{A bride for rent…..}

THEME: Love or hatred


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The word came as a shock to Arizona who frowned immediately. She let out a scoff, folding her hand below her B@@bs

“And why should I do that?” She had to ask, she glared at him with total disgust. The sly look on his face alone was enough to get her pissed.

“You are here for a purpose you know or do you think I just wanted you here. You are here as….

“A s*x doll?” She completed it for him

” Good thing you know that” He muttered, lighting up his cigarette. He smoked slowly and in no time, the entire room was filled with smoke from his cigarette

“What are you still waiting for?” He asked after a while when he noticed that she was not moving an inch

“Are you being serious? Hold on…. Did you loose some nut? How can you be so blunt about that? If you wanted to satisfy yourself then you should get a call girl and not me” She retorted

Thyme looked at her in surprise; it’s actually the first time he’ll be looking at her keenly. The boldness that came with her words got him amused. He smiled lightly but the smile left as soon as it came


“Psychopath” She muttered under her breathe

” Are you questioning me?” He inquired, standing up from the bed. He moved closer to her in calculated steps and in no time, his hand was in her neck. He tightened his grip on her neck, literally choking her

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“What…. What ….. What are you doing?” She stuttered at the same time struggling to free herself from his grip

He stared at her with pure hatred and disdain, like she was a trash in his eyes.

“You are my slave now and no one is taking you from me. You’ve become mine, mine to torture and I promise to make your life a living hell” He said, picking his words one at a time

He left her neck at the same time pushing her off making her stagger. She coughed continuously but he cared less. He went back to the cigarette

Arizona looked at him with teary eyes and without saying a word, she ran out of the room

“d@mn it” He cursed, dropping the cigarette in the ashtray. His eyes were red and his veins were popping out, he was doing a good deal of not bursting out in anger

Just then Rainbow bursted into the room, she furrowed her brows on seeing him that manner. She rushed to him, pulling him into a hug while patting his back slowly

Gradually, his expression soften. He took a deep breathe, pulling out of the hug

“Is everything okay?” Rainbow asked, her face laced with concern

” I’m fine” He replied simply


“And I just saw a lady rushing out of your room? What really happened?” She pressed on further

“She’s a collateral” He responded

” What the….. When did you start taking humans as a collateral? Is there something more to this? Is there something you think I should know? Do you have……” She raised a brow

” There nothing” He cuts her off

” Or do you like her?” Rainbow inquired

Thyme turned to her immediately she said that, he stared at her like she had grown ten heads


“Don’t ever mention that word” He said coldly. He stood up leaving the room

“Can’t he tell that it was a joke?” She muttered with a sneer



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Romeo sprang up from the couch as soon as he heard what happened. He had actually come to see Arizona since she hasn’t visited

“Why would you allow her to be taken away by him?” He questioned, raising his voice

” She consented to wh@ťěver he said. She agreed to go with him, I’m just scared that he might hurt her, Arizona deserves none of this” Melissa wept

” But then you should I’ve stopped her or something? You should have done something else than allow her to be taken away by that greedy monster. You should have called me for help at least” Romeo snapped

” Called you for help? You were willing to help us? Where will you see such amount of money? It’s a billion dollars we are talking about here” Abel butted in

” I’ll pay” Romeo answered coolly

“Why are you doing this? You might run into debt if you decide to pursue this course. You don’t have to bother about paying the money, I’ll figure a way to get her out of his claws” Abel said

” And do you expect me to just sit back and do nothing? I love Arizona that my heart can’t bear seeing her in such situation” Romeo confessed

Melissa cleared her throat, smiling inwardly. Abel meant to talk but she cuts him off

“We really appreciate your concern and effort, I’m sure Arizona loves you too but she’s waiting for you to confess your feelings. You both will make a nice couple” Melissa concluded with a smile




The dinning room was silent, only sounds from the cutleries could be heard. Leonard looked up from his meal, clearing his throat slightly getting the attention of everyone present


“Don’t you think it’s high time you get married Thyme?” Leonard blurted out, shocking everyone present


” But you didn’t discuss that with me; we never agreed on this” Jade muttered with a frown

” I just thought it would be……

“If at all, shouldn’t Lustre get married first? He is older than Thyme, he should get married before his younger brother” Jade interrupted him

“Thyme what do you think?” Leonard turned to face Thyme

“I’m sure he is not happy about the development. Marriage is not something to rush into, let Lustre get married first I’m sure he already had a girl in mind to marry and then Thyme can follow suite. It will be……

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“I’ll get married”Thyme cuts her off

Rainbow, Lustre and Jade all turned to him simultaneously. Jade blinked her eyes rapidly like she just heard wrong

“But that’s not right, there’s still Lustre here” Jade tried dissuading him

” As the heir of Galaxy Group, I’ll get married” Thyme added

Jade clenched her fist tightly, trying to suppress her anger.



Lustre kept pacing around the room restlessly. He took a deep breathe, sitting on the bed beside his mother, Jade

“What’s wrong son? You look puzzled” Jade observed

“I’m just scared” Lustre answered and that got her attention fully


“What! Why would you be? I’m right here for you” She remarked


” Thyme is going to propose to Alexa today, they are together already” Lustre began

” And?”

“I’m scared that Alexa will accept to Thyme’s proposal. What if I loose chances of owning the Galaxy Group for real? What if Leonard never acknowledges me as his son? What if I am just to remain in the shadows all my life?” Lustre voiced out his concern

” If Thyme continues pleasing Leonard, then….

” Stop calling him by his name Lustre, he is your dad” Jade corrected

” My step dad” Lustre retorted, breathing heavily

“There’s nothing wrong in Alexa accepting Thyme’s proposal” Jade paused, letting out a light chuckle

” We can always turn it to our favour and always remember that I’m right behind you, I got you and i am in support of wh@ťěver you do” She added, patting his back slowly and soothingly


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Carl ran his hand through his hair while facing the sun directly; the sun rays flashed on him causing his smooth skin glitter





Hazel let out a scoff as the comments kept coming in. The girl were all drooling and no one seems to notice her, Carl got all their attention already.

They had actually transferred schools as the Banks couldn’t keep up with the cost of their former school. The conglomerate isn’t doing well either


“Cute my foot, theses girls probably don’t have taste” She muttered

” Or you’re blind to notice my handsomeness? What’s the point of wearing glasses if you still can’t see?” Carl teased and that got Hazel red in anger. She h@ťěs it when she taunted on her eyes defect.


Before she could react to what he just said, Carl ran off. In the process he bumped into someone as he wasn’t watching where he was heading.

They both landed on the floor and he fell directly on the person. Her familiar gaze met with his

“Gambler?” He blurted out in surprise



Ara made her way down the stairs with her suitcases. She let out a loud scream as one of the suitcases left her hand as her grip on it was not together enough.

She lost her balance and fell, her butt hitting the ground very hard. She winced lightly, using her hand as a massage.

“Can you ever do anything right?”Melissa muttered, helping her up.

“And what’s up with the suitcases? Where are you going to?” She added with furrowed brows

“I’m going to the Knoll’s mansion” She answered

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“What!!? What for? What are you going to do there?” Melissa rushed with questions

” What do you think mom? I’m going there, I’ll replace Arizona. He should just take me as the collateral instead of Arizona” She answered

” What if he’s maltreating her? What if she’s really going through a lot? You want to replace her? Are you sure you are in your right mind frame?” Melissa said with a deep frown

” I’m sure he can’t maltreat me” Ara answered with an air of pride

“And what makes you think so?”


” Because I can charm him with my good looks, I’m sure he ain’t be able to resist me and he’ll waste no time in accepting me as Arizona’s substitute” She said, flipping her hair backwards stylishly

” Did you lose your mind?” Melissa stared at her in bewilderment



Alexa ran her hand through Thyme’s naked chest slowly, they had just finished a hot make out session.


“Alexa?” Thyme called

” Hmm” She responded sleepily with her eyes closed

” Will you marry me?” He proposed put of the blues making her eyes flung open.

She turned to face him with widened eyes hoping he’ll say that it was a joke but he didn’t

“Huh?” She had to say to confirm if she heard right

” Marry me Alexa” He repeated


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