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( Be My Melody… )



Molly Moon sat in the chair available at the hallway as she patiently waited for the doctor to tell her the outcome of Hayden’s condition. Her body was filled with Hayden’s blood. She looked at the blood in her dress, and balls of tears falls down from her eyes as she remembered a painful past that happened two years ago. She cried earlier, because seeing Hayden’s blood earlier reminded her of something she badly wants to forget.

Molly Moon stood up to her feet, when she saw the doctor approaching her.

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“How’s he doctor?” She asked, sniffling.

“Are you the girlfriend of the patient” The doctor asked, because of the tears in her eyes.

Molly Moon wiped her tears, and cleared her throat. “No he’s not my boyfriend. He is a friend of mine” She answered.

“Oh I see. As you know, he was stabbed, but it wasn’t that deep which means he’s out of danger” The doctor said, and Molly Moon let out a sigh of relief.

“Can I see him?”


“Yes you can. He needs to be taken care of, so his wounds can heal quickly”

Molly Moon nod her head before going to Hayden’s ward, and on entering the ward, she saw him removing the IV fluid attached to his vein.

“What do you think you’re going, Hayden?” She asked.

“What are you doing here?” He asked in return.

“Don’t you remember? I was the one who brought you here”

Hayden remembered how he met Molly Moon at the beach and sighed.


“Thanks for bringing me here, but I don’t belong here” He said trying to leave, but Molly Moon blocked his part.


“No one belongs here Hayden, but since you’re in a situation that requires medical attention, you have to remain here until the doctor gives you permission to leave”

“I am fine, Moon. This isn’t compared to what have gone through in the past”

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“What you have gone through? What do you mean by that, Hayden?” She curiously asked.

Hayden sighed and said. “It’s none of your concern, forget I ever said such”

He tries leaving again, but Molly Moon blocked him. “If you don’t value your life, there’re people who values your existence”

“People like who?”

“Your family. I am sure they’d be worried if something bad happens to you. Even if your wounds is not that serious, you still need to take a rest, you bleeded a lot earlier. What if you pass out again?”

“Don’t worry Moon, I won’t passed out. As for family, I don’t have any family that will worry about me”

“What are you trying to say Hayden? Families are the only ones who can stay by you in times of danger, or when you’re feeling down”

“I don’t have such family, Moon. And I will be grateful if you don’t ask me about it”


“Thanks for helping me Moon, see you in school tomorrow, and in return for your kindness towards me, I won’t mind lecturing you throughout the day” He beamed a smile at her, before leaving.


“Who could have stabbed him? Does he belong to any criminal organization?” Molly Moon asked and shakes her head afterwards.

“It’s impossible for him to be part of a criminal organization. He doesn’t look like a criminal” Molly Moon said, assuring herself that Hayden is innocent of what she’s thinking of him.




Hayden entered the house, trying to bear the pains he was feeling from his stomach. He was about going upstairs, when a deep voice stopped him from doing so.

“Where have you been?” He asked.

Hayden’s heart skipped a beat as he halted his feet before facing the man sitted in the dark living room smoking. That his father, Roman, the don of a dangerous gambling den.

Hayden gulped down his spit before speaking. No doubts he fears his father more than he fears death. Who wouldn’t be afraid of a man who is more heartless than the devil.

“I went out to treat myself” Hayden stuttered.

Roman smirked and stood up from the chair, and walk towards Hayden. Hayden snuggle backwards fearfully.

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“So just because of a little knife I pierced into your stomach, you couldn’t bear the pains and went to the hospital?” Roman asked.

“I was in so much pain Don Roman” He said, and Roman punch his stab area. Hayden yelps in pains as he bleeds from it.

“How can you take after me if you can’t handle a small pain? You can’t win a single gambling game, and you can’t even handle a small wound!” Roman said and punch him again.

Hayden falls to the ground, he gushed out blood from his mouth, and the blood in his stomach increased.

“Get up!!!” He yells at him, and Hayden struggle to stand up to his face.

“Let’s this be your last warning, Hayden, if you ever lose in the gambling game again, you will get more than a stab from me. You’re the son of a Don, so you should behave like me, else your mom who is in the psychiatric hospital, will be the one to suffer from your silly actions”

“Don’t touch my mom. You can do wh@ťěver you want with me, that’s why I am living with you despite your cruelty towards me. Even my mom is insane and can’t remember who I am to her, she is still my mom, so please I’m begging you, leave her alone” Hayden said, allowing his tears to fall down from his eyes.


“Then do what will make me happy, else I will go after your mom. You’re good in solving physics questions, right? So used it in terms of gambling. Am I understood?”

Hayden nod his head, sniffling, and Roman smirked at him before leaving.

Hayden struggles to climb the stairs, and when he entered his room, he fell to the bed, trying to suppress the pains he was feeling in his stomach.


Ever since he was born, his life has never been a bed of roses, because he was birthed by a very dangerous man, who wouldn’t think of killing him.

Hayden’s life was never a sweet one like everyone believes. Yes he is born with a silver spoon, but he wish he was never brought to this life.

His mom became insane after she was involved in an accident, while trying to run away from Roman. She lost her memories and forgot about the one person she cared about, and that was Hayden.

Hayden’s suffering became worse after his mom became insane, because Roman always used her as a threat. He beats up Hayden not caring if it was going to end his life.

Hayden chose to keep a low profile because he didn’t want anyone to know what he goes through in the hands of his own father, not even his childhood friends (Ivan and Jesse) knows about it.

He tends to act strong and bossy just to cover up that he just an innocent weak boy suffering in the hands of his dangerous father.

The night Ivan found blood in his (Hayden), he had actually helped his dad disposed a dead body. Roman killed a man that night and asked Hayden to dispose his body, and while he was at it, the blood of the innocent man entered his hands.

He has witness his dad killing a lot of people, but there was nothing he could do about it, because ratting his father out means endangering his mom’s life.

Tears falls down from Hayden’s eyes, as the pains from his stomach keeps hurting him hellishly.


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Clayton sits on the chair inside the visiting room of the police station waiting patiently for his dad. His dad was arrested for smuggling drugs three years ago, and ever since then, he has been in jail. Although Clayton believes his father is innocent of the crime laid against, but there was nothing he could do since no one agree to take up his case.

Nicholas came out from the cell and Clayton stood up to his feet when he saw the bruises on his dad’s face.


“What happened to your face dad?” He asked, worriedly.

“It’s nothing son”

“This isn’t nothing dad. Did your prison mates gang up on you again? Why are they bent on making life hard for you?” Clayton asked in a crying voice.


Molly Moon sniffles as she buried her head on the ground. Clayton has succeeded in cutting some of her hair.

“I just got a call from my mom, Clayton. Do you want to crash at my house while I figure out why she wants to see me?” Freddie asked.

“I will pass. Let’s meet up at the lounge after I am done with her”


“Alright Clayton see you at the lounge” Freddie said and leaves.

Clayton looked at Molly Moon who was still kneeing on the ground and sighed.

“Are you cursed?” He asked and Molly Moon raised her head to look at him, sniffling.

“I think you’re cursed Molly Moon, because everyone around you h@ťěs you. I h@ťě you a lot and yet I can’t figure out why I h@ťě you. I don’t want to keep bullying you, so do me a favor by not showing your face to me again” Clayton said and stood up to leave, but he got a call from the police station.

“Hello. What!!! He was hospitalized? Do everything in your power to save him and I will be there in a few minutes” Clayton said in panic. He ended the call and took to his heels, crying.


“Until when we they stopped treating you like a criminal? You’re not even a criminal, you were set up!”

“I am fine Miguel” Nicholas said, calling his real name.


Miguel Aniston is his real name. He was schooling in Germany when his dad got arrested for smuggling drugs, and because Nicholas doesn’t want to involve Clayton in his criminal scandal, he denies ever having a son, and he personally told Clayton to change his name so no one could see him as the son of a criminal. Clayton has been hiding his real identity from everyone around him, and that’s why Freddie and Ivan don’t have a clue about his family.

On the night he didn’t show up at the lounge owned by him, Freddie and Dawson, he was actually with his dad, who was hospitalized.

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Tears falls down from Clayton’s eyes after Nicholas called him Miguel.

“It’s been long you called Miguel. Everyone in this prison thinks I’m just someone who pities you, what they don’t know is I’m actually your son. I’m going to find a way to prove your innocence dad, so that I won’t always cry in my sleep again. I promise you that I’d try my best to find the person who set you up” Clayton said, sniffling and Nicholas let out a sad smile.


Clayton came out from the prison after talking to his dad, he was about entering his car, when someone covered his face from behind. He struggle a lot before finally passing out.


Water splashed on Clayton’s face and that made wake up gasping.

“Hi Miguel” A voice said, and Clayton’s heart skipped in fear.

“Logan” He muttered gulping down his spit fearfully.

Logan is Clayton’s senior from highschool when he was schooling in Germany, and he is the only one who knows about Clayton’s identity.

“Long time no see Clayton” He said with an evil smirked on his face.


“What do you want from me?” He asked.

“It’s a new month already, I waited for my money and yet I didn’t see it”

“I have no money to give to you, Logan” Clayton said, and Logan punch him so hard on the face, and he bleed from his nose.

“You have a way of making me angry, Miguel, do you know that?”


“I have no money to give to you Logan. You already know my family’s property, everything we have was taken by the government after my dad was accused of smuggling drugs. I work as a part time experimenter in a hospital, while pretending to be rich! No one knows I’m a scholarship student because the founder of crescent college agreed to keep it a secret even if I don’t know who he is” Clayton said, crying and Logan held his hair.

“Do you really think I care? Your dad used to be a politician, he’d have become the congressman if he didn’t smuggle drugs”

“He is innocence” Clayton said, sniffling

“Who cares if he is innocent? At the end of the day, you’re still the son of a criminal. Your life will be ruined if everyone around you finds out that you’re the son of a criminal. You will be arrested immediately and you will live the rest of your life in jail. Should I break it to the public that Nicholas Aniston is your father and that your real name is Miguel Aniston and not Clayton Simpsons. You go around acting all bossy and strong while you’re just a weakling who’s father is a criminal! Should I ruined the peaceful life you have right now?” Logan asked, slapping him.

“Don’t do it Logan, I’m begging you”

“Then do the needful. I don’t care if you work as a experimenter in thousands of hospitals, just make sure I received my money” Logan said and pushed Clayton’s head before leaving.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

Painful tears falls down from Clayton’s eyes. He angrily got up from the chair and began hitting his hand aggressively on the wall. His hand was bleeding but he didn’t care, he kept hitting his hand on the wall, until he fell to the ground and began to cry.

“Who ever you’re, I’m going to find you and make you pay for ruining my life!!!” He shouted in a crying voice.



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