Chapter 11

The fight❌👊💥💣

“The winner of this year’s teens best dancer award goes to Jayden Morris” The judge announced, presenting the golden trophy award to him and everywhere bursted in screams and cheers.

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“Jayden Morris?” Isabella became confused and asked Harley who won’t stop screaming her voice out, because of excitement.

“Huh, what did you say?” Harley asked when she finally got herself.

“Why does he has the same surname as Lady Elena?” Isabella asked.

“Oh, He’s the Mayor and First lady’s third born out of 4 kids and the only male child while Stacy’s the last born” Harley said.

“I thought the Mayor was strictly against his children dancing?” Isabella asked.


“Well Jayden is his only male child and his heir who takes after him, while Stacy is his last child so let say the rules only involve his eldest children” Harley answered packing her food tray and Isabella followed suit.

“Then his second child might be in overseas right?” Isabela asked.

“Yes I heard so but I really don’t know anything about her even the media has no record of her as everyone only recognizes Lady Elena, Jayden and Stacy” Harley said dropping her food tray in the dishwasher.


“You sure she isn’t dead?” Isabella asked also dropping her food tray in the dishwasher as they journey back to the class.

“You’re crazy!! She isn’t, I still heard Stacy bragging about her to her friends last week during dance practice” Harley said walking passed their class still going down the hall.

“Ain’t we going back to class?” Isabella asked.

“No, it’s time for dance practice” Harley said pulling Isabella along with her.

“Never knew you were into dancing” Isabella said.

“What? dancing is my life!!” Harley replied pulling Isabella more faster as they both began running.


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The theater is currently filled with students. Both seniors and juniors are present in the general dance theater. Normally juniors and seniors have their seperate dance theater, but today was different because the senior dancers were to interview the juniors who are interested in joining the school’s dancing community as the rest members gather to watch.

“Come let’s go get you registered”Harley said pulling Isabella.

Mean while, on the other side of the dance theater Gina and Tina wouldn’t stop glaring at Isabella as she passes through the registration process.

“You guys never mentioned your cousin was into dancing, or is she here to steal your spotlight?” Stella said to the twins as she also stares at Isabella.

“She’s not even good enough to be compared with us so forget your last statement” Tina said facing Stella.


“Besides, whether she tries or not we’ll see to it that she doesn’t get chosen” Gina said to Stella.

“Well, too bad Tessa’s in charge of the interview and not you guys” Stella said annoyingly pissing off the twins.

“Shouldn’t you be ashamed that after cheating yourself into the competition you still didn’t get the chance to qualify for the states” Tina said raising her voice and everyone in the theater soon turned their gaze to them including Isabella.

“Well you’re just jealous because you didn’t even have the chance to go! why because you guys and your mum are too poor to even pay the registration fee, let alone acquire the form to participate. Oh, I feel pity for poor family!!” Stella yelled back and with that a big slap from Gina landed on her right cheek and then a fight ensued between them and the whole students brought out their phones to video.

“Girls, stop it you’re disgracing yourselves. Everyone’s watching!” Tessa said trying to separate them.


“Their dramas never seize” Dean one of Jayden’s friends lamented as he sat on a bench watching the scene.

“Stella’s full of troubles” Shawn Jayden’s closest friend said settling to sit beside Dean with a bottle of water in his right hand.

“No one cares who started it as long as they keep entertaining us with their madness” Rico said settling to sit beside Shawn while pressing his phone. That’s what he does best, as he’s the I don’t care and the quiet type.

“Tessa should stop stressing herself I thought she likes it when they fight?” Shawn asked.

“Yes she does but have you forgotten she’s co-interviewing with us?” Dean answered.

“Yes it won’t be good for her if this gets to the principal and Dance instructor Max”. Shawn replied back.

“You mean, it won’t be good for any of us, she isn’t the only one incharge” Rico said with his eyes still fixed on his phone.


“Yes that’s true, we need to go help her stop them” Dean said getting up.

“Yeah it won’t be good if the principal heard that a bunch of seniors are fighting in front of the whole dance community” Shawn said also standing up while dropping the bottle of water his with on the bench, then Rico also followed suit.

“Stop them while I stop the students from posting it outside the students website, as no teacher and the principal have access to it.
Rico said putting his phone in his pocket and walking down to the students videoing the fight.

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“Woah, your sister is getting the beating of her life” Stacy said to Gwen while they were videoing the fight except Chloe who didn’t seem to care as she was lost staring into space and sighing from time to time.

“Her bones will surely get fractured at this rate” Bella said still taking videos.

“Who cares, at least the seniors have come to her rescue” Gwen said stopping her video and walking to their bench to sip water from her water bottle as the other girls joined her including Chloe.

“When do you think Senior Jayden is coming back to school” Bella asked Stacy when the seniors finally succeeded in separating the fight.

“Why are you asking me?” Stacy asked watching the video on her phone.

“Well, he’s your brother” Gwen said facing Stacy. “Chloe my water just finished go refill it for me” Gwen added while pressing her phone.

“My water is almost finished so refill mine also” Bella said also

“Yes mine too” Stacy joined them.


“OK, I’ll go refill them” Chloe said picking up their water bottles to go refill them.

“Hurry up!” Gwen shouted and Chloe began running which made her mistakenly bump into Rico.


“Sorry” Chloe apologized.

“Hmm” Rico replied and walked up to Gwen and the other girls, while Chloe went on her way to refill the bottles.

“Can I have your phones for a second?” Rico asked the girls when he got to them.

“Why?” Stacy asked.

“Delete the video of Stella and the twins fighting” Rico said dryly.

“Why, we don’t want to” Gwen replied rudely.

“I h@ťě repeating myself and you girls know that!” Rico said becoming pissed.

“Look Senior Rico we understand you guys are trying to save yourselves but our phone is our private property and only we decide what we get to do on it” Bella said calmly.

“And besides, we would like to post it on our blog” Gwen added.

“You’re only allowed to post it on the students website” Rico said looking annoyed.

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“No fair, other students would have already posted it there it’ll look old” Stacy said stamping her feet on the floor.

“And do I look like I care?” Rico asked sarcastically.

“Ok, we’ll delete it” Bella said deleting it from her phone and showing it to him then the other girls followed suit and also showed him.

“Happy now?” Gwen said with an angry expression on her face.

“I thought I’ll have to break some phones today” Rico said smirking at them and then turned to leave.

“d@mn, I h@ťě those girls” Rico muttered to himself gritting his teeth while leaving.


“Now go low on this key so you’ll be able to take in the next one easily” Trina’s trainer told her pointing at the keys and she did exactly as she was told but still messed up in that particular key again.

“Your piano performance is tomorrow night and you still can’t get it right” Her trainer signed out loudly.

“Maybe it’s because you don’t know how to teach, do you even know how to play the piano perfectly like you claimed? Well I don’t think you can, because if you can i your student, won’t be here messing up in the same key repeatedly!!” Trina yelled and instantly walked out of the class slamming the door behind her.


Because of her piano performance show tomorrow her mom arranged a private classroom with the principal inside the Music theater so that she could practice peacefully without disturbance but not after paying a large sum of money for it. And now Trina was getting stressed mostly because the entire school’s member of the porpular rich kids committee were invited. Yes silver lake high school has such association formed by Stacy under Gwen and Stella’s suggestion.

“What’s gotten into her” Her trainer muttered and signed.



Isabella finally got registered through Harley’s help and was the 12th person who will be auditioning.

“That was stressful, let’s go get you lined up” Harley said pulling Isabella to go join the line of auditioners.

“Can’t still forget the fight that happened earlier between my cousins and their snake of a friend” Isabella said while lining up.

“I know right, though i never liked Senior Stella and the twins because of how they bully students that are not rich enough” Harley said.

“I’ll go find somewhere to sit I’m rooting for you don’t break my trust” Harley said and then went to settle down among the crowd of students not auditioning.



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