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(Stuck with a billionaire)

GENRE: Brotherhood, secrets society, dark romance, killings, singer, dancers, target, rivalry, hatred, lovemaking, pregnancy, betrayal, rape, kidnapping, love triangle, jealousy, craziness, black heart, s*x, and contract.

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THEME: Stuck with a billionaire.


Note: this is a dark romance!!

❤️‍🔥 EPISODES 9&10❤️‍🔥



“Watch it!! I am the real Mrs. Washington Wolves…”

“My apologies, my lady,” he sniffed her hand as she thrilled it to his neck and then down to his chest. Her gaze fixed on him.

“Don’t tell me about her now, Cvm inside me first,” she said, her voice switching from the dark to normal.

“Wh@ťěver you say, my lady,” he pulled her closer by her waist.

Even though the woman was older than him, he didn’t mind having an affair with her, they had a deal and with her help, he would get what he wanted and she would get hers.

No big deal.



Audrey sat at the table, applying her makeup while Kim talked nonstop about her little sister’s miscarriage. She had been going on about it for the past hour, and Audrey was getting a little tired of hearing about it.

She knew Kim was upset, but there was nothing she could do to change the situation. Her sister chose her boyfriend and since they deserve each other they should be together, except Rainbow and Dominic have been calling her like crazy all day.

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Just then, they heard the sound of the door opening. A tall, dark-haired man walked in, his eyes scanning the room until they landed on Kim.


He took steady steps towards them and Kim frowned deeply.

“Send him away,” she whispered to Audrey while picking on her dessert.

“Kim, sweetheart, we should talk,” He said as calmly as he could.

“I don’t think now is a good time,” Audrey glanced at Kim who was silent.

Dominic shot her a hard glare.

“I wasn’t talking to you fish bone,” he scowled at her.

Audrey gulped emptiness. She was used to it so it’s not new.

“Sweetheart,” he called, switching his voice from that annoying one to a very pleasant tone.

“You disgust me,” Kim glared hard at him unblinking.


Dominic took his gaze to Audrey, he was gonna talk to Kim some other time, Maybe when Audrey was not with her. She was his and he loved her

He will apologize and they’ll move on.



Audrey stared at the huge hospital looming above her, she’d been coming here week after week for two years.

Her mother had gotten sick when she was still pregnant four years ago and the woman refused to tell her, scared that Audrey would freak out which wasn’t good considering her condition.

By the time Audrey learned that her mother had cancer it had already passed the stage that could be fixed, growing up her father was hurt-tempered. Her brother Luca had taken his own life cos he couldn’t withstand their abusive father.

Audrey’s mother has been the one shielding her against her father’s rage, he’d bèàt her black and blue sometimes till she fainted but the woman always makes sure he never lays a hand on her.

The last fight broke out when she was 18 and that was how she met Harrison, her father was dealing with her mother again for unknown reasons and luckily enough She’d come home with Harrison who interval and both men fought it out.

Harrison’s Dad being a judge threw her father behind bars, and he was beaten to dèàth in prison.

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“Audrey,” The woman behind the front desk called cheerfully.


Audrey smiled widely.

“Molly, how do you do?” She asked politely.

“Very well,” Molly returned the kind gesture, Looking around as if expecting to see another person.

“Where is King Randy,” she asked with wide eyes.

“Oh, I took him to a home teacher,” Audrey smiled.

“It’s 8:02 PM.”

“I know,”

“Uhh, but I bought M&M,” Molly complained sadly, she’d been the one Audry always kept her son with whenever she got an extra Job. Even though they weren’t so much as friends she enjoyed the company of the little boy.

“Ms. Audrey,” Dr. Jason called, immediately she approached her mother’s hospital ward.


“Jason,” she flashes a smile.

He gave her a long silence glare then began.

“Your mother is sleeping right now, I’m afraid you can’t see her,” Jason said sadly.

“Ohh,” she made a sad face, she’d wanted to see her mother, it gave her a new reason to keep living and hoping even though there was no hope of recovering.

“Audrey, your mother’s situation is taking a big tool on you, you get skinny and skinner each passing day, I’m saying this as a friend Audrey, and someone who loves you, but as a doctor, I think you will have to make a very hard decision soon,” he said softly.

She stared blankly at him.


“What decision? Is it about my mom’s hospital bill? Trust me once I get my paycheck for next month I will pay it, I used up this month’s paycheck for Randy’s school and other stuff but give me just next month I promise, I will get another job…..”

“Slow down, slow down Audrey, will you?” He put. A hand to her shoulder.

She stared curiously at him

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“Please don’t take my mom off life support…”


“Audrey no one is taking her off life support,” he said assuring her.

She let out a loud breath.

“Now you can talk,”

“She won’t get better, there is no quality of life, let her go,” he added, reaching for her shoulder.

“But she’s my mother, I will pay you I promise….”

“It’s not about the money Audrey, it’s about you, your life is fading away….”

“Who cares about me? Just keep my Mom on life support, I promise to pay….”

Dr Jason clasped her both hands, shaking her aggressively until she calmed down a little bit.

“Audrey, sometimes we just have to make the decision even though it’s hard, it’s time to let her go,” Dr Jason said.


Audry glanced Into the room through the small window, her mother was laying on the hospital bed sleeping soundly. She was gonna wake up soon and they would spend more time together, maybe her cancer couldn’t be cured but she was fine with just coming here to talk to her mother.

“There is no quality of life Audrey, you need to do the right thing,” Dr Jason said but his words sounded far from her.

“Audrey….. Audrey….. Audrey…. Nurse, we need help over here!!!”

“Audrey, can you hear me… Audrey,” the last thing she remembered was falling Into a strong arm and everything went black.



Mrs Washington Wolves is seen sobbing in the middle chair in the church, a hand touches her shoulder and she glances up with tears still in her eyes.

She was tired of it all, how long before her children kïë each other?

“Mind if I join you,” the intruder who turned out to be Kim asked softly.

Without a response, Mrs Washington Wolves shifted so she sat down.

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“You praying?” Kim asked, trying to start a conversation with the unknown woman.


Mrs Washington Wolves Only sniffed. She wiped her eyes with a brand-new handkerchief and sniffed again.

“That big guy up there heard it, I’m sure he will fix wh@ťěver it is,” she said softly.

Mrs Washington Wolves was silent.

“You know when my parents died, I used to go to a nearby church near our town and cry, I would ask God to guide them so they wouldn’t meet another accident on their way to heaven,” she looked over at the unknown woman who chuckled softly.

“Sounds crazy right, what’s even more crazier is me lying that I was 19 when I was actually 16, I know what you’re thinking. Well, the government wanted to take my sister and I to the orphanage where my sister would be sent to a different home, I didn’t want them to separate us so I lied and worked hard till I became her legal guardian,” her voice died down.

“She broke my heart,” Kim mumbled, picking on her nails with her head down.

“It hurts so bad, it could have been someone else, it could have been someone I don’t want to see again but it’s my little sister, a part of me wants to live her to face life but another part of me says she’s still my sister and I dunno…” She broke Into tears.

Mrs Washington Wolves held her hand, trying to console her.

“Now I wish our parents hadn’t die cos my mom would have known what to do cos I dunno, I want to leave her but she’s scared of the dark that’s why I always go home no matter how far I travel for work, but she broke my heart,” She cried bitterly.


“Come here sweetie,” Mrs. Washington Wolves pulled her into a hug, Kim wrapped her hands around the woman feeling comfort. The thing she never felt for years.

She’d always been the strong big sister, always providing and caring for her little sister but now this strange woman was giving her just what she wanted, COMFORT.

Unknown to them someone sitting behind them, clipped a tiny Camera at the back of Mrs Washington Wolves hair.



Lorenzo walked past the mysterious woman at the parking lot. He could feel her eyes on him as he made his way to the door, Suddenly, the silence was shattered by the sound of gunshots, ringing out like thunder in the restaurant. Lorenzo dove behind a car, bullets whizzing past his head.

He peered around the side of the car, only to see the woman who turned out to be Kim,

She actually came to pick Audrey up as planned after leaving the Church, she thanked the unknown woman who was Mrs Washington Wolves and hope to see her again before they part ways. she was a dancer and Audrey was a singer and they happened to work at the same club, perfect.

While Lorenzo came to thank the unknown kind lady that paid for his drink, it was so kind of her that he wanted to reward her with anything if her choice.

“Fůçƙ,” He cursed under his breath as he picked her up, cradling her in his arms. He placed her in the backseat of the car, he knew the bullets were for him so he couldn’t let an innocent woman lose her life.

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More gunshots were behind him. He started the engine and sped away, his tires screeching on the pavement. He swerved and dodged, trying to outrun the Toyota that was chasing them. Bullets whizzed by, the sound of breaking glass and metal as they struck the car. The whole world seemed to be falling apart.


As he careened through the streets, trying to lose the Toyota, he noticed that there was another car on his tail, another black sedan, full of men in dark suits. It seemed that he was being pursued by more than one group of assassins, He felt like a hunted animal, trapped and desperate.

As he glanced back at Audrey, he felt a stab of guilt. He had dragged her into this mess, and now she was paying the price. He knew he had to get her to safety, no matter the cost.

He swerved down a side street, hoping to lose the cars that were chasing him.

The road was narrow and winding, and he had to focus all of his attention on the road in front of him. The tires screeched as he took each turn, trying to gain some distance from his pursuers.

With the cars still hot on his tail, Lorenzo knew he had to think fast. He spotted a lonely stretch of road ahead, bordered by dense woods on either side. It was his only chance at losing his pursuers so he yanked the wheel to the left, tires squealing as the car careened into the trees. He suddenly brought the car to a stop and jumped out, adrenaline coursing through his veins.

He scooped Kim into his arms and ran into the woods, hoping to find a place to hide. The branches whipped at his face as he ran, he could hear the sound of the cars getting closer.

he ran deeper into the woods till he spotted a small cave on the side of a hill. It was his only hope of escape. He scrambled towards it, clutching Kim close to his chest. He ducked inside, heart pounding in his chest. The sound of the cars faded as he huddled in the darkness. He held his breath, listening for any sign of the pursuers, but All he could hear was the sound of his own heartbeat, echoing in the silence of the cave.

“Fůçƙ you Khalid, Fůçƙ you!” He cursed.




Audrey stood at the gate of the mansion, she felt a sense of awe and trepidation. The place looked like something out of a fairy tale, a palace fit for royalty.

The gate was imposing, almost intimidating, but she took a deep breath and pushed open the gate. The driveway was long and winding, and she had to walk for what felt like an eternity before she reached the front door. The door was heavy, and she had to summon all of her strength to open it. As she stepped inside, she was immediately struck by the opulence of the place.

She’d gotten a call from the cleaning services she worked with and they’d given her the job offer, she accepted without delay and here she was, in a house only seen in fantasy world.

Audrey’s eyes darted around the room, taking in the rich tapestries, the gilded chandeliers, and the vast array of antiques and artwork that adorned the walls.

Servants were scurrying about, carrying trays of food and drink, their faces impassive and expressionless. A man in a suit approached her, a cold smile on his face.

“Welcome to the mansion, Miss. I am the butler, and I will be your guide.” His voice was smooth and polished, but there was something off about him that she couldn’t quite place.

She stared at him once more and the look he gave her was unfriendly, didn’t he know that she was coming? does he h@ťě her already? But where was her employee? She wondered silently.

“Emm…. Sure,” she smiled brightly at the man ignoring his code gaze.

Scanning the whole place one last time her gaze met a guy in the wheelchair and she narrowed her gaze, she’d seen him somewhere… The crîmînàl!!

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Without thinking she launched forward and grabbed his right ear, twisting it roughly.


“Argh!! Are you crazy??” Khalid who wasn’t expecting her winched in pain.

“What are you doing here criminal?” She shouted at him like a mother punishing her two years old kid.

“Argh, leave my ear, If I get up here… Argh!!” Khalid winched again, Fůçƙ his ear was on fire.

“I said it, you’re a crîmînàl….”

“And you’re witch! You’re fired!! Leave my house…ouch, Mom!!” He held her hand, trying to release her hold on his ear, but she grabbed his other ear and twisted.

“Skinny wîtch, if I get up here… Argh, my ear … Skinny wîtch!!!”

As if that wasn’t enough, Audrey took a spoon from one of the servants passing by, then began hitting him on his head while shouting at him.

“I know your plans, and I know it’s not your fault cos you’ve been possessed by a crîmînàl spirit, first was to dupe me, and now this? You criminal spirit I command you to leave this body! Go and never return, leave him Crîmînàl spirit!!” She began shouting while hitting his head with the spoon.

“Deliverance in my house?” Mrs Washington Wolves couldn’t believe what she was seeing.


“Stay back ma’am, I know him, he’s a crîmînàl.. ..”

“I’m not a crîmînàl! You’re a witch!!! Skinny wîtch for that matter… Ouch, Mom deliver me from this crazy skinny wîtch… ouch… argh!! My ear… My head!!!! SKINNY WITCH!!”

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