⚡Her unexpected return⚡


THEME: The Dance Goddess💃🏻.

By Fave Gold🧡✍🏻


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“Arrrrrrrggghh!!!!”. She yelled in horror mixed with great amount of fear. It was the one thing she detested apart from her aunt and cousins.

The entire family where having dinner quietly alongside Jayden who kept wondering who the girl sitting opposite him was.

She was a dark haired girl, looking more like an half cass. She was not too bright in complexion but she was very pretty. She doesn’t seem to care much about Jayden’s presence and Jayden couldn’t deny in his mind how impressed he was. She was the only girl apart from Anabella who wasn’t too carried away about his looks.

“So Jayden, the lady sitting opposite you is…” The Mayor made to finish, but was interrupted by a call that came on Jayden’s phone, and Jayden without thinking, immediately picked the call when he saw the dialer.

“Jay…den?”. Anabella stuttered through the phone and Jayden stood up from his seat, eyes wide opened and everyone except his Dad’s attention turned to face him.


“Ella is anything the problem? Are you okay?”. Jayden asked with so much worry in his voice.

“No Jayden…I’m not…I…might..just die!”. Anabella cried through the phone and Jayden’s eyes widened more. He had never heard her cry before. She had always been tough to a fault, ever since she escaped death.

“Ella, where are you right now?”. Jayden asked, his heart beating restlessly.

“I’m in…the…bathtub….in..my..room”. She muttered still in tears.

“Stay right there, I’m on my way”. Jayden said and immediately dashed out of the house, leaving everyone to wonder what made him run out like that.

“I’m very sure it’s the same lady that was spotted with him in the airport that called. So her name is Ella”. Stacy whispered to her mum but everyone heard it anyway, and her mum hushed her to keep quiet.


The heard the loud sound of a fork and knife lightly hitting the dining table as Trisha dropped it, intentionally making it sound loudly than usual.

It seems she was mad about what Stacy said, but no one could tell, as her face was expressionless. Then she stood.

“Thanks for the meal Mr Mayor, I’ll be taking my leave now”. She muttered and after bowing shortly, she left before anyone could stop her.

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“That rude brat! He’s gonna cost me money some day!!”. The Mayor spat in rage, before leaving the dining for his study and the First lady went after him.

“That’s what you both get for trying to force my bro into an arranged marriage, just like you did to Big sis Andrea”. Stacy muttered staring at her parent’s exiting figure, before also leaving for her room.


“Ella!!”. Jayden called the moment he got into her apartment. You might be wondering how, when she had earlier locked the main door. Well he has his own spare key, he got from Shawn incase of situation like this.

“Ella”. He called again making his way upstairs.

“Jayden?!”. He heard her feint voice call him from within, when he got into her room. Then he made his way to the bathroom and his eyes widened the moment he spotted what caused her sudden fear.

It was BLOOD!! Not just any blood but human blood, the one thing Anabella h@ťěd the most.

She developed this phobia 10 years ago, when she was brutally stabbed and drenched in her own pool of blood.

No one except Jayden knew about this unusual fear of hers, not even Lady Elena.

Jayden found out in France. When he visited her in her office only to see her in an unpleasant state, panicking because of a little cut on her index finger.


Now she was faced with something worse than just a slight cut. It was a huge amount of blood. Spilled on the tiled wall of the bathroom, that it formed dangerous words.

“LEAVE THIS CITY IF YOU DON’T WANT A QUICK FLIGHT TO HELL”. The smeared blood on the tiled wall depicted boldly and Jayden didn’t wait another second after reading it, before getting a bow of water to wash it off.

It didn’t take him minutes to finish washing it off, as it was still fresh on the wall.

Then he glanced at Anabella who was still shivering in fear inside the bathtub and he un hooked her white towel from where she had earlier hunged it, before giving it to her.

He turned his back at her, as she tied the towel around herself. When she was done she didn’t give him a heads up, but instead walked up to him and held his hand into her cold fingers. Then Jayden turned to face her.

He took off his jacket and placed it around her shoulder. Then he led her into her room.
Jayden was seen making a call while waiting patiently for Anabella who had earlier gone into her dressing room to put something on.

“Who did you call?”. Anabella asked her cold charisma back and Jayden turned to face her.
She was putting on her night dress and Jayden frowned.

“What do you think you’re putting on?”. Jayden asked and she just went to lay on her bed, using the silky duvet to cover her lower self.


“You are kidding me right?”. Jayden scoffed.

“I’m not moving out, good night”. She muttered and made to switch off the table lamp beside her, but Jayden interrupted by join her on the bed, sitting opposite her as he held her tight on the shoulder, his gaze piercing deep into her’s.

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“Don’t you care about your live at all!! what if they made to attack you again you again, then what will become of your quest for vengeance!!”. Jayden yelled and Anabella flinched in fear.

“Jayden…”. She tried to mention.

“Don’t Fůçƙing say anything, you’re going back into that dressing to change, then we’re leaving this place”. Jayden said sternly.

“I’m not going anywhere”. Anabella muttered and Jayden stood up groaning in annoyance.

“Why are you so stubborn!!”. He groaned.

“I can take care of myself. Plus, it was just a warning”. Anabella waved it off resting her head on her pillow.

“And don’t tell big sis about what just happened, she worries a lot it won’t be good for her”. Anabella muttered closing her eyes and Jayden just sighed staring at her in disbelief.

‘Was this not the same lady who was shuddering in fear a while ago? Where did all this confidence come from all of a sudden’. Jayden within himself, before making to leave and Anabella sat up.

“You’re leaving already?”. She asked and Jayden turned to face.

“Yes, it’s already late”.Jayden said.


“What if they come for me again?”. Anabella asked.

“I thought you said, you could take care of yourself, if that chose to happen again”. Jayden said with raised eyebrows.

“I…only…said that….because….I knew you where going to come to my rescue”. Anabella muttered lowly staring down, as she played with her fingers and Jayden scoffed.

“I just don’t understand you”. Jayden muttered and Anabella looked up to face him.

“You promised to always protect me, remember”. Anabella said out of the blue.

“Of course I do, not like I’ve got any other choice. So what do you want me to do while I’m here?”. Jayden asked walking towards her and she smiled deviously.

“Why are you smiling like a little witch?”. Jayden asked with a confused look on his face.


“Read me a bed time story, so I easily fall asleep”. She said and Jayden broke into laughter.

“Do you think you’re still a kid?”. Jayden teased and Ana frowned.

“If you don’t read me a bedtime story, then you’re going no where”. Anabella threatened.

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“Okay then, there’s no problem with me sleeping here. I’m too tired to drive this night anyway”. Jayden said, adjusting himself to lay on the bed beside her, then he covered himself with the duvet resting his head on a pillow he closed his eyes. All this while Anabella just stared at him with widened eyes.

“Hey, you’re kidding right?”. She muttered into his ears.

“Just close eyes and then the sleep will come”. Jayden muttered back his eyes still closed and Anabella scoffed in rage as she hit his chest in the process. She made to hit him again, but when she saw Jayden’s stern gaze on her, she turned to the other side of the bed to sleep, while Jayden chuckled at how cute she acted.

It’s funny how they became so close over the short time, they spent together in France. Anabella always being the coldheaded person she was, tried countless times to push him away, but then sometimes she just couldn’t help it.


Trisha was still fuming about what happened in the Morris’ mansion as she drove.

“I can’t believe that was the so called most well organized family in the whole country, and that Jayden guy was so rude to have left without even sparing me a little glance”. Trisha muttered gritting her teeth in rage as she handled the steering, with her eyes on the road. Suddenly a call came in to the screen of her car, right beside the steering wheel. Then the huge frown on her face turned into a huge smile, before clicking receive on the screen.

“Hi baby!!”. She gushed excitedly to the screen.

“Are you still having dinner with the Mayor and his family?”. Her boyfriend asked.

“No, I left already, I couldn’t stand those people”. Trisha said with disgust playing on her face.


“What do you mean by you left, I thought we agreed on making the Morris heir fall in love with you, then you trick him into transferring some of his assets into your name, so we could elope and get married with it, since your parents doesn’t approve of us being together, because of my poor background”. Her boyfriend snapped through the phone.

“Yes we did, but that arrogant guy wouldn’t even look at me and it seems the rumors about his dating a foreigner is true, could you believe he left his family gathering just to go attend to her”. Trisha said, and she could hear her boyfriend groan in anger through the phone.

“I thought you claimed to love me?”. Jake snapped again.

“Of course I do but then….” Trisha made to finish.

“But then what Trisha? If you really love me like you said you did, then we would have eloped by now. You should have put up with them but because you don’t find it fit to sacrifice for our love you had to walk out”. Jake said and Trisha began crying.


“I’m sorry Jake, I promise to work harder and get you the money you need, I’m on my way to your place, i promise to help change your now bad mood into a nice one”. Trisha smiled knowingly.

“Don’t bother”. Jake uttered killing her mood. “Don’t bother calling or visiting till you’ve done what you need to do”. Jake snapped and hanged up.

“Don’t worry babe, I won’t fail you. I’ll rob Jayden of all his wealth if I have to”. Trisha muttered in tears as she continued driving in tears.

“That Ɓîtçh! I can’t wait to jilt her and focus on you sweetie”. Jake said kissing the blonde haired lady laying on the bed with him. They’re currently both naked in bed.

“What country do you think we should settle in, once that dumb Ɓîtçh gives you the money?”. Joan who happened to be his real girlfriend asked beside him.

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“Anyone of your choice love”. Jake muttered pulling her closer him as he began kissing her sensitive spots while she Mõ@ɲed shamelessly.

“All my money gone!!”. Tessa groaned banging her head on the table.

“Come on, it’s just three thousand bucks”. Harley said, patting Tessa on the back and Trina also joined her in patting Tessa’s back.

“I never knew you two would finish what was meant for ten people”. Tessa groaned.

“C,mon Tess you’re just exaggerating, the can’t even be enough for five individuals”. Harley said.

“At least it was the best we’ve ever tasted, so your money isn’t really gone, but it’s inside your tummy”. Trina cooed tapping Tessa’s tummy, but Tessa snapped her hand away and she laughed.

“That was my only cash, now I’ll have to go beg my parents to unfreeze my account”. Tessa groaned as she made to bang her head on the table again, but someone covered it with his palm, so her head hit his palm instead.

“Who are you?”. Tessa asked when she raised her head up to face him.

“I can help with your money problem”. The stranger said staring at her and she scoffed, while Trina and Harley just stared at him with mouth wide opened wondering who the demi God with an angelic voice was.

“Do you take me for someone who’s poor!”. Tessa snapped at him.


“Of course not, you’re Theresa the only daughter of Sir Russell and Lady Berklyn right?”. The stranger said and everyone on the table gasped in shock.

“He seems to know her even more than we do”. Harley whispered to Trina.

“I know right”. Trina whispered back.

“How come…you..”. Tessa made to ask.


“I’m business partners with them”. The stranger said and everyone stared at him in confusion. “My bad, I’m Neo by name. The Ceo of NAMA business world”. Neo introduced extending his hand for an handshake, as he smiled widely revealing his perfect sect of teeth and Tessa took it.


“Yes”. Neo replied.

“That means you’re rivals with Rico Salvador?”. Trina asked and Neo nodded getting pissed with their questions.

“What makes you think you can help me, with money?”. Tessa asked.

“Like I said I’m the CEO of NAMA and we’re hiring”. He said and Tessa furrowed her eyebrows.

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“Don’t worry we’ve got, position for people of your status”. Neo assured. “Here’s my business card”. He said handing the little rectangular shaped black card.

“Okay I’ll get back to you once I’ve made my mind”. Tessa muttered reluctantly collecting his business card, and in the process her hand slightly brushed through Neo’s, causing him to smirk secretly.

“I’ll be expecting your call”. Neo smiled before walking back to his table where his friend Rex has been waiting for him.

“If you go work in his company, wouldn’t that mean you betraying your parents? You refused to work in your Dad’s firm but you’re willing to work for a stranger you just met?”. Harley asked Tessa who doesn’t seem to have a problem with what she did.

“It’s my decision to make, not yours. Besides I have three elder brothers who are already on the verge of killing themselves for my Dad’s company, you expect me to die along with them”. Tessa said sipping from her juice and Trina grabbed it from her.

“I’m really tasty, buy yourself another one”. Trina smiled sipping from the juice as Tessa glares at her.

“Is she the girl Gina told you, Rico is in love with?”. Rex asked when Neo settled down beside him. He smiled when Neo nodded in approval.

“I must say, that bastard really has good taste”. Neo smiled as he stared at Tessa.

“I know right she’s super hot, I also find that dark haired girl cute too, though it seems she talks alot and i h@ťě chatterboxes”. Rex agreed.

“How come I always crave what he likes”. Neo smirked still staring at Tessa as she stood up to leave with her friends, then she waved at him and he returned it with a huge, before walking out the restaurant door.


“What do you mean by that? don’t tell me you also want her”. Rex spoke jolting him, to face him and Neo smiled deviously.

“I thought I could use her as a weapon to bring him down, but then nothing hurts more than heart break especially when it comes from your highschool sweetheart”. Neo smirked.

“For once that Ɓîtçh Gina, proved she was more than just a Ɓîtçh. If you play your cards well, you’ll be going to no#1 while Rico might even fall to a hundred”. Rex chuckled and Neo laughed. Then a call came in on Rex phone, he smirked before answering it.


“How did it go?”. Gina asked through the phone.

“Great!! you’re really good at giving tips”. Rex replied.

“I told you it would be to your favorite”. Gina smirked through the phone.

“And it was. What’s your deal with her anyway?”. Rex asked.

“Nothing much. I just want her completely out of Shawn’s love life. But you guys need her to ruin Rico so it’s a win for both of us”. Gina replied sternly.

“We should really meet up for this stunt you pulled, I would love to give you your reward personnally”. Rex smirked knowingly and Neo just rolled eyes at him.

“Sure text me the location and I’ll be sure to be there”. Gina smiled through the phone.

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“Okay till then”. Rex smiled before hanging up. “Once a Ɓîtçh always a Ɓîtçh”. Rex joked and Neo scoffed.

“Don’t you think it’s about time, you take a break from that?”. Neo asked.

“Never!. What if you, you seem to be interested in Tessa. something tells me its beyound your plan of ruining Rico”. Rex smirked

“I’ve already grew immense interest in her, she’s totallying my type and I must have her to myself. I can ruin Rico and have Tessa to myself at the same time”. Neo muttered with a deadly glare playing on his face while Rex just stared at him.


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