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💫(You work for me, that makes you my sěx toy)💥



💐 Damien 💐


Gosh! I pray this works for her as it is now. She needs medical attention!
I rushed back to her room to see her in that same position, vomiting, clutching her abdomen. Her legs still on one another…
” Da… Damien p.. please” she begged in tears.
I can feel her pain!
But how did she end up in this? Why did she take the drug in the first place?
” You will be fine ma’am, just sit up please”
I helped her up, brought out the drug and a glass of water…
I sat her down with me supporting her !
” Open your mouth ”
She did just that and I gave her the drugs!
” Dam… Ouch! ” She said as she began rolling on the floor again.
I had to pick her up to the bed!
I gently laid her down and placed her head on my thigh while my hand soothing her back!
Let this work please!
” You will be fine okay, just calm down and rest ”
After some minutes! She stopped talking! I could only hear her faint breathe…
It worked! Like a magic!
I stared at her innocent face as she sleeps peacefully!
If she knows this is a sickness, she should have gone for treatment!
How has she been coping?
I thought she just derive joy in having any man she wishes because of her wealth but I am wrong!
What happened in a whole day has made me believe that she does that unwillingly.
What baffles me was how on Earth she took the drug!
Was she not aware that it has side effects like this?
And on a second thought, I don’t think she will do this to herself.
I mean no one in his right senses will ever take what’s harmful to you.
Who could have possibly did this to her? For what reason will you do this to a fellow human?
This can’t happen to me because I have learnt not to trust anyone I see!
Not everyone that smiles with you wish for your happiness!
Imagine what she’s going through, for how long has this been in her body?
I wonder how many guys she’s begged for s*x in this type of state!
Some @$$ leaking guys will even take advantage of her because of her condition!
I carefully placed her head on the pillow, covered her with the duvet an left the bed!
Her room is hell of a mess I need to clean up before I think of sleeping!

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

🌺 Hilda 🌺


He kissed my neckline as I mo*ned in pleasure!
Joel and I work together! I want the same and riches while he wants Brittany’s riches!
Our plan is to make her penniless then we will get married!
” You know I love you baby ” he said as his hand went into my B@@bs!
” You say that all the time yet, you f*”k Brittany each f*”King day ” I said practically annoyed!
I h@ťě that fact that she’s sharing my man with me.
I don’t care about her addiction, she can as well beg a mad man to f*”k her. That’s what I have always wanted.
” C’mon Hilda, you know Why I am doing that. It’s for us, I need to get her to trust me before our plans can work ”
Well, yeah I understand but. I don’t still like that!
I wish to see that girl dead one day! It will be the best news ever!
” Cheer up baby, please”
He began tickling me and I laughed.
” You should know that you are the real deal, Brittany is just a slut that can’t control her hormones ”
I love it when he chooses me over her!
I just wish to paint her black in the whole Philippine!
I am patiently waiting for her downfall! She’s slept with thousand men !
She’s been R@P£D a thousand times unconscious!
I am me! I don’t care about your thoughts concerning me!
My aim is to ruin her, that’s what I am doing playing safe by being a friend! ….
” Are you sure Joel?” I asked blushing a little!
” Of course, let’s forget about her. I need you baby ” ……..

🌷 Brittany 🌷


I woke up with a slight headache and the morning sun piercing through my window.
Yesterday’s incident came flooding in my mind so fresh!
I could remember everything!
A smile crept on my face with the thought of him!
Good people still exists!
A lot of guys will gladly f*”k me in the kinda state I was yesterday but he didn’t!
He didn’t take advantage of me! The very first guy that has ever rejected me!
I have gone to several hospitals with Hilda but the doctor said it’s a minor and they will give me a drug that never works but aggravate my s*x drive.
It’s getting worse each passing day without knowing what to do about it but how did he know about it?
What drug did Damien gave me yesterday?
It still remain a mystery to me how the drug magically worked!
I stopped feeling the pain, the drive slowly went away and I slept off in his arm!
When my plan was to make him one of my s*x toy because he works for me, I discovered that he’s really a helper.
I can’t stop thinking of where he took the drugs from. .
I feel so embarrassed and ashamed to face him but that’s my fate, I can’t change it!
I just hope it doesn’t come today ! It happens like hundred times a day!
I checked around my room to see it was neat and clean!
I remember puking all over yesterday, he did clean up my room!
Who is he?
He picked me up to the bed! He made me fall asleep!
I heard a knock on my door which snapped me out of my thought!
I am certain it’s him! Gosh!
I am feeling so nervous!
” C…come in ”
I sat up right as the door opened revealing the most charming man I have ever seen!
He’s just too handsome both in and out!
” G… good morning ma’am” he greeted with a smile.
His dimples are so deep and cute!
He dropped a hot cup of coffee on the bed stand and stood still again!
” M… morning ” I replied plainly!
” Uhhm, I brought a coffee for you ma’am, you will feel better when you take it ” he said .
Isn’t he so humble?
” O.. okay ” I trailed off.
” What will you like for breakfast ma’am?”
” Anything will do ”
” Alright ma’am ” he bowed and was about leaving..
” Damien ”
” Thank you ” I said sincerely.
Not even my closet male friend Joel ever thought of finding a solution to my problem because he will have the opportunity to explore my body as he wants!
” Its fine ma’am ”
I could see he wanted to say something further but he stopped…
” You want to say something?” I asked.
He glanced at me and scratched his head!
He look so cute when he’s nervous!
” I don’t bite Damien, speak up ”
” Uhmm… I spoke with my uhmm best friend earlier today, he’s a doctor and a specialist in all field ”
” I know I don’t have any say in what goes on in your life ma’am but ….”
He paused and stared at me.
” But?” I asked…
” I think you took a dangerous drug and you need a medical attention ”
Huh? Drug? What drug?
I stared confusedly at him while he look everywhere but me.
” I… I…am sorry if I spoke more than I should ma’am, do not be….”
” I understand Damien but can you please take me there? ” ……..
Thunder from aso rock!
Consume Hilda and Joel anywhere they are 😣.
Let that devilish girl not see Damien o…


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