Chapter 6


Silver lake high⛲🏫🏞

Senior class,Class 5A…..

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The math teacher was already in the class, writing on the board when the twins walked in Nonchalantly.

“Why are you two late?” Miss Natasha asked when the twins were about to take their sit which made them continue standing, not taking her eyes away from what she was doing on the board but the other students stopped what they were doing and started starring at them.

“We were busy” Gina answered sharply while using each of her fingers to polish her pedicured nails, but Miss Natasha could sense the rudeness hidden behind her tone.


“Busy, with what?” Miss Natasha said this time turning to face them.

“Why do you care to ask?” Tina asked rudely.


“Why do I care to ask?” Like I don’t deserve to know why you’re both late to my class?!” Miss Natasha asked flaring up with anger.

“Of course, we told you that we were busy that’s why we came late” Gina said with an annoying expression on her face.

“Yeah but you decided to be nosy and we don’t accept such” Tina muttered in a whisper and the entire class bursted into laughter but the teacher heard her.

“Miss Valentina Warwick to the detention room now!!” Miss Natasha yelled looking completely pissed off

“As if coming late wasn’t enough you still have the guts to defy me!”. Miss Natasha yelled.

“What! detention, we never meant to defy you or wh@ťěver that is, and besides we were only late for an hour not like you were teaching anything meaniful for that hour” Tina said but whispered the last part and the whole class laughed again and luckily, Miss Natasha didn’t hear her this time.


“Yeah Miss Tasha she just thought you were nosy not like she meant it or something, even though she wasn’t wrong” Tessa the twins best friend said waywardly but making the last part low so the teacher wouldn’t hear and everyone burst into another round of laughter including the twins.

“You all quiet down unless you want to join them” Miss Natasha yelled and the whole class became silent.

“And you Tessa, it’s best you focus on the equation question on the board, cause i would like you to solve them for me when this young ladies are out and on their way to detention.

“Wait! Like seriously!?” Tessa exclaimed

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.
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“What! I thought you said Tina but why the both of us I didn’t talk back at you” Gina said trying to get off detention and Tina glared at her feeling betrayed.

“Of course you didn’t but you were both late so, Miss Regina Warwick if you don’t want you both to get suspended for a month as a result of persistent late coming, accompany your sister to detention”. Miss Natasha said sternly and the both of them angrily walked out with Gina angrily slamming the door behind her.

“Gosh, those brats!!!” Miss Natasha said fanning herself with her palms while blowing hair into her mouth.


” Now Tessa, don’t keep us waiting let’s see if you understood what I’ve been solving for the past one hour. Miss Natasha said getting her marker and walking over to Tessa to hand it over to her.

“Gosh, Tessa look what you got yourself into” Tessa muttered to herself while looking at the marker in the teacher’s hand, Miss Natasha was waiting for her to take the marker from her. But Stella her best friend heard her.

“You caused it for yourself, you keep trying to take their side even if it’s none of your business” Stella said looking agitated. She’s also the twins best friend but h@ťěs their attitude though she’s not different from them.

“I was just trying to be a loyal friend” Tessa said collecting the marker from the teacher and standing up to go solve the equation on the board.

” Fool!! Loyal friend, more like their servant, everyone just can’t wait to get enslaved by them, imbeciles!!!”. Stella said to her self feeling rather agitated.

Detention room….

” It’s all that witch’s fault, I can’t wait to strangle her when I get home”. Gina said while pacing around the class.


” I just can’t imagine what I’ll do to her, she’s the reason we’re locked in this bizzare class for good 3hrs, i mean by then dance class would have been over”. Tina said pulling her hair to reminisces what she just said.

” Yeah and I just can’t imagine how that snake stella will happily volunteer to take our place”. Gina said gritting her teeth.

” I don’t even know why you hang out with that fox I still don’t like her. Tina said looking so seriously to Gina.

“Well, I heard her jdad’s got alot of connections in the entertainment industry and would love to sponsor few of her friends”. Gina said taking her seat.

“Wow, Gina that’s so smart of you never knew your brain functions so well”. Tina said

“Thanks, I got it from mum ofcourse”. Gina said flipping her hair over her shoulder.

Madam Helen’s boutique, Porpularly known as HELEN’S SPECTUTACULAR CLIQUES….

Isabella dropped the packaged food flask Eva sent her to bring to madam Helen. Madam Kiki had earlier sent her, but she claimed she was busy and since the other maids refused to go because of reasons best known to them, she secretly went up to Isabella’s room where she was resting recovering from the burn and told her to deliver madam Helen’s food that it was madam Kiki’s orders.


“Took you long enough, drop the foodflask on the table, and go in to help the girls organize the clothes and don’t make any mistake. Madam Helen said sharply while while taking pictures of her most beautiful outfits and putting them up for sale online.

“Yes Madam Helen” Isabella said and made to get started when Madam Helen stopped her.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“Stop, what happened to your skin why is it red? Madam Helen asked not showing any sign of sympathy.

“I mistakenly spilled hot tea while serving lady Gina and Tina” Isabella lied.

“What!, hope you didn’t spill it on my girls!” Madam Helen said dropping the camera she was holding.

“No I didn’t” Isabella answered looking at her feet.

“Good! now go in and help the girls, and if anyone ask you about your skin, tell them what you just told me so they won’t think I did that to your skin”. Madam Helen said picking back her camera and continuing from where she stopped.


“OK Madam Helen” Isabella said smiling to her self knowingly while walking away

The boutique is the only place she has the upper hand. So people wouldn’t think she’s being maltreated, madam Helen treats her so well there after all it’s her upkeep money she used to reinnovate her boutique. That’s why Isabella didn’t refuse bringing Madam Helen food to her cause she knew what she would benefit, her freedom!!

Just then 4 expensive black Lamborghini cars, with a white sparkling limousine in the middle, pulled up right In front of the boutique, and it immediately caught everyone’s attention, especially madam Helen’s who couldn’t believe her eyes. While the guards in the other cars came down, and stood guard with their black suits and shades looking cool on them, the driver of the white limousine, who was putting on a white suit with black shades, quickly alighted from the car to open the car’s door, and then a beautiful young lady in her late 20s came down, wearing all white from her hat to her heels, looking all radiant and glamorous. Then she removed her white shades and handed it to the man in white suit who appeared to be her personal assistant. Everyone couldn’t help but recognize her.

“Oh my God!!!” Madam Helen exclaimed in shock.



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