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{Who thought i’de end up in the streets😥}


THEME: Little Miss Dancer.

By: Favour .O. Ozioma ✍🏻

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Lady Elena and Madam Helen cars drove into the premises roughly. They hurriedly parked their cars, came down and rushed into the station where they met the boys. They just finished making a complaint. Shawn was the first to see them through the glass door of the police station.

“Lady Elena”. Shawn muttered which bought the attention of Rico and Dean towards her.

“Where’s the commissioner!!”. Lady Elena yelled rushing in with Madam Helen following her from behind, as the whole police present stood up in respect to the mayor’s first daughter, who doesn’t seem to care as she demands once again but this time in fury.


“I demand for the commissioner!!”. She yelled in anger.

“He’s in his office with Jayden, Jayden is currently explaining everything to him”. Dean answered and she glanced his side.

“You all were present when the incident took place?”. Lady Elena asked and they nodded.

“We were in our favorite bar, opposite an ice cream place, where..” Shawn began to explain but was interrupted by the kick Dean gave him on his toe and he whinced in pain, only for him to look up and see the angry glare sent to him by Rico and Dean.

“What was that for….!”. Shawn made to say but when he realized what he had earlier said he kept quiet.

“Favorite bar??!”. Lady Elena asked raising a brow.

“Oh wow! isn’t today just surprising Lady Elena. One of your junior students got kidnapped and the Seniors who happened to witness it were in their favorite bar enjoying their drinks before the scene of kidnapped played before them. Not to mention your brother was also involved. Oh, the Mayor has such responsible children to take over his dynasty when he’s gone. Madam Helen said sarcastically with a little smirk playing on the right side of her lips and the boys glared at her.


“If I where you, i’de mind my business because, at a time like this it gladdens me to inform you that you may be the prime suspect Helen”. Lady Elena said glaring at her also, and then turned her glare to the guys who avoided her gaze.

“Lady Elena, what an unpleasant surprise to have you in our station”.The commissioner greeted with a little beem of surprise in his eyes and voice. Interrupting them which made the guys sighed in relieve with Rico and Dean sending Shawn a last glare who made a weird expression with his mouth.

The commissioner is a middle age old man with few strands of grey and white hair. He has an average height, not as tall as Jayden or any of his friends but can also brag of being a little tall. He also has a pot belly. A very strict and no nonsense man who alongside the inspector has solved many cases for the Mayor and his wife.

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“Commissioner Blake, I’m sure my brother must have told you everything you need to know. Its a matter of urgency and does not need to be delayed”. Lady Elena said sternly.

“Though not all we need to know, we couldn’t get the plate number of the van because it was without a plate but be rest assured my lady, I’ll round up my men and they’ll go in search of her. Fortunately early this month a black van was reported missing by Move automobiles, and the description your brother gave about the van is in sync with theirs, we’ve almost gotten the location of the black van so put your mind at ease”. He said assuring Lady Elena. Jayden and Rico saw a glare on Madam Helen’s face towards the commissioner then they glanced at each other. The commissioner then faced the inspector behind him.

“Inspector Jason round up your men to go in search of the girl reported to be kidnapped”. The commissioner said to the inspector and he nodded before picking some men and they entered into a room, probably to go pick up the weapons and equipments to be used.

“And you are?”. The commissioner asked Madam Helen

“I’m Helenstacia Warwick. I’m the aunt of the missing girl”. Madam Helen answered with a little smile playing on her lips and the guys who saw the smile on her face frowned.

“My darling niece will be alright, right?”. Madam Helen said faking a worried look on her face and Lady Elena rolled her eyes getting pissed by her pretense.

“She looks two-faced”. Dean muttered lowly staring at madam Helen creasing his brows.

“Isn’t it obvious”. Jayden muttered also giving madam Helen a stern look.

“She has been smiling all through”. Shawn also muttered.

“What if she has something to do with her niece’s kidnap”. Rico said in almost a whisper and the guys turned to him.


“It won’t be surprising”. Jayden added lowly.

“Yes Madam, we promise to bring your niece back in complete shape and health if possible”. Commissioner Said trying to reassure her.

“What do you mean by if possible in good health?”. Madam and Lady Elena asked at the same time.


“You see my ladies, Kids who get kidnapped and are fortunately rescued do come back with a little trauma added to their body. It reminds them of the moments they spent while being held hostage. But don’t worry that won’t be the case for your niece, cause we’ll find her before it does”. The commissioner said Lady Elena became calm but madam Helen fell down on the floor and began crying using her body to sweep the tiled floor. Which made Lady Elena to roll her eyes, once more in frustration, and the guys just stared at her as if she was some mad person performing, while the commissioner and his men sighed in to calm their nerves.

“Madam we promise your niece will be fine. You’re only hurting yourself by doing this”. The commissioner said calmly.

Just then the inspector and his men came out of the room fully equiped as they all saluted to the commissioner

“I would like to tag along”. Jayden said walking up to the inspector, and Lady Elena glared at him while madam Helen doesn’t seem to care as she continued her business on the floor.

“We would also like to tag along”. Shawn said and Rico and Dean nodded.

“I’ve you guys lost your minds?!!!”. Lady Elena demanded in a fit of rage.

“We’re the only ones who knows how the kidnappers look, and what they where putting on”. With this statement made by Jayden, Madam Helen’s eyes flashed a little in fear. as she immediately stood up as she looked at Lady Elena expecting a reply.

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“My Lady, I think it would be of great importance if they tag along”. The commissioner persuaded and everyone including madam Helen glanced at Lady Elena for her verdict.

“You’re not going to let them take such risk right”. Madam Helen asked slyly.

“You guys can tag along”. Lady Elena said and Madam Helen’s eyes widened.

“Thanks”. The guys chorused and immediately followed the inspector and his men before lady Elena changed her mind.

“Can’t believe you just let that happen”. Madam Helen said sternly gritting her teeth.

“Don’t tell me what to do!”. Lady Elena snapped glaring at her and she became quiet and she fell on the floor once more and continued her fake charade.

“Oh, my poor niece”. She lamented in pretense. Just then the door to police station opened and the twins ran in and when they saw their mom crying on the floor. Their eyes widened as they rushed to help her up but she refused their assistance.

“Leave me alone. I can’t be in peace if my dear niece is no where to be found. The only offspring of my dead brother and his wife, he must be disappointed in me wherever he his right now”. Madam Helen soliloquized amidst fake tears.

“Mom, she’s also our cousin so we also wish to share in your sorrow”. Tina said faking a tear as she also joined her mom on the floor.


“I’m missing her already”. Gina said also joining her ruthless mother and sister in their fake charade.


Lady Elena rolled her eyes and stormed out of the station in frustration, the commissioner left for his office and the other police officers that where standing around to watch left to continue their business leaving the trio to continue in their fake whails.


Madam Helen is currently in the kitchen preparing a feast with the assistance of Madam Kiki and Eva the rest of the maids where setting the dinner table.

“Madam are we celebrating an happy occasion today. You seem to be so happy”. Madam Kiki asked as she helps with washing the dishes used in preparing dinner.

“Does it has to be a feast before Madam Helen chooses to cook dinner for the family”. Eva rerorted harshly to Madam Kiki.

“And was I talking to you Eva?”. Madam kiki asked and Eva rolled eyes at her.

“Both of you that’s enough. Eva go check if the table is set and Madam Kiki go call the kids to come down for dinner”. Madam Helen said smiling brightly as she packed the food into trays. The rwo maids nodded and went to do the duties assigned to them.

‘Whoever planned her kidnapped just made me happy. Hope they never find that tiny thing’ Madam Helen thought with a bright smile playing on her lips. Just then Madam kiki came down the stairs running towards her with a worried look on her face.

“Have you informed the girls?”. Madam Helen asked knowing fully why she looks worried.

“I’ve informed the twins but Madam I couldn’t find Isabella”. Madam Kiki uttered with her voice breaking a little bit.

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“Good, help me take this to the dining”. Madam Helen said going towards the dining room which shocked madam Kiki.

“Madam the table is set”. Eva informed her when she got to the dining”. With her head slightly bowed. “Yes I can see that”. Madam Helen snapped taking her seat in the middle chair at the front.
The twins then appeared busy on their phones as they took their seats.

“No phones at the dining”. Madam Helen warned and they dropped their phones.

“Wow, is there something to be celebrated today aside from the one we know about”. Gina asked when she saw the food served on the table.

“It seems Mom’s also as delighted as the both of us, that little pest is finally gone”. Tina added smirking and Madam kiki who had been serving the food shaked a little then she looked up at them looked up.


“I don’t know who kidnapped her but that person surely made my day!”. Madam Helen said and the girls became quiet focusing on their food.

‘Isabella’s missing!, and this evil minds finds it best to celebrate at a time like this. d@mn this mother and children’. Madam Kiki cursed under her breath. ” Poor Isabella”. She uttered loudly and the evil trio looked up at her.

“Are you crazy, Kiki why choose to spoil our mood!. Now leave, I don’t want to see your face!!” Madam Helen yelled and madam Kiki excused her self, with Eva smirked at the corner where she stood.

“Old people are the worse”. Tina muttered gritting her teeth holding tightly to her fork and knife.

“Let’s eat”. Madam Helen said drinking from her glass of wine.



The Morris’s are also having dinner except Jayden who hasn’t returned yet.

“To think you sent your brother to go in search of the kidnappers”. The first Lady said banging her cutleries on the table looking so pissed.

“Ever since that girl came into our school, it has been from one problem to another”. Stacy said chewing on her steak delicately as she earned a glare from Lady Elena.

“Why are you glaring at her, isn’t she right. That girl has bought nothing but trouble ever since she came into our lives!!”. Lady Morris yelled in anger and Lady Elena finally looked up at her in anger.

“Is it her fault that she got kidnapped!!”. Lady Elena yelled back at her.

“Did you just raise your voice at me?” Lady Morris asked sternly raising a brow at her.

“Yes! I just did, is there a problem with that..” Lady Elena said loudly but was interrupted by the Mayor.

“Elena!! Don’t talk to your mother like that”. The Mayor yelled at her in a fit of rage which made the first lady to smirk at her.

“But father…”. Lady Elena made to say getting pissed.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“I said that’s enough”. The Mayor said more calmly this time and the first lady hissed at her while Stacy just continued minding her business knowing better than to butt in.


Just then the main door opened revealing a downcasted Jayden who walked in and the first lady immediately stood up and walked up to him.

“Jayden, where have you been. Why did you have to come back so late all in the name of looking for an orphan”. The first Lady said beside him and Jayden sharply faced her and then turned to the Mayor and Lady Elena on the dining who seemed to be looking at him expecting answer to a particular question.

“No we couldn’t find her”. Jayden answered knowing fully well what they where thinking and then walked out of the dining going upstairs to his room to freashen up.

“Poor Issa”. Stacy sighed sarcastically and Lady Elena angrily stood up grabbed her bag heading towards the main door.

“I’m leaving”. She said to the mayor before walking out.

“And where do you think you going to!?”. Lady Morris yelled after her.

“Home!!”. Lady Elena yelled back and with that she was gone.

“Everyone’s gone crazy, all thanks to that parentless child”. Lady Morris said gritting her teeth and the Mayor stood up heading to his Study.

“Dinner was nice”. Stacy said as she also stood up heading for her room, so the first lady won’t vent her rage on her.


The twins room…

“Today can pass as my happiest day, ever since that pig moved in with us”. Gina said taking a sad selfie on her bed to update her Instagram status.

“I know right, and to think mom doesn’t even know we’re behind her disappearance”. Tina said while pinging on her phone.

“Yeah, she still doesn’t know what we’re capable of”. Gina said smiling. Just then her phone began ringing she checked the dialer, it was the man they hired to kidnap Isabella.

“If it’s about your balance I’ll send it right now so delete my number from your phone”. Gina said picking the call.

“I called to inform you that we didn’t kidnap the girl you told us about”. The man said from the other end and Gina stood up in shock.


“What’s the problem”. Tina asked her shocked sister who put the phone on speaker instead of answering her question.

“What do you mean you are not responsible for her kidnap!!”. Gina yelled and Tina eyes widened in shock on hearing that.

“We planned on executing the plan in the address you sent us, but when we got there her friend was with her all through so we couldn’t carry out the plan as planned we went to grab a little drink while waiting but by the time we came back we couldn’t find her there, Not until we saw her on the news this evening. We thought of informing you that we’re not the one’s responsible for her disappearance”. The man explained cutting himself some slack.

“So you mean that you fools couldn’t do a simple job!!” Tina yelled through the phone.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“Hey, watch your mouth b**tch I’m old enough to be your father!”. The man yelled back.

“d@mn you old man…”. Tina made to finish when Gina interrupted.

“OK thanks for your time and never contact this number again else you’ll regret it”. Gina threatened and hanged up the call then she deleted his number after blocking it.

“Why didn’t you let me speak my mind to that pauper!. He thinks he’s dad worthy”. Tina half yelled scoffing at the end.

“Look at the bright side, her disappearance is none of our business now”. Gina persuaded smiling.

“That’s true, someone else did our work for us”. Tina added smirking.


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