare food today?” I
asked happily as I sat on the dinning.
“I can never do such filthy thing and you know it”
she rolled her eyes.
“Daddy! The food is prepared by aunt Clara” Kyra
“Delicious…. But whose Clara?” I asked as I
furrowed my eyebrows.
Just then, I saw a young lady walk out of the
kitchen with her handbag.
“Good evening Sir Patrick….” She said and I quickly
recognized her voice.
“You’re the lady I bumped into at the restaurant
right?” I asked smiling.
“Yes sir… Ma’am. Kyra! I have to go” she said
“No way! Aunt Clara please eat with us” Kyra
“No I can’t baby girl! I just came to return your
daddy’s phone..its very late already” she said
“Come on! Join us please” I said as she nodded
and sat on the remaining chair.
“Why are you guys forcing her? I can’t eat with that
cheap thing on the same dinning… I lost my
appetite!” Vanessa said angrily as she stormed
I heaved a sigh of relief…
“Don’t mind that ok” I said and Clara smiled a little.
We continued eating.
Throughout the eating, we kept stealing glances at
each other.
Clara? So that’s her name? She’s so beautiful
and her name is equally beautiful I thought as I
looked at her and our eyes met as we looked away.
Some minutes later….
We were done eating and it was really late and it
was equally raining.
I fixed Kyra’s bed and laid her.
As I walked downstairs and saw Clara looking really
worried and waiting for the rain to stop.
“Uhmm… Clara I can take you home..” I said as she
gulped nervously.
“Don’t worry sir! I don’t want to bother you, I will
leave when the rain stops a little” She said
“Come on dear! We are the reason why you are still
here in the first place so I insist” I said as we
walked outside.
She entered the car and I drove out of the mansion.
We drove in total silence.
What the hell is this lady doing to me? Am I
falling for her? Oh no!! Am married… I thought.
Clara’s Pov:
My heart kept beating so fast
What the heck is wrong with me? Why am I
feeling uneasy? My gosh! This man is super
handsome I thought
Just then, the car stopped.
“d@mn it!” He said as he started the engine but it
wasn’t working.
“What happened sir?” I asked
“The car is faulty!” He said and made to come down
from the car.
And I quickly held his wrist.
“Sir! It’s raining and you might get drenched” I said
as he looked at his hand and how are held his wrist
and smiled.
He picked up an umbrella from the car.
I quickly let go of him.
“Don’t worry Clara! I’ll be fine, what’s important is
that you get home soon” he said and touched my
cheek as goosebumps ran down my spine.
He was fixing the car while I was inside the car
shivering in cold.
Doesn’t he feel cold at all? I thought
Patrick’s Pov:
I walked to the car and opened it.
I saw Clara shivering.
She’s probably feeling cold.
“Are you OK Clara?” I asked and she nodded.
“Am fine!” She managed to say.
I turned the umbrella off as I quickly took off my
I wore it on gobsmacked Clara as our lips drew
closer to each other’s
To be continued….


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