People who died yesterday also thought death was far from them, so take care of yourself, forgive, kill your pride, appreciate souls who value you and be humble.






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Father Micheal let out a scoff taking a step closer to her. Their face were now so close that anyone looking at them will misunderstand the whole thing. He stared deeply into her eyes and she returned it without blinking or fear.

“What do you think?”He questioned

” You’re a criminal on a run” She said more like a question

“Wh@ťěver you think it is, it is…. I’m a priest obviously” He said running his hand on his garment

“That is just a disguise right?” She asked but got no reply from Father Micheal who had moved backwards.

Fabian,Festus, Felix and Jade alighted from their respective cars while the last car was filled with men on suits. Felix took a deep breath taking the first step towards the cathedral.


Father Micheal and Sister Abigail’s countenance changed immediately. Michael clenched his fist tightly feeling angry all of a sudden. Sister Abigail just kept a straight face, the smile which was earlier on her face had disappeared without traces.

Thelma was equally surprised to see Festus.

“This is going to be crazy” She said to herself walking into the cathedral.

” Welcome Sirs” Sister Abigail greeted with a slight bow. Felix responded with a smile and a wave. Festus glared at Father Micheal secretly

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.
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Chase nodded his head as they both listened to the recording. A small smile appeared on his face as they got to the end

“It’s a nice one,Good job” He complimented

“Huh? Was that for me?”

“Who else?” He retorted with a slight chuckle

” Well, thanks” She muttered

Just then the director made his way in

“I can see you both are done for the day, I have a request to make. Can you both represent the agency in a party? It’s going to be a night party and I want you both to be there” He said averting his gaze from one person to another

“With him?”


“I’ll take that as a yes then. The address would be forwarded to you both and I hope to see you there as couples” He said the last part in a whisper.



Father Micheal scanned Sean from his head to his toe with a slight frown on his face

“What are you saying? Why do you want to help me?” He questioned

” The police force is very busy for such case so, we’ll be needing helping hand from you. We both can solve the case together; we gather informations, share it between us” Sean said

” And why do you want to help?”

“I personally don’t think that it’s a suicide case, so let’s work together for justice and fairness” Sean uttered stretching his hand for an handshake which Father Micheal doubtingly accepted.

“I already prepared the CCTV footage before you came, we can watch it together and see if we can gather hint from there” Sean mumbled going to get the drive. He inserted it into the computer only to be greeted by a black and blurry screen. He exchanged glances with Father Micheal who narrowed his gaze at him suspiciously, wonder why he was helping

“I…I just got it from a security personnel and I didn’t bother to check it…. I…. I don’t know what’s going on” He stuttered removing the drive. He inserted it again with the same results.

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“I think the CCTV was faulty at that time” He said to Father Micheal with a dejected sigh

“We can find some other evidence; thanks for your help” Father Micheal mumbled



Sister Abigail kept on looking at Father Aaron as she sliced the apples. He noticed and casted at her a questioning brow.


“isn’t there something strange about the priest?” Sister Abigail finally blurted out

” The Almighty knows best” Was Father Aaron’s response causing her to frown

” Not again!” She groaned rolling her eyeballs

“Let’s consider his choice of words, they are too profane. Then his attitude? Nothing to write home about. Then I saw some pictures in his bags the day he arrived, there were pictures of Fabian, Festus, Felix and Jade i wonder why he had them. Did you notice his countenance too when they came to the Cathedral? Isn’t all that enough to …..

“Don’t be too curious” Father Aaron cuts her off


“Can we just call the Providence he came from?”

“What for?”

” We can gather some informations about him, what if he’s not really a priest?” Sister Abigail questioned

” Are we still going on about this?” Father Aaron said with a slight frown taking his phone from the table. He pinged it for a while and in no time he was dialing the Archbishop’s number.

“Calvary greetings” He spoke first

“May the Almighty bless you”

” The Priest that was transferred to the district, Father Micheal….

“Is he causing trouble there? Did he get into a fight again?” The archbishop cuts him off

” No…. He has been going great so far”


They spoke for a few more minutes before the call was disconnected. Father Aaron turn to stare at Sister Abigail who looked away

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“Are you satisfied now?” He muttered leaving almost immediately

“There’s something not just right about him and I can’t just place it” Sister Abigail mumbled biting her bottom lips



Cindy waved at the camera with a huge smile on her face as they made their way into the hall hand in hand. Chase had his usual blank expression on.

“Can’t he even smile a bit?” She said with gritted teeth

” I heard that” He responded without bothering to look at her

” I don’t care” She scoffed loudly

“I heard that too” He said again earning a glare from Cindy

“I’ll be leaving in thirty minutes, I don’t know a out you but I have somewhere to be” He added



Cindy narrowed her gaze as a man entered the hall; she had been staring at the entrance, darting her eyes to and fro since the party began. Chase was just somewhere drinking quietly

“That’s strange” She muttered eyeing his dressing. Unlike others she had seen so far, he was just putting on a plain hoodie and a nose mask too. The way he moves was suspicious too, he kept on looking around as he took each step.

Curiousity took a better part of her as she stood up from her seat. She walked towards the direction he took following him without his notice.


She saw him drop something at a corner of the party gall and he hurried out through the door close by. She moved closer to the object and her eyes widened at what she saw.



Felix kept on grinning as he stared at the screen absentmindedly. The whole activity going on outside was displayed on the screen; the haggling of prices and the transactions too.

“Hope you’re not planning anything stupid or you already planned something stupid?” Jade questioned

” Let’s just say that I’m happy tonight” He replied with a smile

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

” Why?”

” Actually, it’s going to be this way…..a bomb, bang! Fire! Screams! Helpless yelps! Sounds of pathetic footsteps! A failed night” He said tactifully with a smirk playing on his face


Thelma’s face crunched up in disgust as she made her way into the place. The whole place was nearly filled up and dark; the only glimpse of light was from the stage which was filled with young girls all dressed.

“I wonder why he told me to be here, to watch girls strip on the stage?” She questioned no one in particular with gritted teeth. Festus had actually sent her an address asking her to meet him there.

She made her way farther into the big hall; the front part was filled up already so she had to stay at the back. The place was bubbling with activities as they watched the whole thing happening on the stage with keen interest.

“Next up!!” A man said with a loud voice, the mic helped out too by giving it echoes. A lady was pushed forward, one could tell that she was nervous as she almost tripped. She kept on rubbing her legs against each other.

She kept on dragging the short gown which exposed her entire tights; the gown was just covering her @$$ and her nïpples, the rest was left for everyone to see. She was made to twirl around to the delight of the people watching her.


“A hundred million!!” The man said into the mic and the clock started tickling.

“A hundred and fifty!” Someone said


” Two hundred!” Another retorts

” Two hundred and fifty!”

“Five hundred!” Someone uttered and that alone made the hall silent. Everyone was struggling to see who just sky-rocketed the price.

“Five hundred million is it!! The highest bidder takes her” The man said

Thelma’s jaw dropped opened as she watched the whole thing with widened eyes.

“Bull$h|t!” She heard a farmiliar voice from behind and that made her turn swiftly

“Father Micheal?”


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