(Be Mine……..)


By Queen Esther & Kathy D.


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“Then forget it, you are not getting the job” he said with a smirk. Her eyes widened immediately.

“Please please don’t do that, I am so sorry” she pleaded holding his towel.

“Take your hand” he snapped, slapping her hand off.

“Please, I don’t want to lose the job, I really need it” she pleaded again. He walked closer to her and leaned closer.


“What are you doing?” She asked nervously.

“Get your @$$ out of this mansion this instance because you are not getting the job ” he said calmly standing upright.

“Please” she pleaded again, wishing he would just change his mind.

“I need to dress up, get out of my room” he said and enter his closet. Tears slowly fell off her face, she watched her hope chattering to pieces. She walked out of the room and started climbing the step downward. A ball suddenly hit her head and she almost fell from the staircase but supported herself with the rail.

“Get the ball for me” a tiny voice said, she looked up to see a cute boy. He was wearing a jersey with Christiano Ronaldo on it.

“Wow you are so cute” she said handing the ball to him, he didn’t say anything and started going back upstairs.


“Seems like you are Ronaldo fans?” she asked and he looked at her.

“Yeah, I want to be a footballer, I love him so much, ” he said, still keeping a straight face.

“That is very good, I also like Ronaldo” she said doing his signature move.

“Wow cool, what is your name?” he said with a smile.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.
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“Am Mabel and you?” She asked.

“Am Brian, what are you doing here?” he asked.

“I was supposed to be your babysitter but not anymore, ” she said sadly.

“Says who?, follow me ” he said walking the remaining step, she followed immediately.

” Mom, I want her as my babysitter,” she said. His mum was even surprised because Brian doesn’t like any of the babysitters they got him but he really wants the girl.

“I don’t know how you win him over but he seems to like you so you got the job” she said.

“But Felix said no,” Mabel said sadly.

“Don’t worry about him, he didn’t have a choice” she said and Mabel smiled happily.
“Mum, don’t want that weirdo to work here, you have to look for another person” Felix said after his mum explained to him.

“You know Brian is already attached to her, can you just accept her for your brother’s sake?” His mum asked.

“Mum, that girl is out of it, I h@ťě her gut so much, ” he said angrily.


“You just have to clear any grudge you have against the girl because she will be living here for two weeks ” she said.

“Just know that anything I did to her was all your fault ” he mutters and walks out of the room, he bangs the door loudly.
The Next Day


Mabel walked through the corridor watching how the couple asked each other out for the Christmas party date, she was very sure she wasn’t going to have any date. Her eyes caught a flier on the notice board and she went closer to read it.

Eleven Days To Christmas, I believe you have your date already, you won’t want to attend without your date, girls take the bold steps if the guys was a coward. She chuckled while reading it.

“Hey” she heard and looked beside her, she almost lost her breath because of the person.

“Hi Arden” she said nervously, she could hear her heart beating loudly.

“You drop this,” he said, giving her a handkerchief.

“Thanks….” She stammer swallows a gulp of saliva. He chuckled before walking away. She watches his back with a blush all over her face. Arden was the only guy that was talking to her in that school. He was very popular but that didn’t stop him. Now looking at the flier again. She again when a plan came to her head.

Few Hours Later

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It was lunchtime and the student was walking in a group to the cafeteria. Mabel was walking around the school and she finally smiled when she saw who she was looking for at the library. She watched him as he did some work on his book. She gripped the card she was holding tightly and walked closer to him.

“Hi,” she said, getting her attention.

“Hey, Mabel right?” Arden asked with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah, I actually want to give you this,” she muttered nervously. He looks at her face before collecting the paper from her.

“Be my date Arden” was written in it. He chuckled looking at her with a funny expression. He was about to talk when Ella, one of Chapa’s friends, entered.


“I have looked everywhere for you darling, I should have known you were here” she said but stopped on her track immediately she saw Mabel. She was shaking fearfully because she knows she is in deep trouble.

“What is he doing here?” Ella asked with a deadly glare. Arden pointed the card to her, she collected it and read, a smile spread on her face immediately.

“What the hell is this? The whole school must know” she said and ran out going straight to the cafeteria. Mabel runs after her trying to get the card but stops at the door of the cafeteria and just watches Ella sadly. Ella took the book to her friends, Chapa collected it and read it loudly. The whole cafeteria began to laugh.

As they called her different types of name like sl*t, wh**e. Mabel has already started crying, she regrets making the decision. A girl stood up from her seat and walked toward the cafeteria door, she was looking so beautiful and sěxy too.

“Follow me” the girl said to Mabel who was still at the door. She signed and followed her sadly.
“What was that all about?” The girl asks the moment they got to a secret place.


“I was just expressing my feelings, nothing was wrong in that,” she said.

“Express your feelings? No, you are embarrassing yourself, how can you ask the whole Arden out, something is definitely wrong with you” the girl said with a scoff.

“Donna, I don’t understand why you take this seriously” she said looking down.

“I was just telling you because you are embarrassing the whole family, how can you ask a guy out like a cheap sl*t” Donna said.

“I am not a sl*t” she quickly said.

“I doubt that’s because you are acting like one, ” Donna said and started walking out.

“Donna ” Mabel called loudly, Donna stumped back to her.

“Don’t ever call my name like that, I don’t even want people to see us together to the extent of knowing you are my sister” Donna said glaring at her.

“I just want to give you your hairpin, it fell,” Mabel said, showing to her, she snatched it from her.


“If anyone ever finds out we are related, then you are parking out of the house” Donna said.

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“Donna, I have been looking for you, ” her friend said, coming to their place.

“I’m sorry, I just visited the toilet, ” she said with a cute smile.

“What are you doing with that weirdo?” Her friend asked, looking at Mabel who stood rooted at a place.

“Forget about her, I don’t even know anything about her” Donna said and they both walked out.

Mabel cleaned the tears falling from her eyes. As she walked throughout the school that day, she was teased, some even threw things at her.

“It’s okay Mabel, ignore them” she mutters while breathing slowly.
Mabel walked into the apartment, her parents were in the living room, they were saying something but kept quiet the moment she entered. She bowed and started going to her room.

“Hey wait” her mum said walking speedily to her. Her heart was shaking already because she knew what her mom was capable of.

“What is it?” She asked nervously.

“What did Donna say happened in school today, how can you act so shamelessly? ” Her mum asked.

“I wasn’t ……” she was saying but the loud slap shut her up as her face sting.


“Don’t talk when I am talking like a fool” she said glaring at her. Mabel looked toward her dad and as usual, he didn’t care, he didn’t stop reading his magazine. She felt so alone.

“I didn’t do anything, ” she said while holding her face.

“You are supposed to be happy we accepted you in this family, look at you, so poor and shameless, I can’t even show you off to my friend ” her mum said.

“You know what mummy, I don’t care, I don’t care if you want me in this family or not” she said while cleaning her tears.


“Now you are trying to proof stubborn, I will send you out of my house now” her father said angrily.

“I am tired of the threat, how about I make it real” she said with a smile. They watch as she goes to her room, packs all her clothes and everything she needs into her bag, and looks at her room for the last time before going out of the room. She dragged her bag to the sitting room.

“And where are you going?” Her mum asked with a smile.

“Out of your life, you always told me I am not wanted, I hope you are happy that I am finally out of your life” she said.

“And where did you plan to go?” Her father asked.

“Anywhere, I just know it will be far away from you people ” she walked dragging the bag toward the door.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“You will surely suffer because no one wants to have anything to do with you, ” her mother said.

“I don’t care, I prefer to suffer than living in a hell hole I called home, good luck ” she said and finally went out. She can hear the chuckling of her mother behind her.

“I think she meant it, she is gone” her father said after checking outside but she was no longer there.

“Leave that girl alone, she needs to learn a serious lesson, I know she will come begging me before the night is over, she will feel pain for threatening me with that ” Mrs White said.

“What if she really leaves truthfully? ” Mr White asked.

“She has no friends or anybody to stay with, I am sure she will be back ” Mrs White said.

Donna was behind them hearing what was going on, she sighs before returning to her room. She picks up her phone and stares at the Arden picture with a smile.

Mabel was sweating because of excess walking, she had to trek for a whole day and she still had a long way to go because she was going to her mansion. Everything that happens feels her mind up.


She was sure she has never seen anyone that has miserable life like hers. She was getting tired with her leg, and all and she started walking slowly. She got to the mansion and knocked at the door. She was surprised when it was Felix that opened the door.

“What are you doing here?” He asked glaring down at her cause she was quite short.


“Am staying since I am starting my job tomorrow,” she said.

“Well you can’t, come tomorrow morning ” he said and slammed the door shut. She knocked at the door again.

“What ?” He snapped.

“You close the door, I am supposed to enter with you” she said looking at him cutely.

“I don’t think you got me, go back to your house” he yelled at her. She looked at him and suddenly burst into tears. She was crying loudly that even Felix was surprised.

“Why is life so unfair to me?” she said, cleaning her tears but another one kept falling. She suddenly sat down on the floor and continued her tears.

“What the hell?” Felix exclaimed while looking at her in shock.


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