(Love, kisses, hugs & bites…)

THEME: Hold Me Tightly. 🤝💖

GENRE: Highschool Romance.

TAGS: Love, care, friendship, jealousy, unrequited, secrets, suspense, enemies, broken home…

Setting: California, America.

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By: Diamond Zayne. ✍🏾



Have you ever been in a situation where you have everything but still have nothing?

Have you ever felt like the world was after what you give them but not what you feel nor needed? Well Starr Myles knows how it feels.


A popular and handsome 19 years old guy. He’s rich, handsome and popular, in one sentence, he’s every girl’s dream.

To the eyes of the public, he has it all going well for him but he’s just a depressed kid, a product of a broken home.

If he could exchange all the wealth he has just for a happy home he would do it but as the saying goes, money can’t buy happiness.

He let himself wallow in the pains he found himself around and lived his life as a loner, but it all changed when she came into his life.

With light to brighten up his dark world.

Who is she?

How is she? Is she the sassy and outgoing type or the kind and gentle dove?

What does life have in store for these two?

Wanna know more on what will become of Starr Myles, then tune in this intriguing and light-hearted story. ✍🏾🌹

Brought to you by Pink Baby Diaynë. 🩷

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.
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(Love, kisses, hugs & bites…)

THEME: Hold Me Tightly. 🤝💖



By: Diamond Zayne. ✍🏾




He was all alone…

Alone in the dark street, sitting close to the riverside with his head buried on his knees as he cried softly.


The wind howled, and dry leaves rustled making scary sounds.

His cries started dying down as he heard the feeble footsteps approaching and he slowly raised up his head to meet her – a young girl probably his agemate.

She stood in front of him staring innocently at him with her round deep blue eyes. Her baby like lashes fluttered as she stared at him.

Her hair was packed in a two side messy ponytails and her small pink lips was in a pout. He was still looking at her with tears in his eyes when her tiny voice jolted him.

“Why are you crying?” She asked softly. Not only was her voice tiny, it was also cute and melodious to his ear.

He looked away, staring at the river but he was no longer crying aloud. The tears just fell off his eyes and he wiped it.

She sat beside him, staring at the river as well.

“My mom use to say that, whenever you feel like crying, you should cry aloud. Don’t hold it in. The more you hold it in, the more sadness you keep in.” The girl said to him and he looked at her before breaking down in tears.

She patted her shoulder with her little hand.

“You can cry on my shoulder.” She said but he never replied her and she slapped her forehead before sighing.

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“You see, whenever I’m crying. I do put my head on my mom’s shoulder and then, I’ll be fine, so put your head on my shoulder.” She said but he shook his head.

“Stubborn kid.” She said and forcefully hugged him.

“Cry… cry till you’re alright.” She said while patting his back and he hugged her tightly, crying aloud.

The annoying sound of his alarm jolted him from his sleep and he grumbled sitting up. He ran his hand into his hair as he remembered the dream.

It was an event from his childhood – an event which happened ten years ago, he always dreamt of it. He sighed as he picked up his notebook on his bedstand and scribbled something on it.

‘Put your head on my shoulder.’ He wrote before dropping the notebook.

He got down the bed and walked into the bathroom to get dressed for school.



Starr walked down the long stairs, looking breathtakingly handsome in his uniform which was a pair of white long sleeved shirt and deep blue trousers. It was properly ironed, making him look smart in it and he left the first two button of the shirt undone.

His tie in his hand.


“Good morning sir.” The maids greeted as he got to the dinning table.

“Good morning.” He simply replied sitting down for breakfast. He dropped his bag and tie on the nearest chair.

He was the only one in the dining room, aside the maids who were serving his food.

“Did mom come home last night?” He asked the maid who was serving him.

“No sir.” She replied and he nodded before digging into his breakfast.



Luxurious cars drove into the schools with students alighting the cars and their chauffeur drove back.

Cupid High School popularly known as CHS, is a school for rich kids, not like the poor do not attend the school but they’re few in the school as the fees was expensive for them to afford.

As such, the school is filled with saucy, proud and arrogant Ɓîtçhes and Ďïčks, although there are also cool and sweet students, but majority has the way.

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A white SUV drove into the school’s parking lot and screams filled the school.

🗣️ It’s Starr Myles!!!

Someone screamed and students started rushing out screaming ontop of their voice.

Starr got down the car with a headphone around his neck and two phones in his hand.

He grabbed his bag from the car’s seat on hung it on a shoulder, then he locked the car. The moment he turned around and made to start walking to his class, someone wrapped a hand around his neck, almost strangling him and another took off his headphone and wore it on.

“Hey dude!” Nico, the one who wrapped his hand around Starr’s neck called and Starr scoffed before forcefully removing his hand from him.

“You should have just said you have a motive of kílling me.” He jibed at him, before yanking his headphone from Max.

“Hey! Don’t be so cold, I was only listening–” Starr walked out on them before he would even complete his word.

“That $cvmbag.” Nico clicked his tongue.

“Such a boring life he has.”


“I wonder what girls see in him.” Max scoffed as they walked behind him.


“I can still hear you two dummies.” Starr said aloud and they scoffed.

“We weren’t talking behind your back Ďïčkhead!” They snapped and he rolled his eyes as he walked into the class and the girls began whispering amongst themselves.

🗣️ He’s here!

🗣️ Ohmigosh! Can he ever be less handsome!

🗣️ I wish to get a taste of his lips, so sěxy!

🗣️ Hot!

‘Don’t they ever get tired of screaming their lungs everyday?’ He wondered but never gave a Fůçƙ as he walked to his seat but someone placed a leg in front of him before he could get there, stopping him from walking past.

Starr exhaled before raising his head to see the douchebag just as he expected. No one else could try that shít, other than him… Pierce, his rival.

He was also rich and handsome but Starr beats him to it and the two have always been at loggerheads. Like two parallel lines that never meets, that’s what they are. The sight of one, disgusted the other one more than anyone can imagine.

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The whispers slowly turned into murmurs as the students watched, wondering what’s gonna happen next.

“Are they really gonna fight again?” Brittany asked and Brielle smirked.

“My Pierce is gonna put him in his place, just you watch and see.” She said, flaunting her hair.

“Don’t be confidently foolish. We all know Pierce is no match for Starr, so rest.” Brittany said with an eye roll.

“Wh@ťěver is gonna happen, I love watching crazy scenarios.” Baby said and the two glared at her.

They were the three best friends, and the school’s bad Ɓîtçhes. They’re popularly known as B³. They’re proud, rude and arrogant. No one messes with them, they’re more like the upper hands in the school after the school’s authority and management boards.

Starr looked at Pierce and scoffed before matching down his leg and walking pass. The students gasped.

Pierce winced in pains as he was sure he heard his bone cracking.

“Bastard!” He dragged Starr back by his shoulder and made to throw him a punch when their homeroom teacher walked into the class.

“What’s going on here?!” The strict woman yelled and Pierce let go of Starr’s shoulder before walking back to his seat, not after glaring daggers at Starr.


“Are you guys fond of constituting nuisance? Everyone to your seat, now!” She instructed and everyone scurried off to their seat and settled down with their books on the table.

Starr simply sat on his seat which is in front of Max and Nico’s seat.

And the tutor began immediately.




“Is everything set? Are these all her things?” Miss Ruby asked and Aubrey nodded.

“Yes ma’am. These are all my things.” She said, smiling sweetly. She was so excited after all. She was leaving the orphanage home for good.

“Okay. I guess that’s all Mr & Mrs Clark, you can go with her now since you’ve signed the necessary documents.” Miss Ruby said to the family that was adopting Aubrey.

“Thank you Miss Ruby.” Mrs Gregory said, rubbing Aubrey’s hair.

“Don’t mention it.” Miss Ruby said and she smiled.

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Aubrey turned to Snowy who was staring at her sadly and she hugged her.

“I’ll miss you Snowy.” She said, patting her back.

“I’ll miss you more Brey.” Snowy said, fighting back her tears and Aubrey chuckled before breaking the hug.

“Don’t worry, I’ll always come to see you, okay?” She said and Snowy nodded, battling the tears in her eyes.

“Don’t forget… Best friend??” Aubrey opened her palm and Snowy chuckled.

“Forever!” Snowy said and placed her hand on it and the two chuckled before hugging each other again.

They broke the hug after a while, and the two parted ways.


Snowy stared out of the window with a bright smile on her face as she watched other children playing outside. Their cheerful giggles sounded peaceful to her ears.

She chuckled.


The door suddenly squeaked behind her and she turned to see Miss Ruby there.

“Snowy… What are you doing here? Won’t you join the other kids in playing?” She asked and Snowy shook her head with a smile.

“No ma’am. I don’t feel like playing today.” She said and Miss Ruby looked at her, interested in knowing her reason for objecting.

“Why? You’ve always loved playing with the kids.” She said and Snowy nodded.

“I know… But I just don’t feel like it today.” She said and sighed, before turning to face the window smiling again – sadly this time.

Miss Ruby walked to her and sat beside her. Snowy looked at her before looking out of the window.

“What’s wrong Snow? You know you can always share with me.” Miss Ruby encouraged.


“It’s fine Aunt.” She said and flashed her a smile.

“It’s not. I’ve watched you grow for twelve years now and I can read you like a book so tell me what’s wrong.” She urged and Snowy sighed, before playing with her fingers.

“Are you sad because your friend left?” Miss Ruby asked and she shook her head.

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“No… I’m not.” She sniffed, and pressed her lips. Then she chuckled.

“It’s just that… Everyone is leaving, and I’m happy for them. They’re finding a good life while I remain here. No one is taking me. It’s alright, it’s fine. Maybe, I was meant to remain here… In this orphanage.” She said and Miss Ruby stroked her hair.

“Why would you say that dear? Have you forgotten what I told?” She asked and Snowy shook her head.

“No… Fate is different, such as destiny. We’ll meet our own destiny at the appointed time. I know, that’s why I’m not really sad. I just wanna experience what it feels like having family, parental care… Maybe I’m just yearning for it. I’ll wait for my time. Don’t worry Miss.” Snowy said with a bright smile and Miss Ruby flashed her a smile.

“I’ll go and play with the kids. Bye.” She said and ran out.

Miss Ruby watched her till she was out of sight, then she faced the window to see her with the kids. She was the oldest kid in the orphanage and still hasn’t been adopted.

The rest kid were ten and below.

She sighed.

“Am I doing the right thing by depriving her the freedom she deserves?” She asked herself, staring at Snowy who was playing happily with the kids and laughing to her heart content.

“She deserves happiness, she deserves parental love. I shouldn’t deprive her that love. I shouldn’t stop her from getting adopted. I should let her go but I’ve grown fond of her.” She said to herself and wiped the tears in her eyes.




The bell rang signalling time for break and the teacher left the class.

“Finally! I’m starving!, Let’s go.” Baby said, packing her books into her bags.

“I’ll pass. I’m eating with my boyfriend.” Brielle winked before walking away – to Pierce.

Baby looked at Brittany.

“Don’t even say you’re going to Starr.” She said and Brittany nodded.

“Well that’s what it seems like.” She smirked before leaving her as well.

“Really? She’ll never get that he doesn’t loves her.” She shrugged before leaving the class.

“What have you been pressing on your phone since?” Max asked and made to peek at Nico’s phone but he quickly hid his phone.

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“Nothing. Learn to mind your business.” He snapped before dropping his phone.


Max hissed before standing up.

“Dude, you coming for lunch?” He asked Starr who shook his head.

“Not interested.” He said, standing up reading his books.

Nico huffed.

“How can someone’s life be this boring? Let’s go Max.” He said, dragging Max out of the class.

“Starr Myles.” Brittany called sitting beside him but Starr ignored her.

“C’mon, can you at least respond? Why are you always treating me as if I don’t exist?!” She yelled and Starr exhaled before closing his books then he stood up and Brittany held his hand.

“I only wanna be your friend. Why do you avoid me?” She asked, her voice as if she was gonna cry.

“I don’t need a friend. Let go.” He said calmly.


“But I wanna be a good friend.”

“Be a good friend and stay away from me.” He said and remove her hand from his before walking out on her.

He passed Pierce by the door and Pierce scoffed.

Brittany clenched her jaws, glaring at nothing and no one in particular. Her eyes slowly bringing tears.

TBC… 💜

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