People who died yesterday also thought death was far from them, so take care of yourself, forgive, kill your pride, appreciate souls who value you and be humble.




⚡Her unexpected return⚡


THEME: The Dance Goddess💃🏻.

By Fave Gold🧡✍🏻

★MY HEAD!!!★

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“If you want to make it up to me, then be my partner to Friday’s dinner party”. Neo replied and Tessa’s eyes widened.

“What??!”. Tessa exclaimed.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to be my partner to the dinner party, I’m not going to force you. You may leave”. Neo muttered coldly as he went to settle on his swivel chair.

“I promised to make it up to you. So I agree be your partner to the dinner party on Friday night”. Tessa muttered, and Neo’s eyes brightened as he let out a wide smile.

“Really?” He gasped a little and Tessa nodded, forcing out a smile.


“I’ll be taking my leave now, I have some unfinished work to cover up”. Tessa said before walking out of his office.

“She agreed. That means Rico didn’t ask her to be his partner yet, and here I was thinking it was too late”. Neo smirked to himself


Jayden was busy on his computer, his reading glasses on, his shirt’s long sleeve rolled up revealing half of his strong biceps, his collar button was left open revealing little bit of his upper chest and lower neck. He had no tie on as he had earlier taken it off, to ease his breathing.

He was seriously busy but still good looking at the same time, with his glasses on adding a unique look to his perfect features.

He drank from his cup of coffee which sat on one side of his busy desk, then dropped it back and continued his business on his computer.

Suddenly Trisha walked in unannounced, and Jayden sighed loudly before resting his back on his sit, as his blue eyes gave her questioning look.

“Let me guess, you want to remind me about the money you requested for”. Jayden sighed and Trisha just sat opposite him with a dull look on her face.


“I don’t want that anymore”. Trisha muttered.

“Really?”. Jayden muttered pretending to be shocked.

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“Yes. I just need you to help me with something very important”. Trisha said and Jayden frowned.

“Which is??”. Jayden asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I need your help in punishing Jake, he cheated on me, and so he needs to pay”. Trisha muttered.

“I’m not surprised by his actions. If he could terrorize you for such huge amount of money, then it’s clearly obvious he really doesn’t love you”. Jayden said and Trisha sighed lowly.

“I just realized that. I’ve been a fool all this while trusting a fraud like him, he just needed my money to further his cocaine business in mexico”. Trisha uttered as tears streamed down her eyes while Jayden just stared at her with a blank expression on his face.

“What do you need me to help you with?”. Jayden asked.

“Jake will be mixing an exchange of drugs for money tomorrow night, at an abandon warehouse in Washington street”. Trisha said.

“I need your help in getting the commissioner and his men to raid the area and arrest Jake and every single one of his men, including that Ɓîtçhy girlfriend of his”. Trisha muttered.

“Is that how you plan on getting back at him for breaking your heart? And since when did you know that he deals with drugs?”. Jayden asked getting utterly confused.

“I’ve always known even before I asked him to be my boyfriend. That was his only source of income”. Trisha answered.


“You where the one who asked him to date you? It’s no wonder he didn’t take you seriously”. Jayden scoffed.

“I’m a very straight forward person, I h@ťě lingering around if I like someone. So, will you agree to help me Capture Jake?”. Trisha asked with pleading eyes.

“Why do you want me to get him arrested when you can easily do it yourself?”. Jayden asked.

“I don’t want anything to do with that scandrel. I just want to sit and enjoy his downfall that’s the only way I will be able to freely move on with my life”. Trisha muttered and Jayden sighed.


If there’s one thing he’s sure of she reminded him of someone with the same determination but with a more stronger motive.

Someone who had changed alot over the years because of circumstances that forced her to such. He could only imagine how she was suffering alone not relating and confiding in anyone, but doing things and shouldering the pains all alone.

But now he only wished she was the one who came to him for help, and not him always checking up on her in case she needed anything.

“I’ll help you with it, it’s the warehouse down Washington street right?”. He asked after series of thinking and Trisha nodded with a smile.

She took time to scan his huge sophisticating looking office and at the process her gaze caught Jayden and she didn’t want to look away. Her eyes admired his perfect body features and extremely handsome face.

Not to mention the perfect pair of blue eyes which where currently giving her a questioning look and she blushed lightly.

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“Do you need my help for anything else?”. Jayden questioned jolting her from her dreamland.

“Hmm…nothing..else”. Trisha stuttered.

“Okay. So you’re not planning on leaving? I’m kinda busy”. Jayden uttered and Trisha nodded as she made to stand up, but she sat back, and Jayden gave her a raised eyebrow.

“I wanted to suggest that why don’t we consider a relationship between us…?”. Trisha made to finish as Jayden frowned at her, but she was interrupted when Anabella walked in also unannounced then she gave them a stern look before rolling her eyes.

“I think it’s time you leave now, Trisha. I’ll inform you once I’ve done what you requested of me”. Jayden said.

“Who’s she?”. Trisha asked ignoring Jayden, as she gave Anabella a strange look and Anabella scoffed.

“A very good friend of mine. So can please excuse us now?”. Jayden said and Trisha faced him.

“I’ll call you”. Trisha said before walking out, not after eyeing Anabella who returned it with a more fiercer glare.

“How come each I time I come into your office, you’re always with a lady?”. Anabella glared.

“That’s what you’ll call charming. I have a thing for attracting pretty ladies”. Jayden smiled and Anabella rolled eyes.


“Coming unannounced is becoming a part of you now”. Jayden muttered.


“Really? Then I’ll leave since you’re mad about me coming to see you”. Anabella said and made to walk out in anger but she was stopped by Jayden who held her by the hand, then he turned her to face him, his hand raising her chin, so would lock eyes.

“What’s with your angry expression? Who made you mad?”. Jayden asked his eyes piercing deeply into her’s, his hands still holding her right wrist.

“Just let me go? I have work to attend to”. Anabella muttered removing his hand from her chin, then she made to disengage his hand from her wrist but he tightened his grip on her wrist, and Anabella looked up to face him.

“What’s the problem with you and what have you been up to lately?”. Jayden asked staring deeply at her, as if he would find the answer in her eyes.

“Nothing much”. Anabella replied finally freeing herself from Jayden’s grip.

“So you mean, you’re really here to see me and not because of you need my help with something?”. Jayden scoffed.

“I need your help with something”. Anabella stated and Jayden’s eyes widened.

“What’s with the shocking look?”. Anabella asked.

“You’ve never asked me for help before”. Jayden smiled going closer to her, and Anabella moved back at every step he took, till her back finally hit the wall and he caged her between him with his hands stuck to the wall. Then he looked down to face her questioning look.

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“Tell me exactly what you’re planning, otherwise I won’t help you like you requested for”. He muttered cooly.

“I’ll tell you once its time okay, I just need your help for now”. Anabella muttered and Jayden frowned.

“Okay if you say so. But how come everyone’s asking for my help today. First was Trisha, now you? Wow I’m honored!”. Jayden gushed releasing her and Anabella frowned.

“Trisha??”. She asked giving a stern look.

“She’s the lady who just left a while ago”. Jayden uttered and Anabella glared at him.

“Now that you’re here, why don’t we go out for lunch”. Jayden suggested with a nice smile playing on his face.

“No! Go ask your Trisha instead”. Anabella muttered and with that she left his office.

“What’s wrong with her?”. Jayden asked cluelessly.



“Woah, this place is the best. The view is also nice!!”. Tessa gushed running aeound and Rico chuckled staring at her. She has been doing that ever since she alighted Rico’s car. It’s obvious she loves the amazing site.


Well who wouldn’t, it was a very huge garden depicting forestry vibes, but the cool bushes and flowers made one think otherwise.

It was like a mini horizon for natural landscapes and mountains. Yes! there was a grassy mountain located far into the huge garden, and to top it all a shiny blue valley (Lake) was streaming right in the middle of the of the garden and Tessa let out a loud gasp when she saw it.

“I knew you would love it here”. Rico said and Tessa gave him a huge peck on the cheek.

“You’re the best!!”. She smiled at him and Rico’s cheeks became red, he was blushing really hard and Tessa laughed loudly when she noticed.

“I never knew my kiss had so much power!”. She laughed and Rico faked a frown covering his cheeks.

“Look at you acting all cute”. She teased and Rico walked away feeling shy but she followed him.

They settled on a white bench and Tessa rested her head on his shoulder, while he patted her hair smoothly.

“It’s a good thing, you made me eat before bringing me, cos I’m very sure I would have felt extra hungry with all this beauties around”. Tessa smiled facing him, her lips only few inches from his.

“Don’t i deserve a reward for arranging all this”. Rico asked staring at her tempting lips, and as if she knew what he was thinking, she smashed her lips on his, kissing him very deeply and Rico made sure to respond to it. Sucking her lips like his entire life depended on it, he pulled her face closer. Then he broke the kiss still staring at her now swollen lips.

“Aren’t you ready to become my girlfriend now?”. He asked in almost a deep whisper with his hands caressing her face, and his eyes burning with so much desire. Then Tessa pulled away from him.

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“Not yet. I still need more time”. Tessa muttered and Rico sighed.

“Okay then. But at least you can accompany to the party on Friday night right?”. Rico asked with so much coolness in his voice, and Tessa just stared at him with a sad expression on her face.

“What’s the problem?”. Rico asked looking concerned.

“I already have a partner for Friday night”. Tessa muttered lowly, as she avoided eye contact with him.


“Really, who?”. Rico muttered looking downcasted and Tessa bit her lower lip before answering. She knew it won’t go down well with him if he it was Neo who was her partner.

“It’s Neo”. She finally answered and Rico frowned instantly.

“He asked you to be his partner and you agreed??”. Rico requested, his eyes blazing with anger.

“I couldn’t just reject him, not after keeping him waiting yesterday. He was really mad and I promised to make it up to him”. Tessa explained in a pleading manner and Rico scoffed.

“And that’s the reason why, you agreed to be his partner?!!”. Rico raised his voice.

“I didn’t see any reason to reject him, afterall I never really had a partner for Friday night, i was expecting you to ask me but you kept on stalling and wasting time!”. Tessa replied.


“The only reason I wasted time was because I thought you would reject me again. After all you keep rejecting to be my girlfriend each time I asked, so I thought you would do the same and refuse to be my partner to Friday’s dinner party. But now that I’ve finally mustered the courage to ask you, you already have a partner. Good Job Tessa!”. Rico muttered hurtfully and with that he stormed out of the place while Tessa followed him.

“Rico I didn’t really mean to…”. Tessa made to finish, when they got to the car.

“Get in, you don’t want your boss getting mad at you again”. Rico interrupted, opening the door for her and she stepped in. He shut the car door and also went in from his side. Then zoomed off out of the area.

“Rico try to understand…”. Tessa made to say inside the car while he was driving but Rico turned on the music, increasing the volume and Tessa sighed her eyes becoming misty as it formed tears.

After few minutes of driving he stopped right in front of her working place, she made to explain but he ignored her and she alighted the car, slamming the door car shut.

Rico didn’t take another second before driving out of the vicinity and a lone tear left Tessa’s eyes as she stared at his leaving car. She then cleaned her eyes with her palms, and went inside the company.


It’s a luxurious restaurant occupied by elites of the city. It’s the same restaurant Harley was currently having her blind dates.

She just finished speaking to the fourth man on her list and she was getting really tired of waiting for the fifth man. The men she just met where nothing but dogs.

It is either they where older than her or, they had no manners at all. She made a disgusting look with her face.

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“Was i cursed to remain single all my life?”. Harley sighed out loudly banging her on the table.


“I’ll just leave, since the fifth f**l refused to appear! This world is filled with worthless men now. All the good ones have been taken, now there’s no one left to date me, I wish I was born a little earlier!!”. Harley uttered loudly still banging her head on the table, as she stomped her feet on the floor.

The moment she raised her head up she saw Shawn coming into the main door, with his phone in his hand. He looked like he was coming from work, probably observing lunch break.

He kept staring at his phone then he returned his gaze up and started surveying the whole restaurant.

It was as if he was searching for someone, and when he’s eyes almost caught her, she immediately hid under her table.

“What’s he doing here?!”. She gasped from where she hid under the table, then suddenly Shawn began walking towards her, pocketing his phone, and her eyes widened.

Shawn settled down on her seat, probably waiting for someone.

“Don’t tell me his the fifth date I’ve been waiting for??”. Harley panicked her mind, as she covered her mouth with her hands to avoid any unplanned loud gasp from her.

Shawn was getting impatient of waiting and so he made to cross his, but his long leg hit Harley’s head which was under the table and Harley cried out loudly, immediately coming out of the table and Shawn’s eyes widened.

“You almost killed me, with this Fůçƙing carrot legs of yours!!”. Harley snapped at him in full rage.


“Where did you come from? And wait did you just called my legs carrot legs?!”. Shawn demanded his eyes still widened from shock and Harley scoffed in anger.


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