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🌷 Brittany 🌷

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

When I handed over my company to Damien a year ago, I wasn’t stupid! I knew he was gonna handle it very well
And of course, I believe he will never run away with my properties or ditch me!
Even if he was going to run away with it, the money in my account can build three of that company so I ain’t worried!
My company has gotten more fame, our lives story is what people talk about!
Infact they envy our relationship!
Damien has been the best thing that ever happened to me!
He’s my everything, I do rather loose everything than loosing him!
Next month will be our one year anniversary!
Yeah! Damien proposed to me a month after I handed him the company and we are married but still struggling to get pregnant!
It’s been almost a year and no sign of pregnancy!
That breaks me a lot! I have cried and prayed silently to God for just a child!
I want a baby of my own! A baby I will labour to have;
My flesh and blood! That’s what I want but Damien said we should adopt one!
I am not comfortable with that, that’s not what I want! I want my baby!
I am happy I got everything but a child! It’s behind my sadness and sleepless nights!
I feel like everyone wants a baby from me but they just can’t say it!
It saddened me!
Remembering that a friend did this to me added to my pain!
Hilda? I have forgiven her but it’s something that I can never forget! Not while I am unable to give birth!
We are cool but not friends, she can seek for my help. That’s if she needs one and I will do it for her.
I can’t pay her back! If I mean to, she would rather wish for death than being alive!
” Hey babes ” Damien said coming in.
I quickly wiped my tears but he still noticed!
Pecks of having a husband that knows you very well!
” What’s wrong baby ” he asked seeing my mood.
I just can’t pretend when I am with him! I can’t! The sadness in my eyes says it all!
” Don’t tell me it’s about having a baby again! I thought we’ve discussed this Britt” he said sighing!
” I .I… I want my own baby Damien, yes I am happy but it’s not complete without a baby. I need a baby ” I said in tears
He pulled me to himself and hugged me smooching my back!
Maybe that’s what I need at the moment! I need comfort! .
” You don’t have to worry okay? I believe we will have our baby at the right time ” he encouraged!
I just hope so , I hope so!
” How are you baby girl ” I said to Ella kissing her cheeks!
Don’t mind me, I know she can’t answer but I can tell she’s happy to see me!
Well, Ella is Carl’s daughter! He got married 2months after our marriage and God blessed him with cute Ella!
She’s just so adorable!
She held my necklace dragging it happily while I chuckled!
Only if she have the idea she’s dragging me too!
She’s just few months and very smart!
Staring at her cute little face, I just wish she was mine !
I wish God bless me with a fruit of the womb!
” How are you doing Brittany?” Beatrice asked coming in. That’s Carl’s wife!
She’s such a beautiful woman!
” I am very good ” I replied taking the drink from her!
” I thought you came with your husband, where’s he?” She asked
” Yeah, he’s in the lounge with Carl ”
” Oh, I thought as much ”
” Ella is becoming very beautiful like you are Bea, what are you feeding her with?” I asked and she chuckled!
” Well, I gave her a little portion of mine ” she replied as we both began laughing!
The Baby began crying and I handed her to her mom.
I think she’s hungry!
” How’s work?” I asked her! She has a shop she’s managing but me?
Damien’s wouldn’t let me work anymore! He says I have to stay at home and maintain my skin!
He doesn’t want me to be stressed out of work .
” Going well, the sales are great. You should try visiting me one day ” she said and I nodded!
” Yeah I will very soon ”
We discussed for a while and she’s really a good company!
Okay; I don’t understand what’s going on with me anymore!
I felt my head banging, my view became blurry and I think I was going to fall
That moment, the urge to puke hit my nostrils and I ran to the nearest restroom!
I almost puked out my intestine ! I became dizzy instantly!
” What’s wrong Brittany?” Beatrice asked supporting me!
I don’t know either, I can’t really tell what’s wrong with me!
A fever? Malaria?
But I was fine a while ago right? So what?
” I..I.. think it’s fever, I am having a fever ” I replied nonchalantly as she helped me back to the couch!
” Are you sure?” She asked .
I stared at her for a while and I nodded while she smiled!
Why’s she smiling? Instead of telling me sorry?
💐 Damien 💐


” What’s wrong baby?” I asked as she staggered out of the car!
Is she sick or what?
I quickly ran to her side supporting her!
” I..I. don’t know Damien, I am feeling a little dizzy but I will be fine ” she replied holding her head!
” Are you sure we don’t have to go to the hospital?” I asked
” No! It’s not necessary okay? I will be fine, I think it’s just fever ”
” Okay, maybe you should go rest ”
I held her to the bed but before she could lie down, she fell and passed out!
Huh? What’s wrong?
” Brittany? I called fearfully and picked her in my arms rushing her back to the car!
” Congratulations Mr and Mrs Damien ” Carl said happily
” Congratulations? What for?” I asked and Brittany stared at him too.
” Your wife is 3 weeks in ”
Oh my goodness!
My eyes met with Brittany and I could see tears flows her cheeks!
” D.. Damien ” she said and I rushed to hug her!
” D.. Damien, I… pregnant ” she said in excitement!
I knew she was gonna get pregnant! It will only take time!
” Yes baby, we are pregnant ” .

The end!


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