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Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.





Thelma resumed packing her clothes into her suitcase after a while and that made Cindy scoff


“All what I just said didn’t get to you?” She muttered

“I have to leave immediately” Thelma answered instead

Valerie, who was watching them at the doorpost, took a deep breathe. Strangely, she didn’t bother stopping Thelma from leaving.

“It’s all for the best” She reassured herself.

“I am going to miss you” Cindy said grumpily making Thelma smile


“I am not dying, I am just relocating due to work transfer” Thelma replied.



” She is not a nun but an FBI agent who is out to get you all, she is also very skilled and they are a team” Sean blurted everything out

Festus paused for a while chuckling slightly, he was still trying to process what he just heard.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

” Woah! They are all gifted in the cathedral, more like it’s a gift from God. How about the old priest? Let me guess, he is an ex- soldier?” Festus inquired

Sean shook his head in negative indicating that he knows nothing about it.

” This is a shocking news to me and you’ve done a great job, thanks for the information” Festus said taking his seat calmly.

” Can you release my family now? I already told you everything I know and you gave your word to let them go” Sean said earning a scoff from Festus

” And you think I’ll do that? Don’t act so dumb and try to be smart for once. They are obviously my ticket to get you down on your knees where you really belong and I am not letting them go. You can leave, I’ll call you whenever I need you and remember that your family is on the line. It’s left for you to act wise and do the needful” Festus said dismissively

Sean’s knee shook, he felt his nerves failing him as he just stayed rooted on the spot at the same time wondering how he got tangled up in such mess. He felt like his soul was departing from his body.

” Or should I get some guard to drag you out?” Festus said jolting him out of his thoughts. Sean stoop up weakly, his face had turned pale suddenly. Giving Festus one last stare, he staggered out of the living room.

Festus picked his phone failing a number

“Send some men to Jade’s hospital and stop her from leaving” he said simply to the receiver before hanging up. He directed his attention to the television which was showing live the court case ongoing at the courtroom.




Thelma’s assistant sighed deeply as the gravel was hit by the judge, there was nothing else she could do, the verdict had been given against their favour. The selling house would be investigated further.

“I tried my best, I wonder why she didn’t come” She said to herself as they all stood up showing respect for the judge as he made his way out of the courtroom. She packed the necessary files she brought as she made her way out.

She felt her heart skip beats as she sighted Festus who was waiting in his car. She swallowed into nothing as she approached him.


” Get in” He commanded coldly sending shivers down her spine. She turned to the other side and entered the car.

” Where in the world is Thelma Willow?” He asked with gritted teeth

” She was absent at the court room so I had to take over, I tried all I could but….

“You failed as a failure you are” He completed cutting her off. She just had her head bower down waiting for him to finish

“Prepare the necessary papers of work transfer, Thelma will be transferred out of Daham city” He blurted out.

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Sister Abigail’s eyes widened in shock, unsure of what to do next. She swallowed into nothing as he yank the nose mask off her face without warning; her face came into view.

” I haven’t seen you before, who are you?” He asked, a frown slowly creating on his face. Sister Abigail just stared back to him dumbstruck.


“She… She… Asked me to… Bring this” she found herself stuttering

” Get a grip, sister Abigail” Father Micheal said

“What’s going on here?” Jade’s voice sounded

” She said that you asked her to bring…..

“The surgery will begin soon, we should be in the operating room. Let’s go” Jade cuts her off

“Huh?” Sister Abigail’s eyes widened


“With you too” Jade said walking into the operating room. The doctor sneered at Sister Abigail before going in too. Sister Abigail adjusted the spycom camera on her lab coat.

“Perfect, just try to act normal as possible, we will eat past this” Father Micheal reassured her.

Sister Abigail took a deep breathe before going into the operating room with her surgical tray, she put back on her mask.

After a while, the CCTV camera went off as usual. Wasp and some men came in dragging some people along. They were close to seven in total, they have all been blindfolded.

“And who is this? A newbie?” Wasp inquired nudging his head at Sister Abigail who swallowed into nothing. The nose mask helped a lot.

Jade walked close to one of the men with an injection syringe and she drove the needle into him roughly, he fell asleep in no time.

“We will begin the operation and remember,wh@ťěver happens here should remain a secret between us, no word must get out of here” Jade said and they all nodded in understanding

“Nurse Yvonne Davis?” Jade called but got no response from Sister Abigail,one of the doctors had to tap her

“Yes ma’am…


” See me in my office as soon as we are done” Jade said taking the scalpel.

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Sister Abigail stepped out of the hospital, she had changed her dress to her normal outfit. She walked briskly towards her bike and got on it. She ignited the engine and meant to leave only to discover that she had flat tyres

“Not now!” She groaned getting down from the bike, she examined the tyres, it was punched. It looked like something done intentionally and that got he alerted immediately.

“Sister Abigail? You have to get out of there now, it’s too risky” Father Micheal cautioned.

“I feel like….

She didn’t get to finish what she was about saying when she was a shadow right behind her. She turned back swiftly only to be greeted by a punch from a man. He was not alone but had other with him, they were close to ten in number.

Sister Abigail fell flat to the ground, he grabbed her by her leather Jacket and using his head, he gave her a hard nod causing her to see stars. Blood found its way out of her nose

He lifted her up effortlessly, all thanks to his build. He meant to release another punch on her face but she ducked. She kneed him at his groin region and that made him go down. She used her leg to stump on his face.

She tilted her head sideways as she got ready for the rest. She beckoned on them to come closer. Just a move from her, she gave one a flying kick sending him far away.

She used her elbow on another, hitting him directly on his mouth and his three front teeth gave way by falling off due to the force from the elbow. She combacted with rest and in no time they were all groaning on the floor


Just right on time, Father Micheal drove to the scene with his bike, he let out a smile on seeing the bodies on the floor then turned to her with a look which says “good job”

She hurriedly removed the plate number her own bike before climbing on his and he drove off almost immediately.




Thelma bowed slightly at Festus who had a sneer on his face. She swallowed into nothing as she made her way out of his office with a file in her hand. It contained the necessary things she would need and her transfer letter

“Good luck in your new place” Festus said behind her,she just opened the door and left without saying a word.

She met her assistant at the door with a dull countenance

“Are you really going to leave? I can help you beg him to withdraw your transfer, you can’t just leave the city hall just like that” She mumbled incoherently

” I’ll be fine okay? Not like I have a choice of staying, I really have to go now” Thelma replied giving her a part on her back.


Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.


Father Micheal stopped for a while, benting slightly low to catch his breathe while he scanned the entire train station with his eyes; from the people at the waiting bench to the people just walking around to the attendant but he didn’t see her.

Wondering who he was looking for? It’s no other person than Thelma. Cindy had been at the cathedral to inform him of her departure and here he was,at the train station.

He moved closer to the nearest counter and then tapped his finger on the table to get her attention

“The train for 9 o’clock am, has it moved?” He inquired

” This is 9:30am mister” She replied instead with a slight frown, a face that shows she is not entertaining any questions of sort

“And? The train should have been delayed or something, it should have gotten mechanical fault, the train shouldn’t have moved by that time, it should have waited!!” Father Micheal shouted at no one in particular hitting the counter table with his leg making the attendant flinch. He was obviously pissed off.


“If you are to board the train, you should had come early and you wouldn’t have missed the train” The attendant answered

Father Micheal felt his heart stopped beating as he gaped for breathe, the effect of him running from where he was dropped by the cab to the train station just attacked him coupled with the fact that she is gone for real.

His eyes suddenly brightened as he thought of something. He turned to the attendant sharply “when is the next train moving? What time is it??” He inquired


“In three hours time, where are you going to?”

” $h|t!” Father Micheal cursed as he ran his hand through his hair, he didn’t even know the city she would be going to.

” Would that be necessary?” He heard a familiar voice, a voice he can recognize anywhere and anytime and that made him turned sharply. Just as he expected, it was her standing right in front of him, her suitcase was just beside her.

Their gazes locked and they continued staring at each other,they didn’t say a word…their eyes did, their hearts were communicating.

He walked briskly to her and pulled her into a hug, a tight hug.

“Don’t leave” Was all he could whisper


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