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By , Humble Doctor K.


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“What?”Kyle said starring at her and she stopped screaming.

“Gosh you are just so annoying”She replied and sit down back.

“So, this is my new seat?….very comfortable”Kyle said looking at her as he sit properly.

“So where am I starting from?”Godfrey said and they both look at him.


“Just come over here”Carolyn said gesturing him to come and he walk to her.

“That’s your seat, you have to be active Everytime she calls”She said pointing at the seat beside her.

“Thanks”he replied and sit down.

“You are welcome, “Carolyn replied as she turned to look at Kyle , their eyes met and they looked away immediately.



Rianne banged her fist on the table as she finished reading the message.

“Ariella you are biting more than you can chew, guess you wanna see the other side of me!!”she said breathing heavily as she dropped the phone on the table

Ariella is a business partner, but they had misunderstanding and are always fighting each other…

They fight anywhere they meet and till date no one knows what’s making the fight.

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.
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Rianne rings the bell and Carolyn rushed in immediately.

“Ma’am”she bowed.

“What’s my schedule?”Rianne asked trying her best not to think about Ariella again.

“Meeting with the Dolzez Company is your schedule, I’m sorry but you didn’t attend the meeting yesterday”Carolyn said .

“Are they coming over?”Rianne asked raising her brow as she speaks.

“Yes, I will call them, they can come over today”She replied.

“Okay leave”Rianne said pointing at the door and Carolyn nodded before walking out of the office.

“Meeting with Dolzez, no one should say I’m rude”Rianne said as she carried her phone again and started starring at the message, she deleted it and drop the phone before biting her soft pink lips


Carolyn came out of the office and the guys looked at her.


“What did she say?”Kyle asked looking up and she rolled her eyes at him.

“What made you think I’m gonna tell you if you ask?”she ask sitting down and he chuckled.

“You really wanna get back at me”he said starring at her and she giggled.

“Sorry, you met the wrong girl , I’m not the type that gets back at someone and I don’t hold grudges…”

“No one said you hold grudges”Kyle said lifting up his hand and she smirked.

“Are you pained?”she asked eyeing him.

“I rather be an @$$h0le than been pained by a girl’s words, you are just a girl”he said and faced the book he was reading before she came out.

“You are already an @$$h0le, you are full of yourself and you are rude and arrogant”she said but he didn’t look at her.


“Gosh, how frustrating!!”she said and look at Godfrey who was busy starring into the drawer he opened before him.

Just then Jason came by and they looked up.

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“Cool bby”Carolyn said smiling at him and he returned the smile.

“Angel, how was your night?”he asked walking to the office door.

“My night was fine and yours?”she asked and he nodded in reply before entering the office.


“Good Morning ma’am”Jason greeted as he entered the office and Rianne looked up.

“What is it!!”she yelled and his eyes widened.

“Ma’am, I’m here…”

“Shut up, shut the Fůçƙ up!!”she interrupted and he bend down his head.

“I’m sorry ma’am..”

“Sorry for your useless self, can you just be useful for once and stop been stupid and idiotic”she snapped and he looked up at her.


“Get out of my office”she said and he turned back before walking out of the office.

“Gosh how frustrating, what sort of thing is this, I better start my morning work else I won’t get lines to cover up”Jason said as he came out of the office.



Bradford entered the company with Mark and Mike following behind.

All the workers started bowing down their heads as they pass

They are wearing black suit and black gloves, Mark and bike are holding his suitcases as he walked.


He reached his office door and the door opened as he entered and walk to the seat.

“Drop the suitcase and leave”he said and they drop it on the table before walking out of the office.

“What do we have today, “he said carrying the files from the table.

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His phone started ringing and he glared at it before swiping the green and placing it on his ear.

“Hello Barbie”he said licking his lips.

“Hello, Brad, good morning”Rianne said and he smiled widely.

“How was your night?”he ask .

“I slept well , thanks so really wanna know if you are too busy today”she said and his expression changed immediately.

“I’m sorry babe , I have alot to cover today, I can’t come over, but I can come tomorrow”he said and she smiled.

“Okay, that’s not a problem, I can wait till tomorrow”she said and ended the call as she sighed.



Rianne stood up and walk out of the office, she came out and started starring at Carolyn without her noticing it.


Godfrey who noticed her present stood up and bowed down his head.

“Ma’am”he said and that was when Carolyn and Kyle looked up.

“What’s up with you guys, Carolyn am ready are they coming?”Rianne asked.

“Yes ma’am, they said they are coming…..”.

“Rianne, My Model..”Nathalie said entering the company with two 6 of her workers, she is dressed in black gown and she is looking hot,


“Hey!, You are here already”Rianne said smiling as she stepped forward and they shook hands.

“May we proceed with the meeting because there is no time”Nathalie’s manager Pious said and they looked at him.

“Yes he is right because I don’t have time either”Nathalie said and Rianne giggled.

“Follow me to the hall”she said as she started walking away, she lead the way as they followed,

They reach a door and it opened as they entered

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“Welcome Ma’am!”Jason bowed down his head as they entered.

“Keep it to yourself”Rianne said Rolling her eyes at him as she started walking to the round table.

“So!”she said sitting down unknown to her that Kyle followed them in.

Nathalie and her workers settled down too and she drop her phone on the table.

“Rianne, you are so great, sweet and popular… you have alot of fans because of your richness….”

“It’s talent and grace, not richness, I mean I’m famous for who I am and not for my money, I have a nice decision and Modeling is ma calling”Rianne interrupted and she sighed.

“Okay, I agree with you, the thing now is that we Dolzez Company wanna collaborate with you to make a very expensive product that will go viral and bring us back 10 x our capital profits, we are requesting for your approval to party with your company”Nathalie said removing her eyeglass and Rianne bite her lips for sometime before bursting into laughter, while they exchanged glances.

“Is this sort of joke or what?, I and Dolzez to collaborate?? , Sorry you know it won’t work because the cooperative system aren’t thesame and our operating formats are never thesame, we can’t share work with you guys, because we are the best and famous company in town, if you want us to produce a product with your name we will be willing to do that with huge ransom and that will be strictly part to business”Rianne said and Nathalie cleared her throat.

“Sorry I don’t mean it the way you think, you just gat to think about it”Nathalie said crossing her legs and Rianne banged her hand on the table.

“Don’t Fůçƙing tell me that, I don’t wanna think about it and I don’t want to collaborate is that too hard to understand??”she yelled and Nathalie laughed shortly.


“You know Rianne, I used to know you as a very arrogant , rude, prideful….”

“Enough!”Kyle said standing up and everyone faced him, Rianne gasped as she see him standing beside her.

*What, …is he doing here… what the hell?*she thought clenching her fist already.

“We are not here to exchange words already, you guys came to ask how we made our wonderful products right?? It’s easy…. I’m gonna advice you guys on that, you don’t have to ask another company for how they make their own goods, you have to believe in yourself, believe in who you are… believe in what you can do.
Now creating a new fashion brand is an exciting process. Whether you are a designer looking to craft a brand new dress collection or an established business hoping to expand into this garment range, there are some fundamental aspects to consider before you can begin manufacturing your dream dresses.
Dresses are a renowned wardrobe staple and suit a variety of occasions from formal events to everyday casuals. The traditional design dates back centuries and as style evolved, the fit, feel and symbolism of this iconic clothing has a special spot in textile history. As a new designer, dress patterns will play an essential part in your new collection. There is a range of different cuts and designs to build upon, and tailoring your styles to suit your brand aesthetics, so your customers are happy with what you do and they love you, so stop feeling like you are incapable of making a product that will sell worldwide or millions…”Kyle said and stopped as he coughed, he looked at Rianne who’s mouth is widely open right from when he started and he smiled before proceeding….she kept starring at him confidently and she don’t know why.


“From the wise words of established designers, ensuring you are creating the perfect designs for your target audience is vital when starting out in business. The dress style you design must translate to your customer base and be available at a suitable price point to ensure profitability.
Alongside pricing and design, considering dress fit and shape is essential. You will need to decide whether traditional looks will remain your signature collection. Or perhaps on-trend cuts will feature throughout seasons.
Sizing is another important aspect of dress design, as individuals have varying shapes and proportions. There are several sectors in dress sizing including petite, standard, plus and tall size clothing. Selecting which subset to design dresses for is ideal for creating a niche and awesome brand”he said and wiped his sweaty face as he paused to look at Rianne.

“Gosh, and who are you?”Nathalie asked fanning herself already.

“I am her Personal Assistant , thanks”He said and sit down while Rianne’s gazed followed him till he sit down, he looked at her and she look away immediately.

Nathalie look at them and shook her head.

Rianne licked her lips as she look up sharply.

“You heard what my P.A just said, so you have to leave now, I ain’t doing business with you, use his advice to push forward”she said and Nathalie stood up.

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“Fine, we are leaving”she said and started walking away while her workers followed

“Appreciate me, I tried”Kyle said touching Rianne’s arm as he stood up and walk away too.

“Gosh, I feel so ashamed of myself, I couldn’t defend myself but he did, wait? No one knows if he is my P.A or not but his vocabularies are perfect and he speaks like a professional with PhD”she said and started looking around as she licked her lips again.


Nathalie and her workers came out of the hall as they walked out of the company, Kyle came out next and Carolyn’s eyes widened.

“You went in with them?”she ask and he grinned.

“Yeah I was the only person that speak in the meeting and I made everyone surprise”he said and Godfrey coughed.

“Really you surprised everyone?, Okay how?”Carolyn said .

“This is no time for discussion get back to work”Rianne said as she walk pass Kyle and entered her office.

“So you were saying?”Kyle said and Carolyn chuckled.


“Don’t dare disobey boss, else you will regret it, now get back to work because she is watching from the CCTV Camera”She said pointing at the camera above and his eyes widened.

“Well I will be right back”he said and walk to Rianne’s office door as he pushed the door open and enter.



Kyle entered and Rianne looked at him, she was actually watching the camera as she kept admiring him, his moves and his walk, in her mind he is not supposed to be in this stage, he is supposed to be a Business manager or a business owner.

“Hey”he called and she came back to life.

“Mmm”she muttered staring at him .

“Did you hear what I said back there, I’m so perfect, I’m so intelligent and I’m so brilliant that’s what you don’t know about me”he said and her eyes widened.

“Shut the hell up, why did you keep saying that, do you want me to start jumping? Or I should reward you just because you said some sort of nonsense out there?”she said and he turned his back on her quickly.

Rianne stood up and started walking to him.

“You are not as perfect as you think, Stop praising yourself you coward, you are so dumb, and lemme tell you something all the things you said out there none are related with what we are dealing with, you are just as stupid as your past if you can remember anything that happened in the past, you are just as useless as your greatest mistakes and you are just an illiterate!!!….”

Dear readers, Kindly help us give you daily updates of new and amazing stories by cl!çkíng on a few Adďṣ/Ādvẹ̀rťïšėmeňțș after reading. Thank you for your support.

“Arhhh!!!”Kyle screamed as he turned back sharply and she flinched.

He stared at her ferociously before folding his fist.

The pressure is still on Rianne because she was actually shaking, she thought he is gonna pounce but she thought wrong and the fear was already showing on her face, Kyle looked deeply into her eyes and folded his fist as he started walking to her.

“Ha ha ah , you are scared of me right, I know you are scared of me look at how you are trembling?”he said with a naughty smile dancing on his lips and she swallowed hard.


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