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⚡Her unexpected return⚡


THEME: The Dance Goddess💃🏻.

By Fave Gold✍🏻 🧡


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The party still continued even after Lady Helen was arrested.

Gina and Tina already left to get more lawyers for their mom, as the case seems to be too much for only one lawyer to shoulder.

“Why did Jayden leave when he just got here?”. Trisha asked Anabella when she made to leave.

“Why do you want to know?”. Anabella asked and Trisha glared at her.

“I have every right to know cuz I’m his fiancee”. Trisha growled and Anabella rolled eyes.


“But i don’t remember him mentioning he has any fiance” Anabella asked.

“Who are you to him?”. Trisha muttered.

“His girlfriend, so stay away from him when next you see him. I don’t share my man!”. Anabella snapped before leaving the event and Trisha’s eyes widened.

“He has a girlfriend? Is that why he didn’t consider a real relationship between us”. Trisha gasped but then her phone began ringing and she picked it.

“Jake and his accomplices has been arrested”. The dialer informed through the phone and she smiled widely.

“That’s good news, thanks for the info”. Trisha smiled before hanging up.


Dean stood by the concrete rail with a glass of champagne in his hand, staring at the entire city from the rooftop. He could see almost everything going on in the city, it’s no wonder it was regarded as the tallest building in the whole country.

The buildings and mansions surrounding the skyscraper were like little toys as he stared at them. The shy was deeply dark so every houses in the city was greatly illuminated with different colors of light, adding more beauty to the silent night.


His mind drifted from his surroundings to Tessa and he sighed before taking a sip from his glass. Even when Jayden has already sent her home address, he still couldn’t bring himself to face her. He knew he portrayed a beastly act that night and so he knew he isn’t worthy of her forgiveness.

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He was deep into his thoughts when he heard footsteps behind him and he turned to see who it was.

“Tessa??”. He called out in a loud whisper, his eyes widened, and she smiled back at him.

“I never thought I would meet you here”. She muttered joining him and Dean just stared at her looking speechless.

He didn’t expect her to speak to him freely and that with a smile on her face.

“You seem to be deep in thoughts what are you thinking of?”. Tessa asked waving her hand in front of his eyes so he could snap out of his mind.

“Huh??”. He asked looking lost and Tessa took the glass of champagne with him and gulped down the entire content before returning his glass back to him, then she smiled cutely.

“I needed the drink way more than you do”. She muttered facing the view before her, while Dean fondled the glass in his hand, it was obvious he was completely nervous.

“I know you must be surprised that I’m talking to you but do not be, I’ve decided to let things go and leave everything that happened between us in the past”. She said and faced Dean expecting him to say something but he was quiet.

“We used to be so close apart from the fact that we where family friends, I also regarded you as my brother. You where always there for me when no one else stood by me”. Tessa uttered smiling at him, then she turned her gaze back to the city.

“I’ve forgiven you now, so stop punishing yourself”. She muttered as her eyes threatened to close but she forced it back open.


“I’m really sorry for what I did to you, I really tried to stop myself but it seems like I didn’t try enough”. Dean muttered with so much guilt in his voice.

“I told you I’ve already forgiven you, there’s no need to apologize”. Tessa muttered as her eyes closed again and this time she dozed off a little, her legs became lazy and she lost her stance and made to fall but Dean was fast to hold her.

“You’re drunk. How can you be drunk when you only drank a glass”. Dean muttered with a confused look on his face as he held her shoulders firmly to prevent her from falling. Tessa just smiled drunkenly at him.

“What’s going on here?”. Rico muttered from behind glaring at Dean then he began walking towards them, he didn’t wait another second before blessing Dean’s face with a tight punch and Dean’s lips bursted immediately.

“What the Fůçƙ do you think you’re doing with her?!!”. Rico yelled with so much rage visible in his voice.

“Rico calm down, I didn’t try to take advantage of her!”. Dean said cleaning his bloody lips, with his palm before licking the few particles left on his lips.

“And you expect me to believe that!!”. Rico yelled.

“She is drunk and almost dozed off as a result but I caught her!”. Dean uttered and Rico stared at Tessa who was now sitting on the floor smiling funnily at them. She seems to be enjoying the show.


“How did she get drunk?! She wasn’t drunk when she left the hall!!”. Rico snapped at Dean.

“She took my glass of champagne and drank it before I could stop her”. Dean said.

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“I wouldn’t try to take advantage of her again, not when i still feel remorseful about what happened ten years ago”. Dean muttered.

“If you feel remorseful then Fůçƙing avoid her when next you see her, cuz i won’t spare you if I see you any where next to her”. Rico glared before going to Tessa. Dean just stared at him hurtfully before walking away.

Rico removed his suit’s jacket and covered Tessa with it but she removed it and he frowned.

“I don’t need your jacket keep it yourself!”. She snapped drunkenly.

“Put it on, you might catch a cold”. Rico muttered forcefully making her wear it and Tessa frowned at him when she finally wore it.

“I h@ťě you!!”. She spat.

“I know”. Rico replied and she glared at him.
Rico carried her up in a bridal style and took her down the rooftop.

“What happened to her!!”. Harley gasped when Rico carried drunk Tessa into the hall.

“Is she drunk?”. Shawn asked beside Harley.

“Yes”. Rico muttered as he carried her towards the main door while Harley and Shawn followed closely from behind.


Rico placed her in the front seat of his car, he was about going to seat on the driver’s seat when Neo stopped him.

“Where do you think you’re taking her to?”. Neo asked glaring at Rico.

“She’s drunk I need to take her home”. Rico muttered.

“I’ll take her myself, she came with me so it’s only logical I take her back home”. Neo uttered.

“Do you know where she stays?”. Rico glared and Neo backed down.

Rico zoomed out of the venue immediately.


“Don’t you want to leave yet?”. Shawn asked Harley.

“No i haven’t eaten yet!”. Harley snapped and began walking back into the hall.

“So it’s decided. You came here to eat and nothing else”. Shawn sighed following her closely and she glared at him before quickening her pace.


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Rico dropped Tessa on the bed and made to leave, but she held him back by the hem of his sleeve and he turned to face her.

“You’re not asleep”. He said to Tessa who stood up and hugged him immediately, but he didn’t hug her back.

“I promise to quit my Job at Neo’s company so stop being mad at me”. Tessa muttered hugging him tightly.

“You promise??”. Rico asked faking anger and when Tessa nodded in reply he smiled before hugging her back.

“That’s what I wanted to hear”. He muttered before kissing her hair.

“I bought a space down the street, I’ll be training teens”. Tessa smiled breaking the hug.

“Training teens on what?”. Rico asked arranging her hair.

“I’ll be giving them dance lessons”. Tessa replied.

“Really you want to be like Moana Drakes”. Rico teased.

“Yes of course she’s my role model!”. Tessa gushed and Rico chuckled.


“I should get going..”. Rico was interrupted by the sudden kiss Tessa gave him on the lips.

“Ask me again?”. She muttered breaking the kiss.

“What?”. Rico asked cluelessly.

“The thing you asked me in the bar the other day”. Tessa said impatiently and Rico immediately remembered then he smiled.

“Will you be my girlfriend…”. Rico made to finish but impatient Tessa immediately butt in.


“Yes! Yes! Yes!”. She yelled hugging him tightly and Rico laughed loudly.

“Took you so long to accept”. He smiled.

“I know right? Foolish me!”. Tessa yelled banging her head with her palms.


“The cops should be here to take you by now what’s keeping them?”. Mr Morris muttered checking out the window in his room.

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“Roland please I beg you don’t let them take me away it will be a huge stain to my name”. The first Lady cried on her knees. They where the only one at home, Stacy was having a sleepover at her friends house.

They actually watched everything that had happened in glamour hall on the internet.

It’s the top trending news now and every television site is talking about it and tagging him irresponsible for not keeping is his wife in check.

“A huge stain to your name?? Did you think of mine before going to ruin an entire family, as if that wasn’t enough you still cornived with Helen to kill her little niece!!!”. The Mayor yelled.

“I was just jealous Roland. But all I did was because of you, I did that to make you the richest man in our city and not Edward!!”. The first lady yelled and that was when Jayden walked into the room. He heard everything.

“Anabella was right you really killed her parents and you also planned her death!”. Jayden yelled and Lady Bianca’s eyes widened.

“Anabella?? Is she the little girl Isabella??”. Lady Bianca asked with widened eyes.

“Jayden i can explain. I did it for you and your sister i couldn’t just watch and let that girl outshine you both, I would do it again if i have to”. Lady Bianca said when she got no reply from her son, and the Mayor scoffed glaring deeply at her.

“I regret the fact that I was birthed by you, you’re really the worst”. Jayden muttered and left the house.

“The cops are here, let’s go downstairs”. The Mayor said walking out of the room as the cops siren boomed the whole mansion.


“No Roland. You can’t let them take me away!!”. Lady Bianca yelled running after him.

“I’ll send the divorce papers to you in jail so as from now on you have nothing to do with the Morris household Bianca”. Mr Morris when they got to the stairs, and out of rage Lady Bianca made to push him down the stairs but ended up falling herself.

When she finally landed at the base of the stairs her head hit the tile real hard that it burst open revealing her damaged brain.


“Take her body away and cremate it, it’s obvious she’s dead”. The Mayor said to the police men who stood watching with widened eyes, they saw how she made to push him but took the fall herself.

“I can’t believe I married a witch!”. The Mayor spat going back to his room while the cops and few of his maids cleared the first lady’s body.


Trina came back home alone in a taxi. Her Dad had earlier left the event when it was past dinner time. He doesn’t miss his dinner for anything in the world.

“I’m home!!”. She said loudly walking to the dining because she knows her parents will still be having their dinner.

“Honey you’re back, look who’s here to see you”. Her mother smiled widely from where she sat at the dinning, and Dean who was talking to her Dad stood to face her, with a wide smile on his face.

“Senior Dean??”. Trina gasped shocked at his present and Dean moved closer to her.

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“We’ll excuse you both”. Her mom winked pulling up her dad from his seat. Her Dad glared at Dean before his wife pulled him away.

He doesn’t seem to be in agreement with the idea of leaving them alone, he doesn’t want him to tell her more hurtful words like he did the last time he visited.

“What are doing here?”. Trina asked lowly and Dean smiled.

“First thing first”. He said before taking her by the hand and leading her to the swimming pool outside.

“Why did you bring me here?”. Trina muttered avoiding his eye contact and Dean sighed when he noticed.

“I know I hurt you when we stood here the last time and I’m here to make up for it”. Dean muttered and Trina looked up to face him.

“I will marry you”. Dean muttered and Trina’s eyes widened.

“I thought you said you didn’t love me”. Trina asked, though a very great deal of her was very happy.

“I said that because I didn’t want you to waste your time loving me, but now that I have finally been forgiven for my sins I think I can accept your love”. Dean uttered and Trina smiled but held back.

“We barely know each other, don’t you think it would be too sudden for we to get married?”. Trina asked.


“The wedding is still far away we have enough time to get to know each other”. Dean smiled and Trina moved closer to him.

“I know you don’t love me yet but don’t worry, I’ll make you love me”. She held his hand smiling widely.


“Don’t worry it won’t be too hard for you to achieve, you’ve already got me falling slowly”. Dean smiled back as they stared at each other.

Trina suddenly pecked him on the lips and his eyes widened. She became shy instantly and made to run back into the house, but Dean caught her wrist and pulled her back to himself, immediately slamming his lips on hers.

“I knew they where meant for each other!!”. Trina’s mum gushed loudly from where she his with her husband.

“Just keep a close eye on him, cause i won’t tolerate any more heartbreak directed at my daughter”. Her husband said sternly and she rolled eyes.

“She’s my daughter too, but I’m not as overprotective over her as you”. She scoffed going back into the mansion. and her husband followed her not after giving Dean and Trina a last glance.


Anabella sat on one of the couches in the living room deep into thoughts.

She knew she did the right thing but she felt otherwise when she saw how Jayden looked hurt earlier.

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“I should have at least told him, then he wouldn’t be as mad as he his now” Anabella muttered to herself staring deep into the ceiling. Then a knock came on the door and she stood up to answer it.

“Jayden???”. She called in shock when she opened the door, only to see a crying Jayden and she didn’t know how or why, but her heart ached seeing him in tears.

“Can i come in?”. Jayden asked his teary eyes staring deeply at her.


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