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THEME; Destined To Be With You.


By, Ariel Mirabel

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Kingsley smiled in the kiss, his hands immediately found his way to her waist, pulling her closer as their lips moved on each other.


Lucia and Kingsley’s lips parted, making a cute sound as they separated. They turned to the person who called Kingsley’s name to see Maggie standing at the base of the stairs, staring up at them with tears in her eyes.

Lucia looked at Maggie then at Kingsley. She made to shift away but Kingsley held her waist firmly, stopping her from moving away

Lucia looked at him with questioning eyes.


“Yes, what do want?” Kingsley said

“Do you really h@ťě me that much? How could you?” Maggie said with teary eyes.

Kingsley sighed, seriously tired with all her complaints.


He turned to Kingsley and smiled. “Let’s go” He said, picking up the flash of food Lucia dropped and without waiting for a reply, he dragged her away.

Maggie went down to her knees, crying her eyes out. Avery and Sylvia walked to her.

“Don’t tell me you’ll give up like that?” Sylvia scoffed.

Maggie just continued crying loudly


“Kingsley..” Lucia stopped walking, removing her hand from his grip.

“I don’t think it’s right… Even though I don’t like her, you two have been friends for long and it looks like she really loves-”

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“Lucia” Kingsley cut her off.

From his face, Lucia could tell he wasn’t happy with what she just said but he managed to keep a soft look on his face.

“If she loves then she’ll respect my decision, she won’t try to force herself on me and more so she won’t pick on you. If she loves me then she will understand that I choose you and not her.” Kingsley said.

Lucia looked down, still feeling bad about the situation.

“Unless you want me to be with her then I’ll do it” Kingsley said and Lucia looked up immediately

Kingsley smirked when he saw the look in her eyes. He could tell what her answer was.


“Good, we’re on the same page. Now let’s stop talking about it” Kingsley pecked her forehead before fixing her hair.

“Thanks for the food” Kingsley winked at her before he left.

Lucia stared at him as he walked away, lost in her thoughts.



Lucia jumped in surprise when she heard someone call her name. She turned to see Jayden walking towards her with a smile on his lips

“Jay..” Lucia smiled.

“Were you waiting for me?” Jayden raised a brow

“As if” Lucia said jokingly and he chuckled.

“Let’s head to class” He muttered and hung his arm around her shoulder as they walked.

Lucia looked at the hand on her shoulder and then at him.



Scarlett walked in the swimming pool while tying her short hair. She was wearing a swimsuit as she walked in

She suddenly heard splashes coming in the water and her gaze went towards the pool to see Andrew bringing out his hair out of the water.

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His hair stuck dangerously to his forehead as water dropped from it, down to his muscular upper body.

Scarlett turned to leave but stopped when he spoke

“Hey Myeong” Andrew called her by her Korean name and she turned.

“Did you come to swim?” He asked

“Well, I came to practice how to do so since I’m not really that good at swimming but you’re already here so I’ll just leave and-”

“You can join me if you want, I’ll be happy to teach you” Andrew said

Scarlett looked around, feeling a bit awkward.

“Ummm, I-”

“C’mon..” Andrew whined

Scarlett sighed before she nodded slowly. She took slow steps towards him and Scarlett could have sworn that she saw his eyes scanned through her body but she shook it off.


Maybe she’s just over thinking.


“He’s just an acquaintance. Nothing bad could possibly happen” Her mind assured her.

Scarlett slowly got into the water and Andrew smiled before he stretched her hand towards her. She slowly took it and then he began guiding her on how to swim

At the first, she felt awkward but as time went on she began enjoying the tutoring. Turns out that Andrew was a bit fun to be with.

Occasionally he’ll say something that will make her cackle.

“There, you’re doing it..” Andrew said as he slowly released her and she began swimming on her own

Scarlett made a wrong move and she tripped a bit, luckily Andrew caught her by the waist before she could sink.

Coincidentally, Jackson walked in the pool while holding a towel, his smile fell and was replaced with that of confusion when he saw them in that position.

“d@mn…” Andrew’s mind screamed when his gaze fell on her lips that was so close to his. His hands that was gripping her soft waist.

Scarlett quickly shifted away from him. She cleared her throat awkwardly.

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“Thank you for helping me. I… I have to go now” She said and with that she turned to leave the pool but was shocked to see Jackson standing there

Her heart skipped a beat. Did he saw them in that position?

“Jackson…” She muttered slowly.


Jackson smiled and walked towards her then wrapped the towel round her body.

“You told me you were going for swimming so I brought a towel” Jackson said.

Scarlett blinked, staring at him in surprise. “Babe, about-”

Jackson pecked her lips then cupped her cheeks “I trust you..” He said and that melted Scarlett’s heart

She smiled and held his hand.

“Let’s go” Jackson said and with that, they left the swimming pool

Andrew just watched the scene that just happened before him with a shocked look on his face.


“They… They are dating?”


“And there you go” The stylist said after she finished making Lucia smiled.

She stood up from the chair she was sitting to look at her reflection on the mirror. She was wearing the school uniform but with her hairstyle and light make-up, she looked extra pretty

Today her and Jayden will be filming some pictures together since they won the prom queen and king they’ll be the face of the school for the year so they were taking the pictures today

Jayden walked in the hall and as usual the gazes of some female students followed him. Lucia couldn’t help but stare too.


Unlike Kingsley who mostly had a rough and playboy aura, Jayden had a calm aura emanating from him. His physique, the small smile he always has on, everything about him looks peaceful.

“Why are you staring at me that way? Are you falling for me?” Jayden teased and she chuckled.

“In your dreams” Lucia smirked and he smiled before they went to pose

The photographer began taking pictures of them. All they did was hold some books in their hand while their pictures were taken

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Jayden gaze unknowingly went to Lucia, the way she smiled she looked so pretty. Lucia, feeling his gaze on her looked up and their gaze met

Lucia smiled brightly at him and he smiled back.


Finley walked slowly through the shelves of the books in the library, looking for the textbook he came to get.

His gaze landed on the one of his choice and he made to grab it but someone held it at the same time as him. His gaze traced through the arm till it landed on Sylvia.

“Oh..” Finley muttered. Though they never spoke, Finley could recognize her face as his classmate.

Sylvia got lost staring at him with wide eyes. Is it possible for someone to look so cute??

“Hey” Finley said and just his voice sent shivers through her body.

“Oh. Hi” Sylvia said and smiled flirtatiously.

“I didn’t know you needed the book too, here you can have it” Finley said, handing her the book.

Sylvia took it, her gaze never leaving his lips.

“Umm are you a new student?” Sylvia asked.

“Huh? Not really, we’re classmates” Finley said

“Really? Why didn’t I notice this cute face” Sylvia gasped.

“My name’s Sylvia, what about you? Can I have your number, let’s know each other more better” Sylvia winked, bringing out her phone.

Finley smiled and made to reply when his gaze went further behind Sylvia to see Quinn standing there, she looked really mad.

Finley smiled even more before he looked at Sylvia.

“My name is Finley and sorry I can’t give you my number. She’s the possessive kind” He said.

“She? Who? You have a girlfriend?” Sylvia asked but Finley was already walking away.

He got to Quinn and grabbed her arm. “Let’s go” He said.

“Let me go! I need to speak to that girl!” Quinn struggled to get out of his grip but his grip on her was firm

He pulled her out of the library till they got to an empty classroom.

“Let me go!” Quinn pushed him off and glared at him before turning the doorknob to leave but Finley placed his hand on the door, caging her against it

Quinn turned to glare at him. Finley smirked.

“What?” He said.

“What?! We both agreed we’ll meet in this classroom, I waited for you for almost an hour but you didn’t show up now I go look for you but I see you flirting with her. I even brought you a gift for your birthday but you stood me out, you didn’t even text me to let me know you won’t call, making me look like a desperate fool!” Quinn said as tears dropped from her eyes.

The amused look on Finley’s face fell as he watched her clean her tears.

She made to push him away again but Finley held her hand, palming her cheek with his other hand.

“You remember my birthday?” He asked..

“Should I rather act like I don’t? I know you don’t celebrate your birthdays” Quinn looked away

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell you because my phone’s battery was down and it was really urgent” Finley said, wiping off some traces of tears in her eyes.

He placed a kiss on her forehead. “I’m sorry” He whispered.

Quinn stared at him for awhile before she humphed and looked away.

“Babe..” Finley called and Quinn could feel her heart flutter and her cheek redden when he called her that way

Finley smiled and hugged her. “Thank you for remembering my birthday” He said.

Quinn slowly hugged him back. “I’m forgiving you because you’re cute” She said and Finley chuckled.


The girls got down the car assigned to them and the camera lights began flashing on them. They waved with a smile on their face as they headed in the company

Lucia’s phone suddenly rang and she checked to see it was an unknown number. She picked.


“I want you to meet me at that cafeteria nearby. In the next 15 minutes” A voice spoke on phone

“Who are you?” Lucia asked.

“Let’s make a very friendly bargain” The voice said

Lucia immediately frowned. “Is this a prank call? Do you think I’m stupid!” Lucia flared up

“If I were you I will obey. Look at the girl right beside you” Lucia said and Lucia turned her gaze to Becky

Her eyes widened so much when she saw a red dot right on her forehead.

“No!!” Lucia immediately screamed

“Relax, nothing will happen if you meet me. No one should know about this.” The voice chuckled

“I’m waiting” She said and with that she hung up.

The red dot on Becky’s forehead disappeared too. Lucia looked around with shaky hands but she could see no one suspicious..


15 minutes later, Lucia walked in the cafeteria. Her gaze darted through the place with shaky hands.

Her friends had asked her why she screamed but she couldn’t afford to tell them.

“Are you miss Lucia” A waitress walked to her

Lucia nodded, still looking around.

“Please follow me, she’s waiting for you” The waitress said

Lucia slowly followed the waitress that led her to a VIP room. The waitress opened the door for Lucia who walked in

She froze on her spot when she saw Jade (Maggie’s mom) sitting there while sipping her coffee.

“You’re here, have a seat please” Jade smiled brightly.

“It’s you” Lucia muttered and Jade chuckled then nodded.

“You left me with choice I had to resort to this” Jade said.

“Now, the deal” Jade said and snapped her fingers

A man walked in with a bag filled which they placed on the table. They opened it and the bag was filled with money

“Here, is 2 million if you agree to stay away from Kingsley and also convince him to marry Maggie.” Jade said

“Yunno as mothers, we can do the unimaginable for our kids and this is one of it. Stay away from. Kingsley in exchange of your friends safety” Jade smirked

Lucia stared at her with tears in her eyes

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