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Molly Moon sighed as she walked down the street. She was going back to the beach, because she left her car there. She was in panic when she saw Hayden bleeding and due to it, she called an ambulance instead of riding with her car.

“It’s not my business to be worried about him. Who cares if he was stabbed? All what matters is that he’s in good health which means I will be able to push through with my plans. I need to go home quickly, before Blake worries himself to death because of me” Molly Moon said and continue walking, but the grunts of human made her stopped walking.

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She looked at her right, and sees some group of boys talking to a girl. They weren’t actually talking to her, they were bullying her, and the innocent girl turns out to be Ava, who can’t speak.

“Hey, you should be answering when someone is talking to you, do you know how annoying it is?” The leader of the gang said pushing Ava, and she fell to the ground.

“She won’t be able to give answers to your question, because she can’t speak. She’s mute, remember?” One of the gang members said in a mockery way, and the rest of the gang laugh. They were three in number.

The leader of the gang picked up Ava from the ground like she was a broomstick, and Ava looked at him in tears. She was so scared right now, and yet she couldn’t voice out for help because she can’t speak.

“So you’re mute and yet you keep giving me cold shoulders?. How dare a mute girl like you snub me several times when I was trying to be nice to you!” He said trying to slap Ava, but Molly Moon held his hand from behind.


“What’s your problem!”

“My problem is you. She’s is mute and so what? She keeps snubbing, aren’t you supposed to use your number six and know that she’s not comfortable around you. Who did heck are you to treat an innocent girl unfairly?” Molly Moon asked, still holding his hand.

“Who the heck are you? Let go of my hand!” He said, and Molly Moon smirked.

“If I tell you who I am, that means you’d be spending the rest of your days in prison, alongside with your minions. Do you still want me to tell who I’m?” She asked with a mean look.

“Let’s just go” One of his minions said, and they left.

“Barbarians” Molly Moon said and faced Ava.

“Are you alright? Did they hurt you?” She asked with a smile on her face.

Ava looked at Molly Moon, and shakes her head.

“Who were those guys? Why are they after you?”

Ava brought out her notebook from her bag, she writes on it and gave it to her.

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💬 The leader of the gang has been asking me out, but I keep snubbing him, because I feel he’s dangerous. Thanks for saving me?”

Molly Moon read it and smiled.

“You’re welcome. My name is Molly Moon. What about you?”

💬 You can call me Ava. I already know who you are


“Really? You know me?” Molly Moon asked, and Ava nod her head, before writing on her notebook.

💬 Yes I do. You’re Molly Moon who came back to crescent college as a different person, after being bullied by the notorious rich kids in school

“That’s true. You attend crescent college?”

💬 Yes I do. I’m in the department of music. I’m happy you came back as a strong person whom no one can bully. I felt bad for you during those times you were bullied, but I couldn’t do anything to help you, because I am weak, and a girl who can’t speak. Sorry I was unable to help

“You don’t have to be sorry, Ava. It’s not like you ask them to bullied me. I should be the one saying sorry to you, because you’re student of crescent college, and yet I couldn’t recognize you” Molly Moon said, smiling and Ava returned the smile in a cute way.

💬 Since you know me, can we be friends?


“You want to be friends with me?” She asked.

💬 Yes. It’s boring being alone in school. I don’t have any friends because no one wants to be friends with a mute girl. I know our department differs, but I have always wanted to be your friend

Molly Moon read her notebook and smiled. “I think we have a little bit of similarities, Ava. I also don’t have a female friend in school. So I will be delighted to have one”

💬 Does that mean we’re friends? You don’t mind that I can’t speak and only have to write on notes to communicate

“I don’t mind Ava. You didn’t make yourself mute, so why won’t I be friends with you? Those who refused to be friends with you because you can’t speak, are the ones who have disabilities not you Ava” Molly Moon said and Ava smiled cutely.

💬 Thanks for agreeing to be my friend, Molly Moon. I help my uncle at his bookshop, is it okay if we meet up in school tomorrow?

“Sure I’d like that. And I promise to treat you out on your favorite snacks”

Ava nodded her head, with a smile, and she waved at Molly Moon before leaving.

“She is cute” Molly Moon muttered, smiling.

She got a notification in her phone, and when she saw it was from Blake, she made a geez sound, before taking to her heel, running towards the beach.

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Clayton stands outside the house looking at the mansion in front of him. Everything that was owned by his dad was taken away by the government. The only thing the government didn’t take is his maternal grandparents’ house. The mansion is under his late grandparents’ name and that was why it wasn’t seized by the government. It was huge and beautiful, and that made Freddie and Ivan believe he has lots of money in his pocket.

His mom died years ago, due to bleeding in the intestine. Clayton looked at the mansion in front of him with glassy eyes and sighed.

“I wonder what would have happened if my late grandparents didn’t leave this house in the care of my mom. Should I just tell the public that I’m Nicholas Aniston’s son? Then it means I will be arrested too, and I won’t have the chance to find the person that frame my dad” Clayton said, sniffling.

An old lady rushed out of the house and wrapped a jacket around Clayton.

“You shouldn’t be out in the cold. What if you get sick?” The old lady said.


Her name is Carolina. She used to a nanny to Clayton’s mom when she was still alive. She takes care of Clayton, even if he has no money to give to her. Clayton has lived almost all his life in Germany, and only had to come back when his dad was arrested for smuggling drugs.

“What happened to your hands, Clayton? It’s bleeding”

“Don’t worry about me, Nanny, I will be fine. Can I get a hug from you? I badly need it” He said, between tears.

Carolina walked closer to Clayton and hugged him.


“I know you’re having a hard time Miguel, but no matter how long the night takes, there’s always a morning” Carolina said, patting him.

Clayton hugged her back, crying.



Freddie had a smile on his face as he carefully rubbed a face cream on his face, while looking at the mirror.

“What are you going to do, Freddie? Your skin keeps getting smooth” He said, grinning.

A knock came on the door, and after he gave entry permission, a maid entered his room.

“Your Mom seeks your presence, Freddie” She said, and Freddie sighed frustratingly.

“Should I have lied that I had lectures today? She won’t give me a breathing space knowing I’m at home today. Can you go back to her and tell her that you didn’t see me?” Freddie asked, smiling.

“But I’m seeing you right now” The maid said.

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“I know you’re seeing me, but I want you to tell her you didn’t see me. You might as well tell her that I am dead” He said, and the maid gave him a mean look.

“Fine I will be there in a few seconds. Your loyalty belongs to my mom anyways” He muttered.

“She wants you downstairs this minute, so you should come with me”

“Can’t you see I’m applying face cream on my face, it takes about an hour before I’d be done. So run along, my face is precious to me and I can’t trade it for anything”

“Should I inform your mom that you’re ready to get slapped? You have never being slapped by your mom, because you keep doing everything she tells you to do, just to protect that face of yours. Maybe you’re ready for a slap now, I will just inform her about it” The maid said, trying to leave, but Freddie held her hand.

“Don’t be so grumpy. The reason why you’re still single is because you always manifest a witchy behavior. I will go to her if that’s what it’s going to take to prevent my face from getting slapped” Freddie said.


“So your name is Hannah Mercury?” Autumn asked. She’s Freddie’s Mom, a single mother who worked her way up to become part of the higher-ups.

“Yes I am” Hannah answered with a bright smile.


“How old are you?”


“I’m twenty-four ma”

“It means you’re four years older than my son. Are you sure you will be able to handle Freddie? He’s normal, but he sometimes act like an abnormal human being. He cares more about getting handsome, than focusing on his studies. I want him to take over my company and that’s why I told him to go into business administration, but he keeps slacking off especially in his important courses, you’d be able to handle him and improve his grades, right?”

“Sure I will ma. I also graduated as a business administration student, I’d be able to help him, as his tutor”

“What tutor?” Freddie asked, as he came downstairs.

“It’s a good thing you’re finally here. Meet Hannah, she will be your tutor from now on” Autumn said.

“Hi, Freddie. It’s nice meeting you” Hannah said with a smile.

Freddie scoffed at her and look at his mom. “Why are you hiring a tutor for me, mom? I don’t need one”

“Really? You don’t need one? Then what’s the three elements of accounting?” His Mom asked.

“I don’t know it, mom. I’m world best at cramming, so how do you expect me to remember something I don’t understand?” Freddie asked and Autumn hits his head.

“Ouch! Mom!!! Do you have any idea how precious my head is? What if the shape of my head disorganized from circle to square?” Freddie whines like a child.

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“The next place my hand will land on is your face, if you don’t sit down to get tutored”

Freddie immediately sat down on the chair, and Hannah chuckled.

“He is all yours Hannah. He is twenty years old, but if he act like a child, treat him like one. I will be going to the company” Autumn said and leaves.

“So tell me Freddie, what topic in accounting are you struggling with?” Hannah asked, but rather than answering her question, Freddie takes his mirror from his pocket, and began admiring his face.

“You’re so handsome, Freddie”

“I asked a question, Freddie, I deserve an answer” Hannah said.

“Should I get another face cream from korea? I heard they’re world best cream manufacturers”

“I’m talking to you Freddie”

“Ah, maybe I should go to korea for a cosmetic surgery. My eyelids looks annoying” Freddie said, looking at his face.

Hannah got up from her chair, took the mirror from him and smash on the ground, Freddie’s eyes widen in shock.


“My mirror. Hey, are you crazy!!!” Freddie shouts at her, and Hannah hits his head.

“Ouch! Do you want to kill me?”


“I’m sure you won’t die from just a smack in the head, how dare you disrespect me when I’m older than you?”

“What if you’re older than me? I can still get you pregnant?” Freddie said.

“What did you just say?”

“I’m sure you heard me loud and clear. I don’t care if you’re older than me, what I care about is that I don’t want you to be my tutor. I always try my best in school through cramming. So just get lost, and when you see my mom tell her that you have lost interest in tutoring me” Freddie said, trying to go back to his room, but Hannah grab his hair, and Freddie screamed.

“Your mom gave me permission to treat you like a kid if you act like one, so I don’t mind treating you like a kid”

“Hannah Montana or wh@ťěver is your name, let go of my hair, it hurts” Freddie whines.

“Not until you sit down for me to tutor you”

“Never” He said, and Hannah held his hair more aggressively.

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“My hair is pulling off!!! Hannah Montana!!!” Freddie cries out.



Ava quickly rushed towards Molly Moon when she saw her about entering the school building. She tapped Molly Moon from behind.

Molly Moon turned and smile when she saw it was Ava.

“Hi Ava” She said, waving at her and Ava did the same, smiling.

“You have a class today?” Molly Moon asked. Ava looked at her, before writing on her notebook.

💬 Yes I do, but it’s later in the day. I came to school to practice the piano

“Wow that’s impressive Ava. You know how to play the piano”

💬Yes I do. I want become a popular pianist, and crescent college is best opportunity for me to able to become one


Molly Moon read her notebook and smile, she was about replying when Dawson approach them.

“Hi Ava” He said to her. Molly Moon smiled, but controlled herself immediately.

“Hi Molly Moon” He said, but Molly Moon rolled eyes at him, while Ava looked at both of them.

“We know each other, Ava”


“We don’t know each other Dawson” Molly Moon butt in.

“You’re friends with Clayton who bullied you, so why can’t you be friends with me, beside I’m also a friend of Ava” He said, wrapping his hand around Ava’s shoulder, Ava looked at his hand that was on her shoulder and smile.

“I am going to think about it” Molly Moon said and walked away. Dawson chuckled before facing Ava with a smile.

“Do you have some time to spare?” He asked, and Ava smiled at him.


Molly Moon bumped into the school’s janitor when she almost getting to her class, and the bucket in her hand fell.

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“I’m so sorry” Molly Moon apologize, giving her back the bucket.

“It’s fine, Molly Moon”

“You know me?” Molly Moon asked, looking surprised.

“Ever since your grand comeback, you have been the talk of the whole school”

“Oh, I see”

“My name is Jacinta, I’m one of the school’s janitor”

“Nice meeting you Jacinta. See you around”

“Okay Molly Moon” Jacinta said smiling, but after Molly Moon left, she gave out a dangerous glare.

“She’s back again. Didn’t she learn her lesson from what happened to her months ago?”



After lectures were over, Molly Moon took Hayden inside an empty class.

“Take off your shirt” She said and Hayden took in his lips.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Don’t think negatively, Hayden. I want to see your wound”

“I am fine, Moon” He said trying to leave, but Molly Moon pulled him back, and began to unbutton his shirt, and all Hayden did was to watch her. Molly Moon gasped in surprised after seeing Hayden’s wound.

“Are you trying to kill yourself? You didn’t even bother to treat yourself” She said and Hayden smiled at her.

“You’re worried about me?” He asked, smiling. It felt nice seeing that someone actually cared about his bruises.


“Of course I do. I won’t have brought you here if I wasn’t worried. You should stop smiling Hayden, this isn’t something to smile about, what if…”

Molly Moon stopped talking because Hayden hugged her. “Thanks for worrying about me, Moon. It’s been long I heard such statement” He said, with a smile hugging her.

Molly Moon broke the hall and held his hand. “If you’re thankful, then allow me to treat your wounds, so it won’t get infected, okay”

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Hayden nod his head smiling.


“Does he have nine lives? Why did he ignore his wound? If I didn’t treat him he’d have infection on his stab area because of lack of treatment” Molly Moon said, as she walked, and someone pulled her inside lab.

Molly Moon was about fighting because she thought it was a bad person, but she withdraws her punch when she saw it was Clayton.


Clayton smiled and showed her his wounded hands. Molly Moon looked at his injured hands and back to his face.

“What’s this for?” She asked.

“Treat me too” He pouted.

“Why should I?”

“I saw you treating Hayden’s wound earlier. Do the same for me. I want my hands to be treated by you, just like how you did it for Hayden”




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