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💫(Her sěx addiction )💥




💐 Damien 💐


” I am sorry, we can only start if she’s awake ”
What? Meaning she will be lying there unconscious till God knows when?
” Can’t you do something to make her wake up please Carl, she can’t lie there forever ” I begged.
She’s been through a lot because of this despite her riches. This made me believe that wealth isn’t everything, it doesn’t determine one’s happiness.
Look she have all the wealth in the world, she’s the female king in Philippine but that never solved her problem.
” I can’t do anything to wake her from the coma and you know that Damien, let just pray she wakes up soon ” he said with finality .
” Okay, can I see her now?”
” Yeah, sure follow me ” he said as he took me to her private ward .
When I entered, I saw how she laid lifeless on the bed with all sort of strings connected to her body .
I sat beside her and took her hand into mine.
It pains me so much to see her this way and nothing can be done about it.
Those in coma hear right?
” You know Britt… uhhm sorry ma’am Brittany. Lying here is gonna cost you a lot, how about your company? Who will handle it? Without you there, you might loose a lot of deals and that’s a lot of money too ”
” Please wake up for us, I don’t wanna Miss you that much ”
” You need to fight for your life, you can’t be lying here when the solution is found. Wake up soon please ”
I didn’t realize I was crying till a tear dropped on her hand.
Wow! I did cry! The last time I cried was for Cathy and now her?
She’s a good person that doesn’t deserve such sickness.
I just wish everything ends soon for her!
” What happened to her Damien? Can you please talk to me?”
The very thing I was avoiding Gosh! What do I tell her? That her daughter went unconscious because she needed s*x and she didn’t call any man for help?
That’s absurd you know!
” Answer me Damien, please! Since when has she been like this? Why didn’t you call to tell me? Is she going to wake up soon?” She questioned and I sighed!
I learnt from Brittany that she’s hypertensive, that’s why I couldn’t break the news to her but she had to anyways!
It’s been two freaking days she’s been like this! Is this how she’s gonna stay forever?
We need to fight this together but she have to wake up first!
” C..calm down Mum” I called softly and hugged her.
Brittany got the caring heart from her no doubt.
She sniffed as she stared at her daughter!
” Will she be fine? What happened to her?” She asked again!
I combed my brain for a suitable lie to tell her. I am sure she’s not aware of her addiction and so, I won’t be the one to tell her!
” Uhhm, she, uhm fell from the stairs Mum, before I could get there she was already on the floor, I am sorry I wasn’t able to protect your daughter but I assure you that she will be fine soon ” I lied!
She stared at me for a while and nodded!
” Thank you so much Son, you’ve been her saver since you began working for her. I see that a lot, thank you so much ” she said .
Well! I smiled at her.
” It’s fine Mum ”
” You don’t have to bother about staying here all day Damien, what did you study in school?”
Huh? Why’s she asking?
” Business ”
” Perfect, you know a lot about company work right? You can handle a company?”
She asked, I narrowed my eyes before I answered.
” Yes I do Mum ”
” Then I need a favour from you Damien ”
” What favour ?”
” I don’t trust people enough but this seeing you for that first day, I believe you are a good person ”
” For the time being, please take over Brittany’s company while I take car of her”
I heard a knock on the door and I came downstairs to see Hilda!
Gosh! Her again? What’s it this time?
” Hey handsome ” she said seductively. Did she really know that I will be home all alone that she dresses this way?
Is she really from her home wearing a lingerie all along?
Her bare body was visible as she purposely opened her legs wide for me! Her B@@bs exposed!
” W..what did you want Hilda?” I asked a little coldly.
I hope Brittany hasn’t told her that I am her chef .
” Calm down handsome, this is my friend’s house remember?” She said as she rubbed her hand on my chest.
She pushed me in and closed the door wrapping her legs on my waist.
” Stop it Hilda ” I pushed her off me!
” When will you stop rejecting me huh? ”
” You came to see Brittany right? She travelled out of the country with her Mum so, don’t come here again till she returns ” I lied .
Her expression changed! What? Can’t she travel out of the country?
” That’s not possible, if she’s traveling, she will definitely tell me ” she argued
” It was an urgent meeting that she had to go , get that Hilda ”
I just have a bad feeling about her, I don’t want to tell her where Brittany is . She might hurt her .
” Oh! I shouldn’t be angry, this is an opportunity for me to have you all to myself ”
Really? She’s happy about that?
” Don’t come any closer ”
” Can’t you see that I love you handsome?”
” I am Damien not handsome ” I replied.
” Damien, you have such a handsome name as you are” she licked her lips
Names can be handsome too? Seriously?
I tried very hard not to look at her body, I might end up doing something I will regret later.
” If you don’t mind, excuse me. I am late for work ” I said taking my suit, wore it and was about leaving when she held me back again!
Was she sent by the devil?
” You work? ”
Wait! Is that surprising?
” Of course I do, I am the temporal CEO of B and M ”
” W….what? ”
” Excuse me Hilda ” I pushed her out and get the door under lock and keys, entered one of Brittany’s car and drove off leaving her shocked!
What was she expecting? Brittany making her the CEO or what?
The lady I don’t trust a bit! Yeah! I know I needed to become friends with her to get some informations but on the second thought, I don’t wanna defile myself with her!
She’s a dirty slut! She will surely ask for s*x cause that’s what she wants!
How in God’s name did Brittany became friends with her?
Like I said, I don’t like her a bit!
The company was just few minutes drive from home so I got there so fast!
Gosh! I pray it goes well!
I parked the car in the garage and came down!
All eyes turned to me!
🎵 Oh my God! Who’s this hottie?
🎵 How can one guy be this handsome?
🎵 He’s so cute.
🎵 I love the way he walks .
🎵 This is the kinda boyfriend I want
🎵 I wish my boyfriend is this handsome.
🎵 But who’s he?
I heard them whispered to one another while I chuckled! Ladies can be very crazy!
Only of they knew I am their new boss!
” Good morning Sir, you must be Mr Damien Hendrix ” a lady greeted as she collected my briefcase.
How did she know my name and know that I was coming too?
” Yes, I am ”
” You are welcome Sir, I am Karen Herndon. Ma’am Brittany’s secretary. Her Mum informed me of your coming ”
My mouth formed an o.
” Oh! That’s good , can you take me to my office?”
” Yes sir ” she said politely smiling widely at me!
The company is so big! I am sure she’s worked so hard for this and I will try my best to keep it moving!
” Here sir ”
Wow! Is this an office or a room?
” Thank you Karen ”
” You are welcome Sir ”
” You can go back to your office while I check the files to get familiar with everything in the company ”
” Yes Sir ”
” And Karen?”
” Inform everyone that they should be present in the hall by ten, I need to do some introduction ”
” That’s true Sir, it will be done ” she bowed and left!
God! I feel like a king ! This is how it feels to be a boss on your own!
Even if it’s not for anything, I love Brittany for her handwork!
A lot of ladies like Hilda are out there wandering around without thinking of making it on their own .
I so much love her charisma, her personality and herself!
This office feels like heaven!
I chuckled at the thought of how those ladies that were drooling will feel if they get to know that I am their new boss.
I sighed and picked up some files. Need to learn a lot!
” Good morning everyone, I know you all must be curious to know who I am and I called this meeting to clear the air ”
I said calmly minding my choice of words!
” I am Damien Hendrix, for now, I am taking your boss’s position till she’s back from her trip ”
We actually don’t want anyone to know she’s sick of course!
” We can work well together if you all behave impressive, this is a company and we have to take our work serious ”
” I don’t welcome tardiness and indolence, punctuality shows that you are dedicated to your work ”
” When you are at work, be focused and I won’t have any problem with any of you ”
” I promise to be take the affairs of the company serious and create a good name before my tenor ends ”
I said and they nodded!
” So any question?” I asked!
I saw the ladies still drooling like fools. They shouldn’t try anything stupid if they don’t want to be fired.
I am not in the position to do so but if they can come to me for sěxual pleasure, then, they are not capable of working efficiently.
“Yes you ”
A lady stood up and adjusted her dress!
” Can you please tell us Sir, the relationship between you and ma’am Brittany?”
I narrowed my eyes at her! What sort of question is that? Does it matter who I am to her?
” It’s not important you know Miss, any other question?”
” Then, you can go back to your offices ”
” She hasn’t woken up son, I am so worried” her mum said as I entered into her ward!
This is the third day now and no single improvement! I am worried too.
” She will be fine, I know she will so stop being so worked up about that Mum” I assured her!
” But when? I miss her so much, I want her to wake up for me ” she said tearily
” You know what Mum? I came with a driver, you need to go home and have some rest. You’ve been here since yesterday, I am sure you haven’t eaten too and you know your health condition Mum” I convinced!
She shook her head negatively!
” I can’t be fine when my daughter is still struggling with her life Damien”
” I assure you she will be fine, just go home and I will take it from here ”
After what seems like forever, she agreed!
I am tired too but what do I do? She needs the rest more than I am .
Work was hectic! There was a lot to do gosh!
I cupped her face in my hand! This innocent soul is suffering for someone’s wickedness!
People are just so cruel!
” Your company is doing very fine ma’am, wake up soon please”

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

🌺 Hilda 🌺


I waited tiredly for Joel to no avail! Has he forgotten we had to meet up here today?
It’s getting late already or isn’t he ready to get Brittany’s Mum abducted?
Our plan was to take her this evening, that will bring Brittany back from the so called trip she went on.
My phone beeped and the caller ID was Joel!
📞 Seriously Joel, why are you keeping me waiting?
I snapped!
📞 I am sorry but this isn’t Joel, he got into an accident and we were able to see his phone. Your number was the last he dialed so we decided to call you .
What? Accident? How?
📞 Okay! Where’s he? How’s he ?
📞 He was rushed to the federal hospital down town .
I ended the call and rushed into my car immediately!
” Who are you to him? ” The doctor asked
” H.. his girlfriend ” I replied sincerely. I am so worried.
How did he end up I’m an accident?
” How’s he doctor?”.
” I am sorry but you have to take heart Miss..”
” Stop telling me that trash and tell me how he is”
” We tried all we could to save him but we lost him ”


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