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Chapter 13

Jayden’s Return🥳💞


“Everyone’s calling her Elena junior just because of the little signature move she did, I mean who can’t do that!!” Gina yelled still checking her phone then a particular post caught her eyes. “OMG!!” She screamed.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“What’s that?” Tina asked snatching her phone from her and saw the post and immediately a frown appeared on her face. It was a post from Stella to her 2million followers of Isabella’s dance auditions. Stating..

Hashtag New gal’s vibe

Hashtag Elena junior greatest teen dancer.

Hashtag upcoming winner of California teens best dancer award.

“Stella that snake!!” Tina yelled.


“She went far all because of a stupid fight” Gina gritted her teeth.

Then almost immediately a news popped up.
It was a from Top gist platform. With the Headlines.


“You’ve gotta be kidding me” Tina scoffed and Gina got up to also check it out then they both stared at each other briefly before stoming out of their room to their mom’s room.



The Morris are currently having dinner. Everyone’s present except the Mayor’s and First lady second daughter, and everyone doesn’t seem to care as they are all dining with Stacy and Jayden scrolling through their phones while Stacy was scoffing from time to time, each time she comes across post about Isabella.

“Humph! She’s everywhere!!” Stacy finally scoffed out and everyone turned to her.

“Honey, I’ve been meaning to ask you the new girl in your school is she really an orphan like the rumors said”. The first lady asked Lady Elena when she glanced through Stacy’s phone and everyone raised up their head to look at her.

“Did i say anything wrong?” The first lady asked.

“You’ve been seeing her on every platforms dancing perfectly and the only thing you ask about is if she’s an orphan?” Lady Elena asked finding the first lady’s statement offensive.

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“That’s exactly why I’m asking. You see, that’s how people from the poor background react. They know they won’t worth anything if they do nothing and that’s why they do their best to outshine those that really deserves the fame just to make a living. And that’s what that isabella girl in your school is doing. If there’s anything I h@ťě it’s people who are opportunist”. The first lady said arrogantly and Stacy immediately began clapping but stopped when she earned a glare from lady Elena who dropped her cutleries on the table loudly and stood up looking pissed.

“As you can see I’m done with dinner, I’ll be taking my leave” Lady Elena said to the Mayor who nodded ignoring the first lady.

“Where do you think you’re going so late!!” The first lady yelled after lady Elena who had already gone outside the main door.

“You’re just gonna watch her leave” The first lady said to the Mayor

“You caused it” The Mayor said and went up to his study.
Then immediately Jayden also stood up

“You’re leaving too?” She asked him

“Yeah, I’m tired and it’s already late goodnight” Jayden said and went up to his room.


“I understand how you feel mother. I also think she’s just an opportunist yawning to be saved from her bizarre misery”. Stacy said and the first lady nodded her head.

“And the fact that your sister enrolled a poor orphan like her into our prestigious college is just unacceptable!”. The first lady added then stood up and went up the stairs to her room.



“I can’t believe you gave them permission to interview that pig on Sunday!” Gina yelled.

“Yeah, you’re supposed to be looking out for us like other moms do but you failed!!” Tina also yelled.

“You girls are getting me wrong I also just found out that it was lady Elena who approved of it because she made them believe that she was Isabella’s guidian and not me. You think i would have approved, if it were up to me?” Madam Helen said and the girls became calm.

“So what are we going to do now Isabella’s become an icon in our own school!” Gina said frustratingly.

“I know how you girls feel, I’ve been in that position just make sure that things doesn’t work out for her in school then you’re both safe”. Madam Helen said hugging the two girls.


After the first class.

“Whose the gifts for?” Isabella asked Harley who looked so engrossed with the gift she’s wrapping.

“Who else, it’s for senior Jayden” Harley answered finally smoothing it up.

“Why is it his birthday?” Isabella asked

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“No dummy, as you can see other kids are also getting gifts for him just as a sign of congratulations. I hope he likes my gift though”.

“Why do you think he won’t like it?” Isabella asked once again.

“He’s known for his picky attitude” Harley answered. “So during break you’ll excort me to the cafeteria to where everyones gonna be giving him gift”. Harley said.

“No, I can’t tag along with you with no gift to offer it will look ridiculous” She immediately refused.

“Okay suit yourself” Harley said. “You’ll be with Trina in class during break then she’s the only one who doesn’t go out for break”. She added.

“Why?” Isabella asked.

“Her mom doesn’t like her eating cafeteria food so she brings lunch from home”. Harley explained

“Her mom sounds caring” Isabella said and then turned to look at Trina who was writing something in her note pad.

“More like overreacting. Well, what do I expect She’s the first lady’s best friend after all and birds of the same feathers they flock together”.

“Really” Isabella gasped out surprised.


“Yes her mom’s the first lady’s best and only true friend any other lady you see flocking around the both of them are just their minions aspiring to have more power like them because Trina’s dad is the deputy Mayor”. Harley Said

“Wow, never knew she was so rich” Isabella exclaimed.

“Every kid in this school’s rich don’t forget that”. Harley said.


“Really then who are your parents, you’ve never really told me anything about them”. Isabella asked curiously.

“Oh, my parents are …..” Harley was about to answer when the Math teacher walked in.

“Alright class bring out your text books we have a lot to cover” The teacher said when he came in and the students began bringing out their textbooks then Isabella caught Stacy glaring at her.


Ever since Jayden walked in early in the morning the students wouldn’t stop showering him with wishes and gifts which he rudely turned a lot down because they were either out of season, not up to his taste or too cheap.
The students were chatting around waiting for the next teacher to come since their physics teacher just left their class. The twins wouldn’t stop glaring at Stella who wouldn’t stop watching the video of Isabella dancing with Tessa and some other porpular kids intentionally laughing out loudly and commending Isabella’s dance moves just to piss them off. It got to a point where the twins couldn’t take it anymore and angrily stood up then Gina snatched Stella’s phone from her hand.

“What do you think you’re doing?!!” Stella yelled getting up to snatch her phone back

“Gina give her phone back to her” Tessa said.

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“You shut up!!” Gina snapped at her

“You think we’re actually gonna let you continue annoying us! as if posting that $h|t last night wasn’t enough!!” Tina yelled.

“Ehm, it wasn’t $h|t because we that were not in the dance club witnessed another legendary dancer from our school”. Briel one of the most popular and richest kids said and the other kids immediately agreed and Stella smirked at them in an annoying manner.

“Now give me my phone” Stella said still Smirking at them.

“Alright take it” Gina took the phone closer to Stella and when she made to take it, Gina dropped it on the floor and stepped on it, breaking the screen. Tessa knowing what comes next just grabbed her bag and left the class. Then immediately a big fight occured between the trio once again.

“Seriously thought they’ve changed” Jayden scoffed from where he and his friends were sitting at the back.


“No it’s always been from one drama to another”. Shawn smiled

“Yes and I can’t deny their so full of energy” Dean laughed out mocking them.

“What’s the post the twins accused Stella about?” Jayden asked and Rico who has been staring at his phone showed him Stella’s Hashtag and Jayden immediately scoffed.

“She exaggerates a lot. What did she mean by upcoming winner of California teens best dancer award”. He scoffed again.


“You’re not jealous are you?” Dean teased.

“Of course not, even if she wins the awards it’ll be for the junior category” Jayden explained.

“That’s true” Shawn agreed.

“But what’s really their deal if she’s named the school’s best dancer”. Jayden asked

“Well, I heard GBCS mentioning their cousins during one of their annoying gossip sessions”. Rico answered still scrolling on his phone.

“So literally, their jealous of their cousin?”. Dean asked him.

“Yeah” Rico simply answered.

“That’s insane!” Shawn laughed and that when the teacher they were expecting came in and separated the girls sending the them to the principal’s office.


“Serves them right” Rico muttered


Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

She closed her boutique today for reasons best known to her as she speaks with her guest a man in an expensive black boralo suit.

“What do you mean the government got involved!” Madam Helen yelled out of frustration.

“Calm down I’m not done talking” The man said and she calmed down afterall she’s not the one with the upper hand.

“Sorry go on” She apologized.

“The government officials went through all documents your brother left behind and saw that the properties he left for his daughter were too much to be left in the care of just his lawyers so they had to takeover” The man said.

“So you’ll just let them take over the documents we worked so hard to acquire from your firm?” Madam Helen asked looking disturbed…


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