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💫 ( Her sěx addiction)💥




🌷 Brittany 🌷


Oh! My! Did my lips just met his?
He quickly released me and I stood on my feet all red!
That’s if I am not redder than tomato right now!
” I…I I.. I am sorry Brittany ” he said gave me a glance and ran off to his room I guess!
What just happened? He kissed me!
Oh my! I can be so ridiculous! He didn’t do that intentionally and I ought to be blamed!
The kinda sensation that ran through my vain sending unknown feelings in me was gosh! Unexplainable!
I touched my lips childishly and smiled to myself! .
I ought to be mad but surprisingly, I am not! Not at all!
I don’t know but I wish he could just give me the kiss! .
How will it feel being kissed my him? The thought of that only made me blush!
No doubt! Damien has created a feeling inside me, the feeling I have not felt for anyone in my life!
” Okay! That was a whole lot of drama ” I jumped in fear turning to see it was Mum!
Gosh! Tell me she didn’t see us! Just tell me that please!
” Y… you didn’t…”
” Of course I do Britt, I saw you both kissed ” she rolled her eyes!
” M..mum we didn’t…”
” Stop deceiving yourself and accept the fact that you love Damien Brittany, what are you looking at? The standard or what?”
” Let me say this now Brittany, Damien is one of a kind! You might never meet someone like him again in your life”
” He’s everything a woman will ever want baby, he got everything! ”
” When you are deeply in love with someone, their standard and class won’t matter. You will just let the love flow and grow strong ”
” You know I can never suggest something bad for you hunny, you are my only child and I love you so much. All I want is the best for you and Damien is the only one I could think of being the best for you ”
” I know you love him, I have seen that ! I Know that Brittany. Why fighting your emotions over that?”
” Accept that you love him and your love life will change forever ”
🌺 Hilda 🌺

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

I woke up with a body ache and a migraine!
Gosh! This is the worst place I have ever slept!
My back hurts like hell and my head was pounding!
Guess it’s from crying yesterday!
I felt a lot better after those guys f*”ked me so hard!
Only God knows how much I don’t want to experience that again but I think I am stuck with it forever like I did to Brittany!
I now regret everything!
Fear gripped me knowing that Damien could have told her everything by now!
I am so done for! I regret everything I did now I know how it hurts!
I know I have committed a great sin against her but I hope she forgives me!
I just do hope so!
How do I face her? I lost our friendship just like that! How do I survive it?
She might collect all her properties from me including the roof under my head!
I cursed the day I met Phil….
💐 Damien 💐


I paced to and fro in my room!
I can’t believe I almost kissed her! Now she will be very mad at me!
What I don’t understand now is my emotions! It’s really confusing me!
Every moment I spent with Brittany thought me how it feels to be in love!
I thought I loved cathy but, I think I am wrong!
I was only attracted to her!
I never felt this way when I was with Cathy!
But with just sighting Brittany, my heart beat will increase!
Even the nearest person to me will hear the sound of it!
What’s wrong with me? Did I need to see Carl?
I just don’t seem to understand everything going on around me anymore!
I can’t just fight off the feelings no matter how hard I try!
I need to stop fighting my emotions and accept the fact that I love Brittany!
I am in love with her b..but, I will she ever consider someone like me? A commoner?



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