( Love & Hatred…?)

THEME: Enraptured By Him

By; Emerson Brown

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The new of Crystal being the descendant of Marusa spread like a wild fire, some were happy while some like Mrs Golden light weren’t

Because of the attack that happened previously in the school, they took an Impromptu break, Everyone was asked to go back to their various homes


A car halted in the front of the palace, Lucifer and Crystal came down


” Gosh I’m hungry” Crystal said yawning

” Then I’ll tell the maids to prepare something for us ” Lucifer said

” No go and meet your dad, I’ll prepare something for us to eat, After all cooking is my hobby” Crystal said running away playfully, Lucifer and only stare at her with a smile on his face


Athena’s eyes flip open and she found herself in an unfamiliar place

” Where I’m I” She thought Inwardly, Just then Cody appeared and explained everything to her, as he spoke he didn’t even spare her a glance

Athena only sighs sadly, she knew why he’s acting like this towards her, it’s because of her attitudes, If only he knows what she’s passing through, Maybe Athena should tell him

” Cody I’ve something to tell you” Athena said and Cody faced her then she narrated her ordeal


” its fine we’ll get to the root of this … together” Cody said before pulling her into a deep hug and Unlike Athena she responded


Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

Crystal was still busy in the kitchen, she went deep inside take something, since the kitchen is big

Just then Moonlight magically appeared with a smirk on her face, Actually Master Venom had already told her the plan, being a desperate person do you think she’ll disagree, And yes she agreed as long as Lucifer will be with her there’s no problem

She took slow steps to where Crystal stood earlier and as of luck was on her side Crystal had already dished the food in different plate

Just so you know that the king has his own separate plate which he uses for eating and Moonlight knew that made it easier for her

She sprinkled the powdery substance Venom gave her in the King’s food

” Oh Crystal of only you know what is coming your way” Moonlight thought with a dark smile

Just then she heard footstep and she disappeared before Crystal came and took the Food which she arranged in the tray like that she left



The sounds of Cutlery were heard signifying that they’re still eating, Just as expected Crystal was a good cook and from the look of things Lucifer was enjoying it

Not Until his dad King Cronos started vomiting


” Dad!” Lucifer panicked

” Your highness” Crystal also panicked

When King Cronos vomited all he had eaten, it was accompanied with blood, he began to vomit blood signifying that he’s poisoned

Lucifer flashed Crystal a deadly look and Crystal understood what it meant

” I didn’t do it …I swear” Crystal pleaded tears filling her eyes


” Lu… Lucifer here’s my…la….last wish….Rule…over…Ol…. Olympia…and Mar…marry Moonlight… don’t you dare ha…have … anything…. anything with the …ki… killer…of your …dad…Be… besides…it was her…dad..who killed …your mom…Never allow her … to scott free..

With that he gave up the ghost in the arms of his son, Tears filled filled Lucifer’s eyes but he wiped them away, Instantly he stood up

He slowly turned to Crystal who was shivering like a drenched fowl with tears in her eyes

” I’m innocent, i swear I didn’t do it ” She cried shifting back as Lucifer approach her slowly, Like that his eyes turned red and a sharp pain hit Crystal head, Blood started to come out of her mouth, Nostril and ears, Even her tears where blood

And slowly she passed out, Lucifer summoned the guards

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

” Lock her up and invite everyone for her execution tomorrow” He said walking away, from where Moonlight had been spying a satisfactory smile curved up on her lips


Crystal eyes flip open and she saw crowd around her, They where already throwing h@ťěful words at her

Hot tears filled her eyes again, she looking dirty and tattered


” I swear I didn’t do it” She cried

She wanted to stand up, it was then that she realized that she’s chained to a pillar

Immediately Lucifer walked in with Adonis and Velvet behind him, the noise died down even if a needle drop now it’ll be heard

The guards positioned Crystal well for the Execution, Adonis fought back his tears as he balled his fist, Velvet on the other hand was expressionless

” I hope everyone knows her offence” Lucifer asked backing the crowd while facing Crystal



👥She must be killed

👥How could she ???


” Please believe me I didn’t do it ” Crystal managed to scream

Lucifer ignored her,he slowly did a finger formation and a sliver sword appeared and it was pointing at Crystal

Lucifer only snapped finger and phew! , the sword sank deep into Crystal’s belly and it came out from her back, blood gushed out

Her yes widened with mixed feelings, Lucifer stared at her as tears filled his eyes, since he was backing the crowd no one noticed

Like that Crystal surrendered to death And later on she wasn’t buried she was thrown into the Enchanted sea


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