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The billionaire’s baby mama 💖💝🤰👪
Chapter 4🤩
Sydney pov
Dwayne walk in and sit close to me, “what’s up “Dwayne said
“Your aunt that is a witch is my problem I said
“How”Dwayne said, ” she broke my mp3 “I said
“Is that all, well my aunt can be some thing else”Dwayne said
“Let me sleep”I said, ” you are not going to eat “Dwayne said
“Nope I said, “. You sure “Dwayne said, “yeah I said.


One day later
Sydney pov 😙
I watch as Dwayne get ready to go to work,I am going to know what that work is all about that he has to wear black, “I will go get your car ready”I said leaving, I got into his black car at the back place , after some times he entered and start driving, after 40 minutes he stopped the car and he came down,I did the same
“So Dwayne this is your work I said
“Sydney what are you doing”Dwayne said smiling 😀😃
“I followed u here “I said ,” I know you followed me, well am an assassin so Join me let’s go in “dwayne said
I was scared 😰 but I followed him and I saw people there , ” hi guys , she is my girlfriend” dwayne said , ” is she the baby mama “a girl in blonde hair said, ” yes bianca you are right”dwayne said, “shut up bianca you talk much”a guy with red hair said, “Zayn she is your wife talk to her normal”Dwayne said
“I think as she is your wife you need to Respect her , forgive me if I speak what you don’t like”I said looking at Zayn
“You don’t know anything about me or my life” Zayn said, “yeah I guess 😒 “I said looking at bianca
“Hi am Sydney I said smiling 😃 , ” nice to meet you bianca said, Zayn hold my hand
“Why didn’t you introduce yourself like this to me “Zayn said
“Cos you were grumpy I said
” Am sorry Zayn said
“Hi am Sydney I said
” Yeah you are beautiful”Zayn said
“Yeah I know same as your wife I said looking at bianca then we went and talking,she speaker to me like am her bestie,they made me remember my bestie well she is engaged and about to wed .


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