People who died yesterday also thought death was far from them, so take care of yourself, forgive, kill your pride, appreciate souls who value you and be humble.




⚡Her unexpected return⚡


THEME: The Dance Goddess💃🏻.

By Fave Gold🧡✍🏻


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Anabella was pacing through and fro of her room, then she took her phone and dialled Jayden’s number.

“Is anything the problem?”. Jayden asked picking the call and Anabella could hear feint noises of cars and their horns, then she concluded he must be driving.

“Get Shawn to change my apartment”. She said sternly.

“Why? You don’t like it there?”. Jayden asked through the phone.


“Yes and I need to move out Asap”. Anabella muttered and Jayden sighed.

“I’m already on my way to your place, we’ll talk better when I get there”. Jayden muttered and Anabella cut the call.

“They will be nothing but distraction to me if I spend another seconds here”. Anabella muttered lowly, then the door bell downstairs rang.

‘His here already?’. She thought before going down to answer the down.

“It’s you”. She muttered when she saw who was behind the door, then she left the door open for him to come in, as she went in first to settle on one of the couches in the living room. The man who happened to be her spy walked in and shut the door behind him.

“Let me guess, you found nothing”. Anabella asked her legs crossed as she stared coldly at the man and he nodded his head in approval.

“It’s been 3 years now since I gave you the task to do, but you still keep on fumbling”. Anabella muttered glaring deeply at him.

“My lady, its been seventeen years since she hid him, though we haven’t found his actual location yet, but one thing’s sure he’s still in this city”. The spy said and Anabella stood up to face him.

“I need news about his location before the end of tomorrow, No delays and if otherwise just drop your card and quit”. Anabella said sternly.

“Don’t worry my lady, I’ll get all the information you need to know on late Mr Warwick”. The spy said bowing and Anabella gave him a sharp glare.

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“What makes you think his dead? Did you see his body and recognized it as his?”
She asked still glaring at him.

“I’m sorry my Lady”. The spy apologized his head still bowed.


“Leave”. Anabella uttered going back to settle on the couch.

“My Lady should I inform the General manager that you will be resuming work tomorrow?”. The spy asked.

“No I plan on giving him a surprise. He tends to make a lot of rash decisions in my absence, now that I’m back i would like to see how he plans on making amends”. Anabella smirked and that was when the door bell rung again.

She signaled to spy who immediately went to open the door. Then Jayden walked in, he doesn’t seem to be too surprised about spy’s presence. But he also doesn’t like his presence.

“You can leave”. Anabella said to spy who bowed one last time before leaving.

“My sister told me to give you these”. Jayden said dropping an envelope filled with important files on the center table, as he sat opposite her.

Anabella took the envelope, and opened it slightly to check the content, when she confirmed the authencity she nodded while Jayden just stared at her.

“I don’t know what you’re planning to do or how you want to go about it, but that doesn’t mean you’ll shut yourself out from the rest of the world and change completely”. Jayden said suddenly and Anabella faced him.


“What do you mean by what you just said?”. Anabella asked clueless my.

“While i was parking my car, I saw Harley in the Mansion opposite yours”. Jayden said his gaze still on her.

“So..?”. Anabella asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I concluded she was the reason why you requested to move out when you just got here”. Jayden said.

“In other words you’re telling me you can’t find another apartment for me, before the night comes?”. Anabella asked.

“Did I make mention of that?”. Jayden asked her.

“You’ve delivered what Big sis told you to deliver to me, thanks for that”. Anabella muttered and stood up as he made to leave for her room, but Jayden pulled her back by the hand and she bumped into his chest, then she looked up to stare at him, his deep blue eyes piercing deeply into her’s. They where so close that they could clearly hear the sound of each others heartbeat.

“You can’t be alone by yourself, your attitude will just get worse and i know you also don’t want that”. Jayden muttered, his lips only few inches from hers.

“What are you trying to say”. Anabella muttered back still keeping the eye contact.

“Come with me”. Jayden said as he took her by the hand and immediately went outside the door.

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“Where are you taking me to?”. Anabella asked but Jayden ignored her question, as he continued pulling her to Harley’s mansion and her eyes widened as he rung the door bell.

“Why are we here?”. She asked him but instead he rung the door bell again, his hand still having a tight grip on hers. Then finally someone opened the door. It was Tessa and she gasped when she saw them.


“Jayden?”. She called in surprise and Jayden returned with a smile.

“Can we come in?”. He said still holding Anabella like she would run away if he let go.

“Yes, sure”. Tessa smiled opening the door widely so they could come in as Anabella avoided eye contact with her while Jayden led her in.

“Senior Jayden?”. Harley and Trina called at a time with wide smiles playing on their faces, but the smile didn’t last for long when they saw Anabella hiding behind him.

“She was feeling lonely when I got to her place and that’s why I suggested brought her here, you guys don’t mind right?”. Jayden said as Anabella stared at him from behind with widened eyes.

“She doesn’t look like one who’s lonely”. Harley scoffed and Anabella bit her lower lip.

“Come to think of it, I think I’ve seen her somewhere before”. Tessa said trying to remember where she had earlier seen her.

“Yeah, me too”. Trina said walking closer to Anabella who tightened her grip on Jayden’s hand, as she avoided Trina’s gaze.


“You both must be mistaken, she just arrived from France yesterday”. Jayden said.

“She has her own mouth, why can’t she speak for herself or is she too big to talk to us”. Harley scoffed in annoyance.

“Wait, i remember now, she was the girl the media saw you with in the airport”. Tessa said.

“Yes your girlfriend, it’s no wonder you two won’t let go of each other!!”. Trina gasped and immediately Anabella disconnected her hand from Jayden’s.

“He’s not my boyfriend!”. She said and everyone chuckled, leaving her to wonder if what she said was funny while Jayden just stared at her, from behind him.

“Come with me, since you’re bored why not try something lively”. Trina said as she took Anabella’s hand and led her upstairs, as Jayden stared at them.

“Hey you have no room up there Trina!!”. Harley yelled as she ran after them.

“You seem to be close to Ana than anyone else, she’s really hard to relate with”. Tessa said to Jayden when they where alone.

“It’s a long story”. Jayden muttered and Tedsa nodded.

“So how have you been? Its been long since we last talked”. Tessa said.

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“I’ve been good. What of you?”. Jayden asked.

“Fine”. Tessa forced out a smile.

“I know you’re lying”. Jayden muttered.


“That’s the truth”. Tessa snapped.

“Okay, if you say so. But then, don’t you think it’s about time you let go of your anger”. Jayden said.

“I don’t understand, what anger?”. Tessa asked.

“The one you have for Dean and Rico”. Jayden said and Tessa’s mood changed completely.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Tessa muttered feigning ignorance and Jayden sighed.

“Try to give them a chance when next you see them, it will not only be good for them, but it will be good for you also. You can’t keep going on like this, you will only end up hurting yourself”. Jayden said and Tessa just stared at him without saying anything.

“I will take my leave now”. Jayden smiled and made to leave.


“You’re leaving already, should I inform Ana?”. Tessa asked.

“No let her be”. Jayden smiled and with that he walked out of the door, while Tessa waved after him as he got into his car.

Jayden immediately texted Dean Tessa’s address when he got into his car.


💬 BE SURE TO DO THAT. Jayden texted back before dropping his phone, then he started his car and drove off.


Rico was driving from work, when he saw Dean waiting patiently right in front of his gate, as he leaned on his car, checking his wristwatch from time to time.

Rico I immediately felt a rush of anger as he immediately alighted his car and walked up waiting Dean and as if he was programmed, he punched Dean right on the face, bursting Dean’s lips in the process.

“Where you deaf when I Fůçƙing told you to stay away from me!!”. Rico ranted.

“At least give me a chance to apologize Rico, it’sbeen ten years already and you’re still not ready to forgive me. I’m Fůçƙing sorry!! We where more closer together than we where to Jayden and Shawn, don’t you think it’s time we put the past behind!”. Dean snapped and Rico scoffed in annoyance.

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“You claimed we where way closer than we are to the others but if we where really close, you wouldn’t have done what you did to Tessa knowing fully well that I love her!!”. Rico yelled.

“I told you before, I was just jealous she chose you over me, I really meant no harm towards you”. Dean said.

“Leave before I Fůçƙing kill you”. Rico muttered lowly but cold and deadly.

“Rico I’m really sorry, I’m ready to do anything just to earn your forgiveness”. Dean pleaded.


“You’re ready to do anything?”. Rico asked and Dean nodded. “Then go die”. Rico spat harshly and went back into his car, as he drove into his mansion, leaving Dean who stood watching him as he sobbed bitterly.

“For how long will you keep holding this grudge against me Rico”. Dean muttered wiping his tears, before also getting into his car and driving off.

“My lord, should I dish out your dinner, now that you’re back?”. Rico’s maid Natalie said the moment Rico made to go upstairs into his room.

She was a 53 years old lady who Rico saw as a mother, since he left his parents house.

“I’m not hungry”. Rico replied sternly before going up to his room.

He took off his clothes and immediately went into the bathroom and he entered the bathtub burying himself in the the water, leaving only his head above the water, but the rest of his body was deeply drenched as he beagan to think of Tessa once again, but folded his fist in rage when he remembered how Dean came to see him.


He still remembered the incident like it was just yesterday. And a tear left his eyes when he remembered how he blamed Tessa for Dean’s outrageous act.

It wasn’t her fault Dean was attracted to her, but his jealousy of seeing them in that position when he bardged into the restroom that night didn’t make him think straight.

Tessa needed him and his support the most
but he pushed her away and now she doesn’t want to see him, let alone forgive him. It was all his fault. Rico thought as hot tears began trickling down his wet face.

His phone began ringing beside him and he picked it seeing the dialer. It was his mother.

“Just wanted to ask if you’ve eaten anything”. His mom said through the phone.

“I’ll do that once I’m done showering”. He lied.

“Oh okay. I’ll be going to the mall tomorrow do you want me to get anything for you?”. His mom Lady Caroline asked.

“No”. Rico answered simply and he could imagine his mom pouting from the other end and he chuckled lightly.

He’s mum has always been a cute sweetheart, always checking up on him. She has a very extravagant lifestyle and doesn’t mind buying the entire world for him, after all he was her only child after years of waiting.

Aside from Lady Caroline having an extravagant lifestyle, she was very kind and always reached out to the needy. She was kind to a fault that even his dad grew tired of it.

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She was super cute and looked very young for her age as she was the ambassador of many beauty brands.

Up till now he still wondered how she ended up with his cold Dad, cos their personalities was nothing alike. But if there was something he was sure of his dad doesn’t joke with her. He can even sell the entire universe just to make her happy, and most of the time gets jealous when she spenddamore time with Rico than with him.

It obvious Rico got, his temper from his dad, cos they hardly get along and that was why during one of their fights Rico angrily moved out.

His mom refused to eat for two days and Rico had to visit her with lots of expensive gifts and goodies just to make her eat, but she still refused insisting she fed him and his dad who watched everything scoffed in annoyance.

Now back to the present.


“But why?, I should at least get you a few things, just tell me what you want and I’ll send it to you”. His mom pouted and he sighed knowing fully well, that his mom doesn’t know the word ‘few’ as she makes sure to acquire more than a lot.

“Why are you quiet, talk to me cake”. She asked and Rico scoffed at the fact that she still calls him that.

“I will tell you when I need anything. But for now, i want to be alone”. Rico muttered and with that he cut the call. Then he buried his head into the water.


Tessa was laying on the couch, busy on her phone when the girls came downstairs and Anabella started gazing around for Jayden.


“He left a while ago”. Tessa said and Anabella frowned.

‘And he didn’t bother to tell m before leaving’. She thought to herself.

“We’ll be going out for dinner care to join us?”. Tessa asked.

“No I haven’t finished unpacking my stuffs”. Anabella muttered and with that she left the house.

“Does she have a problem expressing herself?”. Tessa asked Trina and Harley who shrugged it off.

“All I know is that she’s a very talented dancer”. Harley said going to the fridge.

“Yeah, she’s dance pretty well even more than you Tess”. Trina agreed joining Harley in the kitchen.

“It’s no you guys disturbed the whole estate with your loud music”. Tessa said.

“Trina it’s best you leave for home already, or don’t tell me you plan on joining us for dinner”. Harley said and Trina pouted in a pleading way.

“Speaking of dinner, we need to leave before
it gets too late”. Tessa said grabbing her car keys and the girls nodded before going up to change.

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Anabella got intointo her apartment and immediately felt something was off, like as if someone was in her house.

She immediately went up to her room to check if all her files where still intact and sighed in relieve when she saw that everything was the way she left them.

She quickly packaged the files and hid them somewhere safe.

She went back down the stairs and looked around the living room in search of anything odd, when she felt the presence of someone behind her and suddenly the person who was masked and putting on all black made to attack her from behind with a knife and swiftly like a pro, she dodged it and gave him a sharp kick on the stomach which was strong enough to send him flying hitting his back against the wall, while his knife fell to the floor.


He made to pick it up but Anabella stepped on his hand with her heavy boot, as she pressed his hand deeply with her boot, causing him, to groan in pain.

Then she bent to face him directly, her dangerous gaze piercing through his and he shrugged in fear and pain at the same time, her boot still on his hand as he wailed in his mind.

“Who sent you?”. She asked,her cold voice sending shivers deep into his spine.

When she got no reply, she pressed his hand more, as the sharp edge of her boot pierced deeply into his palm, causing blood to gush out of his hand as he groaned more loudly in pain.

“Do you want me to repeat myself!!”. Anabella yelled in rage as she glared at him, then with that she removed his mask.


She knew he wouldn’t be someone she’s familiar and she scoffed in rage.

“Lady…Lady..Tina..was..the one who…sent me”. He stuttered in fear and Anabella’s glare soon changed into a smirk.

‘I haven’t started yet, but she chose to make the first move. Nice job cousin. Just don’t beg me to stop once I make my own move’. Anabella thought deviously to herself before letting go of the man.

“The next I set my eyes on you, even if it was just a mistake, consider yourself dead”. Anabella warned coldly with a deadly glare and the man nodded in fear before picking up his mask and immediately running out of the door.

“It’s a good thing I spent most of my time in France learning taewando”. Anabella muttered shutting the door, as she locked it and journeyed her way upstairs to her room, the knife used to attack was still in her hand,when she entered her restroom and so she dumped it into the trash can.

She then took off her clothes and entered the bathtub, sinking her body into it as she closed her eyes, to sarvour the moment enjoying the warm water as it hits her skin.

Then she suddenly opened her eyes, only to see the most horrific sight she’s ever encountered.

“Arrrrrrrggghh!!!!”. She yelled in horror mixed with great amount of fear. It was the one thing she detested apart from her aunt and cousins.


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