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{Who thought i’de end up in the streets😥..}


THEME: Little Miss Dancer💃🏻.

By: Favour .O. Ozioma✍🏻, A.K.A: Fave Gold🧡


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“What do you mean by that”. Madam Helen muttered hurtfully walking towards them.

“Just today we got bullied by Stella, because they thought we were responsible for Isabella’s kidnap. She was also among us, but because of her parent’s influence, no one dare question her let alone bully her also”. Tina muttered gritting her teeth.

“Then what has that got to do with you girls accusing me of not being rich enough!”. Madam Helen snapped at them in rage.

“Everything Mom. If you were at least influential enough, no one would treat us like this. Even Isabella who’s just an orphan, is not in our league, because when she is 18,all her parent’s properties will be transfered to her name. That b**tch will inherit everything and can even choose to acquire your little boutique, cause its also on the expense of her parents money, but what about us!! We get nothing because we were cursed with an unfortunate poor Mom like you!!”. Gina yelled and Madam Helen gave her a befitting slap and Tina gasped.

“Little b**tch! is that how you talk to your mother!!”. Madam Helen snapped in anger.


“I wasted my time coming here. Don’t worry, by tomorrow you will both know the gravity of the love I have for you two”. Madam Helen glared at them one more time before leaving the room.

“Inherit her parent’s properties? over my dead body”. Madam Helen muttered, smirking deviously when she got out of their room before walking love for you

“She slapped me just because I told her how unfortunate she was!”. Gina snapped with her palm still on her cheek, nursing it as a result of the slap.


“This is all Isabella’s fault, everyone keeps blaming us for her kidnap and thought we even killed her because she refused to come back to school”. Tina muttered folding her fist.


“I’m here, now hand me back my phone”. Rico said sternly, when he met Tessa in the garden. She turned to face him nodding her head in disapproval and Rico furrowed his brow.

“Not after hearing me out first” Tessa said.

“Exactly what’s your problem Tessa!”. Rico snapped getting pissed.

“You are my problem, why the Fůçƙ have you been avoiding me!?!”. Tessa snapped back and Rico scoffed at her temper.

“Do i have to answer that?”. Rico asked with a raised eyebrow.

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“Of course you do! and if you don’t want to, then just keep quiet and listen to what i have to say”. Tessa said loudly and Rico scoffed once more.

“OK, go on, I’m all ears” Rico permitted folding his arms.

“About last time, I…”. Tessa made to say but was interrupted.

“It’s not your fault I was the one who made it obvious that I had a crush on you”. Rico blurted out without thinking and sighed when he realized what he said, and Tessa’s eyes widened.

“You…You have…a crush…on me”. Tessa stuttered in surprise staring at him so deeply as if the answer was in his eyes.

“I’m over it now”. Rico muttered breaking the eye contact and probably her mood too, because her face immediately dropped the moment she heard that.


“I only said those things I said to you out of stress, because of all the happenings around the school and our class, and also the fact that my ex friend was involved in all of this just made things complicated for me and that’s why I…”. Tessa made to continue trying to forget what he had earlier said, but she was interrupted again by Rico. He doesn’t seem to want to listen to her.

“That’s why you had to take it all out on me”. Rico finished it for her and she took in her lower lip biting it slightly before releasing.

“I know, it was wrong of me to speak to you in that tone out of anger, and I have realized my mistakes, so stop giving me the cold shoulders”. Tessa said calmly.

“I’ve always had cold shoulders, but I’ve probably never showed it to you”. Rico muttered harshly and Tessa scoffed.


“Then what are you doing right now, you won’t even let me finish explaining before..”. She made to continue but Rico did the usual and Tessa temper snapped.

“Can you quit cutting me off!”. She snapped at him and Rico frowned at her.

“I really don’t like the way you’ve been avoiding me”. Tessa continued seriously.

“You claimed you were in the wrong, but you didn’t apologize to prove it and you expect me to forgive you?”. Rico asked with a raised eyebrow.

“That’s what I was about doing if you would just let me finish”. Tessa said and Rico pocketed his hands while nodding his head sarcastically staring at her. He knew the kind of girl Tessa was, and she’s certainly not the type to apologize any time she’s wrong, she would rather walk away as if she did nothing wrong.

“OK, do that now”. He told her with a raised eyebrow and Tessa sighed before speaking.

“I’m so..rr..”. Tessa made to say but stopped, and turned her back on him with her face buried in her palms.

“I should have known, you don’t feel remorseful enough to apologize”. With that Rico snatched his phone from her.


“You can keep the drink”. He muttered in disappointment and made to leave but was intervened by Tessa who immediately hugged him from behind stopping him.

“I’m sorry”. She muttered lowly and Rico still stood still, as if expecting her to say more.

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“I’m really sorry. So please, stop giving me the cold shoulders, it hurts”. Tessa continued and Rico sighed before breaking the hug to face her and his eyes widened when he saw her face.

“You’re crying”. He muttered lowly with widened eyes, and Tessa immediately wiped her tears with her palms.

“No I’m not”. She denied and Rico scoffed.

“I can clearly see the tears in your eyes, quit lying”. Rico shunned and Tessa bit jer lower lip.

“I’m not mad at you, I was just mad at myself”. Rico said cleaning the remaining tears on her cheeks with his thumbs, and she frowned.

“Where you mad at yourself for liking me?”. Tessa asked still frowning and Rico pocketed his hand again before smirking, then he bought his face closer to hers, until there was almost no distance between them, then he whispered to her ear.

“Maybe” He said lowly, his warm breath brushing her ears, then he smirked again before walking out of the school’s garden. Tessa zoned out at first as she could still feel his warmness, but then she realized what he said.

“Wait, Maybe!!”. She snapped and ran after him, but Rico also took to his heels so she wouldn’t catch up with him.

“Wow, fire queen Tessa cried, you think she likes him too”. Shawn asked Jayden and Dean, from where they stood watching them. They had earlier followed them out of curiosity.

“Isn’t it obvious”. Jayden chuckled alongside Shawn. Dean folded his fist secretly while watching them but Jayden saw that.


“Let’s go, it’s almost time for dance training”. Shawn said walking away.


“You okay?”. Jayden asked Dean who just nodded before walking away also.


The hall is currently filled with students being the club with the most population of students in the entire school.

The old members where practicing under the supervision of Jayden who showed them some few corrections, while the new recruits from other clubs who desired to join where being trained by Rico and Tessa, in anticipation the big audition where they will be screened.

They where both assigned the duties early that week and Tessa had been worried they wouldn’t be able to pull it off, because they were not in good terms then, but now she feels relieved. They were now even closer than ever.

Rico and Tessa kept on pulling tricks on themselves, laughing, smiling and also flirting with themselves as they taught the new recruits some unique dance moves.

👥 Wow i can’t believe I’m alive to witness Rico in such a bright mood, he’s even laughing!.

👥 They look cute together

👥 Are they dating?

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

👥 Rico has a beautiful smile

👥 Seems like because of Tessa, we’re going to have our school’s hot iceberg smile a lot.

The students gossiped among themselves.


“You’re going to pay for replacing me with him Tessa!”. Stella muttered glaring at Tessa while folding her fist in rage. She’s sitting down in the middle of the hall, with two of her minions, one was fixing her makeup while the other was styling her hair. she can clearly see what’s going on in every corner of the hall.

Dean sat on a bench, located at the other side of the hall, he could see everything from where he sat, and the two people his gaze is currently fixed on is Rico and Tessa.

Everyone in the hall also seems to be staring at them. Some students who were crushing on Rico, were even glaring at Tessa, while some were smiling and even blushing on Tessa’s behalf.

Dean watched everything from where he sat, as he was continuously sipping from his can of smoothy. He takes a long sip from his can each Rico touches Tessa in an unusual way.

“What the Fůçƙ are they doing?”. Dean muttered to himself, squeezing the can of smoothy in his hand, as he watches how Rico held Tessa’s waist just to show the new recruits a particular dance move that continuously requires that.

“Since when?”. Jayden asked settling down beside him. He was already done supervising, so he left the students to train on their own.

“Since when what?”. Dean asked his gaze still on Rico and Tessa as he resumes sipping from his can.


“Since when have you been hiding your feelings for Tessa?”. Jayden asked curiously and Dean just sipped from his squeezed can not looking surprised, then he sighed.

“Two semesters ago. I asked her out, but she rejected me saying she just sees me as a brother since our families are very good friends”. Dean explained sighing at the end of his statements and Jayden’s eyes widened.

“Two semester ago, was a long time ago, Tessa might not even remember. Isn’t that the same period you became hostile towards her?”. Jayden asked and Dean nodded.

“I just thought, i would be able to forget my
feelings for her if I treated her that way”. Dean answered sipping from his squeezed can, but threw it to the floor when he realized the content was empty and Jayden sighed.

“So what do you plan on doing now? it’s obvious she also likes Rico”. Jayden asked Dean eager to hear an answer from Dean.

“I know what I have to do, to get rid of my feelings for her”. Dean muttered looking sobber, before getting up and walking out of the hall while Jayden sighed after him.


“How come your love life is so messed up Dean?”. Jayden muttered to himself, still staring at Dean’s leaving back view, before also leaving the bench.


Trina just came out of the girls restroom after easing herself, but then she mistakenly bumped into someone, the person just walked passed her like nothing happened.

“Senior Dean?”. She called softly turning to face him, and he stopped on his track but he was backing her.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“Sorry”. He muttered lowly still backing her, and made to enter the girls restroom.

“That’s the girls restroom”. Trina informed him, and he nodded his head, before heading to the opposite direction the guys restroom is located. Trina’s eyes followed him till he entered the restroom.

“Why does he sound weak and sober”. Trina muttered to herself.

“Trina!!”. Someone called from down the hallway running towards her…

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