People who died yesterday also thought death was far from them, so take care of yourself, forgive, kill your pride, appreciate souls who value you and be humble.




( Be My Melody… )




“Should we kiss instead?” She asked, maintaining her beautiful smile.

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Clayton looked at her tempting lips and gulped down hard.

Cathy got up from the ground and face Molly Moon with so much aggression.

“What the heck are you saying Molly Moon? Why will Clayton kiss you!”

Molly Moon ignores Cathy’s words and smiled at Clayton again. Clayton was just staring into her beautiful eyes. This was the same girl he h@ťěd so much, so why is he feeling this way towards her? He can’t even speak. Clayton said inwardly as he continued looking at her.

“Why can’t you speak, Clayton? Am I looking so beautiful?” She asked with a flirting smile, and Cathy scoffed.


“Your face is nothing but a surgical face, and despite having surgery, I’m more beautiful than you!” Cathy spats, but Molly Moon ignored her again, which made her so angry.

“Forget about what I said, I just wanted to say Hi to my course mate” Molly Moon said, smiling at Clayton.

“Course mate?” Clayton asked in a low voice.

“Yes. I will be joining your department from tomorrow, so I hope we get along” She said and stood up to her feet.

“You’re joking, right? Why would you join Clayton’s department!” Cathy yells at her. Cathy is in the faculty of Arts, alongside with her friends. The three of them are students of music department.

Molly Moon looked at Cathy from head to toe, before pushing her away, and she fell to ground.

“Clayton did you just see what Molly Moon did to me? Aren’t you going to do something about it?” She asked, hoping he’d do something.

But to her surprised, Clayton stood up from the chair, looked at Molly Moon for a while before leaving the hall.

“Did he just ignore me?” Cathy asked and the music from inside the hall gave answers to her question.

Although everyone is shocked about the new transformation of Molly Moon, but no dare to go near her and ask her how she change overnight.

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Molly Moon smirked when she saw Hayden sitting alone in the bar counter drinking. She loosen her ponytail, before walking up to him.

“Is this seat taken?” She asked sitting next to him

Hayden looked at her, but said nothing.

“Oh, I see you’re alone. You’re always with Ivan and Jesse, why are they not here with you? Did you have a fight with them?”


Hayden sighed and dropped his glass of drink. “Since when did you become a chatterbox? The Molly Moon before her attempt suicide was quite and timid” Hayden said.

“People change when life gives them thorns instead of roses. Life has given me thorns, and I changed for the better, and it has once again giving me roses” Molly Moon said, smiling.

Hayden looked at her and said. “I guess it has. You have changed from the Molly Moon I used to know. You undergo surgery to look beautiful, right? Because your face from months ago was filled with burnt marks. It was as if you suffered from a fire accident”

“I got tired of seeing my burnt face anytime I looked at the mirror, that’s why I went under the knife. I don’t look bad, right?” Molly Moon asked with a smile.

“You look different that’s all. But how on earth did you became rich? The Molly Moon from months ago was penniless, with no memories about herself”

Molly Moon laughs lightly and said. “Let’s be friends, Hayden” She actually changed the topic on purpose.


“Friends?” Hayden asked, falling for her tricks.

“Yes. I know you were mean to me before, but let’s put everything aside and be friends, and we will see each other more often since I will become a student in your department”

“Why? Since when did you become interested in Microbiology?” He asked looking surprised, and Molly Moon smiled at him.

“I already told you people change when life gives them thorns”

“So changing from being a fishery student to a microbiology student is a part of the change?”

“Bingo” Molly Moon said with a smile and continue.

“I think I have more chances in having a good career if I become part of your department, and I am at advantage here”


“I heard you are good at physics” She said, and Hayden smiled.

“Who told you that?”

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“You’re popular in school, so it won’t be hard to find out what you’re good at. Physics is one of most h@ťěful course, will you be a gentleman and always put me through after school?”

“You don’t have to flatter me, Molly Moon. I’m going to help you”

“Wow! Really? That’s fast, I didn’t see it coming”

“If you have asked for something else, I’d have decline, but solving physics questions is what I enjoy doing. It brings so much happiness to me, so that’s why I am helping you out, Moon”


“Since we’re friends now, I think we should be causal with each other. Molly Moon is too long. You don’t have a problem if I call you Moon, right?”


“No I don’t” Molly Moon said.

Hayden’s phone chimed and he sighed before standing up.

“Are you leaving already?” She asked, and Hayden nod his head, trying to hide his nervousness.

“I have something to do at home”


“Okay. See you in school tomorrow” Molly Moon said.

“I won’t be in school tomorrow, Moon. See you around” Hayden said and quickly leaves.

Molly Moon looked at him as he leaves the hall and smirked.

“I didn’t know this game of mine will be so easy to play. We are done with level one, so let’s move to level two” Molly Moon said, and smirked again.



Dawson had lots of smile on his face as he flipped through the pages of the book he was reading. The main reason why he doesn’t hang out with Freddie and Clayton was that he was married to books. He loves reading books, especially books that has to do with thriller and mystery. RESURRECTION WALK BY MICHAEL CONNELLY, is his favorite book.

He is in the faculty of arts, under creative and visual art. He is good at drawing.

“I knew the killer was the cop himself” Dawson said with a smile on his face, flipping to the next page, enjoying the outcome of the crime scene in the book he was reading.

“Dawson” Lydia called his name with a smile. She didn’t go to the party, because she knew Dawson will be here, when other students were busy partying.

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Dawson takes down the book from his face and looked at Lydia.


“Hi” She waved at him, smiling.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, standing up from the chair he was sitting.

“I came to buy books” Lydia lied. Reading books weren’t her thing, and that’s why she’s a student of music. She only came here to see Dawson’s face, because she loves him, a lot.

“I didn’t know you were into books” He said, smiling. He enjoys being in the company of people who loves books.

“Well I do. I enjoy reading mystery and thriller books a lot” Lydia lied again.

“Same here. Have you read the Resurrection Walk? What about The Silent Patient? Or The Girl On The Train? How about The Spy Coat? Or When No One Is Watching?” Dawson asked in a rush, smiling.

*What did heck is he saying?* Lydia muttered to herself and beamed a smile at him.


“I haven’t read any of it” She answered and Dawson claps his hands with a smile on his face.


“Then you’re missing a lot, Lydia. This books I mentioned are the best thriller books ever. It keeps you hook up on your sit”


“Since you enjoy reading thriller books like me, I am going to buy all of these books I just mentioned to you”

“All of it? You don’t have to… “

“Come with me Lydia. I love people who are book freaks like me” He said. He picked out the books for her and both went to the bookshop counter to pay, but it was empty.

“Where did he go?” Dawson asked, as his eyes looked around the shop in search for the book attendant.

“I think he is not here. We should leave and come back next time. How about we go to the amusement…”

Lydia hasn’t finished what she was saying, when a girl entered the bookshop. She looked calm and quiet.

“Ava?” Lydia called her name, and Ava looked at her.

“Do you know her?” Dawson asked.

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“Yes I do. She is a student of crescent college” Lydia answered

“Really? I didn’t know”

“She’s among the quite nerd in school. She’s not really a nerd, because she’s also in the department of music, just like Cathy, Charlotte and I. She can hear but can’t speak, that’s why not everyone in school knows her” Lydia explained.

Dawson looked at her. “You can’t speak?” He asked, and Ava nod her head, and brought a notebook from her bag. She writes something on it and gave it to Dawson;

💬 I can’t speak, but I can hear you clearly. Do you need anything? I help my uncle here at the bookshop, during the day

Dawson read her note and smiled. “Yes, we’re buying all of these books. Can you wrapped it up for us?” He said, looking at her innocent face. No doubt he admires her.

Ava nod her head, and after she told Dawson the price of the books through her notebook, Dawson paid for it.

“I always come here to get books, but this is my first time seeing you here. Where have you been hiding?” He asked and Ava smiled before writing on her notebook.

💬 I moved in with my uncle yesterday that’s why

Dawson looked at her and smiled. “You will be here more often, right?” He asked and Ava nod her smiling.


“Then I will come by more often”

His statement made Lydia jealous, and she held his hand.


“Let’s just go Dawson, there’s no point talking to someone who can’t speak. I promise to read all of this books” She said smiling, but Dawson takes his hand from her.

“There’s no need to promise you’d read it, since you love books. See you around Ava” He said and waved at her.

He walked to the exist, but he stopped and looked at Ava again, before leaving with a smile on his face.

“What the heck will I do with these? Hey mute girl, take all of this back, and don’t even tell Dawson about it, else you will become deaf and mute at the same, do you understand me!”

Ava nod her head and Lydia walked out of the bookshop. Ava remembers Dawson’s face and smile. If only she could speak, she’d have expressed how handsome he was.


Cathy threw her bag on the bed when she got to her room, and she screamed in anger. Only the maids could hear her, since her parents weren’t at home.

“Molly Moon!!!” She screamed her name in anger.

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“I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but be ready to face wh@ťěver that comes with it. Clayton is mine, and I won’t let him get close to you. You’re Molly Moon from the slums and it should remain that way! Wait till my dad tells me what to do with you, and you’re going to regret coming back to crescent college!” Cathy said, burning in anger.


≤ NEXT DAY ≈ C•C ≥

Molly Moon went to the rooftop of the school, because Freddie told her she was going to see Clayton there. She arrived at the rooftop and met him sleeping

“Is he obsessed with sleeping? Does he always sleep everywhere he stays?” She muttered looking at him.

“Are you carrying out an experiment on my face?” He asked, and Molly Moon jumped in shock.

“I thought you were sleeping?”

“Yes I was, but you were so loud that I could hear your voice in my sleep. Yes I am obsessed with sleeping, and I fall asleep anyway I am”

“You heard that? But I didn’t say it that loud” She said, and Clayton grab her hand and made her sit on the bench with him. Molly Moon gasp, she wasn’t expecting it.

“What’s your deal?”


“What do you mean?” Molly Moon asked.

“You changed from the Molly Moon I used to know. You became rich out of the blue, you became a student in microbiology, and now you are everywhere I look. What’s your deal? Are you trying to show off that you’re pretty now?” He asked and Molly Moon laughed.

“Of course not. Why will I show off my beautiful face? Even if I am beautiful now, Cathy still remains the beautiful queen of crescent college”

“Then why are you here? The last time I checked, you were scared anytime you saw Hayden and I”


“You said it yourself, I have changed and it means I’m not scared of anyone, anymore. Let’s be friends”

“After what I did to you, you still want to be friends with me?” Clayton asked.

*No, I don’t want to be friends with you. I want you to fall in love with me, and make you pay for your sins, by breaking your heart* Molly Moon said, inwardly.

“Molly Moon”

Molly Moon smiled at him and said. “It’s all in the past, Clayton. I want to forget everything you did to me and become friends with you”

“You’re joking right? Are you planning to kill me?”

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“Of course not Clayton. You’re not a doubting Thomas, so stop behaving like one. Okay, let’s say I want to be friends with you because I want you to always put me through anytime we’re at the lab. I heard you’re good at carrying out experiment”

“Of course. I’m the best at it. I enjoy doing it a lot. You want me to be your tutor? Since it’s what I love doing, I won’t charge you” Clayton said, smiling.

“You enjoy carrying out experiment, don’t you Clayton”

“Yes I do. It’s the only thing I’m good at, Molly”


“I will call you Molly from now on, you don’t have a problem with it, right? We’re friends now and Molly Moon is too long” Clayton said.

“Alright, see you around, Clay”

“Clay? Why will you call me Clay? My name is Clayton”

“You abbreviated my name, so I’m doing the same thing, since we’re friends”

“Yours is different Molly. You’re bearing two names and that’s why I abbreviated it from Molly Moon to Molly. Don’t call me Clay, do I look one of the types of soil?”


“See you around Clay” Molly Moon stick out her tongue and ran away.

“Don’t call me Clay” Clayton said and smiled afterwards.



Molly Moon swiped green when she got a call from Blake. She was inside her car.

“Where are you Molly Moon? It’s getting late. You already know I’m always worried about you and yet you keep doing something that will make me worry” Blake said.

“I’m sorry for making you worry about me, Blake. I will home soon. I just went to the beach.


“It’s late already, come back home now”

“Yes boss” She said and laugh.

“I am being serious, Molly Moon”

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“Fine. I will be home soon, because I have a lot to tell you and Candace” Molly Moon said. She smirked and ended the call.

She was about starting her car, when she saw Hayden staggering as he walked towards the beach.

“Hayden? What’s he doing here?” She muttered and came down from her car.

“Hayden!” She called his name, standing a little bit far from where he was.

“Molly” Hayden muttered her name and collapse on the sandy ground.

“Hayden!!” She said in a loud voice rushing to where he was.

“Hayden, are you okay?” She asked, putting his head on her lap.

“Save me, please” He muttered, weakly.

“What do you mean by save you? What’s going on…. ” Molly Moon stopped halfway and gasped when she saw the blood on his shirt. He was stabbed and his white shirt was stained with his blood.

“Hey Hayden, open your eyes, wake up please! Hayden!!!” She cries.




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