People who died yesterday also thought death was far from them, so take care of yourself, forgive, kill your pride, appreciate souls who value you and be humble.






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“We can go against the remaining three, we can form a team or what do you think? You already know how much the slush fund is and how do you think it will feel like if the money there is just for the both of us. We can get the money for ourselves instead of spilting it among the rest” Fabian staring at Jade keenly while waiting for her response.

She suddenly bursted into laughter taking him by surprise

“Why me? Why do you choose to have this discussion with me?” She said admist laughter

” Huh?”

” You’re nothing but a greedy imbecile, always craving for more” She added plainly without mincing her words.


” That’s why I’m a business man” He concurred foolishly with an air of pride

” I’m not going to be a part of that $h|t, I’m not going to be a part of your foolish plans. Find someone else who has the same mindset as you and you both can form a team but as for me, I’m out” She replied standing up. She was about leaving but what he said next made her stop right on her track.

“Are you still angry about the past?” He inquired also standing up with his both hands tuck in his pockets.

Jade bit her bottom lips really hard with her both eyes shut like she was trying to control her emotions. Without bothering to turn to look at him or even reply him, she walked out of his office.


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Thelma fell back on him and this time, their lips met. Shock could be clearly seen on their faces as they stared at each other in the eyes. The alcohol had cleared from her eyes instantly

“Arrrrgh!!!!” She screamed loudly when she finally got herself. She hurriedly stood up from his body and he helped himself up.

She looked away in embarrassment touching her moist lips with her hand. She still couldn’t believe what just happened.


He tried saying but stop

” I’m sorry” They both said at the same time

“It was a mistake” Father Micheal added

“Yes, it was” She agreed taking her bag. She staggered out of the bar without looking at him.


“$h|t!” Father Micheal cursed running his hand through his hair.




Festus palmed his face as soon as he finished with the call, he took a deep breathe looking from one person to another. The whole gang was present at the villa.

“The priest is making a move tonight, he’ll be hitting the port” He blurted out

” What!!?”

” The news just came to me, I’m afraid he will cause trouble for us” Festus mumbled

” We can’t let him interrupt the process, the Russian has to be sent to somewhere far away. He has tried by enduring the tortures and keeping quiet, who knows if he’ll just open up with a little additional pressure?” Felix voiced out his concerns

” Can you send some of your men over? They can hold him down till the ship moves, teach him a few lessons too so he will learn not to interfer” Jade turned to Finn who returned a blank gaze

“We have an operation tonight, I don’t gave anyone to spare” He said with a deep grunt

” I’ll just find someone to do that” Felix muttered taking his phone. He placed a call across someone and after a few words, he hung up.

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“How is your campaign process going?” Jade inquired taking a sip from her wine

” It’s much worse than before, the bombing incident has earn him more support and popularity” Felix answered with so much difficulty.




Valerie’s eyes widened in shock as she scanned Thelma’s dressing, she was obviously dumbstruck. She was putting on a light blue gown on sandals, she applied a little lipstick too.

“Where are you going to?” She had to ask

“Somewhere” Thelma muttered in reply with her gaze on her phone.

“Don’t you think I should know more about where you are going to? A party? A date?”

” It’s dinner” Thelma rolled her eyesballs

” That’s it! That’s a date of course. So tell me, is he rich? Handsome? How long have you both bring together? Does he have plans of marrying you?” Valerie rushed her with questions


” It’s Festus, my boss” Thelma uttered causing a frown on Valerie’s face

“Are you dating that old thing? Why are you having dinner with him?”

” We are just going to talk about work and nothing else” Thelma said taking a deep breathe, gradually getting fed up of Valerie’s questions.

“I’ll take my leave now” She added before heading out.




Thelma cleared her throat averting her gaze back to the table but she could still feel Festus gaze on her and it was making her uncomfortable.

“Is there something on my face?” She asked touching her face when she couldn’t bear it anymore.

“No…. I am just wondering why a beautiful lady like you would want to fall into danger with both eyes wide open” Festus replied confusing her the more and she didn’t fail to show it by wearing a slight frown on her face.

“I don’t understand you sir” She muttered

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“Are you by any chance in a relationship?” Festus blurted out making her frown deepen. She was tempted to scoff.

‘Who is he to ask me that?’ She mumbled under her breathe

“Did you say something?”

“Not really sir…. I was just wondering why you asked such personal question” She said forcing a smile.

Festus went to his bag which was resting on the chair beside him. He opened it bringing out a brown envelope. He deeper his hand in it bringing out the content.

He pushed the pictures to Thelma who scanned through them. There were pictures of them{herself and Father Micheal} at the bar. Her eyes widened the more when she saw a picture of them kidding due to the accident that happened.

“How… how did you get these?” She found herself stuttering, she still couldn’t believe her eyes.

“What do you have to say about that pictures?” Festus asked

” Nothing….I have nothing to say, were you stalking me? Cause there’s no other better explanation to understand why you have these pictures” She fired at him

” Let’s just say…. I’m trying to look out for a subordinate” Festus said with a smile she finds really annoying.


“Are you close to the priest?” He asked further


” Who is he really? Tell me everything you know about him, everything suspicious about him” Festus said with his eyes urging her to go on.



Sean walked in slow pace behind Father Micheal, he kept on looking around in fear.

“Are you sure you want to do this? This is illegal so I can’t be caught with you, I might lose my badge” He muttered

Father Micheal didn’t even spare him a glance but kept on walking deeper into the port with a straight look. He wasn’t wearing his priest robe as usual but he was putting on a black leather jacket and trousers. He wore a black leather hand glove and boots; a dressing that compliments one going for war.

“We should let the police do their job, the man will be sent to Russia and he will definitely be prosecuted for his crimes. I’ll advice us not to butt into it” Sean pressed on further but he still got the same silent reply

“Can we just go back?” He said again, this time going to stand in front of Father Micheal.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

Father Micheal took a deep breathe trying to calm his already pissed nerve

“I think I’m going to lose it anytime soon if you continue with your questions. Are you going to help out or leave me to do my thing or obstruct me?” Father Micheal inquired with a slight frown and that got Sean gulping really hard.

“I’m just thinking of how dangerous….

A glare from Father Micheal made him zip his mouth shut. He then followed him like a lost sheep.


They got to the port in no time and they headed towards the police car which just arrived. The door opened and the Russian man who allegedly owned up for the bomb incident was dragged out with cuffs in his hands

“Right on time” Father Micheal mumbled titling his head sideways that it made sounds.

Just as he took a step closer, men suddenly surrounded them. They weren’t the cops obviously.

“Can you run? Let’s just give up on everything and leave” Sean was already fidgeting.

Father Micheal raised his hand pointing a finger at each of them, he literally counted them.

“Twenty in number, will three buses be enough for you?” He asked no one in particular.


” Huh?”

” Let me drive you on a shuttle bus to hell” Father Micheal said with a sly smile


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