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💫(You work for me, that makes you my sěx toy)💥



💐 Damien 💐

Huh? Jose really? Where did they know each other from?
” How are you Jose ” Brittany said as she sat down with her.
They were practically ignoring me like a plague!
” I am fine aunt, thank you for the other day. Did you know that Annabel doesn’t bully me anymore? She wants to be friends with me because I told her you are my sister ”
Josephine rant and she laughed! Okay! Did she saved her from been bullied?
” Awwwn, that’s amazing. I tried searching for you after then but you disappeared ”
” Well, Dammy came to pick me ” she replied excitedly!
” Dammy? Who’s ! Oh ”
A thought niggled at her and she glanced at me while I bowed in return!
What do I say now?
” She’s your sister?” She finally asked and I nodded!
” He happens to be my annoying brother, aunt ”
I am so gonna kill this girl! Did she have to embarrass me this way?
Brittany began laughing while I glared at Josephine who giggled!
” Okay Aunt, you are my friend right?”
” Of course I am Jose ”
” So I can ask a question?” She asked again!
Brittany will get tired of her this instant! She talks a lot and so inquisitive!
I shook my head and stylishly left! Since they are cruising, I should go prepare dinner!
” Why did people respect you so much?” I heard Josephine asked!
Like seriously? I know she’s little but she’s big enough to understand what wealth is all about!
If you are rich, people will adore and worship you. That’s the fact!
I didn’t wait to hear what Brittany had to say as I dashed into the kitchen!
I am glad they know each other! I thought she was gonna fire me immediatetly she sees Josephine but it was other wise!
I have been thinking a lot about Brittany lately!
I know her personal life shouldn’t be any of my business , I just can’t help it but get worried over her condition!
Imagine how sweet she could have been without this addiction!
She’s an amazing person! Kind and wonderful!
I wonder who injected her with the deadly drug!
What get me worried the most is the fact that it’s in the last stage!
It might turn worse any time! Gosh!
I hope Carl find the solution soon! I just hope it’s soon! I truly feel for her.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

🌺 Hilda 🌺

” Are you sure this is going to work Joel? ” I asked skeptically! I don’t want to do anything that will make Brittany suspects me!
I am living in her properties! Without her, I don’t know if I could survive this life despite my work and the times I whore around!
The house I live in, she bought it for me. My two cars were my birthday gifts from her.
She attends to me anytime I need help, she knows I am working but she pays me fifty pesos every month just like that! That huge amount of money is my five months salaries all together!
She doesn’t want me to lack as a friend!she even offered me a job but I turned it down!
I don’t wanna work under her, not now, not ever!
All this I am enjoying, I don’t want to ever let go. That’s why I am still friends with her!
Well yeah! That doesn’t mean I should start worshiping her, she’s been good to me but still, that won’t change the fact that I h@ťě her.
Take it or leave it! I h@ťě Brittany!
” Of course Hilda, don’t you trust me? You know how much she loves her mother ” he said.
That’s true! Kidnapping her Mum will fetch us enough money!
Brittany loves her Mum so much!
” You are a genius Joel ” I said to him!
If we abduct her Mum and even ask her to kill herself, she will do it for her!
That’s how much Brittany loves her.
” I know right ”
” So, how’s the plan going? ” I asked , I can’t wait to get the cash already!
” Everything’s set, the boys will take care of the rest ” he replied!.
” Okay ..” I climbed his legs as he grabs my b**ts ! I stared seductively at him.
” For this perfect plan, I have to reward you with my body “…..


🌷 Brittany 🌷

” Ouch!” I winced in pain putting my hand in between my legs!
The urge is back in full force! My waist! My body was in flame!
What’s happening to me? Is the drugs no longer working?
I took it but it didn’t subside like it use to, it increases my desire.
I need s*x! I want a man! B…b….but I don’t want to have s*x with anyone anymore!
I puked on the floor, my stomach hurts, my waist, my lower abdomen!
I could feel the clenching of my pr*v*te part .
” Ahhhh” I shouted weakly! Do I need to take another of it? I opened the container and took two pills again, put in it my mouth and washed it down with water!
It didn’t work! It aggravated it! What have I done?
I am dying! Ouch!
Damien isn’t home! My body!
I became sweaty and weak! I couldn’t move any longer !
My abdomen was itching! The tingles , clenching and unclenching of my V@ģĭń@ added to my pain!
It wasn’t like it use to be!
This pain is too much! I am hurt! My body is on fire!
I have vowed never to call any man to my aid again and this drug failed me!
My face became blurry, I could see the world turning upside down.
I needed s*x badly!
I became so weak that I couldn’t take my phone!
I wanted to call Joel, Damien wouldn’t no matter what!
I tried reaching for it but couldn’t! Tears filled my eyes! The tears wouldn’t let me see!
The pain was intensifying! I am in pain! A crucifying pain!
My body became stiff! My hands fell on it’s own!
My face slowly closed itself and I blacked out!


💐 Damien 💐


” Are you kidding me Carl?” I asked with curiouscity and excitement!
” How can I joke with such matter idiot, it’s not actually a cure but when she is placed under treatment and medications for three months, she will be cured slowly”
Wow! Meaning she’s going to have herself back again?
” Thank you Carl, I am so grateful ” I said sincerely!
He’s been the only one I have had aside my family!
” It’s fine bro but I am curious to know something ” he said grinning while I narrowed my eyes!
” What? ”
He stared at me suspiciously.
” You like her don’t you?”
Huh? Like who?
” What are you saying? Like who? ” I asked clearly confused
” Brittany, your boss ”
Is he freaking kidding me?
” Carl! Why did you think so?” I asked . I like Brittany as a person but not otherwise!
I am not even her class! She will never date someone like me even if heaven falls from Earth! So yeah! I won’t keep my hopes high!
” You have not been this concerned about a lady in a long time, not even Cathy were you this concerned about ” he shrugged!
Well that’s true but nothing attached! If she’s fine, that’s all. Not that we are even friends after all!
” I am only helping her, that’s all”
” But your eyes says otherwise bro ” he said laughing while I glared at him.
Idiot! Eyes reader!
I playfully punched his stomach.
” That hurts ” he winced
” I didn’t do that so you could smile like an idiot ” I glared .
” Okay sorry ”
” Wh@ťěver! So when can the treatment commence?” I asked
” She can start tomorrow if that’s okay with her but she has to stay in the hospital for this three months ”
What? Abandoning her work?
” How about her work?”
” She should handover to someone for the time being or her secretary will do the work till she’s fully recovered ”
” Okay! Thank you Carl ”
” Ma’am?” I called but she didn’t answer! She laid lifelessly on the floor!
I ran to her and shook her but she didn’t wake up!
What happened to her? Her room was a mess!
” Ma’am?” I called fearfully!
” Ma’am ”
I checked her pulse and thank goodness! She was still breathing!
I hastily picked her up and ran out to her car!
Gosh! Walking downstairs with her wasn’t easy but I did anyways!
I took her to her car, that was when I discovered I don’t have the car keys with me!
I had to leave her on the floor to bring the keys! ..



My mind wasn’t at peace! I feel so worried!
It’s been five good hours since I brought her in and I haven’t heard from Carl.
Is she fine? Was it her addition? But she could have taken her drugs!
What happened? Immediately I sighted Carl, I ran to him.
” How’s she Carl? ” I asked worriedly!
He breathed out and stared at me!
” Like I told you Damien, her addiction has grown to the final stage with is Nymphomania ”
” It has come to the stage where the drugs will no longer work and she stayed without letting a man satisfy her, that led to her unconsciousness ”
” She went into coma and I don’t think she will wake up anytime soon”
What? Coma? Goodness!
” Something can be done right? Start the treatment already Carl ”
” I am sorry, it can only start when she’s awake ” ……….
Not all that laugh with you are your friends o😒.


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