⚡Her unexpected return⚡


THEME: The Dance Goddess💃🏻.

By Fave Gold🧡✍🏻


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“Ceo Lady Anabella Kingston right?”. Lady Helen called from the main door, which made Anabella turn to face her.

“And you are?”. Anabella asked with a raised eyebrow, ignorantly scanning through Lady Helen.

‘This rude brat. Does it mean that she doesn’t know me, the richest lady in this city’. Lady Helen thought to herself, with a huge frown on her face.

“I don’t have all day, meet with my secretary if you have any important thing to say”. Anabella muttered coldly and made to walk away.

“I’m lady Helen Warwick, the richest lady in this whole city. The one lady everyone wants to be in alliance with”. Lady Helen smirked stopping Anabella on her track.


“Like I mentioned if you have any important thing to say, meet my secretary”. Anabella uttered sharply, her back facing lady Helen.

“So you’re going to say, you don’t know that for the past three weeks I’ve been trying to secure a contract with you!!!”. Lady Helen snapped in total dismay and Anabella smirked at her temper.

“What is she talking about?”. Anabella asked the general manager who happened to be Mr Sedan by name, beside her and Lady Helen scoffed in annoyance.

“She has been disturbing us lately for a contract, but we refused”. Mr Sedan whispered to her.

“And why did you refuse?”. Anabella asked her back still facing Lady Helen.

“She won’t bring us profit my Lady. She’s not in good terms with most of the influential coglomates in the city, we where just considering the fact that, they might avoid us if we sign a contract with her”. Mr Sedan whispered and Anabella smirked, then she faced Lady Helen.


“What kind of contract do you want us to sign?”. Anabella asked, her cold gaze on lady Helen.

“Why don’t we go into your office, this is not the perfect place for the discussion”. Lady Helen replied.

“Take care of her problems for me. I’m too busy to waste my time on her”. Anabella muttered to Mr Sedan who nodded in return. Then two of the executives showed her to her office, leaving Lady Helen who kept fuming in anger.

“Did that Ɓîtçh just ditch me and left me in the care of a worthless manager”. Lady Helen muttered to her secretary, balling her fist.

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“It seems so my Lady”. Her secretary replied.

“Come with me”. Mr Sedan said eyeing her rudely, before leading the way to his office and Lady Helen glared at him.

“My lady we need to submit to them if we want them to sign a contract with us”. Jenna said to lady Helen, and Lady Helen gritted her teeth before following Me Sedan.


“You did the right thing by showing her, her place my lady. She tends to be so proud”. Anabella’s secretary Jade smiled dropping some files on Anabella’s desk.

“What files are this?”. Anabella asked scanning through them.

“They are the contracts the general manager has secured within the past few months”. Jade said.

“I never knew he was this industrious”. Anabella uttered as she read through the files.

“Of course he his my lady, he doesn’t take the affairs of the company for a joke. His only problem is that he sometimes act rash and invites vixens into his office”. Jade replied and Anabella glanced at her before returning her gaze to the files in her hands.

“It won’t happen again, now that I’m back. You may leave, I’ll call you when I need you”. Anabella said and Jade nodded before leaving the office, but spy immediately worked in looking completely different in his disguise.


“You’ve finally found something?”. Anabella asked standing up to face him and he nodded.


“We’ve found Mr Warwick’s location and you where right, he isn’t dead”. Spy said.

“That’s great news”. Anabella mouthed.

“What should we do now my Lady?”.Spy asked.

“Steal him away from her. He’s the key to avenging my parent’s death”. Anabella muttered. “And here, look into this footage and get me the two culprits, before the end of this week”. Anabella said handing him a flash drive.

“Okay my Lady. I’ll get back to you”. Spy nodded before leaving the office then Mr Sedan walked in and Anabella sighed.

“My Lady, here are the papers that witch wants us to sign”. Mr Sedan said dropping
the files on the table.

“Sign the d@mn papers and quit disturbing my peace”. Anabella uttered harshly resting her back on her swivel chair.

“My lady are you sure of this? Though the contract is eye catching, but that lady and her company doesn’t stay away from scandals and we’re a scandal free company. It’s best we stay away from her”. Mr Sedan adviced

“Are you the one to decide or me?!!.Anabella snapped, but when she saw how reluctant Mr Sedan was to sign the papers, she snatched it from him and signed it herself.

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“You may leave”. She said handing him the files, as he made to leave.

“Take this as a warning. The next time the news about you entertaining Ɓîtçhes in my company reaches me again, I won’t waste time before seeing it that you end your service in this noble firm”. Anabella warned.

“Yess….yes…my….lady…I’m sorry…about that”. Mr Sedan muttered before leaving the office.

“I’m very sure it was that arrogant Ɓîtçh Jade who told on me, cause no one dare double cross me in this company”. Mr Sedan muttered lowly while leaving the office.

Anabella still went through the files Jade left for her, then she smiled when her eyes caught something interesting. She picked her bag from the side of her desk, before leaving the office.

“My lady this is good news, we’ve finally secured a contract with Silver group of companies”. Jenna gushed beside her boss as they made their way to their car in the parking lot.


“Not after they made me go through all that series of disgrace! That brat Anabella is so arrogant she thinks she can treat me just anyhow just because I requested for a little help from her”. Lady Helen muttered gritting her teeth as she entered her car.

“It’s only a matter of time, once I’ve redeemed my honor through this contract, I’ll make i pay”. Lady Helen glared, folding her fist as her secretary just stared at her, while the driver drove out of the company.


“And what do I owe this visit of yours Tina?”. Jayden asked when he into his office, only to meet Tina who sat waiting for him.


“Is that what you’re gonna ask, after d**ching my phone calls!”. Tina snapped at him.

“I see no reason to answer your calls Tina”. Jayden replied sitting opposite her.

“Well you’re here now and I plan on visiting everyday”. Tina smiled widely at him.

“Thought your mom made you the general manager of her so called company. Why does it still seem like you’re jobless?”. Jayden asked with a frown on his face.

“You’ve been avoiding me lately and that’s why I plan on gaining your attention”. Tina said and Jayden scoffed, then she stood up and went to his back, she began caressing his shoulders down to his chest.

“What do you think you’re doing?”. Jayden asked holding her hand, stopping her in the process.

“Don’t tell me you don’t like it. My hands are super soft, any man would crave to be in the position you are right now”. Tina whispered seductively into his ears as she resumed her work on his shoulders. Before Jayden could stop her, Anabella walked and frowned immediately at the position she caught them in, while Tina smirked at her.

“You must be Anabella right”. Tina smiled walking up to Ana.

“I came here for something important”. Anabella said ignoring Tina as she walked up to Jayden and dropped a document on his table, while Tina just glared at her.

“Who do you think you are to just bardge in and interrupt our mood!”. Tina snapped at Anabella.

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“I don’t exchange words with fools, so if you don’t mind excuse us”. Anabella muttered sternly and Tina scoffed in annoyance.


“Who do you think you are to chase me out of his office!”. Tina glared.

“Jayden chase the Ɓîtçh out we need to discuss business”. Anabella said to Jayden which annoyed Tina more.

“Valentina you have few seconds to leave or I throw you out”. Jayden said sternly and Tina’s eyes widened.

“You’re chasing me out because of this annoying sl*t!!”. Tina yelled and Jayden frowned while Anabella smirked in an annoying way.

“Do you want me to repeat myself!!”. Jayden yelled and Tina glared at Anabella one last time before storming out of the office.

“It’s about time I anahilate her from Jayden’s life for good”. Tina glared as she made her way outside the company, her heels clinking loudly to the floor.

“Can’t believe you two almost made out in the office”. Anabella glared and Jayden smirked at her.

“It won’t be bad if we had done it, but you just had to interrupt”. Jayden muttered and Anabella balled her fist in anger.

“What are you doing here anyway?”. Jayden asked, going through the file Anabella dumped on his desk, while Anabella jujust glared at him.


“You want us to renew the contract we signed three years ago?”. Jayden asked not looking up from the file.

“That’s what written in the file why are you asking?”. Anabella rolled eyes at him, and Jayden dropped the papers.

“I don’t plan on renewing any contract with your company”. Jayden said staring at her.

“Why?”. Anabella frowned.

“It’s my decision to make, plus you’re the one who needs most”. Jayden smirked at her.

“Why are you suddenly refusing to be in cohurts with us?”. Anabella asked getting pissed.


“I may sign it if you want me to”. Jayden said.

“What do you mean?”. Anabella asked.

“I’m saying that I’ll sign the contract on one condition”. Jayden uttered and Anabella frowned.

“What condition?”. She asked.

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“Be my partner to next week’s all celebrities dinner party”. Jayden smirked.

“You’re joking right? I’m not even attending the event”. Anabella said.

“Then you can attend with me” Jayden smiled.

“No, I don’t agree with your condition. There will be too much annoying people there and I h@ťě to see their faces”. Anabella spat.

“Okay then, take your contract and use the door”. Jayden said, as he began working on his laptop ignoring her presence.

“There are already many rumors about us, going with you to the event next week will only confirm everyone’s suspicions”. Anabella said but Jayden ignored her and that got her mad.

“Okay fine, I’ll be your partner to next week’s dinner party, just Fůçƙing sign the papers already!!”. Anabella snapped at him and he chuckled before signing the documents.

“So we’re officially business partners again!!”. Jayden gushed playfully as he signed the paper and Anabella scoffed.

“You still haven’t given me Spy’s number”. Jayden said handing the files to her.

“You left angrily in the morning,you don’t expect me to call you back”. Anabella said.


“Your phone I need to copy his number”. Jayden asked and Anabella gave him her phone. He copied spy’s number and handed the phone back to Anabella, then she stood up and made to leave.


“I’ve you had breakfast? Care for a cup of coffee?”. Jayden asked.

“No I’m not hungry”. Anabella muttered and left the office.

“Is she mad because I asked her to be my partner for next week’s dinner party”. Jayden thiught to himself.


Rico couldn’t focus ever since he dropped Tessa off at work, he was completely restless.

“She can’t be serious about working there right? It’s obvious that motherf***er is trying to use her to get to me”. Rico muttered to himself, and that was when Gina walked in her Ɓîtçhy outfit and Rico glared at her.

He never really liked her in highschool but when he found out, that she might have a hand on her cousin’s death, he h@ťěd her more.

Gina smirked when she saw the angry expression on his face. The feeling of hatred he has for was mutual, cos she also can’t stand him.

“C,mon Rico, don’t give me that look. Don’t you want to know who told Neo about your longtime love for Tessa”. Gina smirked settling opposite him as Rico gave her a stern glare.

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